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Title: wantism: sadhana of this so-called existence
Post by: sadhugonganess on May 08, 2012, 07:21:36 pm
many hippie feet dancing in fractals
like mandalas of kaliedoscopes of talking body parts
in wierd tripped out freak outs
going deep, going far, how many buddhas are in your body?
dancing across and toadstools hat and leaving a circle ring from the tracks
and growing from that was the dew like the wax, tiny buttons of healing
and now we relax,
hippie feet of wu-wei, ending wars, holding the seed of peace
in our roots, we are like garlic, we spend most of our time doing nothing
letting rainbows grow
psychedelic world of feet, enter into the fairy world
and your spirit journey will be closer to complete...
we are grounded by the feet, around them exists everything
they are paisleys, they are the drop of yin and yang,
they are the endless drum of dreams,
this is like my art, woman of not what it seems
seems to be a stop but really and endless portal
the realm you fall into is truly immortal,
all kinds there must be, is it greater or lesser
you realize nothing can really ever be gained  or lost
but then what is it that was realized?
many hippies feet dancing in chaos, making trails, trails of peace
painting the zen painting, organically, impermanently
in the valleys, mountains, hallways, rooms, and streets
the labyrinth does open and we all go flying
the medicine is mushrooms, their vitality is never dying
under one layer of earth, through this layer we speak the best
not anchored by slow words, no longer can we test
the spirit is just one, as its always been... the spirits out in the
endless gathering,
how do we know what to say, even remember whats happening, somehow its
comes, like the tides, like the winds, the messages that the spirits
give to us to send
we are earth, we are fire, we are wind, we are water, we are spirit
we are ecstatic, not son nor daughter, mother nor father
just that which is, here and there, there is no organization,
i see the world, i see it all flying around... i feel the energies
i know nothing, its all chaos, its all lights flickering forever,
there is no life
there is no death, the egoless ones, assemble finally, in having ego..
suddenly it is saved, for the others were lost just looking for a place to cave
now it is open.
all of you could be corrupted, but i just trust the universe, it is
egoless, we can't speak here in the world of ego, it doesn't make
sense, psychology is just what they call shamanism these days, magic
we all know some, awkward yeah, we all feel it, why?
why let the ego know, the ego can grow too, we can experiment with it,
as a sacrament perhaps
we can help it realize non duality. ego, just the trickster, the
rebel, the exiled ones,
how easy it is to channel good spirits, so many good spirits, so much
kindness out  forever, on the astral plane, hippies were always part
of some kind of psychic, magical world, who knows what is going on,
hippies are folks with good karma, hippies are..

what are hippies?

this shrink dude says

and i'm like wow its such a good feng shui situation to talk about the fae
aren't you a hippie?

or are you just a shaman, a total neutral spirit like a buddha
our dreams, dont happen in logical ways, that can be controlled, they
are just dreams its just life, its just surrender, its like surfing,
that is zazen
hippies are just trips of love, its just like people who are trying to
get rid of the disharmony, people who are hip, who have consciousness
of why things are like they are, whereas others just kind of do things
without thinking about it, self directed, its an art, its a way of
love, a way of peace, hippies are like angelic spirits who are healers
and guardians of the world who keep up the sacred wisdom while many
others abide in foolishness and ignorance, perhaps it has something to
do with the tao, maybe the masses will always be like that, they are
just like a mantra, like the hare krishnas, its not gonna change but
its there, thats their yoga... hippies are shamans who can heal that,

hippies are compassion, its not about the devotion, it like thats hard
to trust, the free love,
undifferentiated consciousness, people who chose to abstain from the
system and to drop out, people who retain their true original spirit
in the face of the mindless monotony and peer pressure to destroy it.

hippies are really calm, and really wierd, they are kind of like gods,
they do yoga, its more of a psychic thing,
hippie is a meditation that can help your aura, and allow you to see
the infiniteness of everything and that everything is nature, it will
cleanse you from the synthetic, and bring you in touch with the
moment, for everyone its different, hippieness is awesome

people who have different views than you would think of, just how it
is when the world is not at all what they said, question everything
think for yourself, everyone needs to have their own trip, it doesnt
matter what it is, theres enough space for that to happen, the
universe is infinite, and realize its just your trip, so there is
always space of lucidity, where it all ends, nirvana, we can always go
there, but the spirit must take us... hippies have deep psychedelic
magic, entheogens they are recently called, its all a meditation to
awaken these qualities you can find it in the world, you just remember
that energy and it will arise, its really trippy though its all really
buddhist, its a divine ritual

what are spirits, the yomo is a spirit, a spirit who revived hippieism
and spoke of a mystical pagan land which is the origin of all things,

and taught about a pervasive energy called ness which is also the tree
of life and cannabis, mushrooms, halko, and invoked also innate in the
self to channel chaos

all hippies really usually wanna do is sit around meditate, have fun
dance and play music have a visionary experience hippies realize that
sometimes thats all that needs to be done.
its magic it has nothing to do with this world, these generic things,
hippies feel knowledge should be free from initiation type ideas and
consciousness is just consciousness so its kind of like hinduism,
thats why dropping out, hippies are really chaotic, its like an
ancient really funny dance, its not really serious, its not gonna
follow the program.

