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So I don't usually post in this subforum, because it usually feels like a bit of a violation of the spirit of the thing. But this is too good not to share. This is the best thing.

You'll need one of these:

You'll need some good soy sauce. This is important - Kikkoman is the absolute WORST soy sauce you should ever use, and it's the only soy sauce in the basic supermarket that's even that good. So use Kikkoman if you have to, but don't you dare use some bullshit-ass LaChoy or Yamasa or some shit like that.

You'll need some green onions, sliced very thin on a hard bias.

You'll need some butter (sunflower or canola oil work fine if you're dairy-free but don't use olive oil for this one)

You're gonna need some quail eggs. And since there's a pretty good chance that your best bet to find them in a retail setting is at the Asian supermarket you might as well pick up some good soy sauce while you're here. Tobiko is an optional garnish for this dish if, like me, you have an unhealthy obsession with adding fish eggs to bird eggs. If you're feeling that, pick up the smallest amount of tobiko you can get. And none of the weird colored shit, just regular old tobiko. If you're not already familiar with cooking quail eggs in your cast iron egg pan (and why wouldn't you be?) you might want to pick up an extra package so you've got some test eggs to dial in your optimal heat setting.

Get the pan hot on the stove, somewhere around medium heat but let it sit on there for a bit to really make sure the entire pan is heated through. You don't want the eggs to stick so even if your pan is perfectly seasoned you should hit it with a little blast of pan spray (or soak a bit of crumpled paper towel in oil and rub lightly on the egg indents, if you don't have any pan spray). Have the eggs ready to go right next to you and the pan. Put some butter or oil in the center egg well, enough to fill it most of the way. Wait until the butter or oil is hot then turn off the heat on the burner, the pan will stay hot long enough for our purposes.  Quickly crack all the quail eggs into the 6 outer egg wells taking care not to break any of the yolks. take a small spoon and baste the top of each egg with the hot butter or oil in the center well, about a half teaspoon for each egg. Hit each egg with a drop or two of the good soy sauce and 3 slivers of green onion (add a small dollop of tobiko here if you're into that sort of freaky shit) and eat them quickly while the yolks are still gooey. If you are doing this for other people you want to bring your hot pan to the table and have your mise en place set up and ready to go.

It should end up looking a little like this:

Only ours is going to look better because we basted the eggs so the whites are set on top and we sliced our green onions cleanly on a hard bias so we'll get consistent coverage and flavor with three slices per egg instead of just grabbing a handful of crap and flinging it at the dish. Also we might have tarted it up with some tobiko, who knows.

Like I said, this is the best thing. If any of you bother to make it and get it down so that everything comes together right at the point where your eggs are set but the yolks are still gooey you will find yourself agreeing with me. And if you're inviting someone over so you can impress them with your culinary skills and try to seal the deal? This is some seriously sexual shit right here. Don't take it lightly and don't underestimate its power.
Aneristic Illusions / A question about Aleppo
December 15, 2016, 08:28:11 AM
Would it not be feasible to fire supplies into the besieged area of Aleppo with short range missiles? Doesn't require risking engagement with Russian aircraft in hostile airspace, doesn't require ground involvement, and can even be done through intermediaries in the name of plausible deniability.

If I read this correctly, this guy has essentially devised a mathematical model for consciousness that seems to completely by accident have also found God, though it doesn't appear as though he sees it that way.

QuoteGefter: The world is just other conscious agents?

Hoffman: I call it conscious realism: Objective reality is just conscious agents, just points of view. Interestingly, I can take two conscious agents and have them interact, and the mathematical structure of that interaction also satisfies the definition of a conscious agent. This mathematics is telling me something. I can take two minds, and they can generate a new, unified single mind. Here's a concrete example. We have two hemispheres in our brain. But when you do a split-brain operation, a complete transection of the corpus callosum, you get clear evidence of two separate consciousnesses. Before that slicing happened, it seemed there was a single unified consciousness. So it's not implausible that there is a single conscious agent. And yet it's also the case that there are two conscious agents there, and you can see that when they're split. I didn't expect that, the mathematics forced me to recognize this. It suggests that I can take separate observers, put them together and create new observers, and keep doing this ad infinitum. It's conscious agents all the way down.

