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Aneristic Illusions / Occupy Cork Claims Property
« on: January 03, 2012, 11:31:01 pm »

Last night the cork occupy crowd took a 6 story vacant property. Here's why they haven't been immediately kicked out;

  • The mortgage on the building is now owned by Nama, the property black hole
  • The developer who cannot afford to repay it is unable to get the support to kick them out
  • The building has stood unused for close to two years and
  • It's actually going to be used for something useful

Everyone in Ireland hates the property developers so I could see a lot more of this happening very soon.
What would happen if this was attempted elsewhere such as the UK or US?

Bring and Brag / A fragment
« on: December 30, 2011, 11:18:04 pm »
By now the personality reassignment pill was old news, a common practice prescribed by even the most old fashioned and mistrusting of medical professionals. Narcotics dealers stood on dank street corners doling out idealised personas, counterfeit identities crudely carved together, all with superhero morality and tireless vigour but devoid of depth or substance.

Progress does not slow, not now or ever, the great wheel churns out new products without a second thought of the consequences. Collateral damage chalked up to beta testing hiccups.

Scientists were working on a breakthrough; harnessing the essence of an existential crisis and trapping it in physical form.

These were given bank accounts to fill and licences to use, papers and jobs. All expected to work or starve, to justify their own existence or be swept away by the unstoppable hustle and bustle of every day life.

Aneristic Illusions / More NOTW hacking bullshit
« on: December 21, 2011, 02:47:17 pm »

I don't know an awful lot about this James Hipwell guy, but the casual nature of the hacking he describes has me dumbfounded. I have yet to come across any kind of working phone hacking stuff online, what they are describing is the police forensic tool used on phones in investigations. The only way journalists without any tech knowledge could have operated easily with this kind of stuff means that not only were they in bed with the providers but would have had to have been given police training in how to use their software.

Or maybe he's just saying this for sensationalism. Naming the Sainted Mccann's is a dangerous move. It will more then turn people from mild apathetic anger into a pitchfork mob if they confirm the mccanns phone was hacked.

Literate Chaotic / Black Mirror
« on: December 13, 2011, 10:51:24 pm »
Charlie Brooker has a new show airing called as you might have guessed from the title The Black Mirror.
The Mirror in question refers to the bleak monolith sitting in everyone's living room or in their pockets. Each episode is to deal with a different aspect of technology and the role it plays in society told through different styled stories.

The first episode deals with a situation where a celebrity is kidnapped and the ransom for her life is that the prime minister fuck a pig on live tv, and how as soon as it hits the internet it goes viral.

While the first episode was good, it wasn't until the second that the show blew me away and it is this episode I would suggest everyone watch.

I won't go into specifics.

It deals with a lot of the themes we're very much familiar with on the boards. All of it works through nightmarish parody of culture we have now, X-factor is brought to its logical and extreme conclusion of utter judgement of a persons worth, we see health obsession, unskippable adverts in life, purchasing digital representations of real life commodities, having an online Doppelgänger to portray an idealised pretend version of yourself (and then being ridiculed when it doesn't fit in), assuming someone is inferior because they don't have the prepackaged lifestyles that are allegedly desirable.

We've seen some of this stuff in the likes of transmet and Doktor Sleepless, but it's never hit so close to home.

I'd really like for some people to watch this episode and tell me what they think.

I don't know if this link will work for everyone:

if not acquire it any way you can because this is good.

Principia Discussion / FW: Correspondence from discordians
« on: July 13, 2011, 09:21:35 am »
This Email was more to the general community but it came to my inbox, I'll send back any responses.

Anonymous just launched a Discordian Reality Hacking game!

Hey guys, I would like to ask you if you know anything about this.

I've been reading for a while in some private boards that the Anonymous HiveMind just launched an Alternate Reality Hacking GAME ( see ), called Project Mayhem 2012, set to hack Reality & Collective Global Brain by massively organizing thousands? millions? of Anons to DO something globally next December 21st, 2012... yeah, I know!

It seems to be part of 'The Plan', which is introduced here:

The game looks like a Meta-Hypersigil! They have taken several hypersigils and combined to create something said to be BIG.

The game is being played at Project Mayhem 2012:

More info hidden in the html comments of each and every one of those pages (CTRL+U to view html source code), specially at

protip: Matt Bellamy of MUSE, whom is a self-confessed fan of "the occult" and some Chaos Magicians like Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Douglas Rushkoff's Cyberia & many other big names seem to be behind this.

Everything explained here. EPIC thread is EPIC (registration is free):

Guys, its quickly going viral, +4000 likes @ fb and going up, so, I would like to know:

I'm absolutely SURE that there should be someone in the forum, some insiders who know what this might be about.

