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Literate Chaotic / Which Sci-Fi Writer Are You?
« on: August 31, 2004, 07:31:20 am »

I'm Ursula LeGuin:

Or Kill Me / Hacky-Sack as a Metaphor for Life
« on: May 26, 2004, 11:05:00 pm »
I think the fine game of Hacky-Sack is a guideline for living a rewarding life. The players of the game may join or leave at any time, and there are no set rules for how many people can play- although when the circle becomes too large or too small, the game becomes difficult.

It's a game where there are no true winners and no losers, even though it's clear that some people are a lot better at the game than others. There are no inherent ranks- everyone gets a fairly equal position in the circle (as they ought to, but unfortunately do not always, in real life), and if the circle is broken there's a greater chance that the hack (representing the challenges of life) will fly out of control and end the game.

Every time one challenge is completed (someone hacks the sack) it gives birth to another challenge which will be given to another, seemingly at random- therefore there is no cure-all in life, just as there is no way to keep the hack in the air without effort (what goes up must come down). There will always be new challenges, and without them life would be quite boring- like a hacky-sack lying on the ground not being kicked. And so we humans must unite equally or die- form a circle without needless bureaucracy or rigid laws, so that we can [flame-retardant]keep our hacky-sack in the air.[/flame-retardant]

And, of course, there's the "just keep swimming" analogy which comes from the fact that if the hacky-sack is dropped, for whatever reason, true players of the game do not waste time arguing over whose fault it was, or make up stupid rules to prevent it from happening again- they just pick the damn thing up, re-serve it, and keep the game going. No harm, no foul, and that way everyone has more fun.

There's probably more to this, and I'm sure there's some holes in my theory, but hey- I felt really proud of myself when I came up with it while hacking with my droogs earlier today, and I haven't written up a good rant in a long time, so... there's my two cents for the day.

Literate Chaotic / The Giver
« on: May 12, 2004, 09:13:06 pm »
This has been one of my favorite books ever since I first read it in 8th grade, and since the movie adaptation is coming out sometime next year, I thought I would mention it...

I think it counts as Discordian fiction in a way because it deals with the importance of disorder and creative chaos in a world of almost absolute order, but also emphasizes the advantages of order and therefore promotes the Discordian idea that true happiness grows from the cultivation of both. What do you think?

Principia Discussion / Keep your stupid questions to your stupid self.
« on: August 07, 2003, 12:41:31 am »
The object of this game is to create a dialogue using only questions. So, if the previous post was "What happened to your car?", don't say "It crashed", but instead use something like "Didn't you see the crash?". I'll start:

What's that on the roof?

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