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Apple Talk / If Florida's the source, Mobile is a reservoir
« on: March 04, 2013, 08:30:57 pm »
We're storing up stupid in case Florida accidentally a drought.

Taken from a conversation (rant) I had with someone in chat:


Mobile was the first capital of Louisiana. It's a shame this city doesn't embrace that.

The history is soooo similar and there's a lot of beauty and potential here but the NIMBYs fuck it all up.

When you hit downtown, you see it in the architecture.

People here would rather wave the rebel flag and TALK about how "diverse" we are.

The shame of it is, Mobile is probably one of the last (if not THE last) fertile, open coastal/port cities with potential for upwardly-mobile growth but the uber-republican, pro-corporate regime here would rather sell and give all the opportunities to private interests than do some real urban planning for the people.

So we're just getting raped. The opportunities are eroding with every giant conglomerate to come in and buy up port access and coastal reserve.

In Mobile, every bit of anything worth a good goddamn is already slated to go to some defense contractor, oil interest or chemical plant before we even hear about it.

Our Senator, Governor and Mayor all pushed to build this goddamned Carnival cruise terminal, for instance, with absolutely ZERO contract with Carnival to actually USE the thing. They just hired the contractors and built the thing with the promise to Mobile that it would bring tourism dollars.

Carnival hemmed and hawed about USING it so there it sat, over $40mil worth of concrete and channel. The city actually BORROWED $20million to finish the project.

Just as the natives were getting restless about a huge, piece-of-shit, corporate parking-lot on the coast, lo and behold! Katrina blows through! And guess what? New Orleans couldn't get their shit together long enough to remove the fucking power cables obstructing their terminal. WHOOPEE.

So Carnival parked their shit here for two years at a discount with still NO CONTRACT with the city for long-term use.

Meantime, what did Mobile do to encourage Carnival to stay? Did enhance tourism? Attract good cuisine? Fix the 15-mile-away airport problem? Gentrify neighborhoods, fix up the sights or get rid of some of the ugly fucking Dollar Trees and Payday Loan places in favor of mid and hi-range hotels?

NO! They enacted curfews downtown, prohibited drinking after 2AM or on Sundays without a private club license and outlawed sex toys statewide!

The largest-scale of raids on tourism-related nightlife interests went on while Carnival was in town.

The Old Guard resisted "establishments of intemperance" like a CRUSADE.

All of the gay clubs along the "fruit loop" were SHUT DOWN except for ONE...and that one's owned by Old Money.

People lost their liquor licences and got hit with irrecoverable fines that put them out of business.

Carnival didn't leave, they were THROWN out of here...and the Old Guard fucked the horse they rode in on up the ass.

And now, the taxpayers OWE $2.2million a YEAR on the empty cruise terminal. Do you know how much the city made off that disabled ship that's there now for the hospitality? $73K.

And the city just raised our sales taxed to 10%. We pay more than MANHATTAN. We have NO mass transit, NO social services and a piss-poor Parks & Rec department.

maybe a pention?

or  :?

Apple Talk / Don't you want me, baby?
« on: March 04, 2013, 08:14:50 pm »

You patrician, self-righteous CUNT. Tell ME to "do some research?" School ME in SCIENCE using the BIBLE and your FEEEEEEELINGS as a mother as a textbook?




Okay, then I suggest you NOT try to "out science" me and tell me to "do some research." If you want to take the position that "God told me so," FINE. Then SAY THAT and KNOW that it is strictly based on your FEEEEEEELINGS, not on UNDERSTAAAAANDING of how these things actually WORK.



Or Kill Me / One-sentance rant with image.
« on: August 29, 2012, 06:15:11 pm »

It's like the non-encumbent's party is always an expectant, birthing mother: no matter HOW ugly or misshapen the thing is they wrap in a pink or blue blanket and present her, you know she's just going to beam with pride and unconditional adoration.


No, srsly, I'm in NOLA. If y'a know him, I'd like to meat up. My phone number is 230-1370 in you-know-which area code. The one  I like. Ask Phoxy-lady.


Look, I know most agents of the law don't intend to be total fuckwads but there are a few things wrong with trusting them to be lawful.

The first is the Stanford experiment factor. Regardless if cruelty was the intent or not, there is (and this is proven) a certain amount of groupthink-level immunity from consequences and dissociation from empathy and responsibility that happens when you hand someone a badge, a gun and grant an identically-clothed group of them a "writ de Marquis" over other human beings.

