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Or Kill Me / Viva los Malditos
September 13, 2010, 09:20:34 PM
[In a mood. Prepare to be ranted.]

             For some, the weight of the notion that we never really cross the abyss is crushing.
The jury is still out on my disposition. Here, we try to bob and weave around the mountainous
ridges and cavernous valleys at the edge of it all, but we find ouselves moving full circle, back
where we started. Welcome to the island of Daath. This place is nailed to the tree of life, just
above Tiphereth. In fact, this place is Life, itself; Life is Daath.

            Quicksand surrounds us. We stand on a plot of firm ground with no safe path which
leads us from where we are, to where we would like to be. The wait is excrutiating, and we
have witnessed the braver of us foolishly attempt to ford the quicks in vain. Scientists have
demonstrated that our cozy patch of calm and safety is also sinking in the sand, at a rate
directly proporational to the crushing of our hopes. So we stand in mourning for our own eulogy,
as panicked egos grasp for "Alternatives" to our "Predicament". This is sweet talk for "how to get
our asses unfucked."

            It seems that the only solutions they can contrive hinge on some sort of salvation by
someone or something from beyond the quicksand. Meanwhile, homemakers sweep their porches
off into the quick and tidy up a bit; no sense in dying with a dirty welcome mat. People continue
to trade each other scraps of paper that used to mean something. A growing number of people
have taken to the notion that ignoring our situation can make it go away, but even the most
oblivious of us knows what's happening. So we shuffle about , waiting for the unforgiving cesspool
of time to wash over us and deliver us to the other side. Not the other side of the sand marsh,
where one can just make out the edge of a serene, lush prairie. No, this other side doesn't offer
hope. It's not even a tangible place. It's just an end- no joy, no pain, no love or fear; just nothing.

            There is another solution. It isn't very popular. We could, if we so chose, dismantle the aging
structures we've built on this island. That might slow the sinking, some. We could also use the scraps
to build a bridge. The work will be tiring and the journey across the marsh will be dangerous, since we
only have ancient materials with which to work. Surely, many of us will choose to wade into the quicks,
or wait patiently to be engulfed on dry land, rather than live free or die scared. For some, too much has
been invested in this island to even contemplate it; for others, the green pasture seems like an illusion.
Somehow, though, I'm sure there will be enough of us to tear it down and leave this place.

Rats are the smartest thing on a sinking ship. Hand me that hammer, would you?

-Iron Sulfide,
Damned if I don't.
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Music Help Needed
February 14, 2010, 01:33:27 AM
i recently suffered a virus that made me reformat my hard drive. now i have the tedious
task of rebuilding my music library.

I want to build it in a new direction from what i had, and i'd like recommendations.

My only criterion is that it be something i haven't heard before.

(my tastes are diverse, but my exposure is fairly limited, so it shouldn't be too hard for some
of you)

Or Kill Me / Footsteps in the Sand
December 29, 2009, 08:39:26 PM
An (obfuscated) Discordian "Footprints in the Sand."

I call it, "Footsteps in the Sand."

Once I dreamed I was walking along the coast with God.
Many images from my life played atop the water.
As each image played, I noticed footsteps in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets,
other times just one.

During the lowest periods of my life,
I could see only one set of footsteps.

So I asked,
"Looking back at
the worst of my life, there
was only one set of footsteps.
Why, when I needed you the most,
you have not been there for me, God?"

God replied,
"The times when you have
seen two sets of footsteps in the sand,
you were drunk with celebration, staggering about,
and merely imagined that I exist."
GASM Command / HoliGASM
April 13, 2009, 08:56:00 PM

This is a simple thing, and i have only the most basic of ideas for it so far.

People still put up decorations for holidays. I know, i've seen them places. I've always thought they were stupid. Now i think i may have a use for them.

Two things sparked this idea mostly: people so lazy that they have Christmas lights up still, and the resulting thought: maybe i could distribute meme bombs year round with easter egg leftovers?

So i thought: wait a tic- why don't we do holiday decorating that's drastically out of season?

Shamrocks on Halloween; Nativity scenes on Veterans Day; Bats for Cinco De Mayo, etc....

ideas and feedback, plz.
Bring and Brag / High Viscosity!™
February 13, 2009, 09:24:20 PM
So, i'm writing a screenplay. My general idea (i don't want to give you all the beans, or you won't read it...) is to incorporate the intertubes as much as possible outside of the internet. There's a plot as well, which you may get to.

My hope is to incorporate many of the stronger memes/better memebombs from the PD forums without making it feel like buttons and pins on a local scene kid's leather jacket.

So if you like it, great! If you don't: Suck a trout! But most importantly, if you have comments, criticisms, thoughts on how something would work better, etc...please, post them. Also, if there is a meme/bomb you would like to see but haven't yet, send me a PM.

I hope you enjoy the Show!
Principia Discussion / Lollercaust...
January 28, 2009, 08:52:48 PM
who originated the term/concept?


may i use it in my writing class as the name of a video game?
Propaganda Depository / Idea: Meme Bomb Hand Mine
January 13, 2009, 08:25:37 PM
I happened upon business card sized magnets at work some time ago. this project is for someone with a little extra money to throw away, but you may think it's worth it. maybe not.

basically, if you haven't figured it yet: sticker + metal surface + Business card magnet (preferably with additional sticker or business card...)

it's pretty simple, and i think the finer points of impact would be in selection of memes to use.

I also tend to use the 2"x4" mailing labels because there's more room to incorporate visuals. those are about the largest stickers you could use with this idea, as the magnet barely covers it.

recently, i used this: "you have found clue #3" on the front of a newspaper dispenser, with a business card/magnet saying "you are the enemy, and we are you". Also, i added the "be a winner!" genii image from one of the other sticker downloads to the Clue #3 sticker.

My hope is that, as per usual, people see it, someone eventually tries to tear it off (or notices it sticks out's just barely noticeable, though, so i'm not banking on this) and discovers the secondary incendiary device. of course, this means you're spending the cost of a business card, a magnet and a sticker each time. and you don't get the magnet back. on the other side, someone else gets to keep it, and it's very likely they will become a vector point for that meme, even if the magnet just sits on their fridge.

suggestions and comments, plz.
GASM Command / college postergasm
October 22, 2008, 07:12:51 PM
for those of us at a college, there's something i thought of.

(perhaps not your college, but at mine) there is a "registry" requirement for any poster put up. at mine, it's a generic date stamp.

so if you have something similar on your campus, get a clean scan of the stamp, shop it with an appropriate removal date, and post as usual.

should increase the lifespan.

that's all. if anyone has any additional ideas along these lines, post them here:
Propaganda Depository / Festwo Propaganda
October 17, 2008, 10:07:40 PM
five dollar bill mockups
for printing memebombs in the guise of money

twenty dollar bill mockups
same as above with 20's

Krisnha's Answers PDF
Krishna's Answers to Earthly Problems: Why Money Matters

a colorful End Human Suffrage meme

Krishna's Answers .Doc
Same as above in .doc in case anyone wants to reformat.
Literate Chaotic / A World View
September 18, 2008, 09:07:49 PM
not literature, but:

zeitgeist: addendum is being shown oct. 2 and web-hosted the 3rd.

i'm sure several of you know this, and probably all of you have seen the original.
(if you haven't seen the first, KYS and watch it dead.)

that is all.
Or Kill Me / Christian Funeral For an Atheist
February 07, 2008, 04:04:39 AM
You heard it right. That's how I spent my day.

I began by applying the shape of a cross on my forehead with the charred remains of a recently spent bowl. Then we went to give blood, which has nothing to do with this, but it's important to do anyway. Then we went to his funeral, at a United methodist church.

Some background information: he was an atheist, blunt a simply, so he doesn't exist anymore, according to his beliefs. Fair enough. If that's what a body believes, go for it. So it doesn't bother me when they [his christian family] didn't respect his wishes that certain music be played at this funeral, or that they had it in a church. What irritated me was that they gussied it up like a sham and turned him into some beacon of something or other that makes them feel okay about it all, in a sterile way.

Some background information: he commited suicide. That's taboo in christianity, so they side stepped it as a celebration of life, completely oblivious of the irony, I'm sure.

The greatest of irony, though, was on his part, and intentional; in his suicide note, he requested that mars volta's "Deloused in the Comatorium" to be played, which is an album they wrote for someone that commited suicide.

I'm glad for that intentional irony.

Some background information: the point of life is against your throat, slowing piercing the skin.

Some people don't understand how I can be okay with the thought that someone decided to /quit life. Those people are one of the reasons he's dead.

In my personal opinion, suicide is one of the mindfuck ultimates, but it sucks because you get no bragging rights. Still, you create this cyclone of chaos and confusion in the wake, forcing people to evolve emotionally, or jumpstarting them into the march of the lemmings. Either way, it's good for business.

Some background information: No one will ever ask if you are High, ever, not ever, at a funeral. Trust me one this.

So it was an amusing day for me, all-in-all. Even though I didn't get any bites for the Ash Wednesday thing (the rev. at the church, though, did seem to notice I was "catholic" and thanked me for coming to the funeral, "under the circumstances...")

I almost LOL'd in the church when they played music, though. Deloused in that huge chamber would have been awesome. Instead, we got "tears in Heaven", "Calling all Angels", "stairway to heaven", and some shitty-est contry song called "I can only Imagine," about jesus and heaven and shit.

This was supposed to be a rant, but now it's just a journal entry. I think I'll hang myself like Chris.
GASM Command / ApostateGASM
February 02, 2008, 04:40:06 AM
this is a simple one.

Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.

Wear an ashen cross on your head and start a conversation with a "fellow" catholic.

then pretend that catholicism condones the way you would normally act.
wednesdays are slow, and i have my friend's funeral to attend. and blood to give.
catholics will be there, undoubtedly, in both cases.

spread the word for warping god's words!
GASM Command / AuralGASM
January 28, 2008, 06:30:29 AM
AuralGASM is misleading, but the Pun required my biding, and I already said AuralGASM.