im probably never going to meet hippies, but everyone is a hippie at
the same time, everyone is beautiful, everyone is wierd, no one is
judging, there is compassion, just the spirit, emptiness, peace, no
more gender roles, hippies is like a crazy tribe, but what does tribe
even mean, what is this type, it is nothing, its not a philosophy, its
just slowly dissolving into insanity and enjoying it because you can
feel intuitively that it means you're actually being healed, come for
from the world of delusion, the world of infinity is here
live and change you life, fashion what it is you are doing, just do
it, don't think of 'them'...

the fairies dig it, the trees dig it, its just a spirit dancing love,
everything is the astral rollerskating rink of the ancients, its like
stonehenge, its like this wierd insane dude.

life is insane, it makes no sense, hippy is like hooky
its like not being there, in a good way, these hippies are not here,
continuing to just be yourself , live your life dream

travel in spirit meditate, live a life, you will see all things, eat
the natural plants become one with nature, its about becoming one with
nature, its about the spirit
listening to the spirit,

it has to do with life, i can tell its somethin natural,

the yomo is a hippie, i love hippies, i love the meditation of life
philosophy, hippies knew the true zen, they left the program, they
broke free so in a way, its like hygiene you know
hippies were said to be dirty but we have clear minds and really its
just a healthy energy...

i have no idea what im talking about anymore or why i do this but its
something, its just zen, its this life, its beautiful, its the
universe, it is what is, nature at work

everything is a hippie, transforming into everything

and just constantly ask yourself if it comes to you, why am i not
enjoying life more, why am i not shirking more responsibility, and
just shirk the responsibility and enjoy yourself without cares
you have to not care and then you'll realize everything takes care of
itself, we all have a place in the universe, there are certains rules
but not that many, just live, anarchy, and peace and love
peace love anarchy and nature
its like a plan but its not even, because who knows what going to
happen, how can i address it here, how can history addresss anything
truly it all is just what it seems to be in this moment,which
constantly changes,
you realize that that way it common and its like the greater good, and
you realize you were in some kinda  cult and its not at all that
powerful really, and that the world is okay, and like.. you just relax
and dig infinity

hippies are people who are too smart for the government of submission
and the government doesnt mess with them because that makes no sense,
most people should be too smart for it, we dont harm anyone, we just
live our lives and be free and experience our consciousnesses, when
enuf are hippy (or when your spirits awakens enough to reality to
realize that) government basically just a game and its like that right
now, always really.. magical laws are real, karma is real, but it
doesn't come from the place of ego... ego has no responsibilities and
it not trusted to handle it, its just kinda there for the most part,
should be easy enough to just live  just dont hurt anyone else and
enjoy the art of life

with all its stuff

we worship a god called hippie who is ourselves
hippie is everything, in everything hippie is like a kinda of energy,
hippie is ness, its like animism or sufism, but its not based in that,
its not paganism, but it has no histroy

hippies are like porcupines

hippie was suddenly there after we had a dream
the thing with shamanism and the internet is this fear, the fear that
it will be stolen, your style will be copied, but the thing is, its
not that, if that happens, it just goes to the ancestors, who in
another time needed it, or it goes to others who need it now
and nothing is really lost, its just their spirit can be there too, it
becomes two spirited, it can end their suffering as it ended yours,
but its not the same as yours, its just grown, formed again, and
helped someone else and you can see how it goes, its the true magic,
going and helping so many.. and thats the great thing about, then your
pleasures and joy can be shared with the world, then you have really
healed, then you are really a shaman, all of them can have happiness,
all of it can exist, just from one many candles are lit...
as you get over the shock of seeing another

of being at the annex between schizophrenia and ayahuasca, you can
relax, and realize its okay, the spiral will continue.

