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Or Kill Me / Greyfaced harpies
« on: August 03, 2005, 08:43:56 pm »
I admit I was hesitant about posting this,because there stands a good chance of me being crucified here.Then I thought,fuck it.Wouldn't be the first time,nor will I have been the only one,crucified on this forum for daring to SPEAK THE TRUTH.

I've been giving it a lot of thought as of late ,and I may have an explanation for a lot of the problems being faced on these boards.
These forums seem to have become nesting site for the dreaded "greyfaced harpies".

Greyfaced harpies are nasty vile creatures. Real quick to criticize others.Love stirring up trouble. They lack any creative or original thinking,so they sink their  venomous claws into those that do. They do nothing constructive on these forums, and they never come up with topics that try to get people thinking.They never have anything intelligent to say. They love to strike at people,and moan and bitch loudly when someone defends themselves. And they love to instigate. They represent the destructive aspect to the chaos on this forum.They Embody one of the worst apects of Eris,which is THE DRAMA QUEEN.

I've seen many newbies chased off this forum by them.
Many times a young person come on this forum asking a legitamate question about discordianism,but before any of us can give them a intelligent answer,the harpies have already ripped into them like Freddy Krueger at a teenage slumber party. These harpies loathe anything new or different.
If there is anything a greyfaced harpy hates,its the TRUTH.They despise it and anyone who possesses it. If you post anything intellligent they try to rip you apart,rather then attacking the validity of your post. They rather tell you to STFU rather than get into an intelligent debate.They'll post any lie that suits their egos,and viciously attack any who dare dsagree with them.

They call themselves "discordians",but possess the one thing a discordian should never have,and that is a closed mind. Anything that does not fit into their reality tunnel is automatically dismissed by them.They seek to destroy anything they do not understand and dare say that they are doing it in the name of Eris.

Even if they don't attack your ideas personally,they use your posts to continue their little vendettas they have against those who don't put up with their shit. They love to hijack threads,especially the ones that may get people to think. They hate it when we discuss ideas amongst ourselves,for they lack the brainpower to join in constructively.

I can hear them now,sharpening their claws,their eyes afire with hate and malice,because they cannot bear the Light of Eris exposing them for the anerisitic monsters they are.So come on you nasty creatures,take your best shot.Nail me to that cross.I walk with Goddess,and can never fear the likes of you.

Literate Chaotic / Easy to use erisian primer.
« on: May 03, 2005, 07:49:28 pm »
Discovered this book called "Seven Life Lessons of Chaos".

Its basically erisianism written by science nerds,but easy to use.

This great book to use when guiding a cabbage through chaosophy.[/img]

Even though I have been an Erisian all my life,here is the story of how I  first met Eris.This is from the "Book of Eris"
 And lo,there I was,decked out in my finest gothic and leather clothing,sipping a White Russian at the bar of my favourite goth club,and contemplating the sad state of the world.I lit up a clove and turned to watch the leatherboys,gothchicks,and vampyre wannabees do bad Tai Chi on the dance floor.All of a sudden everything froze,but only I and the music was still active.A beautiful woman in black leather and rainbow colored hair appeared on the dancefloor.I couldn't keep my eyes off her.Her eyes shone like the sun.Each move of her delicate arms told the story of Creation.She walked up to me and said
"I am ERIS KALLISTI DISCORDIA.I am the Goddess of Chaos.With me all things are possible.I have come to you to teach you many things,Verthaine."
I fell on my knees and cried out "I am not worthy!" She looked at me and smile.
"All are worthy in the eyes of Chaos.Stand up,my silly goth boy,for I have something of importance to ask of you"

I stood up,and awaited with anticipation of what a goddess like Eris would ask me to do."Your wish is my command." I said.She smiled at me,and with a twinkle in her eyes she said onto me:
"Can you spare one of those clove cigarettes?"
And thus I was enlightened.

Any other testemonials out there

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