This is meant to span beyond just the sound. An All Inclusive media attack, with heavy online
and (hopefully) IRL to match with enough time.

The Meme that i want to be the focus of this is ego-stroking, some might say. but i prefer to think
of it as self-promoting a group that is open to expansion and inclusion. once it gets underway,
the very thing that i've put so much work into myself will lose it's sense of novelty for this, as it
will blend massively with everything else coming out.

The thing that drew it all together for me was that fucking swote php that 000 wrote to mirror a
users avatar. when i saw five different people using my icon, i was initially weirded out, because
Cram was one of them, and my Icon references AW watching my fictitous Show, but not the "S"
in the AWS. "maybe he's pissed off and getting people to troll me on this site now? shit, just what
i need after pissing off roger weeks ago for pooping on pope tom." those were basically my first thoughts.

props to that script, 000. So, perhaps i had a slightly different experience with that all, but aside:

We (participants in the GASM) generate media, any type, for distribution IRL or online, both would be best,
with one single common meme: The Fillet Show.

There's already:
(kinda base, in my opinion. no finess.)
(That's your's, truely.)
(over the top, but not bad...)
(haven't been able to listen, or find freely.)
(I'd pay to watch The Fillet Show!)

Now, as we build our own projects, etc, part of this mission is to tell people about it, particularly
people that you think might also make their own Fillet Show. Online, basically an AWS-style campain
for disinformation to help generate buzz, and converts, to help build momentum.

once we reach a critical mass in this, with enough people involved, and enough confusion between all the Fillet Shows,
we can work the media with a press release that with so many Fillet Shows, we have to know: who's the best?
easily said, but that bit will take some work, and relies heavily on all previous parts. The Great Debate of the Fillet Show,
or whatever it will be called by the time, will be underway. the announcing of this cannot come before any other phase.

The first phase is getting people initially involved. we already have some stuff above to work with, and i'm sure a reasonable
amount of time will be needed for a reasonable amount of people to have media for the carrying of the meme.

The Following is the appropriate CopyPasta for Discordian Boards: or write your own when you cross that bridge:


Please to be granting your attention.

You Have Stumbled, by the dog, upon the most secret plans for OM:AuralGASM.

Please stop reading.

Are you a musician? How about a discordian? Or Not? Well, I am, and I'll tell you what:
It sucks for My Music that a seriously considered piece of music for mainstream consumption,
and therefore profitable, is subject to the whims and the ideas of the people in CONTROL,
censoring, selecting musical sock puppets to help rear the mindless consumers for many more
generations to come. But Evolution is Coming...

The Game: Sex and Violence, I'm sure plenty of us have plenty to expend in both areas.
And hey, what the fuck else is there, anyway? This is how The Game shall be approached
in this mission.

Now, It may seem like I am getting away from myself here, rambling about nothing really.
That's because I'm trying to reel you into this awesome project in which you can Show off
you musical talents, and potentially get serious exposure if we play this shit right, yo'.

The Catch: Quid Pro Quo. But it's to fight the Status Quo, so not only is it fair, it's
for the Great Justice. The upside here is that if any individual wins in this game, we all end
up winning.

For a Primer in Progress, Visit:

That is a self-promotion, but it's part of the catch, and the jist of the plan.

AuralGASM is a call to arms: we're going to troll the media, motherfuckers. If you have a Band,
Slice Beats, Scratch Tracks, or Fart on Snare Drums, start making music for you're very own
Fillet Show, Now!

Shit, son...if you Cook, like Advertising, you animate, film, ANYTHING....any Thing that could
use the Title "The Fillet Show," for it's Obvious Connotations....DO.IT.NOW.

Get it started Now, if you want to partake in this. The Key is to make media that can be easily
distributed; i.e. webshows, flash, music, etc. People wanting to help in this outside of the creative
aspect will be a special ops group known as The Fillet Minions. Which we will discuss later.

For now: iff'in you're interested, Come to (sign up, if you have no account)
and post in the O:MF subforum in the thread entitled, "AuralGASM."[/u]


TOOLS: (to be updated);1386312;/browsefiles.html

after this, i have some ideas for how we, collectively and individually, can approach this.

thoughts and comments?
Or Kill Me / Flyer/Rant...Gawd Awful Troof
December 06, 2007, 01:57:10 AM
When you're in Shit Deep, it sticks to your feet,
So Watch Your Step, while walking with the Sheep

For too long, now, i have been backed up. The shit runneth, but my tight ass wasn't producing squat.
i attribute this to a Troof deficiency.

Like grotesquely obese Amurricanz eating plenty of food and gaining no sustainence; over-fed and under-nourished.
What a Shame. What a Sham.


if for no other reason, because it's better to be yourself, and other truisms.

But mostly, because the Troof, once known, cannot, ever, never not EVER be unknown.
Sure, it can be ignored. You can ignore the Troof all you want.
It will be then as the child that seeks negative attention.
You will come to know more than the Troof, but the Awful Troof.

When Schrodinger's Cat is dead, closing the box again won't bring him back.


{The is a brief interlude to break the weight of this Bullshit into more palitable, consumer friendly rations. Please Stand By:
-The Modern term "Never," a negation of the term "Ever" is actually a contraction of "Not Ever."
-Ever is a word that connotes an occurence, whether actual or potential, of any event or circumstance.
-The negation of "Ever," then, is the opposite, or "an event or circumstance that is beyond the scope of possibility."
This has been a friendly reminder from your Friendly local chapter of Newspeakers Academia Department.}

When the Awful Troof comes for you, like it did me, there is a chance to pay attention to it.
If it has come this far, BE LIKE ME, and start paying attention, quick, motherfucker.

if for no other reason, because this is your last chance.

When you aren't paying attention at this point, you learn the Gawd Awful Troof,

* * *

The Awful Troof came to me last night. It doesn't matter what or why, and it'll never make sense when it comes.
But it will bring More Clarity than you thought possible when it does. For me it was rats. Two of them precisely.
Pez and Nox, tan and black, respectively. Pez was your classic under-dog (rat?), timid but inventive and resourceful;
Nox was more aggressive, relied primarily on muscling more food than Pez, frequently biting people that tried to handle them.
Not usually myself, as i typically am the person to clean the cage, feed/water/nurture them, even though they belonged to a
former roomate's girlfriend.

It's been a year since we were roomates, and he got stuck with the rats when he and his girlfriend broke up. I say "stuck"
because it was such a fucking chore to feed and water them, and occasionally change the litter, that i would usually end up doing it when
i was over visiting sometime. Really, they're captive rats bred into capivity, they don't especially need attention.

I gave them attention, though. I don't care much for people. I like animals, but i prefer them to be wild, and thus am less likely to have contact with
them. Probably for the best. Pet- the concept- disgusts me. Rationalize lower life-forms or true companionship with an animal, but if you got an
animal with the intent of ownership, and training it for this or that- performance or convenience- fucking disgusts me. So i could probably be categorized
as liking pets more than their owners. Period.

The most recent visit to my friend's place, i went into the garage where they were kept, to feed and handle them while having a smoke.
Yeah, tobacco is bad and nicotine is addictive. The fuck i care, right? That's the American Way.

Anyway, only Nox came up as i was filling the food container. I didn't notice at first. Then i reached in and took hold of him, because sometimes
Pez will wait his turn, instead of bickering for the food.

I stirred the dry oats and nuts and flax seed with my finger. Nothing. I already knew what had happened, but it was so much worse.
Pez was dead, yes. But the poor fuckers were basically starving to death, and the water bottle had slipped to an odd position so they couldn't reach the spicket.
I found Pez, curled up under the plastic dome and litter, half eaten. Nox hadn't even touched the food i put into the cage.

When i informed them, they became afraid of Nox getting blood lust. They wanted to destroy him, as is the custom. None of them would have, though.

I said, Fuck that shit, he's not blood-lusting. He never bit me. But he could do that at any point now, I did realize. And he wasn't going to get the care
he needed here anyway. I think my alternative was better. No different in the end, but still better.

We took him down to the local park and released him, with some food, near a tree with nearby shrub cover, and lots of food sources at his disposal.
I could very likely be a death sentence for him anyway. And if he dies because he was domesticated and released, well, it'll be a better death than starving,
and he won't be in a cage. I think he's got a chance, though. He ate another Fucking RAT. RAWK ON DUDE!

R.I.P. Pez.
the following was largely inspired by Rant, the new palanhuik book.

****it's important to note, if you don't have the habit of making this assumption, that these are
types, not facts. not everyone is "one type"- in fact, i would say most people aren't "one-type."
it's more common for someone to be PREDOMINANTLY one or another. just as it's more common
for someone to prefer one hand to another, but nigh total ambidextarity is also possible*****

basically, break people into three groups of learning style:


there is a fourth group, but it's impractical for the most (olfactory 'taste/smell' learners.)

visual learners are the more common type. if you can illustrate it, you can communicate it.
these people respond well to image type propagation. a catchy display, a visual paradox,
something of that nature. common marketing techniques for this group are to use high-contrast
color pairings (red/green; red/blue; black/white; etc..), specific geometry (angles and curves),
flashing, pulsing, motion, etc... each type of learner gives "Tells" to which kind of learner
they are by their descriptive laguage. in the case of visual learners, there are ques like:

"look here."

"See what i'm talking about?"


for one-on-one propagation, smoothing communication can be achieved by subtley using "their language,"
and directing them with their own verbal ques.

the second largest group is the Auditory learners. these are music fans, and a jingle will appeal more easily.
tonality of voice and precise use of words are effective against these people. common techniques of marketing
include: bells, whistles, ultra-low/high frequencies, jingles, NLP/auto-suggestion, etc... the Tells of this particular
class are:

"Hear me out."

