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Aneristic Illusions / Re: UNLIMITED 2020 THREAD
August 02, 2020, 08:18:00 PM
Quote from: Juana on August 02, 2020, 03:08:12 AM
Today in Trump Klan related malarkey, Ivanka Trump Once Said Christian Bale in American Psycho Was Her Ideal Man

QuoteAmerican Psycho is, of course, a parody of the craven Manhattan decadence that exploded in the late '80s and early '90s, and in a way that's even weirder than the fact that Christian Bale's character brutally murdered and dismembered women. There's something fundamentally strange about being into a character who lampoons your entire way of life on top of name checking both of your parents during the movie's runtime. But it also begs the question: What don't we know about her husband Jared Kushner?

Or why does Trump kowtow to Kushner?
Also it doesn't specifically mention it, but I'd throw in Robert Muller's 2011 speech about Transnational Organized Crime. hdiddlydiddlyps://

right around this bit of time:

Cheers! I like it too! I like how it begins in 79 but you could take it further back to Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and how the prohibition bootleggers got organized.
#19 This is a pretty nice high level overview. I recommend using Chrome and giving it reasonable time to load
I just can't wrap my head around what stake Barr has in this. At risk of sounding like some kind of truther, is Barr already entrenched in some way? The fact that his father, Donald Barr, was close with a 22 year old Epstein... HW Bush why come out of retirement at this point? or in what way is dogboy Barr entrenched in all of this?
Also he knew very well what he was doing by bringing up John Lewis. This hearing wasn't in a vacuum...although it always feels like it.
Coming from chicago area, i can't not think of Holman Square

He's out Jan 21st if it's still contested for that long which it won't be. justdon'tlookatbushvgore
I wonder if he can physically and mentally continue tbh. He seems to be getting worse and I wonder how much longer they can prop him up. Unless that's total horseshit ofc--although it doesn't seem so. I would think the Republicans would have a contingency plan in place that would take into consideration the crazy supporters. Then the daily beast article about him thinking biden will win. Also the recent ousting of Berman that seemed to fail in a good way.

I guess the SCOTUS opinions on Monday/Tuesday might be the scale tipper wrt the Mazars and Deutche Bank stuff-- I really have no clue at the end of the day but it's fun to speculate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ETA: i wanted to chuck in this politico article despite any misgivings about cooked geese.
okay -- cool.  that gives me somethign to think about thanks!
Well my whole speculation is that if there's going to be a replacement (as Cram has mentioned about buying a goose for a dollar) that they would begin to trot out the patsy about now. plus a lot of the news seems to have a different ... uh ... flavor. I only mentioned Amash bc I feel like he'd be a contender for the centrist vote--the mirror biden, iow. Romney is there too--but idk.
it would make a great advertising like cut. where a bunch of celebs read from the pd the sb, have it set to wistful music.
stormy daniels, then rod blagojevich...followed by jizmak da gusha, then idk marla maples?
Rumor is floating around parts of twitter that trump is getting too caught up in dementia, poll numbers tanking, so on and so forth...basically that we're going to see...a replacement. Some are saying Pence...but i'm not so sure (assuming there's any substance to the rumor anyway). I noticed Justin Amash seems to be waiting in the wings. Basically Trump...without all the White Nationalism.