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So, I'm going to put random ideas that I have in this thread for further consideration. Please weigh in as you see fit.

So the first idea I had was a version of a space elevator. As I understand it, having the counterweight would make the elevator incredibly long. But what if we had a stationary atmospheric surface platform instead? The space elevator in this case wouldn't have a counterweight in the traditional sense but rather a sort of truck stop consisting of a really large blimp that goes to the edge of appreciable atmosphere. From there a shuttle of some sort or another would use standard rocket technology to go the rest of the way. This would have the benefit of cutting down on the fuel requirements to escape Earth, and reduce any impact that rocket fuel exhaust would have on the atmosphere itself.  Or perhaps we could go even further and have stations further up in Low Earth Orbit reaching down to the atmospheric platform to function as a different elevator? Ultimately the idea here is to reduce the energy cost of leaving Earth. Obviously leaving the Moon would be much easier, and maybe the Moon at that point could function as another stopping off point or even a shipyard.

Apple Talk / This is kinda awesome
« on: October 09, 2013, 05:51:37 pm »
Democrat congressman puts IRS official on trial for witchcraft in Congress.


Or Kill Me / Sheeple
« on: October 05, 2013, 07:38:46 am »

You have it all figured out. Everyone is fucking retarded but you. They can't help it. They're SheepleTM. They clearly can't match your intellectual capacity or have anything in common with you. More than that, they are less than human. They're not people, they're SheepleTM! That smart ass from Harvard who can't change his tire? Fucking retard. Person who doesn't understand how the ConstitutionTM works? Retard. I understand the ConstitutionTM more than anyone else. Hell, I am all of the Framers rolled into one goddamn package deal. Wake up SheepleTM!

Actually learning shit has no comparison to fumbling about, scratching my head and after a lot of wasted time, finally getting it in a very inefficient way. That's the AmericanTM way. Fuck Google. I don't need AnybodyTM telling me how it's fucking done. I got this. Hands. On. Experience.

Oh, you can do something I can't? You have a degree in it? I can do something that you can't. I'm clearly smarter than you, even if you've actually never had to do it before. Now I have to help you out. You have a PhD and I graduated from high school, and I helped you out on this one minor thing. I rule and you suck. My underpaid lack of ambition and lack of specialization and education trump your life, which you clearly have failed at due to this one thing.

Wake up, SheepleTM! Can't you see I'm sleep walking here?
Wake up, SheepleTM! Can't you see I'm busy baaaaaaing at the shepherd what he's doing incorrectly?

Fucking stupid shepherd, thinks he knows what he's doing. Damn sheep, doing what he wants them to.

So, it's been said that if you can't explain something to a layman, you don't actually understand it. This is obviously true, but sometimes this must be done through example or analogy. Since I'm now starting on my way to science, and I'm actually getting it, I will attempt to write essays about some of the topics from other perspectives in order to explain them.

The first one I will do (which will follow in the next post) is explaining evolution through the lens of music. It's restating an idea in another specialty, but it's a language I'm familiar with (and I will try and put the musical perspective in layman's terms, or define in layman's terms for clarity), and therefore a step towards putting it into plain music.

I think this an important exercise because I've always believed in evolution, but evolution isn't an article of belief. Science deals with evidence, not faith. I no longer believe in evolution, I accept it as an accurate explanation of the diversity and unity of life, based on well attested evidence.

If considered sufficiently sound, I'll post these elsewhere.

Literate Chaotic / To: TGRR, Tucson, AZ
« on: September 06, 2013, 02:10:12 am »
Dear Uncle Roger,

I hope that this letter finds you and yours well. Or as well as Tucson will allow. We can't break the laws of physics, or the will of angry Titans that have somehow broken free from their bonds.

Which brings me to the purpose of writing you.