The whole article is pretty fascinating and seems, upon first superficial glance, to not be complete mumbo-jumbo bullshit. I'm really curious to hear what some of the people here who are educated in relevant fields have to say about this.
So naming a baby girl is a surprisingly difficult thing. Do we pick a name that honors beloved ancestors (my dad, her grandpa)? Do we pick one that honors our respective heritages (Thai by way of Guam, Mainer by way of the Virgin Islands)? Or that has some meaning we like or that just sounds really cool or that fulfills my arbitrary familial alliterative tendency to give everybody a "J" name?

I mean, what the shit. How do people not spend months paralyzed with anxiety over the power and influence that the name they choose is going to have over their child's entire life?

So, this is the part where I crowdsource a bit with a target audience that I consider to be a bit more of a jury of my peers than I'd get with a facebook post.

Names on the short list so far include:

Joey (current front-runner)

So I'd love any feedback or suggestions any of you might have, especially any of you who have experienced the agony of having to give your kid a moniker that they're stuck with for life and doubly especially any of you who aren't going to say some dumb shit that isn't funny in a failed attempt to be funny.
And if you think I'm letting you off the hook, well, estas muy equivocado, 'mano.
You think Phil Collins is bad?

Because in the context of the times, he was a pretty goddamned reasonable alternative to this:

Because that fucking guy actually existed and was popular.

for shit like this:

So when you wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night tonight with fever dreams of DLR's pance, I suggest you soothe and calm yourself back into a sleep-capable state with a little of this:

No need to thank me, I'm just happy to be of service.

QuoteOne witness told deputies she found it strange that the woman had been pushing the child for an unusually long period of time, possibly since the day before, Richardson said.

When the officers arrived they found the 24-year-old woman still pushing the child in the swing, and they realized immediately that the boy was dead, Richardson said.

The child had no signs of obvious trauma, she said, and had been dead for at least several hours.

Shit gives me some serious heebie-jeebies.
So I got a big box of sea beans in and I'm torn between two dishes on how I want to use them this weekend. So, discriminating culinarians of PD, what say you?

No need to thank me, it's just one of many valuable services I provide.
This is RWHN's town. :lulz:

QuoteOrganizers hoping to make recreational marijuana legal in Maine's second-largest city will launch their citywide signature-gathering campaign Monday, the state political director for the Marijuana Policy Project said Friday.

David Boyer said his group will launch its petition effort with a news conference in Lewiston where it intends to collect signatures from voters casting ballots in primary and joint charter commission elections Tuesday.

The petition would seek to make possession of up to 2½ ounces of marijuana legal for recreational use under the city's ordinances.
If you guys could go to my restaurant's facebook page and click the link to vote for my lobster roll as the best lobster roll in Maine that would be wicked friggin' awesome!

I think this needs to be an emote, I just don't know for what.  :lulz:
...or THIS guy:

QuoteJared Buzzell, of Lisbon, says he was searching for wild mushrooms Thursday when he saw a porcupine get hit by a car in Minot. Buzzell says he'd heard that a valuable mineral deposit used in Chinese medicine formed in the stomachs of porcupines.

He then cut open the dead porcupine to search for the mineral and instead found the baby.

He tells WMTW-TV ( he cut the umbilical cord and thought the baby porcupine was dead until he started massaging it and it began breathing.

..."Bukowski", you need to fucking deliver the goods.

So, yeah.

#12. Where to eat.

My summer just went from "full-tilt" to "flat-out insane".
Discordian Recipes / Tuna Carpaccio
March 05, 2014, 04:18:11 AM
Don't bother if you're one of those wussies that won't eat raw fish. Go back to Applebees.

This is good for cocktail parties and other small gatherings, so this recipe should make tapas/hors d'ouevres for 6 or a fairly substantial appetizer for 4.

