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Or Kill Me / The Honest Truth
« on: September 21, 2010, 12:25:24 am »
This is still unpolished and unfinished, mostly. It's a little incoherent, but I think it's time to put it out here.

The search for Truth began millennia ago. The world is big and scary, and it doesn’t always make sense. But our ancestors tiny minds couldn’t comprehend that thought. It had to make sense, they just didn’t understand it, yet.

In the ancient world, people knew that your feet touched the ground and that you couldn’t walk off the edge of a cliff or you’d fall down to the ground.  It was the way things were. The gods were responsible for earthquakes, volcanoes, weather, and any other phenomena not readily explainable.

In the modern world, we have the laws of physics that tell us that a force called gravity keeps our feet on the ground and makes us fall. Plate tectonics, seismic activity, atmospheric forces, and other factors are responsible for what used to be the handiwork of the gods.

But the fundamental question remains: Why? Why does gravity work? Why do tectonic plates shift? Why did humans end up with the physiological traits they have? We are really no closer to the answer than they were.

The truth is there is no Truth. We're all figments of each others' imaginations, and the world is what we make of it. Things are true only because we believe them to be. If we stopped believing in gravity, we could all float. If we started believing that nuclear weapons did nothing but cause a massive explosion of flower petals, then that's what would happen. But we are trapped in the illusory world society has built for itself. Deep down, we know that gravity works, just as we know mushroom clouds are all we get from atomic bombs. If we could rid ourselves of the socialized knowledge we have, and then we could do anything.

We dream of things that are impossible, but only upon waking do we question them. When we return to reality, the Truth reasserts itself. It was a silly dream, and nothing more. I can’t really fly. Butterflies made of fire don’t exist. I’ll never see her again, because she’s dead.

But the things we dream are as true as what we experience in the waking world. Everything is just a fleeting perception, and what we perceive is filtered through our beliefs, our feelings, our memories.

But humans still carry on in the search for Truth.  The gods have been replaced with science, but nothing has really changed.

Apple Talk / Really Real Illinois Regional Divisions
« on: September 03, 2010, 01:29:46 am »

No joke, I just edited some of the names. :(

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