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Apple Talk / It's me! Ask Me Anything!
« on: December 17, 2017, 03:21:41 pm »

Because this is actually Rev. What's-His-Name?  Yes, I just can't stay away.  But really, how could I?  I joined the board back in 2005, during some chaotic years in my life.  Stuck in a going-nowhere retail job while finishing a Master's degree at a snail's pace, plus all kind of personal-life shenanigans that we just WON'T go into.  So it was really great to discover the PD, Discordianism and all that jazz, but also this place with a lot of cool cats who GET IT.  Plus the BIP, the Reality Safari's, and all kind of other projects.  So it was a big deal for me.  So yeah, it's kind of hard to totally leave behind something like this which proved to be pretty damned formative. 

And then the drug threads happened.

Now, I'm not coming here to tell you "I've changed man!".  My philosophy around drugs is pretty much the same.  BUT, the thing I've come to realize is that you don't have to go to the hilt every single time the topic comes up.  You can believe what you can believe, but there are times and places to go at it like you are ready to die on the hill.  (Plus it's all downhill from there anyway).  In other words, I was a party to escalating things far beyond where they needed to be escalated in those conversations.  I regret that.  I also realize I needlessly got hung up about people using my real name here, as I've come to find out when you get involved in the politics of marijuana, your name is going to get out no matter what, and the people on the other side are going to hate you no matter what.  So I don't know why I made such an issue out of that.  Well, you live and you learn right? 

So anyhoo, I started up this account awhile back, mostly just to be able to read what you guys were coming up with.  In these days of the Trump Administration Extravaganza, any little bit of Slack or Nonsense helps.  It really sucks out there. 

And to just cut to the Elephant, you guys do what you must with me.  I would ask for your consideration to let me remain and rejoin the fold.  I could give a fuck talking about drugs (I mean I do it all day for work anyway), and I don't feel as Punny these days, but obviously you guys do you as far as what you want to do with me.  But I'd like to continue to hang as the real me if you'd be so bold. 

So, hola, and uh, ask me anything! 

Or Kill Me / Ten Songs and They are All Lies
« on: May 03, 2017, 02:36:37 am »
You had the was right there in your greasy fucking palms. 


That's right...Opportunity.

We all have a chance to hold it, and then to run with it. We don't all get to run in the same direction though, some paths are different.  Yes, some will be shinier, with better pavers...some may be cobblestone...some may be dirt and rubble. But we all have pathways to take us to a better pla...

Oh, that's not true.  Yes, I was going to suggest everyone gets a chance to get to a better place in life.  That happy, Hollywood, tearjerker, Good News(tm) happy ending.  But the truth is there are some men who make it their goal in life to crush and destroy these pathways.  To utterly destroy any opportunities for betterment and joy...and also the opportunities to take in oxygen...

But, there is a special place in Hell for yet other "men".  You know who they are...maybe you are one of them...

..."Not My Problem"...

"I've got bills."
"I've got a bad back"
"I've got to watch Orange is the New...'

Shut the fuck up you and your fat mug full of Grade A, Natural, Organic Trigger Warnings.

Wash and scrub your hands of it all you will, they will still be dripping with sarin-steeped blood.

Apple Talk / Greetings, nice to meet your quaintenance!
« on: March 08, 2017, 03:40:58 am »
There was then a terrible crash that came from stage right.  That scaffolding that you thought had been strong and secure, it turns out was made of a type of cheese that resembled something other than swiss cheese.  I mean of course, because who would build with holy materials.  The kind that you can just see through.  This has always been mans folly, fully trusting in the eyes without the knowledge of the lurking deceit. 

How far shall we sink below until we know too late that we've been drowning since long before anyone can remember they forgot?

Wait, what was the question?

Five Tons Of Flucks!

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