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Literate Chaotic / why 'we' havent done anything yet
« on: December 14, 2005, 09:36:38 pm »
we see some bad shit in the future

we can talk about it
and we generally see what the factors involved are / will be

it isnt imminent

and therefore we suffer from a collective lull of
'something may happen between now and then'
'ill be ready for it when it comes'
'i wouldnt know what to do or where to start'

although it may seem uncomfortable for some
(me included)
this is okay

it would be wrong to expect anything else

we have nothing to compare the current situation to

and so we will wait
until we are almost physically dead
and/or gripped by poverty
and/or abandon(become abandoned by) everybody we know
to 'do something'

and it probably wont be too late
it will hurt a lot

a lot of pain
and mental anguish between now and 'then'

even if the 'truth' were to present itself right now
the 'right' course of action would make itself known

very few people would accept it because it would look like shit

i apologize for using 'we'
i dont know how else to refer to myself and all the other people

Literate Chaotic / worldwide computer initiatives
« on: December 10, 2005, 07:47:14 pm »
in reference to the other thread:

article about online access to everybody
$100 computers

Q: Given that currently the global production of laptops is under 50 million, can the 100 dollar laptops be built and shipped in the quantities that Negroponte is promising -- 100 million to 150 million every year by 2007?

A: The computers have to be manufactured in those kinds of numbers if the price point of 100 dollars is to be achieved. It costs as much to make one microchip as to make one million microchips. The cost lies in setting up the manufacturing infrastructure. The more they build, the cheaper they can make the computer. This computer will change the global laptop market because of the scale of its production.

and the rest of the article:

Literate Chaotic / another sign the machine is rotting
« on: December 10, 2005, 04:34:18 pm »
the machine relies on being able to control people

the machine is driving people insane thru entertainment and drugs (of all sorts - mental / physical)

insane people cannot be controlled

the machine contributes to its demise
the demise of the machine is imminent

and messy

Literate Chaotic / as civilization draws to a close
« on: December 08, 2005, 11:28:49 pm »
here is a list of things that it may be useful to come to terms with to help improve your chances of a clean escape from the machine from .000000000001% to .001%

1. get rid of all property
2. overcome any need for privacy
3. overcome any problems with solitude
4. overcome any feelings of dependency
5. overcome any illusions of control
6. learn about food and nutrition
7. develop a tolerance to dirt and grime
8. become host to as many viruses as possible
9. develop an appetite for heavy metals
10. keep refining a list of things to come to terms with

(love will guide you through)

Or Kill Me / LHX - short circuits - part 19 - on communication
« on: December 08, 2005, 08:19:20 pm »
that old saying 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' holds weight
and implies we must communicate
that old saying 'familiarity breeds contempt' holds weight
and implies we must have a way of avoiding communication
the intranet has demonstrated the only system of communication that actually works
we call it posting on forums
it is the one commonly used method of communication that highlights the amount of obligation that any two people truly have toward one another
and that is none
you can read posts and never post
you can post things and never come back to see what happened after you posted
you can post ideas as a way to get feedback
you can post for the fuck of it
it is the only medium which gives you complete control regarding when you are going to communicate
when you are going to receive communication

it is also the only reason to have hope that it is possible for more than one person to co-exist on this planet for the long term
the abuse of communication that we commonly experience is horrifying

there are many circumstances these days where 'polite' conversation really exposes itself as phony
for that reason
'hi how are you?'
'how is everything?'
'how about the weather?'
details of the work day
salespeople who have the right to rape your ears at any moment
opinions opinions opinions
these are all fine if you WANT to hear them
broadcasting bile and forcing people to have to deal with it is foul

if i went outside and started broadcasting this shit at people - i would be ignored and/or beaten - FOR GOOD REASON (just another crazy fuck)
words fill people like bullets fill guns
the tongue has often been compared to a weapon

the answers seem fairly simple - either people become more responsible with their words
we use a medium of communication that reduces the volatility involved in communicating

misunderstandings are much easier to resolve when there is a physical (and not mental) barrier between the people involved

communication is a process
forums allow the process to fully take place better than live-action exchanges

maybe it is the only way for people to REALLY communicate

if we were all forced to have these discussions on a regular basis in person - i got a hunch it would have got real messy a long time ago

i will now STFU

Or Kill Me / LHX - short circuits - part 18 - to whom it may concern
« on: December 08, 2005, 04:37:26 pm »
dear mr teh machine administration what has control of determining my mortal fate

how are you doing?