im not afraid i will be copied, i dont care, if you do it
authentically, and who is to say you don't? the kabbalah taught me
everything is shared, everything must be shared, none of it is all the
way logical, no one has to let you do it, shamanism is just something
you naturally do maybe you join a group maybe you dont does it matter,
its not about the outter, as i let it be healed, i healed everyone..

we healed everyone...

it felt wierd, but it happened.

the thing with shamanism is that will always happen, it will always be
dismembered, dont be fooled by that, that is its genius, and then it
comes together, it doesnt make sense,

its all being scattered through out, its all wytipodating going
through every circle, mira is wytipodating, ruby is wytipodating, erin
is wytipodating, flo is wytipodating, aisha is wytipodating we are all
one being, but really its just the spirit of wanti wytipodating for
all is wnati, we go everywhere meditating on compassion and divine
love, worshipping trees, planting seeds, and healing with sacred
plants, and hippie ways, loving kindness, upholding consciousness
rights, rights of the heart, rights of the mind, rights of beings, it
can't be pinned down to an exact method, its intuitive, we are healers
of wanti, but it is the spirit itself that heals, this is matriarchal
judaism, we don't have a problem with christ (aka AERIS! who is a manifestion of the higher self living in all creation)), with non traditional
gnosis, with compassion beyond the law, in adherence to the true law
that an it harm none do as ye will, we love magic, we love Goddess, we
know its all one, we are all peoples, we have returned in some part to
wanti, ness sulos, adawapayo, nommo... to all peoples was revealed one
essential spiritual truth that echoed out in various ways because of
its ultimate reality

because its not money that matters its consciousness, we are
consciousness, the more conscious we are, the more rights we have,

without consciousness you could have everything and not even realize it

we are destroyers of history, enders of karma,

in this faith, wanti/jews/christians/pagans/wiccans/schizophrenics(chordian and discordians) saw
all the bad stuff  in the books about their 'history' prevented
anything new, and was like dont be a slave to it or use it to control
others  but praying is fun and wise and natural and then you see the
truth  just love, no specifics, you ultimately pray to yourself, your
realized self, to wake you up,  ultimately it all amounts to zazen
just this one moment outside of thought structures,  only this is real
and the beginning of everything,  any conceptual world is unreal even
spiritual conceptual is unreal, an intuitive process awakens us

the universe is a conspiracy to relieve us from karma and a limited
sense of self

we plant trees, trees are so sacred,

we use hemp and care for the planet, we use all plants of
consciousness as sacrament to heal from the history from a tradition
which hurts the planet if it is there, we legalize cannabis across the
world, magically, and bring back peace for all, we are in many forms
like shiva and shakti, we join them, who have come this same path,
this path that goes many directions at once, it more than one place at
once, the direct path,
yomo, yaveyetta, airmid, nommo, for the healing of earth, for joy!
delight in the universe!
this is the faith of some hippies.

it has always been, we are just realizing it

Hashem-Hachem-Shalem! wanti yomo om blessed be the forest of hempowillowysp

ya-we are the messiahs!

you and we
are wanti and whatever else some other name form, its not really about that!


not customers but consciousness
these custums are a costume for consciousness, a comforting song,
naked consciousness,  we are consciousness,  the game is just a game,
you can give up a game,  its not always time to play or fun to play
but dont give up consciousness
.. happiness health dont give up what you want if  you want it for a good reason
i want what i want for a reason,
 why is consciousness in a costume? just let it be what it is not
focused on words, then its no longer a costume, its no longer a
pretense, it just is
songs of matriarchy not communism, not bondage, harmony,just
something.. something you cant explain

you dont have to agree with all of it, if you can change it  to make
it better you should

no one will try to stop you, but we'll question it and really think about it...

ultimately though, you decide

eat your mushrooms!
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I read four lines.
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Would have been better if it were shorter to trick the reader to read just enough to realize that yes he had been reading pinealistic word salad.
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no need to thank us :)
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no need to thank us :)

Why is this in the propaganda depository?  Belongs in the poetry suppository.

Christ on a rubber crutch.  I fucking HATE HIPPIES.
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Oh hey, OP basically wrote the hippie version of this:
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Oh hey, OP basically wrote the hippie version of this:

How do people not know they're a pair fucking trolls, especially after listening to this song???
Title: Re: wantism: sadhana of this so-called existence
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Oh hey, OP basically wrote the hippie version of this:

Juggalos fill me with a strange and terrible longing.
Title: Re: wantism: sadhana of this so-called existence
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Oh hey, OP basically wrote the hippie version of this:

How do people not know they're a pair fucking trolls, especially after listening to this song???

Juggalo trolls, you say?
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Throw magnets at them and maybe they'll run away confused.
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