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Discordia en Espanol / Re: S.A. - ¢
« on: October 24, 2020, 07:16:57 pm »

! I don't know if it is indeed so. B2U:8:48

(We)LL k' Nice61: However, it was contested.
Very cold out, Skipped the sequence by SafeWay

& todays (10/23) 2020 burp went to 2019 not ABU
(4PM)?2:12(AM) 10/24 THE GENDER{CHESS} WAR
is loaded in the 2 tablet'$. Wd4,c4,Nc3,Qb3,c5,Qxc3 v

[Diego] Black e6,Bd4+,c6,Qe7,Bxc3+,b6? 1st6moVes
10m ,2:22:22.2 back 2 G.war!-!i  ? 2:28 White/48M/
42Moves/Six min 7M/m after ? -Ten min break @
M6 to update the G.war open! W,c4,d4 v B e6~

We)?OK  the Android of this tablet will not allow me
To report the results, so skip to the relocation war
@ 8:48AM. bye 2:34[ Brady won @ CR/Os R2? 21
,(my) war tails will now begin sorted by scale. Cm
¢€ntameter ones include removal of park statue.

-8:44am connected however the Kindle Android would

NOT allow this file to transfer! kept changing []name
to proceed (i) had to copy & paste. It took 1/4 Hr 2C

8:55 (We)LL Diego ou are connected but wait 5 to start
be aware that []name change shows for U also so it must
be some virus in the tower. Yeah there was a bug in bed
9:09( GOT IT in new folder | redeploy PAWS & REnAMED u

& talk in the west haLL so depoyments are underway 4sure
(OVER)[?] Paw deployments to west hall (sure) for 5 min
@ 9:05 - 10 comprenda' & file []name changed  at 9 ?
the whole hour was required to redeploy & relocate ?/?
not sure where th [] name change comes from(out of con)?

Literate Chaotic / Re: 2019
« on: October 23, 2020, 10:06:26 pm »
11/03 4:04 PM SW
10/23 2:10 PM loocal ?10/24 7:50pm

Attempting to do something

Discordia en Espanol / Re: S.A. - ¢
« on: October 18, 2020, 07:52:16 pm »

Black}92{ yeah I'm sure I could have done better than I did. Diego

[Yeah] you know I don't remember what happened in the past !-!i
}I{  defeated Diego in the past two days before I did that.

}I{ have to wait until we are at my place for the results you need.
[Yeah] I don't think you are being offered a new deal with this issue!
}I{ did try again later in a new way forward with my friend who is the best.

[Android]? }Yes{ not the Spanish government shutdown in this country!
[R U] playing the role of women in this case? }Yes{ I did that!-!i  [ o ] ?
}Yeah{ that's what I'm saying, but it's still not a good time for governments.
don't think it's going anywhere from this year to the next two?

}Android{ I have decided not to mention that governments are being used!
 " I " Friday at work now and I don't want to open the scoring for you.
}Android{: establish their new way ahead in the painters coin dream
 " September " K is the best time for you to get the results you need!
}Yeah{ I will check it out and then relocate to Tunis in 2021

{10:30} I lost the ability to find Venus. Diego your SamSunG is not on.

}©{k this morning I am looking for the results of course? [6/17/80] :
R Pluto rising 19° Libra, Gemini Sun+V op Sag Neptune, Leo Moon!

v [2/19/53] Moon + Jupiter rising, Pisces Sun + Mercury op Leo Pluto
CFR for VP  & A. Not related Fernandez as #1 will talking
As far as her And PutIN 10/7/72 Libra ? Snake v Monk & Dragon?.

Literate Chaotic / Re: 2019
« on: October 18, 2020, 12:26:10 am »


}M¥{ how I feel about it.  } - {  constrained. Diego & Putin should shut up!

Girls; Tunis 6 has 32 slots open for ROUND 1 !-!i , 6 players are listed
All 6 get by for ROUND 1 , R16 HAS 6 players. 6/16=37&1/2% ? Got it

That left 3 P,B,S ? Can you understand that? Android interference. 4Boo
2: in Egypt there are 12 players at ROUND 16 Fernandez at top of lo 1/2
3? WTA 4/32 slots R by at R1 R16 A^ Sv,As B^ Ko,So 5R1A & 6R1B 2go

Diego: I don't think it's time to open the Spanish and Portuguese ?
5 V.W. 3 CFK 3 LiB 4Tennis & 3 Pd !-!i  Where you want me to open?
[™] Abu.Li.$ }1{ /3 Monday in Geneva 2 K. Haftar ~ 3 2019 $ ~ ~~.
[©°™] Look for 10:30 }¥{ there is a BBC 10:19 is that the one? [℅]B

}4:24{AM chess game is the best thing for all! 1e4.e6 2d4.d5 3N3&6
4:32} [¥]€$terday: no new "CFK" news? }£{ine I will check 4U2day !-!
4:44{ White 64/20m  !-!i Back to sleep Diego! [-] V.W. R1 US & French
6:30 10/20 ...