this message is actually directed to the machine as a whole
i know not everybody in your system will get to read it

i would like to say many bad words to you
i will not do that

because it might throw you off
and it might affect the chances of you actually paying attention to what i am going to tell you

you are fucked
you have nearly reached your peak
have done nothing to make sure that you can maintain your position
your leverage in the situation is slipping
the mechanisms you use for applying pressure on people have become faulty
in that they dont always work anymore

down here
some people have come to understand such things as 'chaos' and 'disorder'
and have learned to find comfort in these things
as opposed to the illusions of control that used to provide those moments of temporary peace
in fact
it has come to the attention of some that this 'chaos' and 'disorder' is really a back door which leads to 'eternal salvation'
which runs directly contrary to your fear-generating tactics

since you still seem willing to deprive people of food
and to bother and pester for no apparent reason
and to continue making and enforcing rules that inhibit movement

i just wanted to let you know that you are fucked
your presence is not appreciated or necessary anymore
and nobody - except you - likes what you are doing

you can continue to try and solve your problems by killing things
including me
just be aware that we got your number
and we are going to fuck you up
and if it isnt me
then it is going to be somebody what LOOKS JUST LIKE ME when you have your eyes shut

if we decide to keep a written language after you go down
you will probably be represented as a square with a diagonal line through it
or something else suggestive of 'that big piece of shit that isnt around anymore because it had to be put down'
i cannot show this symbol to you right now because your keyboards are incompetent

you will be buried in the air

you dumb piece of shit

much love

Or Kill Me / LHX - short circuits - part 14 - sustainability
« on: December 08, 2005, 03:59:47 pm »
being a part of a self-destructive society which claims to be something else is not enjoyable

especially with solutions to this apparent 'problem' in plain sight
the solutions that nobody wants

sustainability has been identified as something to 'strive' for
since this society exists on a planet what sustans itself

somewhere early on
'production' got confused with 'progress'

and of course
consumption rises to match production
("smoke em if you got em")
and now
this society seem more like a junky trying to justify getting a fix
instead of a 'civilization' what give a shit about longevity

truth is
everybody wants to live in a sustainable society on their (crack fiend) terms
nobody wants ANY PART of the sustainability what is already there

we came from the dirt
we dont love the dirt anymore

the implications of this arent hard to see

Or Kill Me / LHX - short circuits - part 12 - any end
« on: December 08, 2005, 03:33:14 pm »
at this point
any end would be a good end

like a long movie
(at a theater that you cant leave)
that was intesting for a while
is painfully lingering

any end would be a good end

it just aint relaxing anymore

every scene is predictable
the bad guys are retarded and poorly scripted
the good guys are gonna get pummeled and lose numbers
they will limp to a pre-determined victory

the seats were comfortable when you got in
now the cushion is worn down and you cant shift your position

its getting stuffy

and every time you try to talk to somebody
you get told to shut up and pay attention to the movie

enough metaphors to drown holy books

Or Kill Me / now look at you
« on: December 06, 2005, 01:12:20 am »
you dumb fuck

youre surprised?

what did you want me to do?
now you say i should have stopped you

you wouldnt listen before

i tried to warn you
actually fuck that

i DID warn you
you gave me that look

- come on
lets see you flash that look now

show it to me
where is it?

what do you mean you dont know what im talking about?

give me the 'theres no way thats gonna happen' look
the 'i know better' look
the 'everybody else cant be wrong' look

you dont got it in you anymore?