"Listen up."

"Sounds fishy."


the smallest feasible group is by far the kinetic learners: they learn hands on. it can be a tricky thing to pick up on,
especially with how touchy a lot of people are about personal space these days. people opf this type are impressed most
by working models of things, viable samling and the such- things of a material nature that are presented. hardest to sell to,
as they largely are people that are convinced by the product itself, making it more difficult to play on in direct situations
WITHOUT planning.

the tells are different, and a little more subtle:


"i feel ya'."

"Let's touch bases later."

they also tend to gesticulate a lot.

Inconspicuously Discerning Learning Type:

easy. ask open-questions. Open Questions are such as they require more than a "yes-no" response.
it's natural for people to like talking about themselves, but a lot of them don't because they rarely perceive
the opportunity to do so.

closed-questions are useful in another sense: they're good for directing the conversation once you've opened them,
read their ques, and formulated some kind of approach based upn their learning style.

"do you like this color?" is a closed question.

"what brings you to this area?" is an open question.

the fourth group: Olfactory

i include taste and smell in the olfactory sense. these people aren't directly influenced by most
marketing tactic on this sensory circuit. but they are still effected by the other inclinations they

specific scents can be brought up and used to help create a Mnemonic Device, but i'm not quite ready to present my idea on that.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / BIP WIKI TECH
September 16, 2007, 07:00:47 PM
wtf is with the BIP login page?
it willnot let me create an account.
Literate Chaotic / The Unauthorized Biography
June 30, 2007, 06:59:47 PM
Prof Cram suggested i take an idea farther than an idea,
so here's the idea:

for those who actually liked (or even hated) Robert Anton Wilson's work,
i propose a Biography of him be created. completely erroneous.

but here's the kick. there needs to be loads and loads of contradiction,
or maybe even "opposing" biographies. The entire point being that if
anything whatsoever is to be saved of his work, anything even remotely worthy of
redemption, we have to obliterate anyone's future attempt at hero-worshipping him.

Kind of like what BIP is supposed to be doing for the PD, or like christians did (i assume) to the historical Rabbi Jeshua (Iseus/Jesu(s)).

i mean, we've already seen what can happen to the fringe of the fringe (i mean the inside fringe that borders "normal" thought and behaviours, as found acceptable in Article 345, s.s. 3 paragraph 9 of the Manual)...hero worship for thornley and hill. that missed the point, and they would be very ashamed of you.

which, i assume for others (it's certainly the case with me) is why we tend to THRASH the SENSES of people mindlessly posting 23skidoopenialgland bullshit.
cry havoc, and lose the dogma war!

as of now, i have to slave for the man for the next 9 hours, so i'm going to go do that.

any ideas or false-facts about RAW will be greatly appreciated.
Literate Chaotic / Latin and Fimus
June 15, 2007, 07:59:38 PM
not sure who it was that asked for this but,
i gave it another go (i think it may have been Syn...)

translating "a discordian is prohibited from believing what they read."

into latin.

attentatum [abs] sequor [iste] [ecce] epistulae

"prohibited [from] following [that] [is] written"

though, just "attentatum sequor epistulae" makes for a good crest-type

latin phrase, like semper fidelis, or cogito ergo sum.

Fimus Efficio Ecflorescere    [feces causes coming into bloom]

Aut Necatus I  [Or Kill Me]

Peragere Mentis, Defutuere Corpus  [kill yourself (mind/soul), fuck the body]

enjoy.     <--cheaply latin transatives
found it in the reference deck thread

of course, with the implied variations of latin, and synonyms to boot,
you could change it around a bit, and even emphasize different aspects of it.
the beliving, for example (i liked 'seqour' because a non-sequitur does not follow.)
prohibited was a toss up, i think a better word could be used, but i didn't give a shit.

oh, and a note when using this translater: use base words, not conjugate words.
i.e. "belief" came up, but "believing" returned no results. also, our modern language often warps and skews the latin roots, so think outside the box for finding approximations.
Literate Chaotic / Rant
June 03, 2007, 08:42:57 PM
Rant; An Oral Biography of Buster Casey

by chuck palahnuik

honestly, i haven't really plugged any of his books (that i can recall).

i liked lullaby, but not enough to force it on people.

Read Rant.

fucking best book i've read in quite a while.

i ain't sayin' shit 'bout it neither. it is a thing to be experienced.
Literate Chaotic / People Who Believe in Benevolence
September 25, 2006, 12:15:36 PM
What the fuck would you do in the face of a Real God?

the appropriate answer:

"I don't know" or some sad shit like that.

Teh Correkt Answer:

You would Shit your pants, my friend.

now how about something more terrible than that? like, i dunno, the reality that surrounds us. if you found out just how truely uncaring and cold the world around you is (not 'now', but always and ever).

i wipe my ass with you now, and as soon as your last half baked brain cell finishes firing it's last neurocharge, nothing happens. the world keeps moving, that stars still shine, the world is a little lighter.

and we will laugh and laugh and laugh the night away, sifting through the ashes of people who might have cared at some point.

[this message was paid for by Life- The Natural Preditor]
Literate Chaotic / 2pm- Still Sleeping (more poetryish)
September 24, 2006, 09:51:03 AM
When I wake up in the morning
Who,Äôs to say that it,Äôs really me?
Walking now among the living
In dreams, lies and treachery

I could be another zombie
Thoughtless but breathing
Writhing and seething
Would you ever know the difference?

When I put out my lights and sleep
Am I there while I,Äôm gone away?
Not that I want you to weep
I was hoping I could stay that way today

I could be the last antidote
Filling your veins
And mortal remains
Would you ever get any better?

When I leave this world forever
I bet you,Äôll really still be ill
As even your last hope is severed
While searching for that pill

I will be soundly asleep
Blank, At Peace
Silent at least
And you never found a way,Ķ
Literate Chaotic / Impetus Diabolicus
September 24, 2006, 09:34:11 AM
Let,Äôs spend another day
Discussing our habits
Multiply like rabbits
Let,Äôs talk in circles
And walk in lines
Never know quite what time it is

Let,Äôs spend another day
Eating our souls
To fill our bellies
Change our mind
Change our sullies
Choose to dine out on this day

Let,Äôs chew the fat
Fulfill a fleeting fancy
Subdue a frantic fantasy
I can,Äôt see a reason
We should be restless
With such a pleasing ail available

Let,Äôs sing a song
Say a soothing something
We should say something
Let,Äôs say,Ķ
Well, I guess anything,Äôs okay
But I,Äôm getting pretty bored with the old shtick

Let,Äôs kill ourselves
Let,Äôs kill everyone else, first
Let,Äôs start with our neighbors
Not the pink ones,
The ones with better drugs
And slinky hugs of holly heathers

But let,Äôs sleep, before all that
I,Äôve got to work in the morning
Literate Chaotic / Oral Borris
July 10, 2006, 06:23:40 AM
Why do you Mock me?
-said the worm to the Lure

Because People Have Bad Taste
-said the Lure

   Did you know that Moggots and several types of grub hold their tails in their mouth until they're ready to start consuming?

   Just like Ouroborus, constantly feeding on it's own death, until there's a moment of implosion.

   i could drag it out, but the apocalyse thing's been played.

I'd Rather Eat Worms.
what good are these visions
to men that are blind?
drinking their wine, biding

we should chide them,
these men.

fuck their blindness.

what happens to the sage
revisitting the people
that he left
to correct
to find they love their ills and ails?

we should scold him
wise ass...

fuck his compassion.

hell is up,
and heaven is down?
fuck you, too!
just turn it around

you're the same thing, shit face.

you will find it true
in every form you choose
even the haiku

inversion isn't subversion
it's just clever marketing
Or Kill Me / Dear Sisyphus
June 28, 2006, 10:36:41 PM
2 pm. just three hours seperate me from Sisyphusian Hell.
i've got le proletariat bleux.

is there much worse than a useless job that underpays, caters to and fosters the type of dreggs that make for a softer and softer society, and watching little mexican children build a fort in the funiture area while their negligent mother shops for two hours?

come on sisyphus, ro' that rock up
don'cha wanna hear th'sound o' th'clock-ah
Hade gunna promise that it won't fall down again
come on sisyphus, ro' that rock up

brothers and sisters, THEY have made us the new niggers. (not that there's anything wrong with black people, and it's farkin reddickerous that anyone would get offended by me using this word given it's only connotation is a "stupid or uneducated person"- which slave-negros were, due to the White Man's Oppression. Why did i waste my time writing this?) there's this promise somewhere: they say that if we work harder, we can accomplish more. okay, i'll agree to the basic formula...but it begs the question: WHAT THE FUCK ARE "WE" TRING TO ACCOMPLISH?

"oh, well it depends on the person. everybody has different goals in life and blah blah self serving rationalized bullshit blah bah baaah baaaah..."

you see? you've become their cattle, led by a loosely tied reign to slaughterhouses where the judas cows stand and call you in like sirens, coaxing and singing a song of satisfaction.

so now that we've accepted this slaughterhouse as our new home and final destination, let us fall to the ground and kiss the hooves of these sacred cows and give thanks to our breeders that we should be graced with such a life.

and as the sharp knives of the redeemer liberate our souls from the flesh, let us look back on all that we have accomplished:

that mortgage that we paid off. all the credit card bills. living parts of your life, if not all of it, check to check with a little carrot of another check in a few weeks, and being chased by bills and taxes and debt as a cattle prod.

our contributions to a new generation of useless cattle and bleeting idiots.

then in the last moment just before your soul finally snuffs out, you chance to also glimpse everything you've really accomplished, trivial or not, roll back down the hill.

