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Apple Talk / We used to be a community
« on: November 17, 2005, 05:51:18 am »
We used to be a community

We used to talk about how we felt.  We used to talk about everything.  We used to be able to.

We used to be diverse.  We used to have balance, yin and yang, order and disorder, light and dark, serious and humorous.  Magic and Mundane, Christian, pagan, heathen, Discordian, Erisian, Athiest, neopagan and people who defy description.  

We used to remember that a user name is attached to a person with a name, that pixels on the screen represent a person at a keyboard, we used to laugh and cry with each other, as well as bitching and moaning, kvetching and complaining.  

We used to have fun.  We used to be sillier, we used to be more serious.  It's not a contradiction, you need the silly for the serious and the serious for the silly.

Sometimes we all have to go where the yellow ball goes from here to there, and  the white ball follows or leads, as it waxes and wanes.  Where this mythical real world is.  Where there are jobs or not, family or not, homes, school, vacations, hobbies or not.  Where we speak to people, not with a keyboard, but with our lips, our eyes, the muscles of our face, our hands, the expressiveness of our voice, our hearts, our souls, our genitals, our minds.  

We used to be a group of people instead of a group of factions.  There was this mythical, mystical time I have heard about, where Eris ran freely through the forum, causing mischief without pain, chaos without catastrophy, when words were used to teach, not injure.  A time when people listened to their pineal gland, or at least some part of their brain.  There were heros.  There were villains.  There was also community.  There was a hippy trippy togetherness that was more than hippy or trippy.  People cared about each other.  Or, maybe this is just another myth.

Or Kill Me / My Senator is not a complete idiot
« on: November 01, 2005, 11:56:12 pm »
The most interesting bit is the last paragraph.  This also goes to show it helps to contact the people you elect.  Well sometimes at least.  

Dear Ms. <name deleted due to paranoia>:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Real ID Act, which was passed by Congress as a part of the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act and signed into law by the President on May 11, 2005 (P.L.109-13). I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

The Real ID Act modifies existing regulations regarding the processing of asylum applications by placing the burden of proof on the applicant to prove at least one ?Ǩ?central reason?Ǩ that their persecution is due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or social group. The Real ID Act also broadens the terrorism related grounds for inadmissibility or removal for asylum seekers. Another provision in this bill further restricts an individual?ǨѢs options for judicial review when seeking asylum by, among other things, limiting the ability of a federal court to delay an immigrant?ǨѢs deportation, even while an appeal is being reviewed by the court.

In addition to the modifications to the asylum process, the Real ID Act allows the Secretary of Homeland Security to waive environmental and other laws to expedite the construction of security fences and barriers along our national borders. P.L109-13 also sets minimum federal security standards for states to follow for drivers?ǨѢ licenses and personal identification cards to be accepted for federal purposes.

I have a number of concerns with some provisions of the Real ID Act, such as those that make it more difficult for individuals seeking asylum. In addition, this law enables the Secretary of Homeland Security to waive all laws, which includes labor, safety, environmental and all other laws, that might impede the expeditious construction of barriers and roads along the border. I am concerned with the costs that the new mandated drivers license regulations will impose on the states. I am also troubled that this controversial bill was included on a must pass piece of emergency legislation to fund the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and did not go through any Senate Committee, did not have any hearings, was not debated on the Senate floor and that the Senate did not have the opportunity to amend it.

Thank you again for contacting me.

Carl Levin

Or Kill Me / Contest entry: Straight Edge...not hardly
« on: October 29, 2005, 02:32:33 am »
Straight Edge...not hardly

(Turd, I thought you might appreciate this true-as-I-remember-it story more than a rant :twisted: )

I worked at a bar called Mickey's one summer.  It is long gone now.  The building, that summer, those size 7 jeans.  Anyway, there was the guy I was living with, went by the name of Uncle Drug.  On this particular night, it was my night off, we ended up at Mickey's with another couple.  Time has removed their names, I'll just call them the nurse and the moron.  Keep in mind I am not a needle freak, but the other 3 are.  It's not part of this story, but it explains why I am calling the nurse's husband a moron.  The nurse almost lost her job and resorted to shooting up between her toes to hide the tracks.  The moron lost his business a little at a time.  He sold shares to his partner for money for drugs.  Uncle Drug was a Marine who had been to 'Nam, this will come into the story later.  

