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you can show a person a whole bunch of words

but depending on the context - what they do with those words has little to do with you


if one is attempting to deliver a message - a great deal of attention should be paid to the context or else the message will not be received

at best - it will be misinterpreted

the saying 'dont waste your breath' suggests that there is a better approach to take

this may include kidnapping


Or Kill Me / "In The Name of Peace"
« on: May 31, 2007, 02:34:15 pm »
talk about blameless approaches to take

what action can you take against somebody who claims to be moving in the name of peace?

this observation is applicable to 2 things

1. if you find yourself in opposition to somebody who is acting in the name of peace, you can not take action against them until they literally interrupt your shit personally

2. using this line as your foundation is a great first step in whatever you do

obviously it is up to you to stay consistent
if you say you move in peace - if you keep that on the tip of your tongue - it puts you in a great strategic position

also - it helps A LOT if that is actually your motivation

when you do something that 'appears' not peaceful
and somebody steps in opposition
then it becomes a clash of perspectives and a matter of how effectively you can provide foundation for your peaceful ways and actions

and right here we are in a environment where we understand the wisdom of the law of fives...

ultimately - wickedness will beget punishment inflicted on the trespasser (call it a hunch)
so if you are not accustomed to actually trying to move with peace and respect - maybe you should look into it

that being said - from a objective viewpoint - it is still seems to be a great strategic device to employ in 2007

Or Kill Me / law -- decision making -- flawed perceptions
« on: May 31, 2007, 02:22:19 pm »
law allows a lot of crooked motherfuckers get away with a lot of bullshit

far too often i have seen people be victimized in public by somebody who would get their ass beat by a passer-by if there was no 'protective force' preventing this kind of vigilante justice

taking action against perceived injustice in turn results in judgment and possible persecution

in opposition to this - if this 'protective force' was not in place - a lot of frustrated people would be shooting from the hip at anything that even flinched

on a planet where dramatic decisions are made based on flawed perceptions
it seems like the only solutions are:
a) get rid of the flawed perceptions
b) make adjustments to the decision-making process

there is no verifiable way to get rid of flawed perceptions - there is no way for me to prove to you that my perception is not flawed (because it obviously is)
two people can agree on a approach to take to this situation

adjusting the way they react to situations

other than that - the only way to implement any reasonable social change is hellfire

however you perceive that

volcano / earthquake / weather / etc

is it just me? or are peoples motives becoming more and more transparent as each day goes by?

'the conspiracy' starts in the home when a child is raised by adults who are plotting and scheming

these patterns get reinforced at a early age when little Sally learns that she can get Johnny to give her his chocolate bar if she promises to give him a susprise

and she realizes she doesnt have to give anything once she ate the chocolate bar

tricks just like mom did to get her to stop crying at the grocery store

seems harmless

until Johnny snaps

kids catch on to their parents bullshit after a while and the tricks dont work no more

on boards like this one - there is barely any tricks that work

you can often tell when somebody is talking bullshit just by looking at their font

over the next few years - you will see a lot of people get exposed
not many will handle it well

Literate Chaotic / Historical Archives
« on: May 27, 2007, 04:42:28 pm »
if everything in the past led up to the current situation
then a full assessment of the current situation should reveal all significant aspects of the past

since these historical items are all contained in the present from this light
it is not necessary to place great value in archives

especially not at the cost of presenting a hindrance to present movement

this is part of what can be called 'the wisdom of travelling lightly'

this is not to say that historical items and records do not have their use
their practicality outside the realm of entertainment is questionable at best

ultimately - anything worth having is repeatable
(by virtue of it being worth having)

Literate Chaotic / Anything That Appears Orderly
« on: May 27, 2007, 04:30:40 pm »
anything that appears orderly and structured is temporary and limited in durability

(except maybe for the underlying process at work that makes orderly things temporary)

this society/'civilization' is a perfect example

(even tho 2000+ years seems long relative to a single life time - it isnt really that long)

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Inverse Orbital Bombing
« on: May 24, 2007, 10:16:10 pm »
dude that posts on the Wu-Tang forums just came up with a pretty fuckin good idea:

I've noticed that there's a lot of little kiddy gang-bangers on myspace. Wether or not they actually manifest their gang life outside the internet is irrelavent. The fact is they're ignorant enough to make a myspace about it and dwell in the mind state daily.

