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Ok so I had this thought which is causing me distress now.

If I died and had my organs donated, and I came back to life; am I legally entitled to have my organs back?

You'd think they have a policy for this but they don't ...
Ho shit, so recently I've been indulging in something I quit for a few years: Games.... its sorta like a fat kid going back to the sugar after dieting for so long.

But far out, is there anything worth getting into?

I bought Divinity II on x-box, apart from making me feel sick; it's fun turning into a Dragon and killing everything (when they let you -.-)

Though yeah, anyone have any recommendations?
Dear Dok,

I think something is leaking from Tuscon ...

The Aus Surfers are a minority of the issue, regardless I agree something should be done about them :lol:
We have such a strong diversity with our cultures, that it's all starting to fall apart.

You can't have too many strong personalities in the same room, if they don't work together - then they are against each other, neutrals don't seem to exist. Some of the cultures carry down their Ancestors prejudices, they just hate without knowing why.

Maybe its like this everywhere, it seems like for each suburb, theres a culture claiming it as their own land; while some are harmless and friendly, there are some where you can't even look at them without being called a Racist. Of course, you'd be a fool to venture into those lands in the first place. But, it seems this Racist epidemic is wide spread ... too many cultures want it done their way.

Actually, recently there is alot of talk about Racism - its true, Australians are racist... though theres a big crackdown on them. I admit I am racist, I wouldn't date an Asian :lol: So that makes me racist. Oh! A quick tidbit - There is a policy in arguement that if you swear on Sydney Streets, you can get fined right on the spot. Anyway thats a bit of a tangent, but damn thats just a bit ridicolous. Its sad that these things need to be talked about in the first place.

I'm glad I look like me, I get confused for alot of different ethnicities so maybe that has kept me safe ... but my friends have had experiences of their own, and heard stories from those they know.

It seems to be starting out in the western Area of NSW, my Asian friend was attacked by a group of Australian Natives for 'walking on their land' which happened to be near the train-station. He didn't do anything wrong, I know him - he's a close friend of mine ... very gentle person.

If you move up to the Bankstown Area, the Lebanese ran rampant there (and my god they are adorable! They have the doof-doof cars and whatever the hell they do); they seem friendly, but with good reason you have to watch what you say, my sister dated one - she ended being beaten up (She kept it well hidden from us), lost 3 years of her life and her sanity. She has her head back on her shoulders now atleast.

Of course, there are bad apples everywhere which wreck it for the rest, I have many friends with many different cultures, I'm beggining to see past the idea of labeling people as the Culture they associate with and just call them Australian ... maybe its the Australians that have it wrong, with this obsession at self-preservation, the bronzed-Australian is long-gone.

If people don't want to be called Australians, and they are living in Australia - something is being done wrong!

I'm glad that we don't have the freedom of guns like the Americans, I'd be really scared if that was the case, if a citizen is spotted with a gun - they will send in the snipers and a lot of officers ...

Of course it's not as bad as it sounds ... I'm pretty happy here, I think its almost the same everywhere else... give or take based on circumstances of course.

Anyhow, I think I lost myself a bit ... What is it like around the world?

ps - Aren't weddings just...boring? I hope the women weren't too painful, but I don't think I'll understand any of that anytime soon.

Stay Safe Dok!

I completely forgot about it :( Is it still funny with the crazy Europeans? Any highlights? Or has it lost its charm?

For some reason I can't visit the website, all I see is a <3 for the Icon but nothing loads ... should I be concerned of the Russians? (lol 2009)

Oh for christ sake!

The dad gave him a puff of smoke at the age of 18 months, now he smokes 40 cigarettes a day at the age of 2. He's over weight, and yeah .. all the expected problems! The poor kid!

Now he's a pack-a-day man. Pack-a-day toddler. And he won't give up, screaming and throwing himself on the floor if he's refused a durry.

Fucks sake, who gave the father (Who I will refer to as douche from now on) the permission to reproduce! The douche won't stop the kid from smoking.

Ah, I'm probably being a bit harsh with the douche, it is common knowledge out here that smoking = bad, but is it the same in China? Do they push anti-smoking caimpaigns?
Techmology and Scientism / Life in a Black Hole
May 26, 2010, 12:07:19 AM
Hey all, came across an interesting theory

Well no-one can agree on much, but if our universe exists in a black hole, would this affect the big-bang theory in a way? Instead of there being nothing to begin with - there was an already existing universe.. maybe a black hole and the death-star collided and we're the result.