The second is, you are not requiring these men and women to hold a certificate of comprehension and a binding agreement to be educated on what the law actually is and what is or isn't constitutional, what is or isn't a lawful order and requiring them to uphold respect for a citizen's intrinsic liberties and civil entitlements outside of their initial oath to "uphold the law and follow orders with duty and honor."

Last, you're placing these men and women in a situation where they're somewhat disconnected from process of ensuring the actions they take are lawful to begin with. They're given top-down orders to "detain/arrest/confiscate/destroy/interrogate anyone/anything that's illegal/connected/suspicious." They receive some General Orders describing how to properly handle/arrest/interrogate and a list of DO NOTs (Do not undress a female, do not touch someone's privates, etc). Then they get their specific orders of the day, mission-related orders and a constant stream of briefings regarding field risks and intel. Agents, cops and servicemembers have a whoooole lot of scuttlebutt spreading around about what someone thinks is illegal activity as well. At no time is anyone on the mid-to-lower tier level ever encouraged to research or challenge the lawfulness,. Nor are they given the means to challenge if they should find themselves knowledgeable or unsure about a directive's erroneous status. This is why you have people being detained at the border or in airports for stupid shit like a tin of personal goods and letters in a suitcase ("You're not allowed to travel with things in a metal container, sir. You're going to have to throw it away before we can let you board." Yes, this happened!) and every other TSA agent will back them up on it. Why? Because they heard a rumor somewhere...or because its sounds legit. Or because some upper-e dumbass sent out a self-important email to everyone that morning stating so and no one looked it up.

The fact is, a lot of agents don't really know the law, nor are they expected to care.

What's that? Exception to the rule, you say? Due process to correct the iniquities, you say? Sure! Let's suppose best case scenario after an injustice happens. The tin my ex was carrying for me in his suitcase got thrown away. Let's say it had a personal significance to me and let's say I hired a lawyer and sued and the federal court awarded me a cash sum. Let's even say the expense and inconvenience of the suit was really no trouble to me and things went smoothly. Let's say a permanent policy went out as a result, educating agents about the lawfulness of tins (and other items) in suitcases That still does nothing to abate the long-term damage to the societal mechanism of fair dissent imposed in the form of intimidation and a feeling of powerlessness. You can not outcry. You may not argue. You must do as you are told first, even if you know it to be unlawful for fear of imprisonment and other consequences. It's like a societal PTSD: flinching and backing down despite innocence and it's a form of mind-control.

And this baseline-level of an "intimidation constant" actually acts as a further psychological feedback-loop with the "authorities" themselves and will travel allll the way up to the legislative branch. Some friends of mine had a contact who is a biochemist/pharmacology researcher who was able to synthesize a chemical called MXE which is a dissociative that people use relationally, is safer than Ketamine and is not yet illegal, even under the Analogue Act. He was sending it into the country, packed plainly but otherwise undisguised. Soon, banks stopped allowing their customers to make transfers to this person. From what I understand, some bit of pressure somewhere was placed on him and he stopped transporting the substance altogether Why? It's not illegal, right? Shouldn't he feel righteous in openly distributing a substance which is not yet illegal? And what's your knee-jerk response to this? Is it something like: "He was shipping it in for sale? HERE?  Well THAT was stupid!" WHY?

There is an undeniable current of "If you THINK you're doing something arrestable, that's because you probably are and if you aren't, it either should be or it will be soon." This attitude is infectious and is the reason why your banking institution will gladly violate the terms of their agreement with you and refuse a legal transaction. And if the banks know it's "wrong," well it must be wrong. And since the banks think it's wrong, they have a duty (Title II of the patriot act) to report it. And since it's reported, Border Agent in-charge Jones goes ahead and puts an email out to all the inspectors in his unit that packets from X address are reported to contain an illicit substance and that all such packets must be held for further investigation and all information (addressee data) must be noted in their reports. At least that. Next day, there will likely be a briefing and a change to the protocols to include a "lookout" for the aforementioned...and you can see how this could travel up the chain, right?

We're just far too comfortable with a system that does make these grave mistakes, is given the levity to variate both interpretation/perception and execution of the law and serves only to further the perception-becomes-reality mechanism of moving locus of control further and further away from the individual and more and more towards representation of the collective.

Fucked if I know what to do about it though. Bring a cath-bag and a Brita-bottle everywhere I go?