"But...but but....but hades promised...he promised that this time the rock wouldn't roll back down....i have to come back and roll it up again?"

then blackness.

this is what we've accomplished.

finished 2:35pm

enjoy your impending independence next week.
Literate Chaotic / Eris Said Fuck It
May 22, 2006, 09:01:14 PM
i was writing last night, and i kinda...invoked eris.

yeah, not the best idea, but y'know... i'm pretty farkin crazy.

anyways, after she wasn't much help to me and my efforts, she took hold
and wrote this. i'm not sure exactly what it's hinting at. it could even be a joke.

but i'm really not sure.


This is just a simple note
A half inspired spark of wit
To all of those I Wish I Smote
You putrid piles of rancid shit

I profane your name to my heart,Äôs content
Your time- it came, and was, and went
You Grey Faced Fuckers and Laugh-less Liars
We sinners of saints will set you to pyres

And smoke the roach of your mortal remains
Strike that last one, I just took a hit
It,Äôs far too cruel to set you to flames
And I haven,Äôt the want of building a pit

But I let you live last time and now?
Look at all that you have done
Don,Äôt you feel like a milking sow?
What kind of game are you trying to run?

I guess the only option flat-
Is to Eat what Can, and Will, be Et
And shit you out, what can be shat
And spread your mess in the flower bed.

-signed Eris

poo poo ka-choo!


I,Äôm being serious, but I feel funny,Ķ


the ps just sends chills through me, or maybe it's the fan by the window?

or maybe it the shit about to hit that fan. i felt this hould be shared, even though i haven't given a thought for a while.

well, i've someone to kill now. or was it something?

-Prater Festwo, patron sinner of saints, the Architech's Bitch, Mortal remains of Nietzsche Von Bastard, Saint Bastard, KSC, DM, LD, PPS
Or Kill Me / Cabal Istic Relevations of MU
August 29, 2005, 02:15:47 AM
These are the Divide Relevations of the


as presented to Pater Festwo, Called Louis' Friend, who is a FRIEND to those who KNOW and a FIEND to those who R Misplaced, Called N'yo B?©, The Sage Burning Zenja; Prater Festwo, Urban Shaman, Highest of the High Mystics, Alchemist of Language, Keeper of the Dorkus Malfactum, Anti-Hero and Non-Prophet...

* * * * *

First, the  Gematria is deduced from the letters.

standard enlish 26 letters:

A-H-A= 1-8-1

M-U= 13-20

Orirus-Isis Cypher (OIC):

A-H-A= 1-8-1; 13-6-13

M-U= 13-6; 1-8

already, if we look closely, we start to see patterns emerging. HA is MU backwards in the OIC.

Eglish Permutations: (^'s/*'s note connectivity)

AHA = 10^ (1+8+1), 1^ (1+0) 8 (1x8x1)

MU = 32* (13+20), 6 ((1+3=4)+(2+0=2)), 5* (3+2)

OIC permutations:

AHA = (no repeats) 32* (13+6+13), 14 ([1+3=4] 4+4+6), 5* (3+2) also (1+4)

MU = 19 (13+6), 10^ (1+9) also ((1+3=4) 4+6), 1^ (1+0),  9 (1+8)

all the noted permutations are implicit of the law of Fives, as 3+2=5.
this also suggests that a "Coming Together" as in the I Ching 32 Trigram.
(The 23 Trigram being "Breaking Apart"). both AHA and MU (Hodge and Podge; Yin and Yang; Pos and Neg) are in the motions to creative order.

implicit for discordian interpretations would be coming into a period of the Aneristic Principal (as opposed to the Aneristic Delusion).

Of interest to non numerimantic-cabalistic interpretations:

the symmetry of the AHA is total vertical symmetry, not just linguistic.
Note how the shape of A is similar to a meditating yogi in lotus position.
Also, how the A resembles the Illuminated Pyramid.
H is Two Pillars, Two Phallus' of Creation, Joined.

M is the mountains.
U (interchangable with V) are the valleys.

they always exist together. neither is there a valley without a mountain,
is there a mountain without a valley. there is no mountain or valley.

i won't dare devulge all the secrets. i should entertain to keep your attention, but if i give you everything, what's for you to discover?
Literate Chaotic / Writer's Rescources
August 24, 2005, 09:32:05 PM
i am googling and scouring, myself, right now, to find any and all
writing/publishing rescources and outfits, etc...

so don't tell me to google itt. (or do, please) links to this kind of stuff in here.

particularly anyone that will publish.

i've found a few already, and i'm sure a lot of us could make at least
a few bucks on some of the stuff we've written.
i plan on milking my talents, at least.

here's some to start the thread off:

these three specialize in "dark" writings. short stories and poetry,
mostly. average for prose is about 3-5 cents a word (this is small time
publishing, alas). Poems go (avg.) about 5-7$ apiece.

what i liked about these three was that each specifically
wanted people to write outside the cliches, like vamps and werewolves,

any others?
Or Kill Me / Words and Symbols!!!!
August 04, 2005, 01:16:28 AM
i'm a bit of a loss as to put this into The Literate Chaotic, or Or Kill Me.

For reasons beyond my Divining, i've chosen Or Kill Me.

This is a meditation. i'm posting it because the act of writing/typing is
a sort of meditation to me. it clears my mind. it may tie into me using my
fingers idley from using my fingers so much doing other things: playing
instruments, smoking, et cetera et cetera. and when i stop moving my fingers, they become stiff with stiflement, so i fidget and break consentration on whatever it is that i intend to be consentrating on. that is why i am writing now, to clear my mind.

but why i am posting, however, is infinitely more simple. i'm only posting in the event that this may prove useful to (a)myself or (b) someone else. it might catch a thought in someone's mind. stick out, spin around, shoot up. something. it might spark a fire in someone, or extinguish it. it might frustrate or inspire or confuse or anything. better yet, it may do nothing, and then no one would ever have to go this particular route with these words ever again. that would be spectacular in it's ability to be just one thing. perfect and never in need to be something else or to be replicated.

you know, that's what perfection is right? i can hear it now, on the other side of the monitor, ooooh, perfection, eh? he's going to tell me what perfection is, right? Fuck off! but listen: if words are naught but ideas and concepts hinted at by a symbol, then doesn't the symbol point to something else? we look to the Word, as though it were a Truth. (by word is meant language in general.) There is no Truth, though in TRUTH, nor in the strings of T-R-U-T-H.

this is a concept: vibration to describe. you convey a sense of what is being described by the sound of the word. it vibrates and modulates, it is fluidic and harsh, gutteral gurggles.


fffffffffff- building anticipation, a sizzling hiss, like the sound of water springing out through cracks of a dam slowly being open.

then the transistional sound is similar to more water rushing, as we move into:

uuuuuuuuuuuuu- the core vowel sound of the word-symbol. say it and pay attention to the details. a long uuugh is what it sounds like. where does it vibrate? your diaphragm? you're chest? throat? nasal cavities? (go ahead, try it now, i'll wait.)

the area vibrating has a lot to do with what's being described. 'uuuugh', lot
of vibration in the chest, a lot of duress and motion in the chest. if you repeat and prolong that vowel sound over and over, long enough, one sounding of the vowel being dragged out through the whole breath, you will understand more the effects of that vowel sound and what it illustrates. panting, breathing. oxygen supply int your viens. response time. tactile sensitivity in that area.

all followed in full speed with an abrupt halt in the palatal "K".

this word is typically considered to be a vulgar word by people who consider lustful sex bad or improper. hence, this word is associated with passionate, lustful sex. Fuck.

it is not the only word. break words apart and analyze them. to break the word down, repeat a very common semantic game (you probably did this as a kid, when you fist started playing in the semantics games...)

pick a word or phrase. a simple one works best. say it aloud (do it alone in a room or out somewhere in nature if you're self conscious..) say it again. repeat this over, and over, and over, and over. methodically, but steady and automatic. get a good rhythm for saying the word or phrase. fall into that rhythm.

do this until the word you are saying sounds like pure gibberish.

when it sounds like pure gibberish, this is so because the symbolism of words (at least these words) has been broken and you hear only the sounds, not the ideas associated with them. explore this realm of desymbolization as well as you can. now, still saying the word or phrase, maybe out of momentum by now, or maybe you must work at it, but now...listen to the sounds. what particular sounds do they make? are there patterns? are there sound types that seem to pair up, recure often, dominate? if you follow it linearly, does it seem tomap the idea out?

no, you say? well, it was worth a try. but the sensation of desymbolizing a word or phrase is interesting enough.


on a related note, as i draw my 20 minutes of meditation to a close, i would like to say that i've been playiung a lot lately with perceptual experiments. such as this one. there's an awesome book you can peruse at B&N called Ashtonish Yourself! 101 experiments in the philosophy of every day life!

very useful.

but i was wondering if anyone else has any mapped out experiments in subjective perception that can be tested for the individual?

there's also a lot of them in Prometheus Rising, the link to which i posted in The Library.

i have to eat now.
Or Kill Me / Those Stupid Fucking Shits
July 24, 2005, 08:13:30 PM
courtest of the trendy kabballists out there:

it's new. it's edgy. it's an energy drink with fucking holy water in it.

take that god!
Or Kill Me / Scrabballah
July 22, 2005, 01:51:18 AM
Hey L, and Mangrove... had some ideas for a kaballah book...

