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Or Kill Me / Why I Am very Satisfied with Callaway RAZR X Irons?
« on: December 21, 2013, 05:25:38 am »
I bought my set of graphite shaft callaway X-24 irons. I like them a lot. The ball flight can really sky if you want it to, yet despite being 'game improvement' clubs, they aren't the clunkiest looking option on the market.

The cheap Callaway X Hot Driver has proved it's salt to golfing warriors everywhere. The MOI and forgiveness will match any iron out there period.  The new cavity badge definitely adds a touch of pizazz as well. On my first swing the impact felt like I had hit the ball with all the power the club could possibly command.

I love the Callaway grips. For me these irons were slightly shorter than the the Mizunos and the Diablo Edge. About the same distance as the Pings. They were the most accurate and had the most back spin. There doesn't seem to be any distance loss if you hit them a little on the heel or the toe. In fact last night I hit a nine iron a little on the toe into a par three and the ball spun back to about 18 inches from the hole.

The Callaway RAZR X Irons are a perfect example of Callaway's commitment of setting the industry standard for performance and forgiveness. There seems to be an ongoing argument with these and just about everything Callaway is producing right now having to do with their looks. I was always on the side of “these clubs are ugly”. Once I saw them first hand, my opinion has changed drastically! The overall appearance of a club is very important, especially in the confidence side of things and these clubs up close and in your hands look so much better.

The good thing about the X-22′s compared to others we have tried though is that when you do miss it, you still get the feedback that lets you know how to correct it. That is something we did not expect but was a pleasant surprise. The second thing we noticed with this set is that the feeling of good impact was better than we had felt in many of the GI irons.

The ball traveled long and straight. One thing I want to add here is that most irons in this class get the ball up quick and have a very high trajectory. The cheap Callaway X Hot Irons did not have that.

I highly recommended cheap golf clubs australia for anyone who loves to play golf every year. A good investment in more ways than one.

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