It was a busy night, even though it wasn't Friday.  I was talking with the moron at the bar getting another round.  Uncle Drug was talking with the nurse across the room.  The moron and I came to the conclusion that men that have hooked up by closing time never start bar fights, it is the guys who are going home alone that start the fights.  Uncle Drug and the nurse were walking towards the other room when some idiot tried to grab her to hit on her. Uncle Drug brushed him aside.  That's about the time I see a beer bottle hit Uncle Drug in the back of the head.  He wasn't even phased, he just turned around as if someone had tapped him on the shoulder.  I didn't realise until later that he had actually been hit on the back of the head or that the bottle broke.  I didn't realise until later that his training kicked in and he stuck his thumb in the guy's eye.

Well, from there things went fast, with tables and chairs flying and everyone ending up outside.  It was just the 2 guys rolling around on the ground, punching each other now and then.  This was one of those times I wished the guy with the nose was there.  The guy who was always in a suit.  Him and that really big guy that was always with him.  Funny, later that summer when everyone seemed to be getting busted for drug offenses, he stopped wearing a suit and I usually saw him in paint splattered overalls.  I never learned what happened to the big guy, I think he went back to Florida.  

Uncle Drug was on the bottom for most of the time, but ended up with just a few scratches from rolling around on the gravel and a few cuts on the back of his head from the broken glass.  The next day, he couldn't remember much of what happened after the bottle broke on his head.  When he went to the bar people were surprised to see him in such good shape, he didn't look like he had been in a fight.  The other guy had been in earlier and well, for one thing his eye was swollen shut.  That's when Uncle Drug realised he must have jammed his thumb in it out of reflex, The other thing is, the other guy generally looked like he had been beat up.  

The moral of the story is, if you hook up before closing time, go home and get laid.  Those unlucky fuckers are going to be out to get you.

Or Kill Me / You have GOT to be kidding me
« on: October 08, 2005, 01:12:05 am »
I just saw an ad for a new Elmo toy.  Furry red monster from Sesame Street, for those of you that don't have kids.  He sings a song, not too unusual, but it is one of the songs from Animal House.  The one from Otis Day and the Knights.  Yes, Elmo sings Shout  :shock:  It was so horrible, it was funny :lol:

Or Kill Me / Take this job...please...part 1
« on: September 23, 2005, 04:59:29 pm »
This is an actual transcript of messages relating to the place I used to work.  This all got started because a customer tried to get in touch with me using Yahoo IM.  I told him my job was outsourced, which is true, I never said overseas.

I skipped 2 posts that were irrelevant.  I also skipped several posts that dealt with timeliness of downloads, it seems they were having problems with one of their processes the same week this all came out.

customer M

Date: Tue Aug 16, 2005  1:28 pm

I believe Eldora no longer works at company-deleted. I heard that they
shipped the technical stuff overseas. Is that true?

Staff H

Date: Tue Aug 16, 2005  1:45 pm

Eldora is no longer with the company but it is ABSOLUTELY untrue that tech
support has been shipped overseas. name-deleted still works in the Technical Support
Department. They are now simply located in another office, however, are
still located in Davison, Michigan. They are simply across town from the
Sales office.

customer R

Date: Tue Aug 16, 2005  11:45 pm

...did Eldora go overseas? who's name-deleted? are they related? why are they
located in another office across town?

staff H

Date: Wed Aug 17, 2005  9:30 am

No, Eldora did not go overseas, she simply no longer works for company-deleted.
name-deleted works for Tech Support and has for years. No, name-deleted and Eldora are not
related. Finally, our lease was up on our previous building. Therefore, the
Billing Department was moved into a smaller space while the Technicians were
upgraded to a larger space. I'm not sure why any of this is of relevance.

customer C

Date: Wed Aug 17, 2005  9:53 am

Regarding why it is relevant.
I can't really speak for others, but I think that there are two reasons why
it is relevant:

First, people (including me) depend on company-deleted. I (and expect many
others) know that smaller companies come and go. Change makes us nervous.
We need confirmation that company-deleted will continue to provide the same
level of products and services as before.

