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Or Kill Me / Public Transit: Not a playground.
« on: May 24, 2009, 10:31:32 am »
I have a lot of patience for other people's kids.

A lot of patience.

But for fuck's sake, there is no reason, none whatsoever, for a grown woman with three children ages between about 6 and at least 10, to be completely unable to get said children to sit on their asses and keep themselves reasonably quiet for a bus ride. I'm not talking silence. I'm talking THE BUS IS NOT THE PLACE TO HOLD A RAFFI SING ALONG. FOR AN HOUR. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

If people are getting off the bus and looking at you in disgust, lady, that's because you fail. Your little darlings are perfectly capable of learning to be considerate riders of public transit. It is not their personal playground, it belongs to the whole metropolitan area. They sure as fuck don't help finance it. They're making it more expensive by jumping on the seats though, they are making it less optimal a solution for people who don't have to use it because if ALL people are afraid to tell off the trailer trash momma and her obnoxious kids, then the busses end up full of them, and who really wants to go to work or out to see ADULT PEOPLE after hearing an off key shrill rendition of Baby Beluga for 45 minutes?

And of course, oh dear mother who's kids I told off because you were too busy laughing at them running up and down the bus aisle nearly flying through the windshield, your kids don't even have a right to ride the bus at all. I don't give a fuck if they're "having fun". Their right to have fun ends where my rights begin. That includes the right to a nice glass of SHUT THE FUCK UP, and then of course there are actual laws.

Seriously, oh entitled mommies of tweens everywhere, if your kid is so obnoxious in public that a youngish woman who CLEARLY spends her time working with kids (protip: the shirt for a largely child-centered industry, that's a big hint) is so off-put by your kids that she can't stand them, NO ONE CAN. They are fully capable of behaving like civilized, considerate human beings.

Or kill me.

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