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LOL. I plan on covering the triple moon with the water n bubbles n stuff. It wasn't a ~shudder~ wiccan thing    for me. I just really like the moon. However, it's going. And yes I did enjoy being the "black sheep" in a crowd of soccer moms. We were at the Lakeridge winery. Even though it was incredibly HOT that day it was still a lot of fun. Only liked about 2 of their wines out of about 10 though. Most had a weird wang that I can't describe. Kinda chemically.... eew.

~eyes are green by the way~  :wink:

Eeets a beeeg octopus.
Not done yet. There will be a giant squid added to the forearm, some water and bubbly stuff and he wants to add more color to the octopus. But these things take time...... and money.
Oh my gosh you guys are silly  :-P

here...see? weird lookin, but still a chick.

...not much in the boobies department I'm affraid.
oh well, them's the breaks.
I'm a she.  :wink:
jack the thread, I have a sense of humor
I can take it  :-D
Bring and Brag / So we carved our pumpkins today and...
October 30, 2006, 04:35:11 AM
....this is what happened: