For my part, I've replaced optimism and believing the best of people by default with a grin and the absolute 100% certainty that if they cannot find a pig to fuck, they will buy some bacon and play oinking noises on YouTube.

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That was beautiful.

My employer launched an internal-use AI chat bot, to some fanfare.  In practice, it just repeats email sent from the IT department's ticket system, and fails miserably as a search engine.  ELIZA was smarter.

A co-worker, as an experiment, decided to use the chat-bot to accomplish one of the example tasks it was supposed to be able to help with:  Request a new mouse from IT.

There was confusion, and hilarity, and an point when he was told his mouse was ready for pickup at the head office on the other side of the country.  He finally got his mouse over a month later. :p
Quote from: altered on June 17, 2024, 12:42:21 PMThat whole second point was oafish.

Yeah, it kinda was.  Bordering on racist, even.  Truth is, I have russian ancestry, and a russian last name, and I have this lurking paranoia that someone's going to take me to task over the war because of it.

Doubting everything russian, as irrational as it is, seems to be one way I'm trying to distance myself, to prove to myself that I'm not like them.

A therapist would probably have a lot of fun with the above.
Quote from: BABYLEN on June 17, 2024, 05:42:19 AMMy book is very quack-like.
To answer about attainment, I thought that Principia Discordia encouraged "translations" (but I cannot find where it says that).
We don't take the book very seriously around here.  I mean, it also encourages people to eat their own noses.

QuoteTo answer about russian language - it's one of the languages I speak
But russian isn't spoken here.  You are apparently quite fluent in English.  You would get a larger audience if you posted something in that--although regrettably, you would probably still not break single-digits.  There aren't many of us left.

Quote from: BABYLENdo I really need to "defend" myself by saying I'm Ukrainian?
Not particularly, it's enough to be a human being.

QuoteIn any case. I wrote a book that I felt was discordian-like. That's it.

That, at least, makes sense.
Using the word "quantum" when one isn't actually talking about particle physics raises a warning flag.  It usually signifies quackery or pinealism.

Starting one's forum career by a double-posting a link to a russian-language page, when the russians are currently international pariahs, is another problem.  It seems one can't turn a rock over these days without a pro-Putin fascist scurrying out.

Especially odd, is posting such a link when russian is very obviously not a language in usage here.  What are you hoping to attain?
Quote from: Mlactom on June 07, 2024, 11:52:20 AMthe names of the boards dont actually make sense. it took me a good half an hour of scrolling to figure out what this board does. i still dont understand


This board used to be "Apple Talk", but then the apple melted--as apples will--and now all that's left is sand and blood.

Read the inscription on the pedestal--if you can find it, under all that sand.
Quote from: QuestionsTheSoil on May 04, 2024, 12:48:30 AM
Quote from: chaotic neutral observer on May 04, 2024, 12:10:48 AMIf you don't like TikTok, then stop visiting it.

I don't, but I think the trend it set (the hyper-aggressive algorithm) is just something that's everywhere now

Everywhere?  I hardly see that anywhere.

But I have a preternatural talent for triggering obscure bugs in computer programs (I crashed ChatGPT the first time I tried to use it) so maybe these algorithms are just avoiding me out of fear.
Quote from: QuestionsTheSoil on May 03, 2024, 09:57:30 PMNo, I just hate that TikTok has the worst fucking algorithm and I hate the idea of every aspect of internet culture being forced to shed itself of individuality because everything must be advertiser friendly and presentable.

If you don't like TikTok, then stop visiting it.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Thinking slowly
March 07, 2024, 02:33:35 PM
Fall 2022 I had far too many apples to deal with, so I tried making cider.
That turned out well; but fall 2023 the tree gave me almost nothing, so I decided to try making mead instead, and use up the nanking cherries.

My traditional mead (made mostly for the learning experience) is almost three months old, I'm just waiting for it to clarify.  After the second racking, I think I've got too much headspace in the carboys;  hopefully it won't oxidize, but time will tell.

I have a two-month-old nanking cherry melomel near the end of primary fermentation (starting to stall at 14.9% ABV).  I'll apply what I learned with the trad and try to manage headspace better, and maybe add sulfites to keep the spectre of oxidization at bay.

My mistake with the melomel was not putting the fruit in a bag.  I now have a bucket with three gallons of pulpy melomel, with floaty bits on top, and fruit sludge on the bottom.  Racking this without plugging the siphon is going to be interesting.

As with gardening, brewing is slow.  It takes weeks and months to discover one's mistakes.
Literate Chaotic / Apostasy
February 11, 2024, 04:15:46 AM
What does it mean to be discordian?

What does it mean, when anyone can attach the label to themselves, and, like the christians, anyone else can just as easily say they're not a real discordian?

What does it mean if I can look at someone who's never heard of discordianism, and recognize that they reflect my own discordian ideal, that they're discordian without knowing it?

What does it mean if, when I meet someone calling themselves discordian, discover they're close-minded, bigoted, incapable of introspection, an otherwise horrible specimen of humanity, and yet I must nevertheless acknowledge that they're still undoubtedly, unquestionably a discordian?

It means nothing.  Discordianism is just another trap.  You stick a label on yourself, pretend that it changes something, and now you're one of the Enlightened Few.  You acknowledge the parable of the barstool, but you don't really believe in it; it's just a story.  You've got this.  You know how it all works, now.

Hail Eris.
I tried to read it, but gave up after two paragraphs.

Perhaps there is a funny story buried under all that purple prose, but the author evidently confused a thesaurus for a style guide.
Write your messages on toilet paper in public bathrooms instead.

You won't waste paper, you'll reach a wider audience, and your words will be delivered to the end they deserve.
Quote from: Finnius on February 09, 2024, 02:03:46 PMMy last post in this ridiculous thread (yaaa):

Good Morning Spectators! Today we will be taking the following phrase -

"The original poster of this thread, and others like them, are literally in fear for their lives, some having difficulty with day-to-day survival,..." (thank you cno for supplying this)

- and having 2 widely different groups duke it out and see which group this phrase REALLY should apply to. Winner gets the Title and Belt.


You put a lot of text into that straw man.  I skimmed past most of it, I've had enough of Ayn Rand's form of didacticism to last a lifetime.

You're exactly the kind of person who, in the early 1930s in Germany, would have been saying "See, the Jews don't have it so bad!" while sitting in your comfortable armchair, enjoying the fruits of nascent fascism.

Funny thing?  You were wrong.  I don't browse twitter or facebook.  And my chair is actually pretty comfortable.  But when people say they're in trouble, I don't use my privilege to mock them and tell them it's not so bad.

I try listening first.
Quote from: Finnius on February 09, 2024, 12:52:14 AM1. Can I get my forum tag to say "Shit-for-brains new person."? I like it.
You don't need my permission.

Quote2. When was the last time you were beaten, imprisoned, or killed by your government? Maybe try it before shooting your mouth off. I will certainly be more impressed. You need some slack...jumping immediately and angrily on someone for posting an opinion just shows me how your progamming works.
The original poster of this thread, and others like them, are literally in fear for their lives, some having difficulty with day-to-day survival, and you just wandered in with some moronic "it's all just a game" nonsense.  This isn't some hypothetical news-program talking point you're dismissing here, it's real people.

Do you think atrocities being committed by governments are pure fictions invented to manipulate the masses?  Do you think someone needs to suffer personally in order to care about how other people may be harmed by political policy?

You're either a moderately amusing troll, or a really horrible person.

Quote3. I's a game designed to keep you in fear/anger/unstability. You just proved my point.

Perhaps one day it will occur to you that somewhere beyond the vast morass of propaganda and social manipulation there are actually some human beings, and maybe we should treat them as more than just a game.
Quote from: Finnius on February 08, 2024, 11:45:41 PMYou might find a lot less stress in your life if you simply ignore all the external stimuli that is being forcibly pressed upon you.

Shit-for-brains new person.

This thread is specifically about the kind of politics that kills people.  If you're one of their "undesirables", you can't opt out of being beaten, imprisoned, or killed.
Quote from: Pergamos on February 08, 2024, 08:46:31 PMvery, I certainly don't condemn your choice, it's still a choice to support genocide.

Bullshit.  If I'm a vegetarian, and both candidates eat meat, voting for one of them isn't a choice to support meat-eating.

You select who to vote for based on the differences between the candidates, not what they have in common.  If you don't vote, then you're saying that the differences between them don't matter.

Let's say you have a choice between voting between two of the worst specimens of humanity, who have identical policies in almost every respect, but one will load the supreme court with judges who toss out Roe v. Wade, and the other wants to protect abortion rights.

If you don't vote, that would be a declaration that you don't support women's rights.  Nothing else. 

Nobody is going to pat you on the head and praise you for not voting for either of the two monsters when you sit back and let the worse monster win unimpeded. Not voting doesn't keep the monsters out, and it doesn't give you the moral high ground.  It makes you a moral coward.

You don't like the choices?  Do something about it after you've voted.  Or before.  But like the W├╝rfel said, if you don't vote against the nazis, you voted for them.