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Looking for cheapies that you can give out to missionaries who show up at your door with the Book of Mormon? Want copies for all your idiot friends?
This is as cheap as I can get 'em (at least, through this distribution method), at USD $3.19 each. There are, of course, bulk discounts if you get more than 15 at a time.

EDIT: Lemme make clear that I'm not making any real profit on this. Full disclosure: it's about 20 cents per copy, but this is as low as Lulu lets me dial the price down. All proceeds get poured back into Discordian Spaggotry.
So. Just found out about this one a little while ago; this is a gloriously bizarre story of mindfuckery. This is so OM, _we still don't know who was being pranked_ -- the crew of the Film, the crew of the Documentary, or the audience of the Feature Film. I absolutely love everything about this story; it's a short film being made in Central Park. There is a documentary crew shooting about the making of the film. The "actual" director -- the central mindfucker of the equation -- is playing, or possibly "playing," the director of the film, which is a fictional short film shot in Central Park. There's a crew shooting a "making of" documentary, who appear on screen, shot by the actual, or possibly "actual," documenters, who are shooting the footage for a feature film about the making of the documentary. The film is terrible, and it becomes clear that the crew suspect the director has no plan for the film, he's just doing busywork until he thinks of something...
I can barely get my head 'round the story. I shall follow up this thread once I've found a place to watch it...
Oh, it's called Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One.