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Title: Deliver Me From Cool
Post by: Cramulus on September 05, 2017, 04:26:00 pm

Deliver me from Cool, from Cred, from Consensus

Deliver me from Slang, from Trends, from Hipness

Deliver me from the app everybody is using

Deliver me from the transcendental festival experience

Deliver me from New York--that shining city on the hill where dreams come true in movies

Deliver me from that thing on netflix thatís SO GOOD, you HAVE to watch it, itís AMAZING

Deliver me from Brooklyn, the beating heart of young and hot

Delver me from whatís going on this weekend, the primal chase of fox and hound

Deliver me from the dash, the feed, the stream

Deliver me from The Scene, from speaking in tongues, from stigmata

Deliver me from alchemical youth

Deliver me from the eroding fertile mud of the ravenous riverbank, that Jordan where we dredge up and baptize

Deliver me from grave robbing sepia-junkies and the Frankenstein monsters they build from childhood like block busting golems

From the magnetic congregation and the holy grail which connects cool and earth, please liberate me

From the tyrants and priests of power, please liberate me

For my profane alien heart, please liberate me
Title: Re: Deliver Me From Cool
Post by: P3nT4gR4m on September 05, 2017, 07:44:45 pm
:mittens: of course you do realise that now her ladyship is most probably going to double down on all of that shit  :evil:
Title: Re: Deliver Me From Cool
Post by: Cramulus on August 31, 2018, 06:05:16 pm
inspired by the above, someone on tumblr wrote this (

Prayer to Eris
by we-are-nightwalker (

Eris, free me from greatness.

Free me from wholesomeness, honor and duty.

Free me from sacrifice, valor and glory.

Free me from pedestals, from hatred, from worship,

from grace, from elegance, from being good enough,

from justice, from virtue, from measuring up,

from burnings-in-effigy and V for Vendetta,

from starfish, from coins buried in earth,

from todayís new outrage and yesterdayís heroes,

from trumpanzees, trannies, niggers and kikes,

from angels and devils, from saints and sinners.

Free me from serving in Heaven and reigning in Hell,

and let me be as common as rich earth.

Free me from mending-with-gold and the beauty of flaws,

and let me be an ugly rock fallen off some mountain.

Cast down the heroes, the saints, the models,

the lords and the ladies,

the kind, good-hearted, noble and virtuous:

let them all dwell in the mud with me.

Cast down the villains, the tyrants, the killers,

the pedophiles, gangsters, bigots, abusers,

the wretched, the petty, the awful, the cruel:

let them all grow in the mud with me.

Free me from fear, and tell me

that despite it all, the ones I love will be with me.

Free me from fear, and let me become

as weak, selfish, sickly and monstrous as I am.

From my own love of beauty, please liberate me.

For my ugly, disconsolate heart, please liberate me.

Title: Re: Deliver Me From Cool
Post by: Capeditiea on September 02, 2018, 05:56:23 pm
Can i be selective?