I don't know, anyhow thought it was an interesting find
GASM Command / LikeGASM
March 31, 2010, 02:17:25 AM
Well I thought it would be a fun thing to do, its like a facebook imitation - but for real life!

Get sticky notes and write "[Name] likes this", and sticky those notes where ever you can.


Ok so I bought my shiny new laptop, and I bought a Ritmo 2.5 HDD Enclosure to get the files from my old (dead and organ harvested) machine ...

But the Ritmo won't work on this damn machine! I plug it in and it is unrecgonised, though however when I plug it into the barely-functional XP desktop we have laying around it works almost fine (albiet the computer keeps freezing) - so I am sluggishly transfering Adobe CS4 over Wireless (and that is failing miserably) - it is not a driver issue, the device is sometimes recongised; but I can't browse it for some reason (when on the windows 7 machine)

Anyhow, anyone experienced in getting Devices to work fluently on a damn Windows 7 Home Edition. Microsoft realeased something to work with XP supported devices, but that is only for Professional and above Editions.

Fucking dickheads....

Any tools out there?

Oh if you need to know the model

It is an ACER Aspire 5740 using Intel Core i3

... I probably shoulda spent an extra $100 and got the Core 2 duo  :lulz: oh well shit happens

*edit* I found this artcile so I shall follow it 
RPG Ghetto / Level 23 Archer
March 24, 2010, 02:40:52 AM

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GASM Command / Resume-GASM
March 17, 2010, 11:25:36 AM
Hey all, I think the creative process for this one might be something to mess with

Just an idea I've been toying with -

Handing out fake-resumes.. theres nothing wrong with that right?

Anyhow, I was thinking perhaps to write up resumes and hand them out, I was thinking either pick a case study and write on a Resume from them, like maybe Aleister Crowley or Jimmy Bartel...

Well I'm not sure really, but I think handing out fake resumes with discordian-esque themes could be fun.

I'll write more tommorow, not sure I'm making much sense at all (IF I usually do?)

Idea came to me like brilliant surge, so had to put it up before I forget  :lulz:

Well I think something like this could pick up, anyhow I was thinking if it would be a good idea to create a PC translator, for those who want to translate sentences into its PC equivalent. As fucking stupid as it sounds, I think it can have some funny results.

Think this is something worth going ahead with?



1x Toast
1x Toaster
1x Mum (Mom for American equivalent)

1) Get Bread









Remember the more you struggle, the better food you get!
Has anyone played this game? If your into murder mysteries it might be a fun series to get into.

QuoteGet in, get the loot, get out... that's how it usually goes for master cat burglar Trilby. But after he breaks into the supposedly vacated country manor erstwhile of the aristocratic DeFoe family, he quickly finds that things are not that simple. Together with a group of strangers, he finds himself imprisoned by some invisible intelligence. A force prepared to do anything to keep them there. Up to and including murder...

As the killings begin and suspicion threatens to tear the group apart, it's up to Trilby to unite his squabbling companions and destroy the supernatural entity that victimises them. But what exactly is it? What is the dark secret attached to DeFoe Manor? And what is the significance of the masked maniac who haunts their dreams?

I haven't played these for awhile so my memory of them has faded. So my explanation of them utterly sucks.

I just remembered that I had a nightmare about some skeleton in the bathtub after playing it.

The second one 7 days a skeptic jumps 400 years into the future and is on a Space station ... That was freaking epic! I only remember a few things from here and there, like a scene where your strapped to a medical and you get out of it by stabbing the doctor with a scapel... You could read the wiki but I guess that will spoil it.

I dont think I got around to playing #3 or #4

#3 - Trilby's Notes, goes back to you being Trilby and continues on after the events of 5 days a Stranger. Something about one of the surviving characters from #1 being mysteriously killed. I have to get around to playing this one (It was nominated for 9 AGS awards and won 4)

#4 - 6 Days a Sacrifice. Definantly haven't played this one, but from reading it - its based around 100 years in the future and is focused around the Cult 'Optimology' (A dig on Scientology)

So if your into Murder-Mysteries, give it a shot! Oh there seems to be super natural themes here and there I forgot about that one.