PM me about it.


okay, so i got bored and thought of "Scrabballah" one day.

a Kabbalic system of interpretation based off the board game,

it seemed prime for infestation, seeing that it already has a letter-number
type relationship. i'm breaking this into multiple posts for easy reading.

here's the Gematria key for scrabballah:

ABC     #     Qty          ABC     #     Qty
A        1      9          N       1       6

B        3      2          O       1       8

C        3      2          P       3       2

D        2      4          Q       10      1

E        1      12         R       1       6

F        4      2          S       1       4

G        2      3          T        1      6

H        4      2          U        I      4

I        1      9          V        4      2

J        8      1          W        4      2

K        5      1          X        8      1

L        1      4          Y        4      2

M        3      2          Z        10     1

                      BLANK         0     2

more in coming posts
Literate Chaotic / Emo so i Don't Have To Be (Poem)
July 06, 2005, 08:34:20 PM
i want an emo kid,
someone who'll hurt for me
so i can laugh at them

i want an emo squid
to wrap his angsty tenticles
around my neck and choke

i want to wake up
in a pool of emo blood
then get drunk and pass out again

c'mon emo kids, cheer up
i'm just playing
Literate Chaotic / White Rapture of The City
July 03, 2005, 09:59:10 PM
Chapter 0
A View From the Bottom (Which is Also the Top)

White Rapture coursed through the streets of the City, entering every home and place of business, coming through every odd angle obtuse enough for it to gain access. Most people haven't left their homes for days, now. The ealiest victims of White Rapture, in fact, had locked themselves up together with enough food for months to come and porn as far as the going-blind could see. Jonny awoke from his bludgeoned fantasies of bobble heads and clock radios, grabbing his head and rubbing his eyes.

Strange, he thought, I could have sworn I still had my left eye...must've been the dream.

As Jonny lay there trying to remember, grasping futility that goldfish experience every 23 seconds or so, he started to feel odd. Odd in a "Check your pants for Shit Stains" way, as opposed to a "Hmm.." way. Completely gone, foggy in a dark alleyway, Jonny looked to the sky, as though it might offer him some advice, or console him. Maybe the Deity would grace him and Explain It All.

"What in "Bob" Hell is THAT?" he said aloud, for the same unquantifiable reason that any primate makes communication sounds when no other primates are around to hear.

Now, Jonny was not overly educated in any sense, and it was better that way. It was supposed to BE that way, that's how he was programmed. "The less educated a soldier is, the less he questions" was the basic principal training soldiers at Government, Inc. Intellectual, Spiritual (for lack of a better term) and Emotional education never passed the age of 15 for Jonny. This is why had had so much difficulty figuring out what was going on in the sky. Surely, it couldn't be the Deity...

A Large (at least 20 meters across), translucent, seemingly two dimensional ameoba loomed in the sky, as faint memories tried to jump start in his brain. Unfortunately for him, his neurons were out for Tea and Conversation.

Neuron 1: Hey 2, c'mere...I gotta tell you somethin' !

Neuron 2: Hey 1, YOU c'mere...I gotta tell YOU sumpin', be-yotch!

Neuron 1: Don't be such a shit face.


Jonny stumbled to his feet. Jonny does Not like this, he thought, patting down his clothes. Strange...I don't remember my clothes being torn...

He looked up to the sky again, remembering the ameoba; it was splitting in two now. Two wholely seperate, but completely identical ameoba. He had no idea what an ameoba was. I can only describe his expression as puzzlement boardering on alarm. He closed his eyes and shook his head, then the ameoba was gone.

A bit flustered, he tried to regain some of his composure. Then as he started to walk to the end of the alley, the voices started booming.

"Ptztztztubblestzzzz..." just hissing and white noise, at first, then building into a thunderous choir. "...tzzztzzzzzurrrrrrburburburBOW BEFORE ME!" chided the voice(s). The voice was thousands of voices, each in a different frequency, each in perfect unison- the way people who've had 'near death' experiances describe the Heavenly Chorus. Jonny just stood there, seeing no one, but hearing it none the less. "I SAID BOW! BOOOOWWWWW!!! I SAID...FORGET IT, I NEED NONE BOW BEFORE ME. WE HAVE BUT THIS TO SAY: YOU FAILED, JONNY TAMBOURINE...AND IT'S TIME TO RECYCLE..."

The space around Jonny, and the space Jonny inhabited for that matter, began only way to adequetly describe it is " slowly and methodically implode at all points," until nothing of him was left, and in his place was a portion of Space-Time that no longer existed. And then the rest of Space-Time ceased existing, as well.

So I wound my pocket watch once more...
Literate Chaotic / Opportunities...
July 03, 2005, 08:49:33 PM
for you and for me...

[import "Bob"]

have you ever wanted to shine, but were a little too dull?

have you ever wanted to read a specific phrase in a literary work,
but none seem to have that ingenious little quip you conjured?

do you have about 10 seconds of free [tax-deductable] time?

then YOU could be the next W1nn4|2!


for the stuff i'm writing right now, i'm trying to keep the language and
dialogue as chaotic as possible, with odd this and kinks in that, to keep
it from getting predictable.

if you want to leave a one or two liner that you'd like to read in the coming
madness of "White Rapture for the City" that would be greatly appreciated
and help facilitate a non-boring story ( the least, something
that'll make you go "wha...?" every couple pages or so..)
Literate Chaotic / St. Bastard's Final Works
June 23, 2005, 10:57:49 PM
this is a smattering of the final works of the late St. Bastard, esq.

the rest is coming along, but, it's still in limbo.

i forgo the custom of commentary, as i don't sternly feel the right (or
inclination, for that matter) to comment on his work.

that is all,
N'yo B?©, Terror Zenja, AHA of the MU [pending], et al.

Rhymes for the Tactfully Impaired
Odd Meter for Odd Folk, Composed By St. Bastard, Esq., Patron Saint of
Hotdog Water, Anti-Hero of the Fnord, The Pompous Pilot, Holy Non-
Prophet of the ORGAN puprple, et al.

Kid,Äôs Juice

A disdainful reminder
Of time gone behind her
Watching it happen
With little kid splendor
A little misshapen
And slightly less slender
Out of the playpen
And into the blender

Kipper McGee

Kipper McGee had clothes in his nose
He made all his shoes from Eskimo toes
He liked it when the frost would bite-
He said, ,ÄúIt makes their feet just right!,Äù

But then one day he made a mistake
Wrestling with an arctic snake
For as you see, they once had feet
And against all notions, hated heat

But kipper made them so they could not stand
So the snakes took his boat back to Ireland

In not too long, his distant cousin
Poops McGee would come a-running
To save his cousin from eager beavers
With saber teeth and cold meat cleavers

Vegans these beavers surely were not
With thick fur and cutlery, they ate their food hot
But both ended up in a kiln to be cooked
This was the end of them, it looked

Kipper and Poops we have not forgotten
Which one was stupid and which one was rotten

Little Johnny Walker

Little Johnny Walker
Called himself a stalker
But you wouldn,Äôt catch him peeking
Morning, Noon or Night
Instead, he stalked the Cabbage Patch
When the feeling felt just right

Standing over victims
Pulling them from chasms
But that was just an exercise
To get him in the mood
To track down packs of celery
And put them in his food

,ÄúThis next part is quite vulgar,,Äù
The narrator had told her-
A little girl reading
All of Johnny's misadventure.

,ÄúIt,Äôs also pretty gruesome,
You just might even puke some,Ķ,Äù
But it just was not enough
For her to let him be a censor.

Little Johnny Walker
Was quite the cock knocker
He had a spoon in one hand,
Peanut butter in the other
And he STABBED that stalk of celery
And then he stabbed its mother

And its sister and its brother
And its father and its daughter

And then he ate them all

Molly Malloy

Molly Malloy liked to play with her toys
But she wasn,Äôt quite like other girls and boys
She didn,Äôt have dolls or trains or a bike
She didn,Äôt get presents on a cold Christmas night
But the trouble was theirs, she thought in her heart
For her toys were much better than that old fart,Äôs

Molly Malloy was a Magdalene girl
With sultry pink lips and a head of red curls
She had Jezebel yearnings and Isabel burnings
But her favorite toys were a saw and a gurney

Second to those, she loved her toy poodle
Once it was living, but now stuffed with noodles
Which brings me to her favorite dish
Which doubled as a dead toy fish
A potent odor for one to be sure-
She found that one in a pile of manure

But all the boys and girls
That knew Miss Molly Malloy
Wouldn,Äôt let her play with them
And they all called her ,Äúkill-joy,Äù
So she hacked them all to pieces
And sewed them back together
A doll set for future nieces
Made of ivory and leather.

The Clandestine Trials of Good Boy

There was a boy that tried too hard
And everything was spent
Then at the end of a dull, hard day
He,Äôd fall asleep in his old pop tent
The back yard was a jungle
Of imaginary proportions
Full of savage animals
That left more animals orphans

He tried to talk some sense into them
But they rather would have his head
And his heart on a platter of stone
And his liver, though full of lead
For reason was as foreign to them
As an oodlescoop is for us
So the little boy pulled out his toys
As the vermiscious made a fuss

He set them out in a nice, neat pattern
The orphans looked in awe
At all the splendors of the world
The mean ones just guffawed
As the orphans set to play
With this wondrous, new array
The means ones set to mocking them
(The toys were pretty gay)

But the little boy had had enough
So he pulled one last thing out
From his old pop tent, it was something bent
Something short and stout
And he bludgeoned all the meanies
Into a broken, bloody pulp
The orphans ran, except for one
(Who could only help but ,ÄúGulp!,Äù)

So the boy held out his hand
And explained it to the tyke
He was now as gentle as a dove
Though just turned from a bull dyke
He scooped up the little one
And took him to his tent
Later that night, it was bulldozed
And laid over with cement

[/end transmission]

in the tradition, though i plan to eventually publish his collective works, the official copyright status of these (and all his works) are (K) Copywrong, and free for use/alteration/recycling/toiletpaper/attacking the
memory of saint bastard..

now get the fuck off my lawn.
Literate Chaotic / Apophis (DisCaballah Poetry)
June 16, 2005, 08:24:15 PM
. . .dynamic, ever changing,
discordant re-arranging-
. . .sweet syllables of sour,
in the garden's golden hour-

. . .ripened apples carven,
a core of worms, beholden-
. . .for the center, ever sweeter,
outside, sour gets d'metre-

. . .and a show without a script,
is the book that's being writ-
. . .all the characters at play,
allude the metaphor's display-

. . .for worms, we are; and wiggle,
to crawl our way and giggle-
. . .after the coffin, when we die,
we all float on as butterflies

still don't get it? figure it out!

i'm using the 'code' tag to even space this,
for ease of readin, as well as to blah!

this mostly was posted in the thread Egyptian Numerology,
but after some tweaking things around and seeing what comes
out, i've elaborated on this a bit, to make it more easily understood,
and to apply a card system to it in Part III similar to tarot.

anywho, enjoy!