}W{ 1 CFK  ~& 2 V.W. ; 3&4TBD Muguruza~? C.Grauff~CR\O R1vSi
]M[  Stupid.     Boring:    & Sam.Song ... Over & Over & Over again. !
LiB Geneva convention?  Abu West ?     St Pet over 10/18 ? -  V.P. ?
Thus skip a few decades N v S OR will it be SvN {™probably} see
Lithium for the Spanish capital market, raised their own business


}3:33{ White  in 29. [Si' ](0k) what to say: WHO to pay? Anyway 1¿

9AM Argentina's Atomic technology 2020?  v Oct in Tunisia  1
Delay for  relocation to Tower.  9:30@T\SirG2? D[. R U 3 2 1

[Of] COURSE NOT: go back to sleep, wake me when @ LiB ...
(¥)  thiNin .. more Si' back RIGHT sholder blade. K' where U
}¢{ 1..Blow your noise  !^!i (J,K,L) W/29 YEAH 6 HouRs ago 4

yeah?NO WHERE WAS _ this week 10/10-17? 1.CFK 2VW 3SW 4GM aCG
Ostrava (oop$) wrong song | vp,dt,h&j? sp.56&9/Cap; 4get]D.
SEE St Petersberg 4 mens trail tail T B D AM: KH V FS
WesT> Fayez v Khalifa <EasT author=Doktor Howl link=topic=38552.msg1443893#msg1443893 date=1602762213]
Attempting to do something


On it.

Discordia en Espanol / Re: S.A. - ¢
« on: October 14, 2020, 06:52:20 pm »

Chess 1/2/1/2 draw @2:34 AM /54moves

}2:40{ Kindle Declaring further interference: Looking into CFK ?/?
To convert 100 megaton e^18 to KwHr to $ v R 5 /5 min move ?

}I{ have to wait, not cleaver using calculator. Is the 1 ? DIEGO ?/?
[✓] PROBABLY NOT: wait until I have the TOWER results, about 7
}F{inE in the meantime! More CFK:?™ FEB 19 1953 2 many ?'$.

3:21AM }WELL{ it is clear }I{ am aware Fernandez is not going
Well! To many unknowns, where when what etc. It does seem
Clear she is a Snake in the Chinese divination? Check further:
[No] way . Must wait! Try more information from Astro Chart!

[HOW] About a Pluto Sun opposition FEB 10 2021 @ 2:05AM
}®{ Could you guys please stop trying to please me? &? -¢/$
[No] you know very well, that governments, for governments,
By governments, for more governments, shall not Parrish.
They all in turn fail, leaving behind more CHAOS! Congrats 4AM

6AM FLUT dream! Reset dictionary ? [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] BING DREAM ?

.1014 @ 1/4 after 4AM

}K{ is very aware of U2R trying to scoop the news { go back2sleep}.

I defeated Diego in 56. So shove off & stay away from my minutes.
My concern is what was CFK doing at 7:11 10/13 ? Do you 2 know?

Now I will check. ¥€∆h I found 10/10 @ 10:10 on DCIM camera
}I{ can run with that. Thus I assume WE will follow the court case
In Argentina! She is making enough money on it I think !-!i  ????/

7:11AM{  (My) version, of this density is the two bags of chips
That I was going to by in the painters coin dream for 65¢ ea.
& (I) may as well add it is 8:11 AM not 7 ! Adjust yourself !-!i .
}¥{ou think I will be able to make the results you need?    Ha:

Literate Chaotic / Re: 2019
« on: October 14, 2020, 03:24:24 am »

Literate Chaotic / Re: Math 2018 2020
« on: October 13, 2020, 05:55:38 pm »
11/03 11/20

There's no hi level WTA so this is about Lo .. ITF
Looks  like in Tunisia  it will be  ( in ) Monastir D

Yeah well I will continue with you

Literate Chaotic / Re: Dent-ALL
« on: October 12, 2020, 10:21:21 pm »


Problem getting hi lo c at Xe@1. }K{ here >100%< charge on BAT

{¥€$} }k{ UN.der!StAnd'$ H2o & Diego's current Situation of
Framiing B A C at pD , be patient Shirley they may have micro

By month's end! It takes time. In the mean time BB did go to
Ump?Q  ~ Yes, & of course AmaZon here 5:15 AM wants in
}${ In. On Tuesday on YamHill A police woman was deployed

At the now completely boarded up Windows of the building
Where the new 5th Gal , *K.H* who had agreed 11/3 about
The AM Android Attempt at Zelle that was an AM sucess !-!i
$20 was moved using Z North from Yamhill  ~ to Jefferson.