(Also has anyone played those Seirra games? Like "So you want to be a Hero" ?)
Techmology and Scientism / The Girl who never Grew
February 09, 2010, 08:12:42 AM
Hey, well I guess this was to be expected :)

QuoteTurns out, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" might not have had the most ridiculous plot ever. One 16-year-old girl, who will be the focus of a TLC documentary airing in August, hasn't aged since toddlerhood. She has three sisters ages 22, 19 and 13 who all grew up perfectly normal. But Brooke Greenberg is literally a fountain of youth—she's 16, but still a baby. She's survived numerous medical mishaps including stomach ulcers, a brain seizure, a stroke, and a brain tumor that caused her to sleep for 14 days before waking up, just fine. When she was younger, her parents gave her growth hormone therapy for six months, to no avail––Brooke didn't gain a ounce or grow an inch. She can't talk and still has her baby teeth. Doctor's aren't at all sure why Brooke hasn't aged. While this kind of freaks me out, medical experts believe that her DNA could unlock the key to aging. I just can't believe it took 16 years before the entire world heard about her story.

I missed the news report of it came home too late :( But has anyone seen anything about this?
Or Kill Me / The Dreaming Sheep
February 01, 2010, 09:55:23 PM
The screaming, it just doesn't stop ... It's the same everywhere. Isn't it?

Things are definitely not the same. In the past, the life of a sheep was determined almost immediately based on what flock they were born in - if they were to live a life of growing wool, being meat, shoe shining or living it up in with the Rams. And occasional you'd have the sheep who had a dream, sometimes they chose to struggle and fight for it - rarely exceeding, but leaving a mark all the same.

But now ... in the age of the Dreaming Sheep, where anything is possible with an education, and the will to-do. Is there some inherit memory from our ancestry? What if the sheep doesn't know how to dream and needs their life to be dictated to them by a Shephard? I'm starting to believe some sheep's just weren't made to think for themselves. When given the choice, the Dreamer will shine, but not everyone is a dreamer! It just seems like the sheep doesn't know what was fought for anymore.

The ones who don't know how to dream, they just want to be told what to do ... Sometimes it gets too much, they'll freeze. They will just keep bawing and bawing, hoping that the others in the flock will swarm and direct them over to the other paddock, or that the Shephard will then push them in the path the Shepard wants - but life isn't dictated anymore!

Some sheep that are meant to be apart of a flock - just don't have a Shephard. Without a Shephard, they feel lost in life ... resorting to self-harm or things alike - just its easy. And with that, they will close themselves from the reality of the world, waiting for someone else to come along and make it better... "Why didn't you stop me?", "Where is everyone?", "Do you care about me?"

But I don't know, maybe the Sheep who doesn't dream is really just lazy, but what is the true nature of it all?
I know in myself .. I do not take well when someone else tries to direct me.

It's like the Queen Ant gives birth to warriors or workers, a worker just can't be a warrior and vice versa.

It's the same everywhere. Isn't it?
Well, I am in the process of writing up a plan for what I will call the "Dicsordinary" for now. I was going to make it two weeks ago, but life is full of nasty little suprises which leave you little time to scratch your own ass :(

Essentially, I am going to imitate urbandictionary and, and well ... considering people disagree with each other over the terms of words all the time, why not add another reason to disagree with the same word?

The way it goes
 - Users can create Word entries
 - For each entry any user is allowed to add their own definition based on verb, noun, (Or any of those other ones I forget ha) and people can vote for the word whether for it to go 'higher' or 'lower' which will denote its position in the 1. 2.

Since I am sucky at explanations I will try an example

So for example

User A makes the word Spotnick

User B writes a noun definition for Spotnick being "A waste of time"
and user C will write another noun definition for Spotnick being "My mum thinks I'm cool"

So it will display like this

    1. A waste of time
    2. My mum thinks I'm cool

And you will be able to submit a vote on the order of the words, so it can raise or lower.

ANYHOW is this a Yay or Nay idea?
Or Kill Me / Validation as a means of existance
January 27, 2010, 01:23:39 AM
I've been meaning to write this topic up for awhile now, but I keep getting side tracked.