12 oz. fresh tuna, yellowfin or better. Loins are preferable to steaks as they are easier to trim down into the uniform 1/4 inch die that you are going to achieve with a VERY sharp knife.


put the ingredients in a large bowl in the order that follows

2 oz. EVOO
pinch kosher or sea salt
pinch black pepper
pinch ground coriander
1/2 oz. fresh tarragon, finely minced
1/2 oz. fresh basil, fine chiffonade
1 small green onion or one stalk large green onion, finely minced
mix ingredients together well, add
1 oz. cane vinegar
large pinch brown sugar or heaping tablespoon honey, your choice
1 oz. Huy Fong brand Chili Garlic sauce.

mix together well, toss tuna thoroughly in mixture until well coated. Allow to sit at room temperature (good sashimi is properly served at room temperature and if you have decent fish you'll have nothing to worry about especially after you've tossed the fish in what is essentially a vinaigrette) for 10-12 minutes and use that time to butter both sides of 6 large or 12 small rounds of french bread and pan-fry in a skillet until lightly browned and slightly crispy on both sides. If you did 6 large rounds, cut them in half with a sharp knife. Take the tuna out of the bowl you tossed it in and put it in your fanciest small serving bowl. The idea is to keep as much of the fresh herbs in there as possible but let the excess oil and liquid drain off so the tuna is lightly coated but not saturated. Put the bowl in the middle of a serving platter and arrange the warm bread rounds around it in a circle, if you wanna make it look all pretty. Maybe even garnish it with some shaved reggiano or grana padano or something like that, or some gremolata.

If serving as tapas, arrange 1 oz. Tuna on each piece of pan-grilled bread with appropriate garnish.

For those on a low-carb or gluten-free diet, instead of the bread rounds you can substitute either some good tomatoes, halved and lightly broiled or, if you want to keep it entirely raw as well you can use thick-cut large slices of cucumber, sliced on the bias to give a larger surface area. The rest of the recipe is gluten free.
For really real, with an actual salary that doesn't totally insult me and everything!

There's a catch! Of course there's a catch!

It's my old job! In Maine! Rural eastern Maine! And it doesn't come with insurance! But it's a 50% raise over what I make now so I can probably afford to pay the penalty and go to the Dominican if I actually need medical care! But with the cost of living factored in it's probably only a 25% raise! ECHGF hates the idea of moving to Maine! But she'd get prime bartending shifts in the summer and be able to work part-time and go to school the rest of the year even though she hates the cold! I love the idea of being back in charge of a kitchen where I can actually cook awesome food the way I want to cook it! But I also still hate being cold!

I am completely torn, PD!

QuoteIf minimum-wage opponents weren't already shitting bricks, they're in for an awfully uncomfortable bowel movement: A new poll finds a stunning 68 percent of Seattle voters support a straight-up hike in the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour. No exemptions, no phase-ins, no strings attached.

The news for opponents only gets worse the further you delve into the details: 35 percent of voters "strongly support" the proposal, compared to only 14 percent who "strongly oppose," while support holds fast throughout the city and in every demographic subgroup except Republicans.

And in case opponents were hoping to console themselves with the thought that this is just some shoddy pro-labor propaganda (the poll was funded by a coalition that includes Working Washington, UFCW 21, Nick Hanauer, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW, the Teamsters, and the MLK County Labor Council), well, no luck there. The survey of 805 likely Seattle voters—an unusually large and robust sample—was conducted January 14 through January 22 by the reputable polling firm EMC Research, with a margin of error of ± 3.5 percentage points.

I hope it passes, and I hope it forces similar legislation either at the county level for Snohomish/King/Pierce counties or at least on a city-by-city basis among the larger cities in the Puget Sound region.
You can actually do this with almost any fruit, though generally firmer fruits work better. But unless you have an unusually wide-mouthed bottle most fruits are going to have to be cut for this trick so none of them come out quite as cool as grapes, nature's little self-contained spherical glob of potential molecular gastronomy.

You will need:

Grapes. Seedless work best.

Wide-mouth nalgene bottle or wide-mouth stainless steel bottle. For safety's sake, I will advise you not to use glass for this one.

Dry ice. A piece about 1" square is enough for a standard-sized nalgene water bottle full of grapes. Since these must be consumed fairly quickly after opening the jar, if you want to make several single servings instead of a large batch you'll want to find something about the size and shape of baby food jars only, again, not made of glass. And adjust the size of the dry ice chunks down accordingly. Use too much and you'll overpressurize and cause a mess in your fridge.

Step 1: Put grapes into whatever container you are going to use.

Step 2: Put dry ice into container.

Step 3: Seal tightly and set aside for a day or two.

Step 4: Gently burp the bottle before fully opening. Eat within 15 minutes of opening.