stupid stupid fuck
too numb to react to the pain hunh?
all you can do is watch it?

watch the pain from the inside

that tingling feeling?
see - thats your soul
right now its shaking your body off like a cheap piece of shit suit

how come youre not looking at me like im crazy now for talking that soul shit?
you feel it now dont you?

you dumb fuck
just go to sleep

ill take care of the rest

just sleep

Or Kill Me / LHX - short circuits - part 2 - from midnight to midnight
« on: October 26, 2005, 05:45:40 pm »
"dead seriously even though we smilin'
and thats how we like it"
- keith murray - intro to 'the most beautifullest thing in this world'

- introduction -
the days of entertainment are over
you have lost your innocence toward entertainment
and can be entertained only as much as you are carrying out your work

i notice that being convinced into a course of action is simply a matter of effectively trapping yourself into NOT being able to do any alternative

- part 1 - trapping yourself -
people seem to want one of two things
1. to be left alone to relax and do as they please
2. to be the champion of planet earth and the universe

for those who want to be left alone
they have been and will continue to be interrupted by those who want to be the universal champions

and thus
they are called into action and are forced to push themselves to become the champs simply in order to get all the knuckleheads to leave them the fuck alone

coming to terms with this is an effective way of climbing out of the bottomless pit of why-me-wishful-thinking
and approaching your days accordingly

- part 2 - what do you do for a living? -
since we have a thing called 'the inevitable'
it is wise
and the sign of a true champ
to encourage this 'inevitable' to hurry up

thru communication media we have the ability to tarnish and ruin all forms of entertainment
this can be done in a few ways
1. the creation of mass amounts of abstract bullshit nonsense to clog up and flood the airwaves
2. create entertainment that is so good that it becomes too good (in the 'more fun than you really wanted' category)
3. stampeding through safety-zone-support-group type entertainment outlets (internet forums or any live platform) and making it uncomfortable and no longer useful

- part 3 - are you fucked? -
i am suggesting that the smart money is on ruining other peoples entertainment AS YOUR MAIN PRIORITY (aside from eating and feeding dependents)
this will force people to look for alternatives
and then when they find an alternative
wreck that too
until they too are trapped into acknowledging that this place has become what it has become
and there is no escapism
until there is only escapism

fuck the confusion angle
changing signs and rearranging things to make your fellow man do a double-take is not even a blip on the radar screen
they are a waste of your time

it would be just as useful to rearrange your own shit and then try to forget

an ideal course of action would be one that results in something compelling yet unenjoyable and results in something bad coming to an end

but not synthetic

has unenjoyable down
needs to work on compelling

Or Kill Me / LHX - short circuits - part 3 - current state of affairs
« on: October 26, 2005, 05:22:25 pm »

once we identified the existence of something inevitable
(namely the END)

the next step was to see what form that inevitable is going to take

the fact that nutrition in all its forms will become scarce
and the surface of this planet will not be very conducive to life

this state of affairs will creep in slowly and it will not be obvious (as in: it already happened)
and it will make us very irritable toward one another

the step after that becomes a little more urgent for some folks
it is the question why?
because this 'inevitability' does not look very comfortable
and we get the hunch it could be avoided

through some investigation we discover -

the default approach that most people take to 'life' is

a) to find something to do that does not immediately feel self-destructive
nor does it look like it will be self-destructive in the near future

b) when encountering pressure
to avoid the immediate pressure by any means necessary even if it includes putting more pressure on some body/thing else
accumulating more pressure for you yourself to deal with at a future point

examples of shifting / relocating / accumulating pressure is:
anything that involves a spray
anything that involves smoke
anything that involves a raised voice

after figuring out that we create our own demise by being ignorant
the next step is easy to determine
hard to execute

it involves
-avoiding ignorance at all costs
-watching 'tragic' things happen which appear as tho they could have been prevented
-refusing dependency on anything other than self and and a higher something
-acknowledging that if this was a movie that you will prolly play the role of the dude that everybody thought was a villain
by the end of the movie it turns out he was the good guy after all
-the annoying realization that deception is absolutely everywhere
-the annoying realization that you can only figure out who was trustworthy AFTER the point at which it could have been useful to know who was trustworthy

once all of this has been resolved
it is time for action

which is the subject of rant number 2

Or Kill Me / LHX - short circuits - part 4 - principia discordia
« on: October 26, 2005, 04:26:19 pm »
principia discordia and issues

