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Title: Crappy music!
Post by: Fujikoma on January 02, 2011, 03:53:22 pm
Alright, I'm going to do something I likely shouldn't and ask for opinions on the crappy electronic music I've been making for almost a decade and a half now... Keep in mind, it's all experimental, some of it uninspired and soulless.

A friend who happened to have all my tracks set up a lastfm site for me when I didn't have access to a computer (because I spilled beer all over my old one and screwed it up, he got ahold of my number and called me to get permission, not sure why he wanted to do that, but I'm not complaining), so keep in mind, I didn't write the summary, and some of it may be completely untrue. I know he botched the orders of the songs and put some on the wrong albums, but that's ok, because I don't know where they go either. the site is:

And, if you'd rather stream the entire song, rather than have to download it to hear the whole thing, you can also go to one of his sites, but I didn't put it first because I'm not sure how much tube space is allocated to his website per month or whatever, so if you happen to really like it, just download it and save the system some strain, rather than streaming the same song more than once (yeah, Fuji, you just admitted you don't know shit about computers).

I didn't design the picture there, so don't blame me if the words on it offend you, it offended me more when the bastard put it on cafe press merchandise like coffee mugs, tshirts, thongs, and actually managed to sell some... Somewhere, someone is possibly wearing a thong with my face on it... *shudders* It was years ago, and explains why I don't like photos being taken of me.

There's a lot of junk there. I would prefer if you listened to the newest junk first, but I can't tell you how to go about it, because you'll just do as you please, anyway.

The original album covers were lost, which is great, because they were just as shitty as the ones currently used, which are random paintshop pro experiments I did to try and familiarize myself with the software, and someone saved for the hell of it. I look forward to your complaining, scolding, trash talking, and perhaps the occasional compliment. Thanks.

P.S. I apologize if I've ever plugged my music here before and forgotten, but I strongly doubt I have. If you're curious, I used Modplug Tracker and various free vst plugins, as well as Hammerhead, Simsynth, T.S. 404 or something, Stomper, and various free samples where I could find them. All the tracks are licensed creative commons, so steal them for your own uses if you want (just mention my artist handle somewhere, please), except for the ones with voice samples from movies, because I don't want anyone to get sued.
Title: Re: Crappy music!
Post by: 3D3N on January 21, 2011, 11:15:30 pm
Im having quite a hard time downloading those files off either of those sites, Ive been downloading one track for an hour and its at 2% for like 1.8mb.

If youve been doing it for ten years though Id be really interested in hearing your stuff, maybe you could post some stuff up on soundcloud?

Thats awesome that you used modtracker to make all those tracks, I havent used it but my husband used to before we started using ableton live. It seemed like a pretty good midi program but if you havent gotten into ableton live I very much think you would have loads of fun, the latest version is fuckin supreme for assigning external controllers to all the vst effect controls. I highly recommend checking it out. I would like to hear the tracks if you are still watching this thread.
Title: Re: Crappy music!
Post by: Fujikoma on April 05, 2019, 03:25:58 am
Wow, super late reply, sorry, the sight was probably eaten by robots, as is usually the case these days.
Title: Re: Crappy music!
Post by: Fujikoma on April 05, 2019, 03:27:53 am
Yeah, Modplug is amazing because it's freeware and is compatible with many VST effects... not all, some of them turn into a screeching turd demon the moment they're loaded up.
Title: Re: Crappy music!
Post by: Frontside Back on June 30, 2019, 12:21:46 pm
I guess I'll drop this here. (

I'm gathering views around the internet so this wouldn't be so obviously self made. For reasons.