If you decide to make a fizzy fruit salad, apples and pears also work really well for this. Things like strawberries and bananas, not so much.
I'm not entirely sure specifically how I feel about it yet but I find it incredibly intriguing.
Techmology and Scientism / Cool new bike tech
January 31, 2014, 11:00:39 PM
So, I've never outgrown riding bikes. I'm not a bike geek by any means, I just like to ride my cheapshit hybrid cruiser when and where I can and dream of a day when I own a bike that can largely replace a car for commuting. But, y'know, hills and miles and things. So I get wicked stoked about cool shit like this:

and this:

So if anybody else here is into that sort of shit, this is the place to talk about it or post links to cool new bike things.
Aneristic Illusions / Driving while high in WA
December 10, 2013, 08:42:59 AM

Interesting piece about whether or not the new law has led to more stoned drivers being stopped on the road and what the cops do to determine whether or not someone is intoxicated on the weed.

I found the last part especially interesting, where it gives one cop's very reasonable perspective on the whole matter:

Quote"You may smoke marijuana every day and your tolerance level and what you can function at may be above 5 nanograms," Hicks said. "If I get you and I run you through everything that we normally do and I don`t see the impairment, then it`s irrelevant to me how much THC is in your blood. You could have 20 nanograms. I have no legal reason to arrest you.'"

If this is the officially sanctioned attitude it would seem to go a long way towards easing the concerns of medical user who will almost certainly be over 5ng and not be anything even close to stoned.

I don't know why, exactly, but this tickles me. Maybe it's the idea of a somewhat sensible-sounding party platform being advertised under the banner of an extinct party with "God" in its name in the year 2013. :lol:
...because this made my eyes moisten slightly with sadness and despair for the human race.

And then I wanted to track down that bartender and feed them their own eyeballs. But still.

Discordian Recipes / Just wanted to brag a little...
October 18, 2013, 11:10:25 AM here's the menu I'm doing for ECHGF's birthday dinner on Saturday:

Cucumber & Water Chestnut Salad
Cane vinegar, soy, fish sauce, key lime, brown sugar

Roasted Red Pepper & 3 Cheese Dip
Chevre, myzithra, Neufchatel, cracked pepper, tarragon, honey

Roasted Green Pepper & Elephant Butter Dip

Butter bean, elephant garlic, olive oil, rosemary, sea salt, scallion

Mélange de Boules

Angel's Nipples
Coppa, cotija, honeydew, candied lemon zest

Devil's Lollipops
Lamb, pork, lemongrass, coriander, curry, chili-garlic sauce, cilantro

Filet Mignon
Soubise rouge, shitake, compound butter
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / HEY UK SPAGS!
September 02, 2013, 10:33:19 AM
So I'm thinking of trying to fly to London in November to see Rise Against, Parkway Drive, and Blood Command at Warped Tour on the 16th or 17th. It's gonna cost a little over a grand each between travel and tickets so obviously I'm looking for cheap accommodations, probably for 1 or 2 nights for me and maybe my GF. What are going rates for rooms in the city and does anyone have recommendations for places to check out or a willingness to let 2 strangers sleep on their floor?

Also if any of you spags are from the Belgian cities of Bern, Eindhoven, Berlin, or Vienna feel free to chime in.
So I somehow hit some hotkey combination that's given me some weird look on my monitor where everything is stretched wide. I googled hotkey combos for windows 8 but no luck. Help?
No seriously, though. I'm posting from my shiny new Toshiba Satellite laptop that I got for my birthday. It has a 15 inch touchscreen. So now every time I come to PD I'm putting my fingers all over it. Touching all the links. Lightly caressing the subforums. And occasionally teabagging the avatar of some wankjacket who desperately deserves it.

It's a bold new world, PD. Just don't try to touch me back.

QuoteA pair of hikers who had been rescued after getting lost in the fog and rain inside a Maine state park drowned on Tuesday night when their car plunged into the water off a boat launch as they were trying to leave.

Amy Stiner, 37, and Melissa Moyer, 38, were found dead inside a minivan in 20 feet of water about 175 feet from the boat ramp on the edge of Roque Bluffs State Park, the Washington County Sheriff's Department said. A dog, a pit bull mix who was with them, also drowned.

