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You heard the lady, it's like the microwave oven of bag-steak!
Use it to make scrambled eggs!
Only $359!

Techmology and Scientism / OM:F is AUM?
September 05, 2012, 08:42:05 PM
According to these guys, just experiencing things that are out of the ordinary makes you more creative.

My holy mission is vindicated!  :lulz:
I mentioned it in the O:MF forum, but I've got lots and lots of pope cards that I whipped up and had printed, and I'll happily mail them to people who want to have one (or a few).
I've finally got some time to spare, so PM me if you're interested.

Here's what they look like:

Or Kill Me / Sick and Tired
August 23, 2012, 08:35:21 AM
Why the Nebraska Cacophony Society?

Because I'm sick and tired.
I'm sick of just passively receiving culture instead of making it mine.
I'm tired of having great ideas, marveling over them for a time, and then throwing them on top of the 30-foot high pile of dreams that I've never gotten around to realizing.
I'm sick of procrastinating on things I enjoy.
I'm tired of sitting around waiting for things to happen.
I'm sick of knowing anyone can be an artist but not proving it by example.
I'm tired of "would be cool if" instead of "is awesome because."
I'm sick of boredom.
I'm tired of other people having all the fun.
I'm sick of the monotony.
I'm tired of not acting just because I'm accustomed to being a spectator.
I'm sick of being jealous of those who act.
I'm tired of seeing years passing without having made a mark on them.
I'm sick of the little voice that says, "too hard," "too time consuming," "too much work," "too much commitment" and then leaves me to do nothing for hours of unrelenting blandness.
I'm tired of "someday."
I'm sick of "eventually."
I'm tired of "when I find the time" when I know full well that the time will never be found, it has to be made.
I'm sick of the same old, same old.
I'm tired of not doing anything to break up the same old, same old and replace it with something new and exciting.
I'm sick of the armchair.
I'm tired of consuming entertainment instead of making it.
I'm sick of thinking wistfully about a time when I did know how to make it instead of just observing it.
I'm tired of wondering if I can get back to that instead of knowing that I have.
Propaganda Depository / Minor NECacophony Stuff
August 14, 2012, 11:36:59 PM
I'm trying to steadily build inertia in the Nebraska Cacophony Society by keeping at least some little thing happening to get people's interest nearly every day.
Between a meme-mutation I'd half-realized the other day and realizing after the fact that Zaraday was just a couple of days ago, I whipped up this:

And then I decided to make a show-as-well-as-tell version:

I'll take my desire to punch myself over the latter version as a good sign.  :lulz: :argh!:

I've got a local Cacophony Society chapter that's never done shit.

I've realized that I, the by-default figurehead by merit of identifying as a Discordian and Subgenius, have concluded that Cacophony is stale. Even before I heard about the documentary on it I was realizing this, but it's what spurred me to really think hard about it.

The more I think about it, the more I realize it had been stale for well over a decade before I'd even first heard about it.

I really like the use of the word Cacophony in the title, but it's just "Hey, we're somehow indirectly related to Burning Man! Isn't it cool how much indirect reputation that gives us?" at this point.

Now, since they consider me the ringleader, I'm going to accept it and say I don't want any of that derivative crap. Might as well just walk the streets quoting Monty Python if we're gonna do that.

What I think I (and the group) need is rebranding--to do some self-targeted psychological bullshit.

Should I just form a new cabal and preemptively send them congratulating them on their successful application to join?

Should I create a whole new sort of group?

Should I just not give a shit about how Cacophony is just a thin umbrella over a handful of events that are basically self-sustaining and make a New Cacophony and throw in lots of over the top pseudoideological revolutionary rhetoric BS and for the giggles (as well as to try to foster a different attitude in the group)?

You guys and gals have gotten up to all sorts of mischief, so I thought I'd ask if you have any pointers.
I debated putting this in the rant forum, but it doesn't really have enough of The Rage (TM) to qualify it for a place there, in my opinion.

It feels like the universe is conspiring to fill my life with frustrating shit as hard as it can so far this year.

I'm dead fucking broke and can't get a job in this town because nobody will even give me an interview because of one or more of the following:
A) They won't hire people who're currently unemployed and disregard my application
B) They consider 2 years of college as over-qualified and disregard my application
or C) They aren't concerned with applicants being over-qualified so I'm forced to compete with people who have degrees to get a job working the register or stocking shelves, and thus they disregard my application because there's more college graduates alone for them to look through

Can't finish college because I can't even afford the loans I already took out.

Had to move back in with parents due to the above.

Parents' cats are senile shitbags who constantly make messes that I have to try to avoid stepping in.

Parents and fiance's parents both assume I don't have a job because I'm just not trying hard enough.
Even though fiance's mother was the manager of an HR department and admitted that she wouldn't hire me. They'll happily invite me to the immediate-family-only Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, sure, but actually help me out somehow? They're not comfortable with that.

Asked fiance's mother what I'm doing wrong or what I could do to improve my chances. You know, since she's the head of HR for a company and all. Best she could suggest was "Just take whatever you can get."
When I patiently explained that I'd been doing that sort of thing continually for the last 8 years whether I had a job or not, the best further advice she could give was "Keep trying." Because, you know, if something's not working, keep it up.

Fiance is getting sued. One of those sleazebag trawling lawsuits that offer a settlement upfront that's marginally cheaper than actually fighting it. Plus we'd have to take a loan just to be able to afford a lawyer to try, so that's an unacceptable risk.
Consequently any financial plans the get debt paid off and/or move back out are completely off the table for the next few months.

Fiance's parents were already bitching before giving us a good faith pay-when-you-can loan to cover the settlement. Plus they're expecting him to be taking absolutely no less than 18 credit hours a term so he hardly has any time left over at all to earn any money as it is.

My gas budget for being able to see him at all is down to 2.5 trips remaining with no replenishment of any kind in the foreseeable future unless some of the above changes dramatically.

Parents and future in-laws are all being gradually more obnoxious in their attempts to make us want to move out, being happily completely oblivious to the fact that we want to move out several orders of magnitude more badly than they want us to move out.
But none of them will actually do anything that will *help* it happen. They're not even paying for the 18 credit-hours-per-term they're expecting fiance to attend. This, despite the fact that the financial aid department seems convinced that he's just going to school to abuse student loans for free money since he's taking an unusually large number of classes per term and is working on a second degree since it turns out the first one he got *does* have a lot of jobs for it in the region, but NOT ONE place will hire anyone with less than 5 years of prior real-world experience. But apparently trying to get a more widely useful degree is suspicious.

Oh, and one of my aunts recently cracked and went full teabag.

tl;dr version:

Urge to kill rising. Rage and TO THE WALL imminent.