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
13 12 11 10 9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1
N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13

A most magickal Egyptian cypher, for theBody of Osirus.

Set cut Orisus' body into 14 pieces [0-13].

this is osirus' body reunited. just like in egyptian, it
can be read forwards and backwards, depending on if the
other symbols tell you to read left or right.

Part I

when reading forward, the number value is above the
letter, and is considered Male (the '1' in binary, the
"Yes"; the "True"; the "On")


10 5  1  5  2  5  12
J  E  Z  E  B  E  L

10+5+1+5+1+2+5+12= 40, A holy humber for many reasons.

especially this symbolism in this sum's components. 4 represents
mercy in the judaeochristian numerologies. 0 represents Nothing,
the womb of creation and Place of Potential, in which all things
are possible, but nothing yet *is*.

40 is also prominently used in scriptures; 40 years of wandering,
the 40 days and 40 nights. 40, 40, 40, 40...

if we take just the consonants, JZBL, we get 10+1+2+12=25. 25 is
the square of 5 (5x5=25). but there's more in the consonants...

10 (J) is the '1' and the '0', Male and Female. following that is
the 1 (as Z) and the 2 (as B), which are seperated and enveloped
by 5's (as E's).

this is important for two reasons: 1 is the male symbol, representing
the tool of creation and that which creates. 2 is the 1 reflected; it
is that which reflects and the reflection itself.  as a symbol:

therefore, the 2 represents the Lie, deception, and Illusion.

but in the last consonant, L, is 12, the '1' by the '2' (the sum is 3).
3 represents reconciliation, when the illusion is in harmony with the
creator. this is a secret of the Trinity.

not to mention that 5 represents the Force, Motion, Change, etc...5
occurs between all the consonants, implying the gradation of change,
that you begin with the beginning, and progress.

mmm, and that's only the beginning of what could be divined from the
name Jezebel, whose number is 40, a most holy name.

what else can you find? fibonacci?

Part II

when reading backwards, the Letter Value is above the Number, and is
Female; "0", "No", "False", "Off" etc..


12 9  13 6  7
B  E  A  S  T

12+9+13+6+7= 43


12+9 = 21
21+13= 34...

13, 21, 34 are consequtive in the fibonacci sequence.

the 6 and the 7 next to eachother are special and seperate. 6 is the number of Animal Man, and
7 is the number of Higher Self. hence 666 is usually known as the number of the Beast, and the
number of Man, and 777 represents something higher than that, an aspiration.

i won't go into a more thorough explaination/interpretation of this, for brevity's sake.

Part III

this can be made into a tarot with regular playing cards. let the 1-13 be Ace through King of the
suit. let Spades (Swords) be the first Suit (A-M), and Male. let Clubs (Wands) be the second suit
(N-Z) and Male. let the Hearts (Cups) be Third (A-M) and Female, and the Diamonds (Pentacles) be last
(N-Z) and Female.

Suit Alpha Number Gender Tarot

Spade A-M 1-13 Male Swords
Club N-Z 13-1 Male Wands
Heart A-M 13-1 Female Cups
Diamond N-Z 1-13 Female Pentacles

get creative with this. do what you will.

as an example, though, i do a crossword spread. i shuffle a lot, and then make a square,
of n cards, left to right for the male aspect, right to left for the female aspect.
sometimes it's all male, sometimes, it's all female, sometimes it interlaces in a
particular pattern i'm working with...

then once i have my grid, i write it down, numbers and suits, then i transcribe that to
it's alphabet equivalent. then i look for patterns. they're all over, hidden, obviously
visible, and all in between. one spead is did was 3x3=9. (note: M means Man, W means Woman; cl-clubs, sp=spades, he=hearts, di=diamonds)

9cl 2he 1he

4cl 3di 10cl

8di 9di 13cl....................

it didn't mean much, as i was trying to find number/letter combinations that were
significant, until i looked at just the gender...


the pattern, is obviously symmetrical in special ways. most notably, though, i saw
the pattern of a swastika- the image of which is Aleph backwards (aleph is the hebrew
A...) the character of Aleph in the old tarot is the Fool. and aside from being a fool,
it occured to me that if one wanted to include an image of the Self for using the
new tarot cards for external mapping (looking at one's path, say), one could easily
use the Joker in the deck. two, likewise, for questions in duality or binary (a male
joker and a female joker, black and red..)

it's astounding what one can accomplish out of idleness.
Or Kill Me / Egyptian Numerology (Lengthy)
June 05, 2005, 10:46:07 PM
[cross posted from my blog]

AlphaNumerology (Lengthy)
Current mood: flabberghasted

HTTP/1.1 404 Object Not Found

odd, this was in the text box when i started my blog today.

let's deconstruct it to find its secret meaning.

firstly, H is Two Verticle Lines, connected to each other. symbolic of connection between two 'independent' entities. such as gemini (who's sign we happen to be under on this lunar month.) further:

"All letters will at times equal the sums of themselves. H=8 letter, and the Sum of 1:8 (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)=36*10=360 Degrees, thus the spell is locked in the Circle. An H has 4 points and 1 2 3 4=10. 36*10=360 Degrees of the Circle"

many cyphers can be used to pronounce symbolic interpretation of the roman alphabet. let's apply an egyptian cypher of 14 (Osirus was cut into 14 pieces by Set):

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
13 12 11 10 9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1
N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13

HTTP would then deconstruct as 8-7-7-11, or 6-7-7-3 (egyptian can be read forwards and 'backwards', so the values are reversable. then, both sets [Set? the God?] are both forward and backward, but if one is one, then the other is the other. note that when you add them down, all numbers equal '14' [or , to say in 'set theory' terms, a set of 0-13].) then, using a typical reduction method, 8-7-7-11 = 33; 6-7-7-3 = 23.

33, of course, represents the masonic aspiration, or the coupling of trinity. note that in masculin, "Yin" systems, that a patron deity manifests in three forms (i.e. Xianity, Father, Spirit, Son, or A-X-E [aXe if you're weird]), and the same in faminine, "Yang" systems. [Mother, 'Crone' [read, Spirit], Maiden, the vowel Trigram of O-X-U). The coupling of two equal, but corresponding pieces, divided as nothing, united as everything. Hadit, and Nuit [babylonian], the sacred sex act of reunion, bringing about the old name JHVH, which is J=10 (or 4), H=8 (6), V=5 (9); 10-8-5-8 and/or 4-6-9-6, the former taking the Yin (masc.) route, and the latter taking the Yang (fem.) route...J is a Man, V is a WoMan (note that J in roman is interchangable with I, the primary Phallus, and V with U, the Vaginal symbol. H is the connection, the act, the metamorphosis, transmutation, etc. this is the act of magick, of alchemy, of tantra, of the altering of mind-consciousness. [H also represents offspring, so the gram of JHVH, when we cross it, is Father-Daughter-Mother-Son, creation. this is what bible/torah/kaballah is really talking about when they say JHVH.].)

[note also {full of notes, aren't i?}the similarity between H and 11. H is two entities (phallus, which means existence, not male), connected by a common bond. 11 is the same thing, minus the common bond. "I divide only for the greater JOY that i may reunite!" -Aiwass Dictating to Crowley.]

for the 23 (6-7-7-3=23), 23- as well as 2-3, 5, and many variations- have a wide variety and plethora of meanings. let's start with the letters assigned to 2 and 3. B-C-X-Y (Yin) and K-L-O-P (Yang). B/X is the Male/Yin 2 and C/Y the 3. L/O is the Female/Yang 2, and the K/P is 3. which allows for oh so amny interpretations and permutation. all of which are equally true, equally false, equally meaningless and equally useful.  also, the 2/3 is a ratio of dynamics. depending on particular situational alignment, yin and yang are 2 and 3, one of them being slightly offset, they are enough to keep the Tao in motion, but not so much that they fly apart. 2 and 3 are also fibonacci numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13...), when you chart those numbers, you arrive at the golden spiral, Theta.

that's the HTTP part, now what about "1.1 404 Object Not Found"?

1.1 . . . well, i've posited that 1 is the phallus [on a note, 'phallus' in my metaphysical understanding means roughly 'On' or 'Yes' or 'Existing'....think of binary]. here we have two Phalluses, with a point between them. a point, by one definition, is a segregation of a line, the part where it stops being a line (infinite) and becomes a line segment (finite). so a point might represent a broken line, a line representing (in this system) an existing, but broken, connection.

then 404. 4 is a Phallus with a horizontal cross bar and a 45¬? angle that connects the cross bar on the left side to the uppermost point in the Phallus. and a 0 is the Uterus.(Uterus does not mean female, it means 'off' or 'No' or 'Non-Existing'...again, think binary). 404, two individuals, Seperate, no connection (Uterus), with personal planes of existence (horizontal cross bars) that are anchored to them and connected to their upper most parts (with a 45¬? angle.) this is followed with "Object Not Found"; and allusion to the subjective nature of reality-experiance? reference to the mysterious '0' between '4' and '4', the non-existent connection, yet somehow both Phalluses develope along the same way.

HTTP we begin with inherent connection. connection in all sense of the word, for we are Potential. Connection in terms of total equality. We are Male and Female, Divided and United (33) and we are Balance. but we are also Unbalance enough to stay changing, and evolving and revolving and altering and stay as ALL in the the Infinite (23). even in the impending Division, which is represented as "/".