You've mentioned to us New Englanders now and again that we live really close to each other, and it's sort of ridiculous that we don't meet up more often. Providence, for example, is an hour and $10ish away. Well, more like an hour and a half. I have to get to South Station first. And LMNO and I live in the same metropolitan area. Hell, Gogira lives a mere 2 subway stops from me and the subway is a 10 minute walk. I haven't seen the Providentials in over a year, Gogira even longer, and I have seen LMNO more recently, but it's been months at the least. The last time I saw EOC, Eve and Cainad was the last time I saw Trip, Squiddy and Cram. And you know, it's not for lack of trying. Eve and I occasionally talk about getting that beer in Brookline we never ended up getting. Anarchangel and the Frost Heaves played one show together (though I have done at least one other gig with them playing for Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin). leln's pretty good at poking at us to see what we're doing and trying to get us to meet up. Matter of fact, Providence is coming to Boston on Saturday (mental note, give Villager heads up, since she's only met dimo and LMNO, and dimo only the once, though he left an impression on both her and Anne Marie).


It often happens that our plans just fall through. But why is that?

I think I may have found the answer. You said words to this effect recently:

Coming to realize that Tucson is actually sort of the multiverse's junkheap.  It's full of stuff that's just a little out of phase with the rest of you bastards.  Things that look nonsensical to the outsider, because it wasn't from that person's universe in the first fucking place.  I mean, NOTHING HERE WORKS.  How does this city even function?  It's just failure after failure after failure.  It's like Lucy pulling the football out from in front of Charley Brown EVERY TIME HE TRIES TO KICK IT.

And it struck me that you may be on to something. It could well be, that we are all from different realities. Maybe that's also why my plans to go to Europe to meet the spags from Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Norway always fall through, and have nothing to do with my tendency to not plan well or save up money. We all live in separate universes, and Tucson is the nexus. The only time I can think of that everything came together smoothly enough for everyone at the time to coexist in the same place was the last time you visited Providence and Boston. Otherwise, someone must always sacrifice attendance. Suu couldn't make it to the meet up that Trip came to. Because you weren't there. You aren't a Rain God, you're some guy who's stuck between entirely different timelines. I don't actually exist in Richter's universe, nor he in mine. LMNO and Gogira live in entirely different ones than either me or Providence. The rare times our universes do collide, it's because of Yog-Sothoth. Or maybe some freaky shit going down at MIT. I don't know. Doktor Blight might be able to look into this hypothesis further.

Just some food for thought.

Your favorite Niecew,

So, we're all smart people. Even when we're dumb it's really just a lapse in some area or another.

And I've been posting in Open Bar lately about friends on Facebook who say dumb things. And at least with one of them (they were two separate people), I admitted that the person in question just wasn't that bright and my belligerence is, in retrospect, expecting more of them than they are capable of. They can't go beyond a surface understanding.

Now, Nigel pointed out to me the fruitlessness of that, since the person and I were on different intellectual levels, and it just really wasn't worth either of our time to come to an understanding. Or at least not worth any of my time, on the grounds that the stupid was pretty damn stupid.

On the flip side of this, I help one of my fleetmates on Star Trek Online with her school work. She's also a 30 something in college, a little older than me, but everytime I help her, she has to point out to me or our fleetmates that I am intelligent. This makes me a little uncomfortable for reasons I can't exactly put my finger on. Matter of fact, I get uncomfortable when anyone of any intelligence level other than noticeably higher than my own describes me as intelligent. I had another thought to work Dunning-Krueger into here but I lost it. It might come up again through convo.

So, I guess, what's up with that?

Apple Talk / Allston christmas
« on: August 30, 2013, 03:32:45 pm »
Ah this takes me back. This might be kinda cool. I dont know if a second season is necessary or even desirable. It would be unfortunate if a good idea for a documentary became a bad idea for a reality show.

RPG Ghetto / Twid does Foundry missions on Star Trek Online
« on: August 29, 2013, 04:36:31 am »
So, people who play STO can make user generated missions. They are limited to 40 (48 if subscribed) missions. Assume 48. If I approach my limit, I will subscribe. But I'm looking for an overall story arc. STO takes place in 2409, btw.  (Voyager returns to Alpha Quadrant in 2378, Nemesis takes place in 2379, and Romulus is destroyed in 2387. The Romulan Republic is a recent thing, as an example)

Things I want to address:
The Federation is not the utopia you think it is.
You remember those random aliens that showed up in one episode? Well, they're back. I'm thinking First Federation, a newly warp capable Magna Roma (Roman Empire with 20th century technology as visited by Kirk), Humans were abducted by the Skaggarans and successfully rebelled as cowboys but were encountered by Archer's Enterprise, that sort of thing. Feel free to recommend more.
Risa is a Boring Planet to go to. So is Andoria. So is Vulcan. So is, for that matter, Earth. Let's change that.
A torn Romulan Republic- they want to be independent, but there is an undercurrent of reunification with Vulcan.
Federation Civil War in the future. Some sort of temporal displacement and holy shit, and what do we do when we get home, now that we know what will happen...

