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Went swimming today. While it was fun and I felt 10x better afterward I now have a sunburn on my chest and shoulders. It hurts like hell :(
Need to pick up some new sunscreen before going again I think.
Loving Friday and this story so far  :)
Well I guess I can tell my satire radar needs a bit of work  :lol:
The acronym really should have given me a clue....and the lack of a link  :weary:
That McKnight person obviously never lived in the south.
It's practically a right of passage to have shot your first gun by the time you're 10.
I just never answer the phone if I don't recognize the number.
Figure that if it's something important they'll leave a message.
I've heard chi used in reference to energy before
If I like a picture, painting, or sculpture I will continue to look at them and if possible try and own a copy.
If I like a song then I will listen to it and perhaps get the record. Same with movies.

What the artist does in their personal life doesn't phase me at all.
Oh I remember the major arguments back in the day between B5 and DS9. Was almost as bad as the Wars/Trek ones.
Personally I like DS9 a little more, but enjoyed both shows. Each has their own charm.
We have switched bundle providers. So far the savings will be (after the first month or two of paying the various fees for transfer and such) about 40 dollars.
And it will be even more of a savings if we (read: husband) decide it really won't hurt to go down a package with the tv.

Oh and faster internet is nice. My computer almost feels new with as fast as things are loading now.
School's only been out a week and I'm already counting the days for it to start again.
I like my solitude, I like having quiet for most of the day. I miss it.
August needs to hurry up and get here.
That looks more like a mat than a blanket.
Actually it looks kinda like what my son used for nap time in kindergarten.
Tell him that George Lucas likes Trek, so he is perfectly able to be as well.
Show him this video: (The relevant interview is about 40 seconds in)
Quote from: Junkenstein on June 03, 2014, 05:28:26 PM
I hope he wasn't and it's the start of a glorious trend.

On another note, I'm somewhat depressed that shit like Hooters and tilted kilt is still going as strong as it is. I'm more depressed that these places are apparently marketing themselves as family friendly now.

I'm further depressed that the guy in the picture thought "I need a photo of me posing outside of this chain restaurant". His life must be filled with excitement.
They are family friendly during daylight hours, or at least the one that was here was. We had lunch there once and the waitresses were all wearing jeans and t-shirts. Were told however that after dark is a different story.

Talking about Tilted Kilt. Never been to a Hooters believe it or not.
Tomorrow is busy day.
The boy is getting a new bed thanks to my parents not needing their spare anymore. This means that we have to take apart the old one.
Everything needs to come off it and find a new place to live (it's one of those beds that the head and foot have built in shelves) and whatever's been trapped under it gets to see light again before getting stuffed somewhere.

Hopefully parents will be able to stay a bit after delivering the bed. Always nice when they visit.