News: "the lot of you are some of the most vicious, name calling, vile examples of humanity I've had the misfortune of attempting to communicate with.  Even attempting to mimic the general mood of the place toward people who think differently leaves a slimy feel on my skin.  Reptilian, even."

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I was actually a test subject for a friend who dealt acid back in the early nineties, I did a LOT of it.
It's actually unusually practical, I can listen to these folks ramble and glean little bits of knowlege from what they say.

To answer your first question though... I don't know. In my mind that magical piece doesn't exist, it's just something everyone else seems to have, I suppose it's a shared hallucination.
Quote from: purpleXi on November 14, 2020, 02:04:46 PM
Quote from: Fujikoma on November 14, 2020, 01:34:03 PM
The energy behind my behavior pattern comes from my male inability to admit defeat, would be nice if it weren't a thing, I know, snip snip and it's over. My impulse control is ever a problem. Thanks for recognizing my self-awareness.

I mean, I could ship you some testosterone blockers today which i no longer need, but do you really think that is the culprit? Masculinity doesn't require testosterone, as much as having testosterone doesn't automatically make you a man. I can think of plenty of people who don't identify as a man but still can't admit defeat.

Your self-awareness is obvious, which makes it all the more curious to me why you ignore it. Any unresolved conflicts gnawing at you?

I appreciate the offer but I'd probably just keel over without testosterone. You are correct that plenty of people don't admit defeat when they possibly should. That said I should likely show others respect and shut the fuck up. It seems like there's something everyone else gets that I'm missing, been that way my whole life, still waiting for that magical piece of the puzzle that is so easy for others to access, but not everyone is so offended that I have a few loose screws.
Thanks for that Joseph, it set my mind at ease some. Dude seems pretty cool.
So true, lmfao. I too pray for great healing of Dok.
The scary thing is a lot of police unions endorsed Trump, and an unknown, non-zero number in the military believe in him. Might not get enough to claim victory but could potentially get enough to cause some real havok. Hopefully it's just the passive-aggressive shit you spoke of.
The energy behind my behavior pattern comes from my male inability to admit defeat, would be nice if it weren't a thing, I know, snip snip and it's over. My impulse control is ever a problem. Thanks for recognizing my self-awareness.
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Quote from: Elder Iptuous on November 13, 2020, 09:55:22 PM
Yeah.  Red dawn vibes run strong in many.  But I wouldn't dismiss the possibility that a not insignificant number have more of a guerilla war outlook that actually can be effective against overwhelming conventional forces.

They're not all just harmless yokels, and I think it's a mistake to think so.  They're dangerous, even if they only have puny assault weapons.

I'm in a position to know that any number of clever bastards with rifles would be cat meat inside of a week.

Tech has really changed in the last 3 years.

Hell, it was like that back when I was in high school, back then I was all like, fite the powa, blah blah, and one of my better teachers, this old black man, pulled me aside and was like "Boy, I was once in the military, you know what would happen to you if you even got anywhere with that shit? It'd be ugly, they have mortars, missiles. They will sooner destroy your whole town..."

EDIT: You're right though. Nowdays there's even fewer places to hide, drone strikes etc. You just can't compete with that sort of resource machine with your puny rifle unless you're willing to commit for the long haul, and there are no gaurentees you won't be dead as dirt before the real shit goes down.
It was a dumb statement, on many levels, as it was intended to be. Nobody likes that guy for one.

EDIT: It comes back to the Buddha on the Road thing. I was saying I was too old for that sort of shit in response to The Wizard Joseph. There's an old Zen Buddhist saying that "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him", which is like saying "There are no masters anywhere", sort of. It's more a warning to look within the self, and if you see the Buddha in yourself, you need to realize you're quite likely full of shit. Though I suppose it could be taken literally which was why I was like "Yeah, get that other dude, I'm too fucking old for this shit."

EDIT: Asking someone to explain a zen Buddhist quote is almost as backwards as someone trying to explain it. The irony is not lost on me. I get it, it's clever, it's funny, it's quite witty. It also makes me look like a total idiot, not like I needed much help there.
Yes, it's that other guy who is the Buddha, not me. You might call him Lucifer X, I hear he's right down for that sort of shit, me I'm too old.
If you're the wokest guy in the room you have to ask yourself some serious questions. If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.
I'll admit, when I first came here I was a shit-sack libertarian, but I did genuinely want to understand. Eris provides however, and provided by tossing me out on my ass with the homeless so I could get a first-hand look at what's really going on. I think it was a necessary growing process. Now I see libertarian views as a danger to the fabric of our society. It's amazing I didn't see it before, really, but I account that to being a thick-skulled lunatic who needed help pulling his head out of his ass.

I'm still here to learn, I just realize I need to say less and lurk more. Shhh, the adults are talking. I know people are hostile to me and, probably with good reason. I've had to go out and carve my own niches where I can fit in, and I have successfully de-radicalized a few normies. If I can do that with a few, I can do it with more, all I need is time. Sadly the numbers are low so, well, unless there's a lot of us trying to do this thing then not much will be done. It takes time and patience to defuse a ticking bomb.
I don't really have the patience for a chamber of ignorant hate. It's lacking since all the shit I've been put through trying to accept them.
The problem I have with that is that I have loved ones that would be on the other end of that echo chamber... I do not want some echo chamber of hate, but hoping it magically evaporates is a bit much.

Get your keepsake bumper stickers today, make america rake again! Lawn and Order!

EDIT: Buy a whole box of them and place them on random bumpers in the wal-mart parking lot.