The reasoning behind this rant is loosely based on people I know - cause everytime I log into facebook, I don't care who fucking ate what.

But it got me thinking ... I find that it is expanding, the need to be validated based on general everyday actions. I mean, I find myself falling into the trap from time-to-time - saying things I hope people will notice, then I realise that it's not me and then I feel like a douche for even saying something ... then I take it out by mocking others.

But that's beside the point, I want to understand the reasoning behind it.

My take on it is -

Is it because as children, most are praised when you do something right, but as an adult - even if you feel you've earned the praise; someone along the lines just doesn't want to feed it to you. So like the caged monkey you are, you start to throw yourself at the bars - and still they don't look. Is this just a learned habbit?

That got me thinking further.

Once you give someone the praise they desire soo bad. It is like the key to their heart, because at an extreme level if a person is unsure about themselves and are cut off from other sources of praise - except your own, it just makes them feel soo good about themselves. They'll continue on keeping you happy (up to the point when they wake up and snap out of it) for the sake of being praised. Cause your giving them a validation to their existance. By knowing what makes a person tick, they can serve you up to a point. It is almost like the relationship between the Employer and the Employee, however instead of being paid in money your paid with sweet praises. (An Employer who gives sweet praises is almost a bonus!)

I think I'm side tracking myself here with my own mental masturbation. I am more than likely looking through biased eyes of a Generation X child

Why do most people do anything? Are they doing it so they can get praised for it? Or do they truly know what they are doing and they aren't doing it for the cookies?

I try look at the relationship I had with my parents, more than often I found myself doing things just so it'll please them - it took me awhile to break out of that loop to form my own independance. I guess I am looking at it all from a childs view.

But fuck, I look at the people I know in my life - and I just can't help but think they are doing stupid stuff just to be noticed (for the lulz) cause they feel like they aren't intelligent.

What is all this shit ???

eta : Now I remembered why I quit thinking.
Crap ... Well its one of those things.

I have known for a bit of time that I don't want to remain in programming, the money is great but it is probably the last thing I want to do for my life. Considering I just don't like it (or am I just burnt out? I don't know the difference)

I guess if someone does something for a prolonged amount of time, your bound to get over it. I was one of those kids who started young, I picked up programming around 10-11 years old.

How did you guys find out what you wanted to do? Did you somehow instinctively know? Or did you pick something and just stuck with it? Or in some cases, end up doing what you didn't want to do?

Does anyone know of ANY resources that I can consult? Quizs, articles etc? Or does anyone have any life-experience they'd like to share? :)

My ultimate plan is to get a careers advisor, so I am searching around for one - I think there are some services provided for free by the Government, so that'll be my first stop.

Anyhow, thank you very much.
Bring and Brag / Sessions on the train
January 15, 2010, 09:05:17 AM
Ok so I get bored on train rides righttt ....

Heres what I call - "People are strange"

I can never underestand,
Half the things we do.
Or.. even why,
The way we are.

They come in
All shapes & sizes.
Fat ones. Skinny ones.
They're all the same.

Not to mention.
Feet are strange.
Something I never understood.
Or wish were there.

If only they were
Like Stumps or...
The erasors at the end of pens.
Maybe then... Maybe then people will be less strange.
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Discordia Cards
January 12, 2010, 07:40:30 AM
I didn't know where to post this,

Anyhow I spent 30 minutes writting up a PHP application (heres the source)
It obviously needs some refinement with things like image resizing and other stuff.

Here you can make them to - - Card generator in website style - card generator - without website

IF anyone wants to offer up hosting I will gladly take that up, otherwise I'll keep it here.
If anyone wants to add their own things to it (Or even take over the programming side) feel free - otherwise if there are any suggestions to add to it; feel free to post and I'll get around to it.

So here is an example I made using it -

... Wasn't in a creative mood unfortunantely :P I'm sure someone can come up with something

Latest source version : 20100113

Older -
- 20100112

Future plans :

- [done] Store created images and provide link to use
- [wip] Provide alternate card layouts
- [done] Fix up resize formula for the 2nd image
- [done] Added TrueType fonts to description .. no longer blocky yay
- Able to add quotes
- Choose your background colour
- Choose your font-colour

Any ideas, suggest away!
Or Kill Me / We're all just fucking philosophers
January 10, 2010, 04:42:42 AM
We're all just fucking philosophers.