1. the principia discordia
the principia discordia is a cute book and can provide material to people who seek to defend themselves from the world intellectually

as such
it also presents ideas that people can align themselves with and create some sort of communal feeling about

2. real discordians
my two cents (which are prolly just blank pieces of copper) on the 'real discordian' issue is that a real discordian is either
a) somebody who actually wants to be called a real discordian
b) somebody who doesnt want to be called a real discordian but is a real discordian by somebody elses definition

my definition of a real discordian is unclear but it would likely have something to do with discord

3. alternate accounts
a) alternate accounts for the purpose of ruining the internet-entertainment-experience for others is good
b) alternate accounts for any other purpose such as
-having fun
-being cute
-being bored and having nothing else to do
-because everybody else is doing it
-because it represents a different yang of your yin
-or any other unexplainable reason
is not good and will likely result in an unexpectedly severe punishment

4. discordians vs. subgenius (pl)
the appearance of discord and discordians is SUGGESTIVE of the end of 'society'
the appearance of subgenius(pl) REPRESENT the end of 'society'

discordians loosen it up and get it moist
subgenius(pl) slip it in

it makes sense that they both made their appearance at around the same time

it wouldnt make sense for the subgenius to wait

once discordians are done their job
they are no longer needed

all efforts are appreciated

Or Kill Me / LHX - short circuits - part 5 - a possibility
« on: September 30, 2005, 02:11:13 am »
this is a metaphor
it might be a parable - only i cannot remember what exactly a parable is

i have had this idea on my mind for a while now
it is sort of a response to the 'what the fuck is really going on?' question which is still liable to swim thru my head

as of late - it was inspired by a conversation in another forum about krishna which had me rolling my eyes

the person on the other forum wrote: According to Bhagavadgita, we are parts and parcels of God (Krishna). We are Krishna's marginal potency, which means that we have free will. We're one with Krishna and different from Krishna at the same time. This philosophy is called acyntia abheda bheda tattva -inconcievable potency of God. We're one in quality, that means that as God has free will, we also have free will in minute form. But in quantity we're different. Krishna is greater than us in that sense, that he is all pervading, we're not.

it was also brought to mind by this comic:


here is the lowdown:

you create a fictional character

you are the creator of this character and this character is able to live as long as you do

this character knows that you are its creator
and knows that it lives as long as you do

nothing goes on for this character
it has no need for anything
you provide for it

because of the relationship the character has with you
it has no need to do anything

for the fuck of it
you create a character of the opposite sex

you let this character know the lowdown as well
and you provide the means for them to create more characters on their own

so your two characters get busy making more
they decide not to let their offspring know about you

and instead
they tell them other versions of
where they came from and how to provide for themselves
(fear etc)

all knowledge of you
-the creator-
gets jumbled into a mess

fast forward until the civilization that you created has 6.5 billion people
some of these 6.5 billion have NO FUCKING IDEA that you created them
and they are approaching this universe you created
with the intent of controlling it all

that means some of these characters
which exist in your imagination
have NO IDEA that they are in your imagination
and they are trying to control you

fictional characters
trying to control you

they develop an internet-type system for communication
and due to the seemingly infinite amount of information available to them
some of the imaginary characters manage to piece together what the deal is
that they are a part of your imagination

these characters cease trying to control the universe that you created
because they realize that it would be ridiculous

i am not sure where this goes yet
the characters wind up realizing that they could create a metaphorical scenario where

they create characters in their imagination
and they wind up posting messages very similar to this one on the internet


can somebody please let me know where this metaphor falls apart?