If the results have not been removed by Same$onG it will
Appear @ B A & C! Thank U . It takes time & it is 5:25 now
I, J, & maybe eveN the new Ump.Q *K* are ready for CFK's
New 14 year olds to appear at a site Maybe ?: PARK:?
Director 's is just west across the street [ see map ]


} K {  v BLACK won @ 1/4 after 2 in about 1/4 hour OR less !-!i

2:22:22.2 Searching for Dream Recall. }BLANK{ Check with Diego.
Later: Mark your Columbus Day Calendar Hi0 had enrolled @VW

4 my part of the Tennis Twitter, }am{aware Fernandez is #'D
In Egypt @ Sharm El Sheikh , Post position 28 of 48/8 = 6 ?/?
8Aa, 16Ab, 24Ba#4, 32Bb, 40Ca, 48Cb. = 6x8 OR 3x16 = 48.00

3AM? }HERE{ are my #'$ for board up & fence off PortLand OR
Poverty @ 1e4/¥ , city of 1kP = 10^7 & 10^9 = 1 city of 100 kP
Thus the trillion $ production of billion $ losses= 1000   ^^^
The loss of 1 will do for PRESS #, & it is PortLand by } me { C

{ Never mind the $illy $tuff}K{ caught up with Fernandez OR
CFK /AbuRi & Will relocate to Tunis in Tunisia\Mediterranean
Not to Casablanca \ Atlantic ^ $tupid $tuff !-!i  mE no know ::
3:45AM Columbus Day. Make a NoTeA. The boys will NOT
be along THUS }K{ is on her way, alone,,, aboard Kindle 2. 4U

Discordia en Espanol / Re: S.A. - ¢
« on: October 10, 2020, 08:57:03 pm »

10/10 @10:10  for 1:1

0k? Start me v U from 26Jan1938 / Beaverton.OR
v 17JUNE 1980 /Loyola.CA &? 1y 3m -9d 81/09/26

38/1/26 Fire Ox      v
80/6/17 Metal Monkey & 81/9/26 Metal Rooster
53/2/17 Water Snake    & 93/10/8 Water Rooster

I did try to find & watch the opening round video
of the French open !-!i  . I wanted to listen to the
Sound track. I found A Video of you & C. Gauff ?
From a year ago. Was not able to get 2020 1 .

Literate Chaotic / Re: MyMy MaYan2
« on: October 09, 2020, 07:08:41 pm »
.1008 (

White  in /64) ( I ) think I mentioned Sofia's name already.

The Form over substance  is beginning to fall in place.
I was not able to get the image today and it is not just.

I hope that you are not going to be able to do that again. "
I will continue to try to grab the ball and get it done.
in the meantime resort to deployments using  attachments

Those pile up and I can't align them left to right  across.
Maybe there is a way to get it done  ?  9:51 10/08 > 9
It now occurs to me to remark about  space here SMF
S.A. in the Spanish  1/4 & Abu @ High weirdness R oK!

Much more reasonable than chaotic.Lit where I do
Struggle. For example there's the September 2013
Class action lawsuit, the county attorney's office,
The LiB dumps, on&on. To much to see any way ml. , p  lo, tcr
Through all the things that are happening here NOW

Literate Chaotic / Re: 2019
« on: October 05, 2020, 05:02:01 pm »
Attempting to do something @ NoOn

Literate Chaotic / Re: MyMy MaYan2
« on: October 05, 2020, 04:34:18 pm »
..LOG 5

1:23AM A new Duck day.  What to say? Go away.

5:55:55.5AM Continue some way, think about
Making  hay, in a new way for the first time.

K R U awake? I guess you are  99%, I see
(My)  MessAge to you regarding Flickr
I will continue with my guess on this?

The PHOTO  of some of the  top WTA
players  is already there, it is just a
Matter of grabbing the correct
Address so the PHOTO can be seen.

