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now they have a 2 part made for tv movie about the disaster
i guess its been 5 years now - time to cash in

if i ever die from a terrorist attack i wanna be played by david hassalhoff (sp?)
Discordian Recipes / Re: ITT: Rum suggestions
September 11, 2006, 01:13:08 AM
ok i was looking to see if i had some rum left
and get this all i have left in my bar is some apracot brandy, some good canadian whiskey, little bit of brandy, some creme de cacao, and (no joke) some mysterious strange black unlabled liquer, that has lots of sediment that fogs it up when you shake it..
i shoudl really take a picture tommorrow if it (cammera has no flash)
never seen anything like it
and i dont know where its from
Discordian Recipes / Re: ITT: Rum suggestions
September 10, 2006, 08:24:14 PM
my favorite mai tai recipe (strong)
1 1/2 shots light rum
1/2 shot of apicot brandy
1/2 shot curacao (a sweater version of triple sec)
1/2 shot of lime juice
shake with ice / strain in cocktail glass, ass a few dashes of grenadine , a few cherries

an alternate version (still strong/ but not my favorite, but still good if you dont have any curacao)
2 shots light rum
1 shot triple sec
splash of sugar water
1 tsp of almund-flavour syrup (can get a grocery store in spice section)
1 tsp of lime juice
shake with ice /strain in old-fashioned glass full glass with crushed ice, add a splash of grenadine and a few cherries and if avalable some pinapple chucks to the rim
Or Kill Me / Re: Thinking Outside the Bob
September 10, 2006, 07:47:50 PM
Quote from: Dell Ray on September 10, 2006, 06:32:36 PM
I took the high ground in my frustration and attacked with the Turkey Curse.  I left him fefuddled

I bet he was  :lol:
Or Kill Me / Re: Sauce with that! - pointless dont read
September 07, 2006, 03:12:56 PM
your making me hungry
Or Kill Me / Re: Sauce with that! - pointless dont read
September 06, 2006, 02:36:35 PM
I had to warn people that I make very little sense,
unless I'm on "the sauce"...
in which case I'm not sure if Im making sense
or I just think I'm making sense
Or Kill Me / Sauce with that! - pointless dont read
September 05, 2006, 11:59:45 PM
my grandfather harvested our small garden a few days ago
had some fresh snowpeas and let me tell you they were good
even put some on the bbq, in some foil, with butter, wow !!!

anyways today i just noticed all day all the crap i ate was smothered in sauces.
for supper i had some processed chicken in some sweat and sour souce - i had some without the sauce - they didnt really tast like chicken
had a salad full of lettice and raddishes, crossbred with who knows... and smothered in dressing... some fries - smothered in sauce and for desert one of those frozen cakes with microwaved chocolate sauce
i noticed i needed the sauce cause all that crap wasn't half as tasteful as those peas

i used to work in a fast food restraunt - one of the big ones- not the biggest - but like 2nd or 3rd - its name shall remain secret - ill just say it has a burger in the name and this is followed by a kingly title
i noticed when i was there that everything didnt taste like food untill you smothered it with ketchup (which is like half sugar) and other sauces
we did an experiment once (i worked graveyard in a bar town so we had like free reign of the place) were we brought some potatos in, cut them up, and put them in the deep frier, and they were good. we then gave some of the late night barflys a choice of the cut potatos and then precooked crap that comes in boxes
you wouldnt believe how many people tooked the precooked
and come to think of it they smothered it in sauce as well
as to put too much sauce on the fresh ones would be like a crime against good taste

anyways that was completely pointless little post
as well as badly constructed

but my point is
sauce makes artifical stuff real
and we should apply that principle to more then just food
like boob jobs, and wall street  :-)
their already starting
on the american channels last night i most have counted like at least 10 specials on at the same time
mind you i have satalite and some of the channels where like abc central, abc west... ect.
i have feeling its gong to be really bad this year for specials for precisely the reasons you mention
not only iraq but afganistan is also not completely stable, plus the economy isnt doing too well
i send money some times to my gf in the states, and i buy alot online.
I cant remember how long its been since the american dollar has been this weak.
ive also always wonder how somehow questioning authorities or official explainations makes you anit-(what ever country your from)...
but aparently it does
Discordian Recipes / Re: ITT: Rum suggestions
August 30, 2006, 03:55:18 AM
more more more more

heres a buried favorite
add about 2 shots of dark dark rum in a large mug... add about half a cup of hot good quality coffee and add 2 teaspoons of sugar, stir dont shake ----

what im having now - requires white rum - 2 shots white rum, teaspoon of sugar in mug fulled with warm milk with sprinkled nutmeg on top

1 shot rum, shot creme de cacao, teaspoon of light cream, shaken and strained in large glass - top with ice

quick drink - believe its a rum highball - 2 shots light or dark rum - doesnt matter  in highball glass - fill with carbonated watter and ice cubes - you can add a twist of lemon if you want

another - in chilled coktail glass - shake a drop of lemon extract, little less then a shot of brandy, little less then a shot of triple sec, and a little less then a shot of rum (light)  -- strain

damn i really have to go to bed
i just love mixing drinks  :-D
if anyone has any recipes to give me please do
Discordian Recipes / Re: ITT: Rum suggestions
August 30, 2006, 03:33:22 AM
I soo have to try triple zero's recipe.
think it might kill me  :-D
Discordian Recipes / Re: ITT: Rum suggestions
August 30, 2006, 03:31:27 AM
might be a little late as your semester is probably coming around the bend
heres some of my favorites with darkern rum - sorry i know how to mix them but dont know how to name em

get some apple brandy and sweat vermouth and add a shot of rum with a shot of vermouth - couple of splashes of apple brandy , couple of splashes of lemon extract, and splash of grenadine - mix it in a shaker - with ice - strain

oh heres a good one i wrote out a year ago - have found memories of this one :-)
about 2 and half shots of rum, shot of Kahlua and about a shot of thick cold cream,
shake with ice and strain into a chilled glass

heres a nasty one i used to drink when i played poker - gave me good luck :-) untill i got too drunk ;-(
easy chill your glass add a bit of rum and a few dashes of dry vermouth --- mmm

another - add two shots of rum and a shot of sweat vermouth and squeese a bit of orange over top - drank that at college parties when i was still in school, cause it was easy and cheap - makes sure you chill it good though cause its horrid warm

someone mentioned this one - i LOVE this one - a shot of rum in a tumbler - add about 2 shots of ginger beer and then fill the glass with ice

i always find rum mixes well with oranges

anyways i have many more in my little black book
but i gotta get ready to go to bed... damn work tommorrow
in an imperfect world i would be a bartender
if your feeling risky and have some money (and vodka)
try this one - i got this one from my uncle - had it once when i was doing some writing - WOW - its risky
put 3 shots of rum and 2 shots of vodka with a shot of lime juice, but 4 dashes of apple brandy, or anyother sweat brandy,. shake with ice. strain away ice. and then add a few dashes on grenadine on top

well hope that helps - some of those recipies require more then just rum... but should give you some ideas -
long live vortox the destroyer