Or kill me.


SAN DIEGO — A San Diego college student who federal drug agents forgot and left in a holding cell for five days without food, water or access to a toilet said Tuesday that he drank his own urine to survive.

Daniel Chong also said that he bit into his glasses to break them and tried to use a shard to scratch “Sorry Mom” into his arm, according to U-T San Diego (

The 24-year-old University of California, San Diego, engineering student was swept up as one of nine suspects in an April 21 drug raid that netted 18,000 ecstasy pills, other drugs and weapons.

Chong said federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents told him he would be let go. One agent even promised to drive him home from the DEA field office in Kearny Mesa, he said.

Instead, he was returned to a holding cell to await release. DEA spokeswoman Amy Roderick said he was accidentally left there.

he could hear the muffled voices of agents outside his five-by-10-foot windowless cell and the door of the next cell being opened and closed. He kicked and screamed as loud as he could, but apparently, his cries for help went unheard....

...“When they opened the door, one of them said ‘Here’s the water you’ve been asking for,” Chong said. “But I was pretty out of it at the time.”

Here's the part I love the best:
Chong also ingested a white powder DEA agents said was left in the cell accidentally and later identified as methamphetamine.

They're so fucking cavalier about it. "We accidentally left him there...and we accidentally left some meth in the cell too." Yeah, and the accidentally didn't hear him screaming "WATER!" and "HELP!" for five days but someone walked in and said "Here's the water you've been asking for?" Were they aware he was in there or not?

Apple Talk / I just found this...
« on: May 01, 2012, 06:09:54 am »
It's a year old and forgive me if it's C&R but I can't stop laughing:

WBC member Abigail Phelps said the KKK “have no moral authority on anything.”

“The Bible doesn't say anywhere that it's an abomination to be born of a certain gender or race,” she said.

Somebody slap me. I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING.

I did not want to muck up the other thread with this since it so obviously hinges on some psychoactive elements and it has been clearly expressed elsewhere that the body politic doesnot wish to be subjected to people's "trip reports" against their will. Out of respect for your wshes, I started a separate thread. It is no less relevant to the "insanity" point in the other thread but this way, people are given the liberty to read and comment or NOT without it being an intrigal part of a discussion which they were previously enjoying.

True story:
RavingTM unfucked my head in a lot of ways. Abridged version: Daddy beat the shit out of me, Mommy told me to my face I was imagining it. I had what I now see clearly as serious deficiencies being able to connect to and empathize with other people, including my own son. I went through the motions of what an excellent mother is expected to do: nurse as long as possible, baby-wearing, label-reading, developmental toy-buying, letter-to-the-manufacturer writing...I even grit my teeth and went to the local Methodist church and tried to force faith on myself for his sake because aside from shit I'd read in books and observations of seemingly happy families, I really had no clue about what a good mother actually does and feels.

Dumping a fuckton of serotonin onto my axons thereby, giving me an 8-hour reprieve from my intense, stick-in-the-ass anxiety/dissociation/anxiety/dissociation cycle was like a short-circuit to the broken record. Long ago I had slammed some lid closed on how I defined everything from "success" to "doing the right thing" to even my perception of my own perception process. In spite of my intelligence (or perhaps because of it) I might never have been able to process a thing like discordia without that reboot. It made be a more connected mom and a better person. I have a closeness now with my son that isn't based on personal reward that I might never have achieved otherwise. It did not wash me of all my flaws or erroneous thinking, but rather, it showed me proof in the most positive, objective light possble that mistakes were occurring.

I have also been in the grips of sickness...both in pre-use/abstinence from the stuff and horribly, while on it. Overuse has the frightening effect of revealing exactly what the beginning stages of your own age-related mental breakdown will really look like while you are still sharp enough to snap out of it when the effects wear off and examine how you thought and felt critically afterwards.

I am pretty certain I will have dementia when I am old. Aside from a wealth of predisposing factors (dopamine imbalance, fucking my head up with chemicals, hereditary madness on my father's side, memory loss on my mother's), I have seen firsthand the effects of chemically removing too much of my higher-order critical thinking skills from my central nervous system functioning. One day, I fully realize that my brain will shit the bed and I will be bathing in the resulting excrement unless I manage to convince another human being to love and commit to me long enough to respect and honor my wishes for an appointment with the offices of 2BR02B before I reach the point where I am pissing on the floor, flying into paranoid rages and curling up in the corner, checking my own head for nits for hours. This is just a fact.

