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Title: Appocalachia
Post by: Pergamos on March 13, 2019, 04:13:03 am
The campaign is titled "Appocalachia" It's been several generations since the end of the world, long enough that the Amish, led into the coal mines of Pennsylvania by a heretical prophet, have normalized dwarfism, with only a few throwback "Grutenvolk" still standing as tall as their ancestor's once did.  The land of the Tuscarawas River valley has become fertile once more and the latest prophet has led a drive out of the mines to reclaim the ancestral homeland of the Yoder clan.  The Pagans meanwhile have been collecting tribute from the locals for a few decades now, and Jonas Yoder, the current Patriarch of the clan, doesn't seem likely to want to pay tribute from the chosen lands to a bunch of filthy bikers. (Pagans appear to be the biggest baddest biker gang in the area, according to wikipedia.  I know it's a kind of lame name, but I like using real world sources when possible)  Into this brewing conflict step the protaganists.

The first is a young woman who has travelled up the mountain range all the way from the swamps that once held the city of New Orleans, her family has been practicing Voudoun in the swamps for generations but have fled a horror that they still hesitate to speak of, even among themselves.  The hills have been unwelcoming, althoguh fortunately not fatal, so far, and they are hoping to find a place to make their homes before they hit the ruins of Pennsylvania.

More to be posted as characters are made and the game gets going.
Title: Re: Starting a new GURPS campaign
Post by: Pergamos on March 21, 2019, 02:16:42 am
Two more protaganists join the stage, one is an Amish wizard, he has a serious mushroom habit, and a love of the natural world that he has been unable to fulfil in the mines of pennsylvania.  He's come with Jonas Yoder to see the world and see what he can do in it.  The other is a man who feels more at home with animals than humans, skilled with a bow and with no real concept of private property, he's been releasing the local's sheep for the past few days.
Title: Re: Appocalachia
Post by: Pergamos on March 30, 2019, 09:33:39 am
The first scene will be taking place in Nugent Bottom, in a bar properly known as Nugent Bottom bar and grill, but colloquially known as Teddy's Asshole.  It's a small locale directly across the Tuscarawas river from Newcomer's Town Ohio.  Dominique and the Amish folks have just arrived in town, and this looked like the most easily available place to get an idea of where anything they might be interested in is.