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I havent actually ever met any Transhumanists, but from what I've read I'm extremely interested.  My only source of knowledge on this is the net, and none of my info has been from discussion, only reading their website and some others.
Or Kill Me / I love you guys
November 21, 2007, 06:06:42 AM
I know I'm just that wierd lurker, and I also know that I'm drunk, but in all seriousnuss, it's good to know that there are other people out there fighting the good fight. 
I'm one of two people I know who knows what the word Eris means, really means.  Even lurking, it provides me with fuel to know that "Bob" has soldiers.
Reading the rants on this site, of people who started thinking the way I think (at least vaguely) at my age, and have continued thus for many years after gives me hope that maybe theres a chance for people.  Maybe all the disgusting behaviors of the human part of my race, are redeemable. 
Maybe humanity isn't the disgusting pile of vomit that I sometimes think it is.
Maybe all the Hate I have for the works of people can be put to use, to beat back the forces of the Pinks, to better Mankind (real Mankind, not the Robot Army assembled by The Conspiracy.)
Maybe the fact that I laugh when others cry is not an abberancy, but really the future of our species.

I know we cannot do away with The Machine/
But, maybe, by pouring sand into the gears of The Machine, we can fix what has been broken.

Or maybe the Saucer Men will burn us all alive.

Or Kill Me.

(With all apologies to TGRR, but I'm a SubGenius too, so I'll end my mini-rant however I bloody choose.)

EDIT: maybe this should go in the rants section, if a mod wants to move it, then so be it.
Or Kill Me / Hate
June 22, 2007, 07:47:40 AM
Every ,ÄúBob,Äùdamned time I say ,ÄúI hate,Äù this or that, I hear those ever-enraging words from new-agers and hippies. 
,ÄúOh, you shouldn,Äôt hate.  Be Positive.,Äù
,ÄúHate is a bad emotion.,Äù
,ÄúHate gets you nowhere in life.,Äù

WHAT?  Hate gets me nowhere?  What the fuck are you assholes talking about?
I really think that these Pink dipshits have never even FELT real Hate in their lives.

Hate is one of the greatest motivators in the world, and these pansies would shun it?!

I say let them.  If they don,Äôt want it, then fine, more for me. 

Know what I think?  I think they,Äôre scared of it.  They see that Hate is powerful, that Hate is useful, nay, that Hate is FUN, and they think ,Äúanything this awesome can,Äôt be really as good as it seems.,Äù

Well, hippies, the joke,Äôs on you, because Hate is ALL that it,Äôs cracked up to be, and THEN SOME!  Gallon for gallon, Hate is 30 times more efficient than Gasoline!

So, fuck you if you,Äôre scared of a little Hate.  Or a lot of Hate.  Because Hate makes the world go round (the scientists would tell you it was gravity that does that, but who ya gonna believe, some scientist, or a Doktor?)

I haven't ranted in a long ass time, so I'm a touch rusty.  Advice would be apprecieated.