Me being Greek, and living with a very traditional step-father, I have to endure the "The Greeks made x thing before y did" ... and one day, I was involved in a discussion about time-travel...

I never cringed soo hard before, not because I don't think its possible but because I don't particularly care. But his arguement wasn't about time-travel itself but rather who made the concept itself first ..

So it led me to wonder - what the hell is this business about who claimed what first? Does it really matter? If you could go back in time and find out that it wasn't the Greeks who invented knowledge but the Chinese would this cause an uproar and the modern world as we know it will be obliterated?

Are people that self-concieted that it matters baddly who did what in the past? He was also discussing that they claimed to use a Big Computer and they discovered that Greeks were the first to make Pyramids .. oh right while I'm at it, Greeks were the first to make a computer. At that point I switched off and starting humming Lady Gaga. Oh it may and very well be true - and I could be in the wrong here, but this is just something I do not really want to know or dare I say - care about

But I'm leading off the point here - what is all this confuffle and pride of the heritage, everyones trying soo hard to squeeze some sort of ownership out of it. Is it just to make themselves feel pride? I mean Eris bless them ... but does it matter soo baddly who made a concept about 1000 years ago and its in effect now? Of course for the sake of history, that would be part of it - but whats with the pride thing? Is it dangerous?

But yes, I suppose this can't be said for all things in life.. I hope I did have a point in here somewhere, and it wasn't just a totally random ramble .... Aww its like a personal diary here
Bring and Brag / Does this count? (Mendelssohn Intro)
January 07, 2010, 05:30:18 AM
I don't know if this counts but yeah here it is :P

I've been playing the violin for close to 2 years now, my inspiration to practice has been wavering up and down. So I threw it down for 3 weeks and decided to see how it goes, well I know I want to continue on practicing/playing .

Though, the past 3 weeks I told everything work/life related to fuck off and I have just been having fun for a bit.

I want to learn the full thing, but I don't know if I am skilled enough to do so yet, if anyone here is ear-trained DONT POINT OUT THE MISTAKES  :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:
Bring and Brag / Playing
January 05, 2010, 02:49:15 AM
I move about,
My chin clasped on theirs,
Resting myself -
We're in perfect harmony

We move,
We sway,
We caress.
My very soul is filled with joy.

I stroke her repeatedly,
Softly - Like a little song bird
I restrain my very nature
She sings back in kind. As is her simple request

It takes hours of practice,
I beat many habits
I go back in again -
And play my violin.
Bring and Brag / Sweet Nothings
December 30, 2009, 01:14:34 AM
Fuck that shit.
It was an experience atleast,
The tempting eyes,
The handsome face, strong arms ..
But what does it all mean?

I was there,
Watching the rhythm of an orgy,
Skin on Skin
Chest on chest
Lips on lips.

I was tempted,
Invited many times,
I even thought of joining
Was I jealous? Was I missing out?
But I'm not a born hunter

Never before did I feel concerned,
But I realise - its the nature of Man.
But why, isn't it mine?
The idea of feeling special - lost
Amongst the bare chested Men

But thankfully, I realise
Its not what it all seems
I know me for me
What was I to expect
It was a Gay Club
Bring and Brag / Ant, the
December 29, 2009, 10:30:28 AM
Ok, I wrote this with the intention of annoying a friend .. I'll see what happens :)
The Queen ant was in constant agony, she gave birth at a constant rate every 0.05 seconds.
Here lays the story of Morris The many

Morris lived a Morris life, as did all the other Morris.

Morris would sleep in his Morris bed, Morris would begin Morris day with a Morris Meal, and Morris would take the Morris transport to his usual Morris cave to Morris further into Morris.

Though, one day poor Morris was traveling the Morris called Morris and he lost his Moriss scent, dazed Moriss used his own Morris eyes and saw for the first time. Morris stared and stared as far as Morris could. Morris felt Morris as there was all these other Morris - all in strange Morris and Morris. Morris felt strange Morris feelings.

"Praise Morris" thought Morris, and he suddenly heard the words of Morris.