Or Kill Me / LHX - short circuits - part 6 - escapism
« on: September 26, 2005, 05:44:05 pm »
many efforts have been made
dear sweet heavens
how sweat has soaked the brow


the machine has been identified
it has been observed that the machine is faulty
it has been observed that the machine is building itself up only to fall apart
it has been observed that we are part of the machine
it has been observed that there is no enemy and nobody to blame
it has been observed that it is going to be messy
it has been observed that it was destined to be this way

but still

how to approach it all?

impending doom

efforts have been made to avoid the tragedy
we got smart
we became aware that one of the weaknesses of the machine is its affinity for routine and order
and that these affinities would eventually become so complex that they would be unmanageable

we became aware that chaos highlights these very glitches
we got together and did little things to confuse the machine
and we laughed because it was so predictable

the novelty wore off
and it became just as rewarding to discuss these type things as it was to actually do them

and the machine still lingered

we recognized that the only way to save ourselves from the seemingly imminent mess of the falling machine would be some other kind of group action
something that would involve a group of people
a chunk of the machine itself
getting together and doing

it became apparent that we could not agree
and even if we could
the machine is still powerful enough to get rid of any threat to its illusion of control

and when it was observed that it could not be avoided
the efforts shifted to finding ways to keep our minds off it

it would happen while we were sleeping
the machine would fall while we were in the movie theater
and we would exit
and see a path of destruction that somehow spared us
and left a trail of nourishment from the movie theater to the garden of eden
in between playing a quirky word game on an internet forum
the news ticker at the bottom of our monitor would say
'the end has come - everybody can stop pretending and relax'

but no
it is not gonna go down like that

the machine still lingers
and it still builds

in our search for escapism
both physical and mental
we found the internet
and the machine let us have it

for all of the outcasts and discontents which the machine had become so good at creating
there is a home on the internet
a feeling of togetherness

the machine would have you turn on the computer to release some tension
so you can muster up some strength
and go at it again tomorrow

the perfect form of entertainment

entertainment -
for the machine it is like saliva
it softens you up so you can be digested easier
so you dont know how to put up a fight

fuck that shit

the fun will not really start until the machine is down for the count

until then
the potential for being interrupted by the machine
tricked into doing machine work is always there

those who 'enjoy' the internet or search the internet for enjoyment
have been tricked into and endless search for escapism

the reason we cannot agree on anything is because the machine will not allow it

out of love

turn the internet into something that cannot be enjoyed
examine your motives
until loading a flash movie
or trolling an internet forum
becomes part of your job
and not something you do until the next time the machine calls your name

it will hurt a lot
it wont hurt for long

LHX - visions of a long sleep

Or Kill Me / LHX - short circuits - part 7 - the delivery
« on: September 25, 2005, 02:35:34 pm »
how to develop a method of delivery which is useful
regardless of style or aesthetics:

speak with the intent of accomplishing something
for example: ending the use of all words
(getting everybody - including you - to shut the fuck up)

direct comments at yourself

become sufficiently aware of what is going on so that you do not communicate anything that is
a) emotionally charged
b) ignorant
c) retarded
(if you do - it is better to communicate something retarded than ignorant and better to be ignorant than emotionally charged)

if your comments turn out to be inflammatory or cause discomfort
it is a good sign that they were useful

view all topics of conversation as something that can be bent in a useful direction
instead of
viewing it as something which is already established
something which is already being of use

never pass up an opportunity to remind the audience that it is going to hurt
and then laugh
because there is nothing you can do about it except
a) avoid the mental anguish of searching for non-existent alternatives
b) avoid unnecessary discomfort

acknowledge that everything you say is a subtle variation of the same thing
find the thing you enjoy saying
let the environment dictate fun and creative ways to say it

the beacon that will lead you over the cliff at the edge of the world

(notes for later -
- create your own grammar
- not being compelled to spell things correctly - as in - TEH MACHINE
- feeling free to leave words out - as in - discordia will fucking ANYTHING)

discordia will fucking anything
even teh machine

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