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Today, as I was reading an anthology of short stories by other transgender folk, I realized that some of the basic principles of Discordianism applied as the essential positives of transsexuality. Discordianism states that, rather than scorning strife and discord, we should embrace it as a driving force for enacting positive change. It's also about deconstructing basic issues and assumptions of systems in order to use them for your benefit. In this, Discordianism and transsexuality come together.

All transsexuals are astoundingly tough individuals and not necessarily through inherent personality, but through basic necessity of our transsexuality. We are tough because our environment demands that we be tough. Another benefit of transsexuality is our ability to gain insight towards how gender works. While others see gender as simply something that is, we get to see the inner workings. Our transsexuality has given us a backstage pass to gender. Which is not to say that gender is nothing but performance. No, gender is a very complicated beast, but only we see that. And some of us see this machine and start pulling levers and throwing switches in ways that others can't. They just see the shiny smooth business end of it.

CT Whitley, a trans man in a corporate office, did just that. He manipulated gendered behaviors to advance up the corporate ladder by understanding the crucial social interactions and speech patterns of both men and women and was able to switch between them depending on who he was talking to. As a result, we was known as the best communicator in the office, and served as a crucial bridge between the women and men in the office, especially in times of stress. The best part is no one even knew that he was doing that. All they saw were the results.

People often assume that transsexuals are timid, shy creatures, terrified of being found out and poked and prodded. I've found that the opposite is true. When I was a boy, my self-confidence was nil. I never got a real date, and it was during that period that I was worried about being found out. When I came out, that was the very peak of self-confidence. In fact, I found my first girlfriend just a month after coming out.

Us trans folk have a special confidence in our gender because, rather than being handed it at birth, like someone handing you a cup of pre-made soup at the store, we have hand crafted ours. For us, gender isn't some lukewarm thing that just happened, it is a fiery passion piece that we have made our own. We aren't confident in spite of the strife of others, we are confident because of it. Transsexuality isn't a curse, birth defect, or mental disorder. It's a goddamn blessing.
Long version: So, today I've been wearing goggles that have glass camera lens filters that change color contrast. I've got a blue one (lower contrast) on my left eye and an orange one (higher contrast) on my right eye. I was wearing them for awhile and on the bus, I looked through the left lens with my right eye and noticed that there was a LOT more contrast than there should be. I took off my goggles and started winking both eyes (so I looked through one eye at a time) and found that the different color contrasts were still happening without the lenses to support it, but reciprocated so that the low contrast was with my right eye and the high contrast was with my left eye.

Medium version: I know that eyes can adjust to light and dark changes, but I had no idea that they could adjust to contrasts individually, to such a degree that the contrasts were the same as the lenses, just on opposite eyes.

Short version: OMG, my right eye is seeing blue and everything's sorta the same and my left eye is seeing orange and everything's totally different.

Or Kill Me / How to save the manatees
May 14, 2009, 04:26:26 AM
Market the hell out of them!

Seriously, they are begging to have an entire line of food products made from them. Imagine the market for such paltry dishes like Mana-meat, Mana-milk, and my personal favorite, Mana-cheese.

It all worked out for the cows, and hell, these are sea-cows! It can't fail. And besides, let's all face it, if it weren't for cows being so damn tasty, they'd probably be on an even worse footing than bison due to their having not anywhere near the girth or smarts of their gigantic cousins.

On a side note, the main point of this whole thing is to get Novatore's hackles up, but hopefully it brought some lails along with it,

Bring and Brag / Some photographs
February 10, 2009, 06:47:52 PM
I took a couple of film photography classes in high school and have since gone on occasional bouts of picture taking via my digital.

Or Kill Me / America knows no sanitation
February 02, 2009, 05:40:28 PM
Saturday sucked balls. Because no one else was going to do it, I got to clean up not 1, nor 2, but 3 seperate pools of vomit. So I put on some gloves, a dustmask, and got a mop and paper towels and went to clean up the mess, but that wasn't the clincher.

When I got to the cosmetics section (first pool), there was some woman standing in the vomit, doing her shopping. It took me three times telling her that she was standing in a healthy amount of after-digestion before she finally realized, made a face, and got out. Then I made my way to the toy aisle where the last two pools were. There were 5 kids playing with trains, and blocks, and puzzles in the vomit with their parents standing by the side, smiling at them. It only took one saying to get these parents to move their kids out of the way, but all I got were looks as if I were the one who vomited on the floor and then mopped it with their children. I seriously hope I get some sort of reward or break for doing this.  :argh!:
Principia Discussion / Wikipedia had it coming...
December 10, 2008, 11:56:37 PM
Wikipedia Discordianism's discussion page: A great read or the greatest read?
Or Kill Me / Fucked
November 25, 2008, 10:26:13 PM
This'd be my first rant and indeed my first "inspiration" or whatever the hell you guys call it.

So I was walking down the street, looking for a job, and was about to cross the road when I looked up at the little crosswalk lights (hand and the walking guy) when I saw the hand sign, but the lights had fuckered up or something because it was done in white lights. I'm not sure what the hell happened but I saw the white light and nearly walked out into open traffic. The fact that it was the color of the light and not my own damned observation that controlled my movements infuriated me, but it also got me thinking. So the "system" (argh, I hate that terminology) set up the lights and the automatic responses. If I actually had walked out into traffic and gotten terribly hurt, the system has its own way of punishing itself (me suing the city or some shit like that) by taking money out of its gigantic pile and giving it to me. I'll then use this money to filter it back into the system which will eventually trickle back into the city's fund to pay for the next bloke who walks into traffic. Basically, I get fucked up, the system gives me money and then I give it right back.

There have been people trying to stop this, but as far as I've seen, the majority do it the wrong way. The hippies who drop away completely aren't really doing anything to help because they've lost contact entirely. It's like if someone was punching the hell out of you and your revenge is running away and writing them an angry letter you've written on tree bark. It just doesn't do anything. On the other hand, if you try to get inside the system, you just get ground up in its massive gears. You're so close you can't throw any damn punches. The best thing I've seen so far is the OM stuff that you guys have been doing, but it feels like more people are needed for this thing to really work. Hundreds of millions of people is a lot to convince to buck this thing