Second, in this small community, relationships develop between customers and
vendors. When the relationships are severed, it's uncomfortable.

customer L(this was a customer who is a pain in the ass and I didn't get along with, hehe)

Date: Wed Aug 17, 2005  12:16 pm

I agree with this email from <name deleted>.

If she was let go, you folks have made a big mistake. She was the best tech
support person you had.

customer P

Date: Wed Aug 17, 2005  12:51 pm

staff H wrote:

  "I'm not sure why any of this is of relevance."

Simply because we liked Eldora and we will miss her .. Pierre

customer B

Date: Wed Aug 17, 2005  1:47 pm

Thank you, Pierre. Put me in your corner. I'm sure most will wish
Eldora the best wherever she goes or whatever she does and feel
fortunate we had as much dedicated attention from her as we did... It's
unfortunate a few haven't come to grips with the generally accepted fact
our world is geocentric, not egocentric.

customer P

Date: Wed Aug 17, 2005  4:03 pm

She also contributed a phenomenal amount of help and assistance to the list
over the **years**.

I am not sure if the lull on the list is due to her leaving the company or

customer M

Date: Wed Aug 17, 2005  7:50 pm
I heard from a reliable source that her position was

customer L

Date: Wed Aug 17, 2005  8:30 pm

If her position was offshored, that was a bigger mistake. I have difficulty
dealing with offshore tech support. The reason is that these offshore types
are not familiar with English. They are really speaking their native
language using English words. Their pronunciation is usually very poor.

A manager should not just look a a persons salary, they should also look a
the persons productivity. I have seen a number of cases where people have
been laid off because they were "too expensive". Eventually they were
replaced by 2 or 3 people at a higher total cost then the "expensive"

customer M

Date: Wed Aug 17, 2005  8:36 pm

I was laid off 2 years ago and am yet to find a job. I am
a technical type...over know. They expect you to bust
ass when you are younger..and 'reward' you with increased benefits
as you mature through there system..then when times get tough..they
lay you off because you are more expensive and at the end of the
year they give a % of all the layoffees salary to the CEO prick as a
bonus...and his bonus along is several times more than you've been
paid cumulatively in the past 20 years!!

Or Kill Me / North Korea Agrees to End Nuclear Programs
« on: September 19, 2005, 01:58:43 pm »

Soooo, did our invasion of Iraq convince the Koreans to play nice?  Or did we not invade because they admited they had WMD?  Or are the Koreans lucky enough to have skin that is not quite dark enough for us to want to invade their country?  Or is it because there isn't so much oil in Korea?

Literate Chaotic / Ode to The Mgt
« on: September 19, 2005, 06:56:28 am »
The Mgt, she lurks about
she's the one in charge, no doubt
Mysterious, she hardly posts
as if she were one of the ghosts
She was here and now she's there
like Santa Claus, she's everywhere
She shows up, the rats they scatter
trolls, they won't get any fatter
The place is quiet as a mouse
a padded cell for the whole house
When she's gone, they all come back
have a little grilled troll snack
I've heard the inmates run the place
Until again she shows her face

ps i have had an aggravting day which brings out my creative side, for good or ill :wink:

Or Kill Me / Another reason to hate Rummy
« on: July 29, 2005, 05:51:51 pm »
I get headaches, that's life.  At certain times of my life they have been worse than others.  About 3 years ago they started to get worse again.  I started taking some meds to make them managable.  Also shortly after the headaches began, about 6 months, I was diagnosed as diabetic, so even though I hate it, I switched from regular pop to diet. Lately even with the meds they have been unbearable.  So, I decided to stop drinking pop with nutrasweet and the headaches have lessened considerably.  Then I find this:

Donald Rumsfeld, In June 1977, he became Chief Executive Officer of G. D. Searle & Co., a worldwide pharmaceutical company, where he served until 1985. The turnaround there earned him awards as the Outstanding Chief Executive Officer in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 1980 and 1981

He along with Robert Shapiro are solely responsible for using their political muscle and graft to buy off the FDA and get NutraSweet approved and are responsible for the death and disease caused.

Literate Chaotic / Hey Zorga
« on: July 10, 2005, 05:30:09 am »
A romantic story

We lived in the same building, same floor, same wing, just 5 doors down.  The mailman came about the time I got home from work.  He was waiting for a letter.  Nice ass, I had to admit that. I saw him walking down the street a couple of times.  Red hair, that was always hard to resist.  Our first date was the Michigan Ren Fest.  Our second date was the county fair.  For our third date, we went up north.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, in Michigan, the further north you go, the farther you get from civilization.  The more woods, the more lakes, in general anyway, and in Michigan, if you say you are going Up North, every knows you mean you are getting away from it all, whatever it all may be.  

We were headed to the Big Mac, not the sandwich, the bridge.  We would go over the bridge and turn right and follow the lake for about 20 minutes.  It was a 2 room cabin with no running water, we had to pump the water with a hand pump and heat it on the stove.  I am not going to tell you what happened the first night, this isn't porn, it's romance :wink:

He went outside to pee when he woke up.  When he came back in, I noticed he had on nothing but his boots, and he had a daisy in his hand.

We walked in the woods and washed each others' hair in the sink.  We took a trip to Mackinac Island, bought the best fudge in the world, walked all around the island, there are no cars, just horses and planes, don't ask.  We also fell in love.

That will be 13 years next month.  And I still love him.  And I look at our son in wonder.

Literate Chaotic / Which number surprises you the most?
« on: June 28, 2005, 12:26:59 am »
People on the cover of Sargeant Peppers



A lot of them surprised me, but I am torn between the two above.  There were a lot of interesting people, and non people, on that cover, hehehe :twisted:

Apple Talk / What is your favorite Beatles song?
« on: June 27, 2005, 11:41:54 pm »
A list of all the songs

Down the side of this page is a list of the albums.  If you click the album you get info on it and the lyrics to the songs

Literate Chaotic / ATTN: Zurtok and the rest of us hippies
« on: June 26, 2005, 09:33:45 pm »
I found our home!!!!!1111!!!!!

And a definition of hippy :shock:

Click here for full quote

So being a hippie is not a matter of dress, behavior, economic status, or social milieu. It is a philosophical approach to life that emphasizes freedom, peace, love and a respect for others and the earth. The way of the hippie never died. There have always been hippies from the first time society laid down rules, to Jesus, to Henry David Thoreau, to John Lennon, to you and me. I believe theres a little hippy in all of us. Its just been repressed by our socialization process. We need to find it and cultivate our hippie within. Only then can we reach our true potential.

Peace and Love, Skip

I think this makes a lot of us hippies, including a lot of those who keep trying to use that word as an insult.

Literate Chaotic / Which one?
« on: June 16, 2005, 05:03:21 am »
Someone got me looking at new avatars.  Someone else got me thinking about the Stephen King novel, Tommyknockers.  Between the two, I got distracted making some new avatars for myself.

Late last night and the night before
Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers knocking at the door
I want to go out, don't know if I can
'Cause I'm so afraid of the Tommyknocker Man

Literate Chaotic / Just for fun...
« on: June 10, 2005, 06:09:23 am »

Get  new Wiccan name, hehehe :twisted:

Holy-Mother Sheba Sea - Drama

Lord Sky Winking - Sister

Golden Song - Biter

Brother Ladybug Rambling - Rosemary(I played Rosemary in a play once :shock: )

And the winner is:

Chao Sapphire - Daughter

And here's on for Rog:

Reverend Stump Bush - Bitch

hhmmm...maybe not :?

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