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What about you Lmn0?
whats your secret to get women to fall at your feet?
you are enGAGed are you not?
I think hes busy
I callled his cell
someone picked up and all I could hear was a rythmic thumping sound and some sorta vocalization

Maybe we can ask him later
WE should ask ECH about his seduction skills
He did just bag a chyck in from of customers just the other day.
Maybe we can figure out what his secret is...
::innocent smile::

SO gentleman, what were we talking about?
::raises her both her hands::

Nope, not my hands but you didnt ask about the tail
boys boys boys!!
You cant give in that easy!!
you at least have to make it look like you arent desperate!
what happened to playing hard to get?
shall I turn the lights down?  
Quote from: Enrico SalazarMalaul, you must realize you being newly married will not stop Shecky from hitting on you.

Or Enrico.  Me-ow.
or me from hitting on EVERYONE
Quote from: Shecky D. Albino
Quote from: Malaul
Quote from: Shecky D. AlbinoOh, I dunno.  I like hot women over 40.
too bad Im not older eh?  ::wink::

That is a sexy one-eyed pussy you have there...
I put the OW in meow baby
Quote from: Enrico SalazarMona was very sexy.  

Tight.  Sweaters.
Quote from: Shecky D. AlbinoOh, I dunno.  I like hot women over 40.
too bad Im not older eh?  ::wink::
so who is the boss? when it comes to your fetishes then?
I ended up adding buttons to the ends when I got older this way I could secure my car keys when I wasnt wearing the scarfand didnt happen to have pockets
I had the coolest scarf once
My mom knitted it
it was long enough to go around the neck once then hang down.
the ends of the scarf had been folded up and sewn to make lil pockets/gloves at the end

I loved that thing till it was in pieces