PD may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.  If PD splits open, do not look directly at resulting goo.  PD is still legal in 14 states.

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Why is it purple?
Well, he's fine, a very energetic 3 yr old. We don't know if we have a time bomb or if it's going to go down and up and he's just never going to be in a contact sport.
Fuck, kid's platelet count is lower than last years and it's still at the "we don't fucking know what's wrong" phase.

Quote from: altered on August 02, 2020, 11:33:29 PM
I really overdo it when photo editing but I love the results A FUCKING LOT so I don't care at all

It was hailing!

I like it, makes me think of a book cover for some reason.  Like there should be big ominous words to go with it.
Weird Regis Philbin died I didn't hear anything about iit.  And by hear, I mean none of my fb feed people posted about it.
Quote from: altered on July 21, 2020, 08:03:10 PM
They don't use un-aged cheddar, they use cheese curds. Which you can get by straining cottage cheese if you're desperate enough for the real thing, but if you don't have real brown sauce (AND YOU DO NOT) it isn't worth it.

Fresh mozza is closest to cheese curd. Cheddar has more of the sharpness of it though, so if you aren't using real brown sauce just stop lying to yourself and use some bagged shredded cheddar.

I can get cheese curds at gas stations here.  It's good when it's still squeaks when you eat it.

"Source-based debunking attempts to reduce the
credibility of conspiracy theorists whereas empathy
based debunkings compassionately call attention to
the targets of conspiracy theories. A source-based
debunking that ridiculed believers of lizard men was
found to be as effective as a fact-based debunking.
In contrast, an empathy-based debunking of
antiSemitic conspiracy theories that argued that Jews
today face similar persecution as early Christians was

Mock conspiracy theorists for the common good.  :lulz:
I'm not sure if Saint Olga is a saint despite burning a town down using birds or because of it.
My dad's path to Idiotsville goes Sera was Sainted by The Best Pope Ever so Sera is GOOD.  Therefore people tearing down statues hate Saints and therefore also God and he's being oppressed for being Christian!

At the very least he hasn't gone the full way there and still tells the anti mask people on his facebook that they are stupid and should feel stupid.