The concept of "beautiful madness" never really appealed to me much because of my own dysfunctional youth, who my father is and the things with which this cursed family name are associated but now, the word "insane" has taken on a far more sinister shape...a ticking clock, perhaps? I can't let myself poison today with worry about 30 years from now but every time I experience muscle fasciclations...every time I suffer a bout of short-term memory loss or become a bit disoriented...or even have momentary deja vú, I wonder: "Is this the outer edge of the descent am I feeling the corner of the ledge here?" Presenting myself as "crazy" is possibly the furthest thing from my motives and I have worked hard to distinguish my irreparable-but-harmless "quirks" from the connotations of "psycho."

I'm not offended by anyone's use of anything, but I'd like to request that if you decide to label yourself as mad, please distinguish yourself as either thoroughly so or else admit that it's really a joke and you are joking (I do this myself. We all do, as in "you have to be nuts to be an EMT, lol!). Please do not try to twist or expand the true definition to subjctive limits which make foggy the line betwen the sick and the well. This is not the same as the "define normal" argument. This has specific consequences for adulterating the broadening the definition of "terrorism" to include 15 year old american boys, stealing episodes of "Cowboy BeBop."

Thank you.

Aneristic Illusions / Estados Unidos no mas bueno para Mexicanos?
« on: April 24, 2012, 05:54:46 am »
We're not even worth the trip for poor Mexicans anymore. So much for THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH.

The largest wave of immigration in history from a single country to the United States has come to a standstill. After four decades that brought 12 million current immigrants—more than half of whom came illegally—the net migration flow from Mexico to the United States has stopped—and may have reversed, according to a new analysis by the Pew Hispanic Center of multiple government data sets from both countries.

The standstill appears to be the result of many factors, including the weakened U.S. job and housing construction markets, heightened border enforcement, a rise in deportations, the growing dangers associated with illegal border crossings, the long-term decline in Mexico’s birth rates and changing economic conditions in Mexico.

1. Cash in chips in US, invest in Mexico
2. Chill out and wait 10 years.
3.  :?

Apple Talk / [Title changed for even MOAR FAIL] Happy 4/23!
« on: April 23, 2012, 03:46:59 pm »
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Apple Talk / A word on the Wretched (long overdue explanation)
« on: April 13, 2012, 12:58:46 pm »
I'm going to quote something I told someone else privately because it sums things up succinctly and it's come to my attention that some people still completely understand what the fuck went on.

WretchedChan was created by me as a troll account/ridiculous alter-ego to express a lot of the unrest I have about the stupid things we as women do to ourselves. She was intended to be a very extreme reflection of those parts of ourselves that are kind of pathetic and ugly and wretched. It was a fun thought-experiment in that I was taking the very worst-case-scenario of the pathetic female stereotype and creating sort of a container to hold all that baggage so I can laugh at it and say "I'm glad that ain't me."

"Oh, WretchedChan! *facepalm* When will you ever learn, girl?"

In what? October? My ex broke into my laptop by running linux through a flashdrive, got alllllll the passwords to allllll my online accounts and broke into all of them. We'd been unhappy and on our way into the divorce court for a long time but, not wanting to create more drama with him (because he's crazy, duh), I kept my private life to myself and bid my time until I could completely remove myself from the residence. He was looking to poke around in my private life by violating me yet some more and when he found some shit on a poly forum that I wrote under a different name, he had his justification for all that he had done to me, was doing and was planning on doing. "I'm going to burn you to the fucking ground" were his precise words.

He had my phone (we shared an account) turned off and had my number transferred to another device. He loaded up all my contacts from my google accounts (I had an android phone so that was easy) and proceeded to phone and text every single one of my friends, family and contacts to impersonate me for info then smear my name in shit. He phoned my son's father to tell him I was neglecting my child and that he'd be willing to attest to the same in a custody battle. When people who'd been encouraging me and offering to help me escape for a long time (part of my safety plan) answered back some of his more cryptic (information-gathering) texts to ask if I needed help, he milked them for as much information as he could, then threatened their jobs and their families if they tried to assist me. There went my safety plan. He threatened to have my car reported stolen (they arrest first and ask questions later and with a pending felony charge, you can't complete clinical rotations and therefore, can not pass EMT school) and did every possible thing to cause me to lose any hope for a life without him. He told me plainly that he would ensure that I'd have nothing and that no one would ever fuck me or hire me again when he was through with me. He told anyone he couldn't bleed for information that I had STDs and wasn't disclosing them, he told me he called people he knows in the NOPD and Acadian Ambulance to tell them I was a thief and of bad character and not to hire me. I have no idea if he really did this but the point was to terrorize me.