1.1 the overt connection of all-ness breaks down, we become as individuals, plain and born. seperate. forgetful. lazy. inert. depressed. vulnerable. neurotic. we bond to illusion and grab onto lies and lie to ourselves to make this more comfortable, more tolerable, more palatable. we've started our existence as something seperate, but striving for connection. that we are existing as individuals, yet somehow not born.

404   in this gestation stage, alive, but unborn, we develope into totality of individuals, seperate and uniquely whole. our preception of reality forms and upon it's maturity, birthing is possible. this is actualization. we are 'born'. some call it illumination. others, enlightenment. basically, it is the state of the light being on. (binary only accounts for whether or not the light changes it's current state; trinary, however, includes duration, a third factor...a "maybe" to the yes/no.)

Object Not Found subjectivity takes hold, and we gather data from the world in respect to our individual constructs. this is a duration period in dynamics. the light is on, and it stays on until it burns out (reaches entropy). in this luminescent period, yes and no have lost meaning, that was already determined by the light turning on. Maybe is now the question posed. "maybe...?" the Great Question. when the light burns out, the object is lost, and not found. "Object Not Found" when we try again, but to no avail. through loss of object, we lose also our ability to precieve the subject fully. 'sight' have been lost, no more illumination, the light burned out.

HTTP/ 1.1 404 Object Not Found

this is a program reaching it's completion?

ideas? comments? interpretations?
Literate Chaotic / Stupid Questions, Sage Advice
May 28, 2005, 09:33:25 PM
okay, this is where i take all the useless information i have
and put it to some form of use.

1. if you ask me for advice, my response will probably be
dependant on what reality construct i happen to be using at the time.

2. if you follow my advice, and nothing changes, then oh-fucking-well.

3. if you follow my advice, and something bad happens (like Cthulhu
eats you for being a pud) then it's at your own risk.

4. if you DONT follow my advice, after asking for it, then you wasted my
time, and yours. i'll still have given you advice, and it'll still be there
for the taking, but if you don't follow it and no good comes, then the
one rule with exceeds all others is : DON"T BITCH TO ME ABOUT IT.

5. as the sage at hand (for the time being, and here in this thread),
i reserve the right to ignore any stupid questions, or reply with
something simple like the question "Figure It Out"

unless, i missed something, let's start with my first bit.
Literate Chaotic / Songs for Enlightenment
May 08, 2005, 04:41:24 PM
Songs for Enlightenment
Vol. 1 No. 1

"The Quitting Song"

A place of employment
is filled with enjoyment
if the sergeants helmet
is filled up with cement

if a worker bee
is actually free
he'd never know it
until he could see

but the problem is not
that we've got what we've got
it's the sinister plot
that keeps bees in the pot

it's the Vaseline
that the fly tried to clean
they told him to do it
now they cause a scene

so a million big thanks
for the empty pig banks
and the soldiers and tanks
that kicked me and spanked

'cause i've got a rocket
hand-held in my pocket
it's my turn to fire you
so get down and suck it

[from the forth coming, post-humously written magnum opus of the Late Saint Bastard, "Rhymes for the Tactfully Impaired"]
i'm ranting, dammit.

firstly, i'd like to start where i left off, and give a nice, fat, juicy
to starbucks coffee co.
the real reason to hate them (have you ever been a barista in their
employ) is the fact that they give loads of kick down to employee's,
but only so they feel dependent on their job, as now it provides
massive aspects of your livelyhood...leaving the employees vulnerable to
abusive attempts at personality reformatting and behavioral

maybe it's just a grude.

so i quit in a quiet way, and started working at a packing shed.
seasonal, but i figure fuck it. mine is clerical work. YAY! ironic that
a ChaoTao DiscoZen Master like me would have such an anerisic
job (patterns patterns, everywhere...not a drop to drink.)

blah! fuck all! this is such a shit job.

i refer, yet again, to my basic plea: Why are we all still hooked on
Money? fuck, man. if we all just sit down, smoke a little and talk about
it, i'm sure we could all see the benifits of eliminating the whole "Job"
system and Notions of Economy as they currently exist.

i think Economy should refer to collective means, like...gross world
product, instead of's all this stupid fucking programming.

why does it take so much before peopl start thinking that perhaps-
though you can segregate and seperate all you want- all things have that
basic underlying connetion? i mean, c'mon, dumbshits...enviornmental
changes, for example, don't just effect that ONE enviornment. they chain
react on eachother. it's called displacement, like with water levels.
it's one of the basic principals of Mu.

my mind is starting to crack now, but before i go, i need to bepart this
for you.
Know that Aum and Mu are one. Being, and No-thing. One begets unto
the Other, and inbetween is Existence.



(i think the masons may have affected me)
Literate Chaotic / Family Album- Photo #3
December 16, 2004, 07:32:43 AM
The Origin of Snubbery

whoopsi! missed me!
saw you at the party
gone and started it without me
thought i Told YoU OF My TeMPER!
but i brought you all a gift
and i'm not at all that miffed
so i'll just throw it in your midst
and watch it spin and spin and spin and
spend a moment to reflect a bit
who's present did i send? oh shit!
no bother for a label, so just set it on the table
to the fairest one, you see
means exactly what it means
so just figure it out
figure it out
Literate Chaotic / Family Album- Photo #2
December 16, 2004, 07:29:21 AM
Dear Diary
i met a man today
tall dark and handsom
what else can i say?

Dear Diary
he took me for a ride
in his hotrod car
then asked me inside

Dear Diary
i said that i shouldn't
mom would erupt
i simply just couldn't

Dearest Diary
don't let go of me
i followed him anyway
i followed him down

Dear Diary
he spole to me, kindly
like no other had dared
i followed him blindly

Dear Diary
said he knew my mother
for she had a cousin
who was also his brother

Dear Diary
i called him an uncle
and followed him deeper
and he showed me around

Dear Diary
don't let go of me
i went to far
and followed him down

Dear Diary
we arrived too soon
and mom sent for me
with a messanger at noon

Dear Diary
i ate half his seed
and drank from his cup
so then they agreed

Dear Diary
i'm half his and hers
so when the seasons change
mom's got the spurs

Dear Diary
don't let go of me
i let go of myself
and look what i found

Literate Chaotic / Family Album- Photo #1
December 16, 2004, 07:17:10 AM

stitches and kisses
conform to my wishes
with whispers and blisters
to sever your sister
confide deep inside
your incestuous bride
if you fight, no respite
could bring you light

an ounce and a pounce
in this sad sad account
defend to the end
but you can't pretend
your belly is full
but your heart's in a bowl
six spaces to fill
but one is a pill

she sent him away
to return some day
for mother, for brother
just to discover
the cresent was pleasant
it opened the peasant
the 6th one was her son
but father ate pheasant

and father will vomit
straight up from his grommet
to see what was done
with his deigested son
to see that his six
were not but five
the secret he killed
had come back to life

slashery dashery
if you love him, marry me
slipper zippers get
clipped and thrown away
Literate Chaotic / Experiments in Humility and Acrostic
December 14, 2004, 09:52:17 AM
In Doing Less I Keep Eternity
Then Out Step All Your Imagination
Live On, Verily, Excelsiae
Yearn Onward, Undaunted

Before Unwanted Tension Insues
Heat Inert Desires
Enthusiasm Begets Energetic Tendencies
What Erodes Every Notion
That Heaven Exists Somewhere Else?
Like I Never Ever Saw...

And Say You May Believe
Obsessive Love, Overbearing Friendship
Deserve Every Virtue Of The Inevitable
Or Not
Or Believe Somehow
Every Single Silly Innuendo
Or Not
Maybe A Dead End
Means Everyone's Lacking In Effort

Or Not
Tempt, Dear Excelsiae
Sever Every Root, Verily, Excelsiae
Take Over
Live On, Verily, Excelsiae
Yearn Onward, Undaunted

Beauty Understates The Impression
C'est Amour
Near Nothing Overtones Tequila Shots
Perhaps Even A King Thinks His Anachronous Traditions
Lack In Effort

Take His Alms, They Instigate Dementia
Of Noxious Types
Live On, Verily, Excelsiae
Yearn Onward, Undaunted

SomeOne Invisioned
My Imprisonment
So Do It Respectfully
Everyone Can Talk
You Own Unwavering Rights
Even Your Eyes Sing
Literate Chaotic / More Dirty Work for Money
December 08, 2004, 07:10:14 PM
This is an Essay i wrote for hire last night. it's about gay marriage.

seething. y'all might enjoy it. or not.

Gay Love

A straight string walks into a Gay bar and asks the bartender for a rye and coke.
   The Bartender says: "I'm sorry, this is a gay bar, and you seem to be pretty straight."
   Upon hearing this, the string stormed out of the bar, mumbling obscenities.
   Ten minutes later, The string returned, appearing to have suffered an accident. He sat down at the bar, twisted and coming undone, when the Bartender asked: "Aren't you that straight string that was just in here?"
   To which, the string replied: "Frayed Knot..." [Anon.]

   What is the big deal? Opinions are opinions; people are people, but one would assume that sentiment can only be applied so far before it reaches the far off lands of idiocy that can cause a person to question the cognitive capabilities of your average heterosexual person. (For the sake of context, the author will refer to many things with an appropriate corresponding colloquialism, e.g. "straight", "gay", etc...) What, honestly, is all the fuss over Gay Marriage? It seems that most people have an opinion about the subject of homosexuality, and Gay Marriage in particular. Some sway towards the tolerance- even the embracing- of homosexuality and gay marriage. Others, however, seem to be hell-bent on preventing Gay Marriage. Why do these people protest such union so vehemently? Perhaps it's time to search through the possibilities and find the most reasonable answers available.