My Propostion:

A lot people here like to argue over some bullshit, but in reality some of you are level headed. I say we put our differences aside for the children, just for moment and save some beautiful minds.

If you find a little gangbangers myspace account, post a link here so we can collectivley add them in our circle as a community, and we'll bombard these kids with postive encourgement and reinforcement, but most of all truth. And cut the strings of the puppet master.

The idea's there, I can't do it alone, if your down we can put this together.

here is the original post:

lemme know if anybody is down for something like this

seems like this idea sort of fits in with some BIP intentions

also - that Wu-Tang forum can be pretty interesting at times


Or Kill Me / Addressing Discrimination
« on: May 21, 2007, 02:32:21 pm »
approachling a constantly re-appearing issue - i posted this on a different forum

original thread is at

the broad issue is race and discrimination on a internet forum


i think the biggest problem with the forum is that a lot of these threads have become meaningless

there is a solid core of people who have moved beyond this issue

back in the day - if somebody made a ridiculous blanket statement about having 'double standards' etc with out taking the time to understand where i am coming from - it would have provoked a reaction out of me

now it just looks pathetic

and lame

even typing this post was more trouble than it is probably worth

besides - there are 2 things that nobody ever has control over:
1 - how they were born
2 - the situation they were born into

criticising somebody for how they were born (ie skin color) is the equivalent of criticizing a tree for being a tree

anybody born in the past 25000 years on planet earth was born into a bad situation

the measure of a man is how he learns to approach his situation

a good first step is to pursue understanding by any means necessary
and learning to walk what you speak

here is a quote from ol'faithful
Quote from: Hagakure
It is further good fortune if, more than this, one has wisdom and talent and can use them appropriately. But even a person who is good for nothing and exceedingly clumsy will be a reliable retainer if only he has the determination to think earnestly of his master. Having only wisdom and talent is the lowest tier of usefulness.
*you can look at the 'master' as being any higher source - your ancestry, God, Allah, the Tao, etc

i think there is a bunch of people who have interesting perspectives and the ability to put together long posts which broadly attack others in a attempt to demonstrate how 'clever' and 'observant' they are

these people are worthless

when somebody assembles a post that can be put into use
or communicates words that can be taken offline and applied to life - only THEN can you say that a person seems to be somewhat useful

i acknowledge that my own usefulness can be questioned just as i am questioning anybody elses

keep this in mind at all times when clicking on a topic in these boards:
it is easier for negativity to drag people down than it is for positivity to lift people up

stick with and build with those who do not drag you down

and from that foundation - reach out to those who are seeking to learn to lift themselves up

dont tell them WHAT to think
demonstrate HOW to think

freedom of movement

cost of this objective:

it doesnt really matter what form it comes in

other forms of 'success' seem to require that other things are unsuccessful - they are only successful when viewed relatively

freedom of movement is the type of objective that can be persued by any means necessary

Benaclypse latest discourse

itll only take everything you got


Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Brand New Being
« on: May 10, 2007, 06:39:27 pm »
this discourse is on that 'ive busted out, but what now?' tip

it is informal

just trying to flush out some ideas about what is the difference between the 'before' and 'after' of a free thinker?

physically - you are in the same body
and subject to the same laws of the universe as you were prior to your new approach to life - so what is the big difference?

- from what i can see - a 'free thinker' doesnt live as much as travel

- life becomes an exploration

- there are no goals to achieve - more like places to visit

- there is still work to be done - but the nature of the work is different - its more like putting in work that seems to be in sync with how the universe moves rather than putting in work because you are afraid of the social repercussions of not putting in work

- any fear of physical harm has less to do with mortal terror and more to do with a preference to avoid physical discomfort because it is - well - uncomfortable

- you dont rely on things because somebody else said so - you take in new info and see how it jives with the map you already have going

- continually assessing paradigms or trends in society/history to determine what is legitimate and what is suspicious (possibly illusory)

- continually approaching taboos in order to determine what the fuss is all about