One of his favorite tactics was to log into my various accounts and air out all my dirty laundry...and some laundry that wasn't even accurately mine. That's what happened with WC. I became, for all intents and purposes, persona non grata. I was instantly alienated from everything and everyone I cared about. Too scared to go back home, no one who wanted to deal with me or get involved because of the scary, ferocity of the situation and a good portion of the friend and acquaintance base I had built for myself telling me bluntly not to contact them anymore. I think a portion of them wanted to stay the fuck away from the drama, another segment maybe believed the things he was saying and a third portion were truly offended at getting text messages on their phones (some of them with wives and husbands) saying "I have and better get checked!" and whatever else he sent them.

I couldn't go back to the house. He'd trashed a bunch of my shit and changed the locks anyway but I was fucking terrified of him. I changed as many passwords as I could manage in the short amount of time I had using a friend's computer in New Orleans, hit up ECH and Rog on FB to ask them to suspend my accts here and ended up in a DomVi shelter for a week.

I don't know if you know anything about this sort of thing but down here, a DomVi shelter is the absolute worst place to protect yourself from this sort of abuse. You are technically safe from being beaten for a while but when you get out, your problems that gave the abuser power in the first place are far, far worse. You're not allowed to go to the bank, contact legal before you've been there a week, file for a PFA, log into or change the passwords to any of your accounts that your perp knows you have, you can't make and receive phonecalls without permission, you can't arrange to have someone take care of your affairs because if they know where you are, your perp can torture them to find out where you are. You can leave for work and school after 48 hours but there's a curfew. You can't feed pets. You can't get your children away from the perp if he's their parent. In the meantime, your perp is wreaking HAVOC on your life: selling or trashing your shit, selling marital property (and with the 1-week wait period on being allowed to get legal help or file anything, if he sells the house, you have to take it up the ass), cleaning out accounts, taking you off the medical plan, contacting your family before you've been allowed to call them yourself, etc etc etc.

I have seen women lose their houses, lose their children due to charges by him of legal abandonment and emergency ex parte orders, sit helplessly while they know their pets are dying with no food or water, and basically find themselves in the exact position the abuser wants: "You are nothing without me, you HAVE nothing without me. You'd better come back if you want this to stop."

It was a nightmare that just went on and on and on. He had plenty of time to just drunkenly rage for two weeks. He had a mutual "friend" help him take my car off the school lot when I was in class right in front of security. He stole my schoolbooks and I watched my #1 class-ranking drop, drop, drop while for three weeks, I had to take a zero on assignments that made 15% of my grade.

The WHORE thread was a product of this mess. It was a fantastic state of affairs that he chose WretchedChan for that and it felt like some sort of poetic irony so I left it. It's become sort of a badge to me now...a battle scar of sorts.

In my head, I'm still kind of fucked. I don't trust anyone and I feel like I can't show my face anywhere. I'm still dealing with the backlash from his circus of crazy...I still occasionally hear from people who ask me "So that text you sent me a while ago, what the fuck was THAT about? That was very not cool, man/leave me out of your bullshit."

It fucked with my sense of "I can beat this" in a huuuge way. I'm shaken. I feel weak and sick and frightened of everything.

But I found a niche here. This was the one and only place where he didn't sell his shit. It didn't sell. Not a drop. The only place. You people saw through the bullshit with almost zero contact or explanation from me while I was incommunicado. On the contrary: people who had never met me IRL actually showed concern. I made the decision at that point to stop being a flouncy-lurker and become a regular.

So that's it. That's the whole shebang, more or less. There's more drama but not a whole lot more. It's ongoing but the worst is over for now.

Or Kill Me / [renamed]: HERE! TASTE THIS BRICK!
« on: April 10, 2012, 12:00:29 am »
Fuck you, Department of the V-fucking-A. You're utterly useless for anything but throwing more drugs at a problem you have utterly failed to accurately diagnose treat, or give a horse's hooty-tootie about. I'll do it myself...NO DON'T BOTHER GETTING OFF YOUR ASS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. THANKS BUT NO THANKS, I GOT THIS.

