There are no innocents, only the squeamish and the aroused.

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Token Pussy Kat. Doktor of Fetishes, Polymath and Polyamour, Adder of sex to the violence and violence to the sex. Breather of Flammable Fluids For the Amusement of others and the Adrenaline of herself. Purveyor of Pineapple.
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I am a bitch. How do you want me? Seriously.
In the land of WTF was I thinking
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August 26, 2004, 10:08:33 PM
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Mary: Let me ask you something.
[Grabs his hand]
Mary: Why are you alive?
John Preston: [Breaks free] I'm alive... I live... to safeguard the continuity of this great society. To serve Libria.
Mary: It's circular. You exist to continue your existence. What's the point?
John Preston: What's the point of your existence?
Mary: To feel. 'Cause you've never done it, you can never know it. But it's as vital as breath. And without it, without love, without anger, without sorrow, breath is just a clock... ticking.