& I am trying to get that done by the
End of the week. After that the first
Part of the PHOTO journalism of
this can  take place, and that's
about  all there is  of this 4me.


12:04PM(10/4 Why the Kindel will NOT restart:

12:06M well? it did start on try2. Boo K
NoW where is ! it was in the blue shirt.

12:20 PM) 0k K Back to U&? I do not know.
((((asAp G.M.> Sunday 10/3 12PM E
Looking4D  12:33 see ATT 93%[] 10:25  AM

Diego )Would you stay out of this? PLzzz
I think that was K, prior the the Meseum
Dump, befor she could post anyting @ ALL
IF? you remember you got bumped also.

However U did get someting in about G.M.
As I remember (Searching)1:16 yeah true
Garbine Lost as Did Halep & Bertens| So
Tree0 eXactly why were we not interested
in those games long ago. Any comments!i!

6:27 AM 10/5/ yeah here I go again Diego

there is not much for you here @ TOWER :
only the time stamps,  I hope you

6:32(AM) 0k you are conneted in and the
:" TRIO ": of storage is open here for
me2C, easer than for you. TNKS  INTt

6:40 F1 CARD (does not erase @reboot
F2 pictures 2 Frence open Hi&Lo.DONE
USED to update DONE. &10@FLICKr 5PM

6:59 @7 K @KindLe reLoc Night2Day
ALSO microwave knat trap used 1st
time ? TBC ok Diego K will not go
along to LiB. THUS all is up2you
this TOWER is not Mobile he HE he

Literate Chaotic / Re: Dent-ALL
« on: October 04, 2020, 06:31:59 pm »
...10/02 @ 1PM

(D is in -MODE) } K {never got to get to open the results. Diego,
Diego is your favorite movie and I don't remember what have
on our website for all those people that are being offered $?
For example 4:44PM Friday

It don't work! I do not remember what do.

4:44:44.4 AM 10/3/2020 (WeLL Diego)>

what can I teLL U @ this time? LITTLE
Knight 1/4 under:TELEPORTER:'$ attack

thus I'z here :TOWER: TO 1 start tomorrow
(4th)End today 3rd/3 2 D.jpg>1003/H$ &3
Search K for today? = did not Jell :::.

5:00 AM 10/3/the results for 10/2 were U
BLACK in 40 moves ( way to go D) anyway
WE [U&I)best 2each find our own hide out
AS we are under attack from many 1/4'$

5:21 AM 10/3/ .J's moved & revised > D
7:58 AM 10/3/ awake from Edith P.dream
phone. the most inported phone ever.
maybe 3x5x1/4-3/8  THICK rather heavy?

11:08 AM 10/3/2020 YUEH?yeah it did go.0k

copy D>T&ReView: Muguruza v ? (checking)
11:29 AM 10/3/20 Collins -480 +324

[:33?] $14.73 (have2B carefull.) no more5
Si'[):37BLACK in 40 that was QUicK Con.Gr
:49](looked like 10:10PM) I DO NOT KNOW.

)I will try to grasp G.M.> Sunday 10/3
12PM E | 3rd R.done UP/2 |Ja/Sa +2 v/2
So you see there was A 352 door event@
12:34:56.7890PM Just shouting 911 no ?

1:06PM ?

Literate Chaotic / Re: Dent-ALL
« on: October 04, 2020, 06:28:39 pm »
Yeah 10:30 AM/ SafeWay.  11/08@11


Awake) early K's away  = no chess today peace talks  ::

( LAUGHTER: let me know : mental block : .. well K tell Abu
The talks with the Arab at Safeway (checking) 28@7PM

Tripoli to Aburi ? Was considered top notch, on rent day,
( I ) ' poise it will be K's way but Android has bet
Williams,  she V lost in the 1st round to :" Schmiedlova ":

It truly is difficult for me to say that I have a good idea .
I will try to grab a $creen$hot of Frames from the game
IF I can find the video. My Search  methods are not so
Great, and Android is not much better for gaming (.) ??

6:54@Tower 4 corrections (it is cool in here ) window was
left open. @ :" Schmiedlova ":   ?? HERE |Mental BlockAid:
Diego(R U there [of course connected \oFF (HELP FIND THAT)
[yeah @ 7:57 hold ON] }7:27{ K present & counting. 7:43

Hey hirley0! Glad to see your processors are still running cool as a liquid nitro Cray. I've always been hit or miss at best understanding you at first read, but you speak of a game?

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