Apple Talk / More spiritual advice from TGRR
« on: August 27, 2013, 02:35:11 am »

I just realized now that your other half has returned to Asphodel, and perhaps it's time for spiritual advice. School is about to start for me again, what sort of mindset should I have going into it?

Apple Talk / Attn Phineas T Poxwattle
« on: August 22, 2013, 05:48:09 pm »
Ive got an itch behind my eyes and blue phlegm. My freckles have also turned green and my reflection is right handed too. What is wrong with me and what sort of elixirs do you have for it?

Or Kill Me / Thoughts on the Founders
« on: August 10, 2013, 10:05:27 pm »
Everyone in the United States likes to back up one of their political arguments with what would the Founding Fathers do. And you know, I've heard it for the last time without forming some pretty distinct thoughts on the matter.

Raising the ghosts of the Founders to support your political argument is just flat out stupid. Here's why:

1) They're freaking dead. They've all been dead for about 200 years. That means they're not around to a) see enough of the 21st century and the issues and the rationale behind the issues to even form a well informed opinion on those issues, and b) they're not around to say, no dude, I wouldn't have said that at all. You're imposing your views on someone who wouldn't have even understood what your views are.

2) They're not some monolithic group of men who all agreed on everything. What's the point of having a representative republic at all at that point? Might as well just appoint one of them supreme leader for life, if they all thought the same. No, in fact, they had a hard time agreeing on anything. Why do you think it took 80 some odd years and us splitting in two and going to war with each other in order to get rid of slavery? Do you think everyone agreed on slavery in the 1780s? Some of the nastiest political campaigns in the history of the United States were all fought by the Founders. They were jerks, and they hated each other. Modern political campaigns look like a tickle fight in comparison. Matter of fact, in order to get the Constitution written, they all had to get drunk.

3) They're not gods. This isn't the freakin' Dominion on Star Trek. (Though a shapeshifting Washington who had to sleep in a bucket would be kinda cool.) They were men. Just because there's a mythology built around them doesn't mean they were special, or that we should appeal to their authority over our own ability to reason. You know, especially because they're dead and would have no clue what to make of anything you and your debating partner are talking about if you hopped in a time machine to get them to clarify whose side they would choose.

4) Older isn't necessarily better. If you think it is, feel free to purchase a phonograph and a horse and buggy. There's no such thing as the good old days or simpler times. That's just nostalgia. And in this case, it's nostalgia for an era before your great-grandparents were even born.

5) The Founders aren't necessarily The Framers. The Founders are the upstarts who stirred up rebellion and had the idea that the Colonies should be independent, semi-democratic. The Framers are the ones who drafted the Constitution because the Founders fucked up the first system of government in the United States. Let me repeat that- the Founders made a big old mess that the Framers had to clean up. Some of the Founders were also Framers, but not all Founders were Framers and not all Framers were Founders. So the Framers were plenty aware that their new document was also probably flawed, and made it possible to fix their mistakes as we went along. So if there's anything that we can be reasonably sure of what the Framers would think about modern day politics is to leave them out of it and figure it out on our own, since we're supposed to have improved the Constitution from the version they gave us. That's why we have more than 10 amendments.

So, who gives a shit what the Founders would think? They were looking up to us. Stop living in the past and start thinking about the present. If you can't support your political argument without using necromancy, then you don't actually have an argument, and need a clueless ghost to talk for you.

Apple Talk / Fast food workers on strike
« on: July 29, 2013, 04:50:27 pm »

Now this is interesting. I like that Papa John's is one of the ones being targeted. Wonder how much he's going to try and jack up his pizza now in order to pay those ingrates that work for him.

Techmology and Scientism / Reality shown to consist of 9 dimensions
« on: July 17, 2013, 09:55:23 pm »
This breaking news is filled under finance because yahoo is fucking daft.

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