- not being driven by uncontrollable desires OR the polar opposite (SubGenius) approach of engaging in uncontrollable desires until you pass out or get burnt or get tired of it(both approaches seem to lead to the same conclusion)

- continuous refinement of self and approach

*also - perhaps there is a actual physical difference - obviously it would be something internal and subtle

maybe all this wack shit we see is the result of a stubborn shift in the nervous system at a molecular level

i dunno
just thinking out loud

Or Kill Me / Discordianism and the Mathematical Mind
« on: May 10, 2007, 03:59:20 pm »
its funny how on paper these logical cats can point out the existence of elements such as chaos in the universe
it proves difficult to manifest this understanding in everyday life

for the longest time it seemed to me that a published book in a bookstore had some significance
as tho the contents of the book were some how reaching out to, and impacting a audience

only over the last few years have i come around to the understanding that the reach of a particular syllable-word-phrase-sentence-idea is limited in comparison to these over-riding themes that we are all raised with in this society

a tip-of-the-hat acknowledgement of chaos does not seem to be enough to counter-attack the formative-year-experience of being raised to chase money by any means necessary

or defense mechanisms of those touched with a strain of social awkwardness
or those bitten by the desire for the limelight that comes along with winning awards in elementary school for track meets or math contests or essay writing

"did you get the highest mark?"

all these observations of chaos - they get washed down the drain

we can make the observation
then we want to take credit for it or do something impossible with it

perhaps 'easier said than done' could be the theme of this discourse - but i have a hunch it goes deeper than that

over the last couple of years i have had opportunity to build with yall here and observe where exactly these chaotic elements exist

how they manifest in the universe we are experiencing

the unpredictability within each individual person
the things that are not possible to determine:
A) how much pressure a person can handle
B) how they will react when that threshold has been breached

sure there are trends - these may be particular to a demographic or geographic location
there is no way to tell with any accuracy what a particular circumstance will turn a man into

the more one looks for these instances of chaos and inconsistency - the more they become clear as day

my favorite topic of all time - the flaws of communication - are also testament to this

misunderstandings -

the way you can deliver a message with a intent and have it interpreted with a intent other than the one with which you delivered it

the worst crime to commit is accusing somebody of something that they did not do

- there are no winners in a situation like that

observe the situation of a logical mind getting frustrated at his inability to explain chaos to a audience

he gets mad at his audience
begins to question his own ability

meanwhile - the whole time - the elements he was trying to discuss were at play ruining the discussion

perhaps his motives were in the wrong place
perhaps the room was too hot
perhaps the same words he was using would have worked the next day

shit aint easy

its better to be lucky than good
but its best to be good and lucky

the Luck Plane is no joke
ask a SubGenius

Literate Chaotic / Briefly weighing in on the Parenting Dilemma:
« on: May 08, 2007, 02:15:24 am »
Q: Is it possible to love somebody and still smack the shit out of them?

A: Yes.

although it has the appearance that we are just typing things in magic boxes and clicking magic links that do magic things

the underlying structure of what is occurring is this:

person A is placing information in a location

person B is accessing the information where person A left it

you place information in a location (a server)
i dial into the server and access the information that you placed there

a website is information that somebody placed in a location for you to access

when you type a post - you put it somewhere for people to access

so -
in a way -
you are not talking to somebody
- rather you are making communication available for somebody or somebodies

this can be a significant thing to consider and understanding this may change the way you approach communicating

if you want to compare it to a offline situation

it would be the equivalent of being in a empty room and writing on a wall
- leaving it there for people to access

some people can see it and respond to it
add to it
refine it
or leave it alone

-- to be continued --
(in another room)

- if you remove all the stylistic elements of a webpage / site all you are left with is a plain text document

- content still reigns supreme

- if you dress something up that has no substance it will eventually be exposed as having no substance

- websites can also serve functional communication purposes (transfer information from point A to point B - this manifests in anything from e-mail to online banking)

i am going to break down the process a bit further in a next post

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / MCLUHAN SAID
« on: May 02, 2007, 05:14:12 pm »
"there is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening"

i tend to agree

throws a nice little spin on the free will/fate business

the absence of inevitabilty was pre-determined

i lolled

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