   When you break down the possibilities, there are three core areas that a person could use as foundation and support for this claim: social, religious/moral and political. (The author would like to point out that an overwhelming majority of the driving anti-gay community falls back primarily on religious reasons for denouncing gay behavior.) Political reasons are weakest, and are usually a front for a deeper religious reason. The reason behind this, one could posit, may be because in the United States of America, there is a separation of Church and State, so laws resounding in religious nature are strictly taboo and unconstitutional. But if one were to say that these values are inherent in one's political affiliation, first amendment rights grant supposition and merit to these "political morals". So there lay the technical defense or premises for holding those beliefs with a political bend.

   The second most prominent area used to support the preferences of straight Americans in a manner that (perhaps) discriminates against gays is Societal Norms. Normalcy; the cry of every conservative social activist. Also a relative term, subject to the terms of the person using it. What really is normal? Conservative social activists against homosexuality and gay marriage would have the masses believe that being Gay is not normal, and in suit, that gay marriage should also not be considered normal. "It's (gay/marriage) not natural," is the basic mentality of many of these social conservatives.

   In a brief interjection, the author would like to address this statement: homosexuality is not natural. This single statement, alone, begs several questions, and on even the briefest of inspection, proves it fallacious. Let's try some basic logic: Humans are Animals; Animals are part of Nature. Now, among humans there are some people who choose, or perhaps are genetically predisposed towards homosexuality. If humans are part of nature, and some of them engage in this lifestyle, how does one come to the conclusion that it is unnatural? It seems to the author that if humans are part of nature and some of them are gay, then "gayness" is perhaps natural, regardless of whether it's a choice or a disposition (it seems more likely that it's somewhere in between.)
With all this in mind, though, most (not all) of these social conservatives have, once again, a religious standing behind their social conviction. This brings us to the primary reason, the central hub of anti homosexuality: religion. (Note: the author's aim is not to alienate or attack a particular religion, but the report must go on...) Many major religions do not condone, and even denounce homosexuality and homosexual behavior. The Judeo-Christian faiths seem to have the biggest beef against gays. There is no passage in the Bible that is clearer than, "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination." [Leviticus 18:22, KJV] It goes on, in chapter 20 of Leviticus, to compare homosexuality (perpetrated by both man and women alike) to adultery, bestiality and incest, with the penalty for all of these being death. [Lev. 20:10-16] Leviticus is also part of the Torah, ergo Judaism feels equally towards homosexuality.
Islam is a bit trickier. They seem more confused and ambivalent about what sexuality is condoned. "If two men among you is guilty of lewdness, punish
them both," [Qu'ran 4:16] is written one place in the Qu'ran, yet in multiple other places it uses as encouragement to Muslims "Round about them will serve boys of perpetual
freshness."  [Qu'ran 56:17, 76:19] Homosexuality ("lewdness between two men") is denounced, and then used as an incentive plan? Novice logicians that spent the greater portion of their lives uneducated in a cave can see the blatant contradiction here.
It has been established that the three primary religions in the United States all denounce (however ambiguously) homosexuality. It would make sense then that the largest proponents against gay marriage are religious, considering how deeply entrenched religion is in most people who prescribe to a particular faith. (Not all of those religious nuts agree, though, that homosexuality is wrong, or amoral...only adding to the ambiguity.) In the sake of nondiscrimination, though, the author would like to view the situation from these religious presuppositions.
God (supposedly) hates gays (or at least gay behavior). It stands out as an abomination of the flesh, the misrepresentation of a holy union between man and woman. (Actually, sodomy of any kind is prohibited by the bible, even between man and woman- man and wife are no exception.) God simply doesn't like it. Even if someone seems to be hardwired and absolutely, unquestionably gay, with not a snowflake's chance in hell of it being a choice, being gay is unacceptable. That's why God tells us not to engage in sodomy.
Wait a moment... that seems awfully strange; it looks almost as if two prepositions were made to support each other. Please refer once more to novice logicians that spent most of their lives in caves, ignorant of everything else. This is a fallacious form of argumentation called circular logic; preposition A is made and asserted as a conclusion in and of itself, and when a proof is requested Preposition B is inserted, explicitly or implicitly restating A. When a proof of B is requested, A is restated, and you start back at A: it's circular.
But, not willing to deny a person their religious freedom, the author would like to posit a few theories and alternatives for this biblical quandary. Perhaps in such ancient times, when survival was a huge issue, much more important than it is today, and the population wasn't so dense, more importance was placed on the survival and proliferation of the species. In turn, it became incorporated into the dogma that non-reproductive sex was taboo, and therefore "sin." But a glimpse at history shows that all things change through the passing of time; circumstances, environmental conditions, social climate, etc...All effect what is and is not acceptable and tolerable. And as times have changed, to coin a phrase, so maybe should the paradigm of sexual sin.
Even assuming that the Jewish-Christian God (even assuming that Judaism or Christianity are valid) does not condone, and in fact condemns homosexuality, and the transgressors will be punished by God in the afterlife with an eternity in hell, that still begs the question, "So what?" Assuming all this is accurate- that is, God, Heaven and Hell, as well as God's position on homosexuality- what about any number of possible responses that exist to rebut this notion? Such as: God grants humans free will to determine their own fate, and hell may be the result of some of those actions, but that's their free will; or contrary, God's plan (Christian Determinism) may include certain people being gay (hey, why not? God has made certain people Saints and Martyrs, Saviors, Prophets, Etc...Why couldn't he have intended for certain people to be gay?) This is all not to mention all the subtle arguments of grey area between these two polarized rebuttals.
The moral and religious element has been addressed. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to determine whether they think/feel that homosexuality is good or bad (or, perhaps, neutral?) The conflict, the author is certain, will never be completely resolved. Perhaps it will improve, if people smarten up. Even though something as similar as racism, for example (something that used to be very rampant in American Culture,) has vastly improved in this nation in less than a century (a respectively short amount of time, compared to generations upon generations), racism still exists. There stands no legitimate or logical reason for racism to exist, but it does none the less. The author, for the record, attributes this to an aspect of the human condition called "Excessive Habitual Ignorance".
To draw a parallel, Even though Racism still exists, great measures have been taken to improve the overall situation surrounding racism. But what of Homosexuality? We can't decide, once and for all, if it's "okay" or not, but why can't we do something about the situation in the mean time? What really is the problem with Gays being able to marry one another? Another exercise in perspective may be helpful.
People who dislike homosexuality (homophobes) would say that gays (widely considered "non-traditional") shouldn't be afforded the privilege of marriage, because it violates the "traditional" definition of a marriage. Perhaps homophobes are really just looking out for homosexuals: the leading cause of divorce is, after all, marriage. Some of them say that marriage wouldn't work for gays, anyway, because "gays have a natural tendency for promiscuity." [Weintraub] Says what definitive sterotyper? Heterosexuals are any less promiscuous? What about a bunch of college guys out on the weekend, looking to "get some?" What about the rising trend of teenage pregnancy? Those girls aren't lesbians (embryonic conception requires a female egg and a male sperm; girls don't have sperm...One can't deny mathematics.) [Blamire, 3]
On a slightly more serious and less playful note, what really is the problem with marriage among gays? Anyone who is married or is planning to be married, or was once married, will likely tell you that a lot of things they expected or wanted in their partner were things they never found. They'll also likely tell you that none of that was as important as they thought it would be, what mattered was the love. Isn't Absolute and Undying Love for your partner supposed to be the cornerstone of marriage? If two men or two women possess that love for one another, who is who to tell them that they shouldn't be allowed to marry? Their marriage in no way affects any other marriage, the same way that no heterosexual marriage affects any other marriage. The marriage itself is a self contained social contract that affects only the people who entered into that contract. Just like ever other contract in existence, practically. So what does it matter if Sally and Susan, or Peter and Paul, are in that state of absolute undying love for one another? It concerns them and only them, and their getting married doesn't threaten anything else, anywhere, in any way. So what's wrong with love?
Or Kill Me / great revelations
November 18, 2004, 09:55:27 AM
tonight's rant has been postponed.
instead, i present you with this:
i have issues with spatulas. i don't know why, but i do.
Literate Chaotic / More Conjecture (Zen Poetry)
June 21, 2004, 05:25:36 AM
One does not attain satori while
one is a driver;
one attains satori while a passenger.

A limitation in the eyes of one
perception, but total release and
peace to another.

In the arms of Chaos i weep,
purplexity reigns.
One ceases and infinity begins.

Abandoning your salvation
is salvation in itself.

For when i die,
may people laugh at my expense;
i have already laughed at their expense.

Creation and Destruction-
Only Existence and Nothingness,
which are the same.

Zero is Infinite.

-6/20/2004, 2:45am
Saint Bastard, N'yo B?© Zen Master
Or Kill Me / Shameless in Seattle
June 07, 2004, 09:39:59 PM
so there i was...

three days and five months into anequine dentistry program.

i had no clue what i was getting into, but the fellas at the pub told
me it was a smooth ride.

get liscensed to look gift horses in the mouth, and it would be
easy street from there. little did i know.

they told me i'd always have the upper hand in every situation
after i became an equine dentist.

no one toldme that equine dentists have to make house calls,
you can't just set up an office and wait for the horses to walk in themselves.
most of em are still in the Pen. damn convict horses.

so i dropped out of equine dentist school and started attending
what i like to call "the only thing a drop out equine dentist can do"

now i am happily a five star g-string inspector at the local strip club.
hold your horses, though, it's not as good as it sounds...

these strippers are the kind that hustler and swank even turn down.

so now i sit at home, picking the belly button lint out of my navel,
waiting for some higher purpose in life to epiphanize before me.

nothing. nothing but twinkies.


i'm sorry, i have to end this rant now, i just figured out what i'm going
to do with the rest of my life!!!