So now, due to being horrifyingly paper-fucked and violated by you, the US Navy, my ex BF who was a Navy Corpsman and who raped my medical records but suffered ZERO as far as accountability is concerned, you have robbed me of:
1. 2 clearly service-connected disabilities and Tx for the same
2. A proper rating of 20% or greater, leaving me for TEN YEARS with a rating that inadequately addresses or acknowledges the REAL level shit I have to put up with as a result of the shit you broke.
3. My GI Bill benefits (THAT one REALLY stung: getting the shaft when it comes to fixing shit that's broken is bad enough but having you BREAK what I already paid for MYSELF simply because "time ran out" while I was too busy managing the aforementioned disability is fucking sadistic).
4. Now, you are trying to exclude me from the one option I have left through a game of "Delay her paperwork and keep kicking it back until the disqualification date."

Fuck you.


I have put up with unimaginable amounts of shit and watched my entire life fall apart in front of me to FIGHT my way through enough school to CLAW my way out of this sewage hole IN SPITE OF every obstacle imaginable. I have been separated from my son since June 2011. I have been beaten down, physically, socially and psychologically by every motherfucker to encounter me in my weakened state. There is no shortage of contemptuous KICKS on behalf of the weak, bitter and insecure. I have been victim to fraud, abuse, violence, theft, waste and utter incompetence. Been surrounded by sickness and alcoholism. CRIED OUT for help, using every available resource only to be mocked and ignored by a system whose attention seemingly goes only to those willing to act like total fucking PSYCHOPATHS to get what they want and need.

I am exhausted.

I don't want to try anymore. I can't live a life of being a total fucking asshole: it is a strategy I have neither the lack of conscience or aptitude to employ but it's almost certain at this point that I am nearly completely FUCKED.

I need HELP. I need a fucking BREAK.

I have come close to making "the final cut" but I know that I will never actually do this. My little kid is entitled to my utter devotion to being an endless source of strength and unconditional love for him. If no one else in this entire fucking miserable WORLD, at least he has me. At LEAST that. That's far more than I ever had and I wish little more than to be sufficient at providing THAT.

We are falling through the cracks, though. Too smart and resourceful to be taken seriously as one in need of any help and too weak and lacking in skill and resources to pull us to a flood survivor, clinging uselessly to a sinking piece of flotsam: the fact that I have not yet let go the only criteria for my being ignored while wild apes loot my home and empty my bank account and I uselessly and powerlessly look on, screaming "STOP! THIEVES!"

I'm so angry, it's all I can do to bite back the tears and swallow the lump in my throat. To be faced with the fact that my hard-won education has been utterly POINTLESS. That I am of no more value here with it than before the investment and struggle is a slap in the face.

So what will I do? We both KNOW what I'll do. I will wipe your phlegm off my cheek, buck up like a good girl and keep fighting. Quietly. I will stand up and scan the room for another exit, will assess the resources available and feel the gears turn in my head while I try to fashion a battering-ram out of found objects in a room full of splintered wood and broken things while the hateful continue to frustrate my efforts with butane and salt rubbed in my wounds.

Discordian Recipes / [BAR RECIPE] navakat's Sazerac variation
« on: April 09, 2012, 02:00:52 am »
You will need:
2 oz. Rye whiskey
0.2 oz. French style absinthe or Herbsaint
1 tbsp REGULAR simple syrup (2:1 syrup, not bartender's simple syrup which is 1:1)
4 drops Peychaud's bitters
1 drop Angostura bitters (optional)
2 drops Fee Brothers Orange bitters (optional)
1 substantial piece of orange peel
1 pre-chilled rocks glass

Pour the Absinthe or Herbsaint into your prechilled rocks glass and swirl around the glass until the entire inside is coated. Rim the glass with orange oil by rubbing the orange peel around it.

In a separate shotglass, mix the simple syrup, Peychaud's bitters and the Angostura and Orange bitters (if desired)

Put your 2 oz. Rye into the glass, toss your bitters mixture on top and stir.

A New Orleans purist would say here to garnish the glass with the orange (or lemon) peel and let the orange oil drip down the glass into the drink. I say, shove that puppy into the empty glass and pour the rye on top.

This is a fragrant drink, intended to be savored. Shown here with some big, mufuggin crawfish and the ubiquitous book. Enjoy!

Apple Talk / HE IS RISEN!
« on: April 08, 2012, 05:30:44 pm »


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