Officials say the women, who had just been returned to their vehicle by a game warden, took a wrong turn as they were driving away from the parking area.
...that Bliss n Eso is the best hip hop group on the planet right now:

Apparently the secret's out because their album hit #1 on the itunes album chart the instant it was released.

QuoteAccording to the charges, troopers arrived and found Harty sweating heavily and obviously impaired by a drug. He allegedly told troopers he was having a dream that he was currently in a car crash. He later tested positive for methamphetamine, according to the charges.

Harty was also reportedly naked from the waste down, wearing only a woman's blouse. When responders cut the blouse away, they found a pair of prosthetic breasts. There was also a nearly completely full bottle of urine and a pair of woman's underwear on the floor of the car, according to the charges.

I actually felt strangely inspired and at peace with the world after watching this.

Neat idea, but the guy's answers to the interview questions don't pass my sniff test, and I'm just a layman.

but then, I AM a layman. So maybe what sounds kinda bunk to me is actually legit.

this part especially bugs me: How does your theory of the dynamical evolution of the universe work?

Smolin: The idea is that the universe evolved in a way which is very analogous to natural selection in a population, say, of bacteria. To do this the universe needs to reproduce itself, and I took over an older idea by John Wheeler and Bryce DeWitt, who were pioneers of quantum gravity. Their idea was that black holes become the seeds of the birth of new universes. [5 Reasons We May Live in a Multiverse]

John Wheeler had already speculated that when this happens, the laws of nature are reborn again, in the new baby universe; he called it reprocessing the universe. What I had to add to this to make it work like a model of natural selection, was that the changes passed form parent to child universe are very slight so there can be an accumulation of fitness. This hypothesis leads to the conclusion that assuming our universe is a typical member of this population of universes as it develops after many, many generations, that the universe is going to be finely tuned to produce many black holes. That leads to the next hypotheses that if you change the laws, and the numbers that specify the laws, then typically you're going to make a universe that makes less black holes, and that's something that leads to predictions that can be tested.

That's the theory that I call cosmological natural selection. How would these universes pass on their traits to daughter universes?

Smolin: At the level in which I propose this theory I didn't answer that question, just like Darwin had no idea how inherited traits were inherited, because he didn't know anything about the molecular basis of genetics, which was only discovered with DNA. So I was able to make those predictions without specifying the microscopic basis of inheritance in cosmology.

but the stuff he talks about at the start, about time being "real" as opposed to just a "persistent illusion" is pretty interesting. Well, SOUNDS interesting, anyway.
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / HEY ALTY!
May 20, 2013, 07:13:47 PM
How far are you from Haines?
...sent to me tonight by ECHGF 2.0 at about 12:15 am. She was already off work, I was still closing the kitchen down (we work at the same place).

QuoteIf you haven't bkotixed me asking for car keys, I am drunk.k.

That looks horrible. Oat kat that bad. I Dddnt play that second rick astley song. Swear.

FUCK. Thy thumbs are retarded and fat

#45 see who's PMd The Mgt in the last month or two.
and, upon finding himself in close-quarters combat with multiple assailants, attacks with such a witty rejoinder that the entire pack of goons is disarmed by laughing so hard that their jaws break and their teeth crack.

This is why the last part of a joke is known as the "punch line".
#47 I essentially correct that the chances of China and Japan ending up in a shooting war over the Senkakus are just about zero? I just spent some time telling one of my more unfortunately impressionable friends on FB exactly that, and that she needn't worry over some silly article in the Telegraph prophesying a 3rd world war breaking out over Chinese territorial claims in surrounding waters. Then I decided that I don't actually KNOW that, it's just what I'm deducing using logic and logic is not always the best framework for dissecting international relations.

Over the entire 350 year course of the African slave trade, roughly 13.5 million people were taken out of Africa.

The International Labor Organization estimates that there are currently 21 million people living in slavery RIGHT NOW. TODAY.

Free The Slaves, the US affiliate of Anti Slavery International estimates it at around 27 million, and calls that conservative.

I sure as hell don't want to actually READ the goddamned thing, but it's my understanding that he lifted content directly from this website.

It's also my understanding that, unless something has a previously existing intellectual property license, once it's posted here it is technically the intellectual property of the site owner.

If I'm correct, wouldn't that mean we could get Uncle BadTouch's book pulled from any sites or stores that are selling it? And we could even sue him if we wanted to, right?