"Morris time for lunch!"
"Coming Mum" - shouted a nasaly Morris Morris

Morris thought he found Morris, but suddenly - Morris shook and Morris saw the biggest Morris of all, as a giant Morris covered Morris and came crashing onto Morris, then Morris ate lunch.

Morris was crushed and Morris was quickly dieing - Morris saw Morris but it was too late and of no use, because Morris was Morris.

Morris moved on, but there was another Morris to replace Morris.

... I think its safe to unread this one.

(eta: I could add some more Morris in there .. hmm, I'll leave it like this for now though :p)
(eta2: added more Morris)
Bring and Brag / Parable : the Shoeless Girl
December 27, 2009, 01:00:11 AM
The Almighty Shoe, she is the Goddess who smiled at you on your first steps, the Goddess who will plunge deep into the shit when you don't want to, she will take your abuse and will keep you solid. She will do it all for your sins because she loves you.

But some shirk her needlessly.

She was wild, she was crazy, but ultimately she was free. She ran around on her bare feet, renouncing her old ways "I AM NO LONGER A SLAVE TO SHOES", as she giggled and farted her way around town.

Everyone looked at her in disgust, eyeing from ankle to toe "Where are your shoes young Lady?", "Your feet are as black as my cat" .. Everyone was just plain insulting! This was the price of freedom.

Her, with her wild eyes, her bubonic feet stared and shouted at the top of her lungs "FNORD!", she filled up her backpack with water - as everyone stared at her in deep seeded disgust, no one understood what she was trying to do. The water was gushing out of her bag as soon as she put it in.

She noticed a young couple who were smiling at her, as they carefully strolled up to her "Are you ok?"

She snapped. "Take the water!" and she threw her backpack filled with water at them and ran off in lunacy.

She ran and ran and ran, oblivious to her chaffing thighs.

She paraded the streets for countless days and nights, her bare feet blistering on the harsh mother nature.

Eventually she gave in, she missed the Goddess. She missed the whole scene. Slowly she went to reach for her old Prada's but ARGH - she threw them at that couple!

So, she decided to go home and take out a new pair. She prayed to the mother goddess and reached deep beneath her bed. She missed them so badly, but didn't wear them cause she didn't understand the style at the time.

She wore her chucks.

She went back into town, and everybody cheered her on. Oblivious to her being the wild eyed freak. But she knew deep inside, she found a new Goddess. "Praise the Almighty Shoe in all of its forms and unforms"
Or Kill Me / A rant : Magic (possibly Spirituality to)
December 24, 2009, 01:29:01 AM
Well on the train to work today, ideas just started splurging forth.

My reasoning behind this rant : People are turning to magic to achieve their goals. This is just going to breed stupidity and leave people ultimately powerless over their own actions - assuming they are relying on 'non-mundane' forces.

I tried to break it down as much as possible;

Analysis : Magic is the manipulation of energy to manifest a result

Of course, the act of manipulation as I see it, is refering to things such as

  • walking to the fridge
  • turning on a light switch
  • waving hello

These all involve an intent, a process and a result.

However, it is wrong to assume that if your intent is to have food and that by forces of Magic (letting go of all Logic) and that just by thinking about food, it will end up in your hands - when the fridge is easily accessable. That is stupidty. Illogical if you will.

Magic is the one and same as science, it begins with a hypothesis (intent, reasons, aim), it has apparatus (tools), the method and of course the results; (Also if you want a quick reflection, aconclusion) - perhaps Magic is a terrible word to use, it has connotations attached to it which make me cringe. Anyhow, everything has a reason for being done.

It is easy to argue that symbolicly Magic helps to by pass certain self-imposed barriers. Similar to hypnosis.

Though, once the belief sets in that it's possibly to modify external events by a mere utterance of words, waving arcane tools around or by thinking about it - this is very faulty and dangerous. It shows that a person is helpless, out of resouces and has done the worst sin - They have accepted that they can do nothing about it. Oh, they might argue that they were thinking about it, but its just a cop-out way of taking a share of the reward that they did nothing to achieve but think about it. Perhaps it is a boost of their Ego. Maybe by that boost of their ego, they are able to do something else.

Of course, there are always going to be shit situations, and maybe by turning to faith - it will get them through, some people are just not ready to shatter the illusions of a soul.

As I said earlier, perhaps the word Magic is awful to use as it has too much history attached to it. Though, it provides an important lesson to those who step into the depth of madness itself, a new view on life. I know when I speak of Magic - I am talkign about life, when I say I am talking to another spirit. I am really talking to another person.

The lure of having a belief that one is practicing Magic - is that it has its own illusions making a person feel alive and in control of all things around them. But the danger here is that it is just a self-delusion, that by turning to belief it makes things ok in life. Its ok to suffer and put up with crap, because you believe your in control over it.

When is it safe, to assume that by chanting a series of invocations will make it rain to save your harvest? Would you be better off to get out of there, unfortunantely abandoning all you've worked for - but live to fight for another day. What does repeating a series of words ever do for anyone? Waste time?

I have taken on the stance that I hold no beliefs. I see that belief is just a tool, to get something else done. I have no reason to hold onto it. To insinuate a belief, is something that isn't certain. I would rather just stick with 'if it works, it works.' .. Much more convenient, no hassle of dogma. And it works!

In short : No point being difficult, magic is as simple as living life.

Hum, I think this is one of my most coherent rants I've made.

(I am beggining to understand that all 'masters of magic' have come to a similar conclusion - its just bullshit and mostly done for theatrics :lulz:)

eta : Hmmm .. I'm starting to think that this can be applied to most 'Spirituality' to, I think the best Spiritual Life is just living life itself.
Bring and Brag / I wonder why
December 23, 2009, 04:36:42 AM
Welcome to my established gallery.

From a distant past of mine; in one of those periodic moods where I end up doing a bunch of things that have no relevance at all.

(This one was actually for an art project ... I never recieved such a concerned look as that before... my teacher did say to appropriate after all)

(It was just one of those perfect pictures that you have to photoshop)

Off to whatever it is I do :D

GASM Command / GagaGASM
December 21, 2009, 09:27:45 PM
Just a thought I was toying with ...

Circulate a rumour about Lady Gaga being a Discordian.

I suppose the best way is to target things like Youtube, fansites, even the press to view these claims. Build up slowly like that.
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / ME (HI)
December 21, 2009, 09:26:06 AM

I have decided to share my world with you all, as my views will never get published. Only because I don't acknowledge their existance. Maybe you will love me for who I am. I am about to speak the unpublished words of Eric the Transexual.

Firstly, there is no such thing as a non-Penis bearing human. Eris as you know her is really Eric the Transexual.

My first encounter was in the shower, I was washing my sexy calf, but I accidently dropped the soap - and Eric promptly came up from behind.
After my enlightening experience, he imparted on wisdoms from ancients past; I saw that all there is, is Eric and everything else is and/or isn't Eric. People keep mistaking Eric as a female, he was quite upset about that :( But he has grown to love it. Even embrace it, sometimes s/he resents it. I can't tell anymore. It does not matter!

Anyhow, Eric told me "They will show their acceptance by outrightedly refusing what you say. Or maybe they won't, no one cares at this stage"
Shocked I continued on, "What do you want with me?"
Eric said "Everyones a Discordian. Just like everyone is gay, they may not know it. May not acknowledge it, they may refuse it but they still are Gay"
I asked "What if I refuse it?"
"It does not matter, you are my bitch!"

A few thousand ticks later, I was drying myself - and the prophetic words came to me on a google search.
After plagerising and fixing up Nostradamus's words - it read
"The young poop will overcome the greater one,
On the field in Japan during the fifth day;
Golden Apples run rampant there, but no one is gay
He lives a cruel life.

I freaked out, I realised why Eric has chosen me! I must awaken up those who deny themselves.

After wandering around aimlessly, I found my way on the shores here. I aimed for entrance, but I was denied!

Fruitlessly, I started to search for the Principia Discordia book ... but it hasn't been sold for 2 years, so I placed an Order; and it will come around The Aftermath 75.

So until then, I will listen to the whispers of Eric and my words will be the real deal!

Until then ...

I'm damn clueless :(

I forget what my point was, but this is how Eric wanted it. Eris says hi and um ... I love you all?
GASM Command / PopeGASM
December 20, 2009, 11:50:56 PM
Print out and distribute Pope cards

... alternatively, print one side out with Pope card and other side with a religious quote/Business services. Not sure if its illegal, just don't get caught :P

Very simple atleast.