Have you got any further/inside info about this?

As registration seems to be closed, could you please pass the word to the forum and please please pm me if you find out something, as I'm hooked trying to solve the hidden enigmas and I wanna know! :)

Looks intriguing & potentially world changing indeed!!


Or Kill Me / Congratulations
« on: June 19, 2011, 11:59:18 pm »
In recognition of your accomplishments and tireless efforts in taking from the world an aspect of Science, arts or philosophy that can never again be replaced we have found that through your diligence an irreplaceable keystone of humanity is forever lost to the ether.

For hastening the dark night of humanity by extinguishing one of its brightest lights, we the academic committee bestow upon you the the title of anti-doctorate and hope that you will go forth and endeavour to strengthen the ranks of villainy and evil science.

« on: February 03, 2011, 05:43:00 pm »
This topic has been moved back to Screaming Into The Void.

Thanks for your time.


Apple Talk / ATTN: Rizzo
« on: December 08, 2010, 11:05:22 pm »
You're LAAAAAAME. My mother could troll better then you.
You're not going to get banned that way.

Apple Talk / So I'm going to be in Amsterdam for a week...
« on: August 16, 2010, 01:09:21 am »
Apart from hookers and weed does anyone know what kind of fun stuff there is to do there? Will be visiting Museums and stuff.
Actually now that I think of it, are any of you spags from Amsterdam and want to meet up?

Apple Talk / Your attention is desired regarding a security issue
« on: May 14, 2010, 11:08:28 am »
For a substantial period of time, a number of users contact information was available on google due to a mistake made by Enki.

Anyone who's contact information is hidden from other users is unaffected.

The people effected were the ones who posted in Paynes book of revelations style thread which I cant seem to find a link to right now.

So what does this actually mean?
It means that email and messenger addresses like AIM or MSN that you allow other users to see was indexed by google. Your accounts are in no danger of being hacked (well, any more then usual), but it does mean some of you will have been receiving a lot more spam lately, or had more bots add you on messenger programs as a result of them being found on google.

Once I find the thread I will be posting the list of everyone who was effected

Bring and Brag / The Snippet that escaped my writers block.
« on: April 23, 2010, 12:55:01 am »
Within the head of the walking clockwork citadel fashioned in the duplicate likeness of man, armed with the visage of Richard Nixon, the last remnants of the worlds gentry dressed in finest finery recline in luxury. Sipping cocktails and spirits they recount tales of their conquests before they succeeded in bringing about the end of the world.
The atrocity lurches as it climbs the sheer face of a cliff, hand over hand, shoulders swaying with each movement, as above in blackened clouds so below the charred remains of the sea bed now haunted by lonesome wisps of vapour.

It is Sophia Sapphire's turn to regale her fellowship with a tale before drunken stupor takes grip and one by one beds beckon to all attending.

"Allow me to set the scene if you will, for to break the ice on this story too quickly, oh dear, the very shock to your hearts my darlings would shame the cold water below.
For it is on water that my tale is set, some years ago, sailing somewhere in between nowhere in particular and fondly remembered New York but the details are not important, a limbo in blue would be as adequate for on the open sea without sight of land your only points reference consist of the mood of the sea and the ship itself. Upon this ship of nearly three thousand souls, two closely guarded secrets were hidden, all but lost I am their sole keeper.
The first I share with you now, though I fear that it will shock you to your core. It is that I, Sophia Sapphire who was once amongst the fairest and most beautiful of them all, was more importantly....  a naive and tender young girl. This is a recount of a secret pleasure kept hidden until now, I share with you my sunken treasure; The story of my first and only love."

"Sophia Sapphire: The sleaze of the seven seas" Interjected Rex Mundy followed by a camarilla chorus of laughter.

"Now Rex, it is rude to interrupt a lady such as myself right at the beginning of her story"

"A Love story? Sophia you married half the worlds most powerful men and left them broken, and you had the other half tied around your little finger. Only one love? Your conquests are legendary, my own brother and my father drew blood over you."

"A reminder that you were the one that got away? Its such a shame I never got to be Mrs Mundy, I'd imagine it to be quite a thrill.
No, you've got me all wrong Rex, I did indeed mean Love, in all its fragile complicated glory, not sordid tales of sex or some pretty male bauble to string along. Debauchery can of course have its own charms too Rex, every persons bedroom manner is a snowflake; no two alike, your father had an incredible bedroom manner. No, this was something far more precious then that; I had love once upon a time. The word has weight, not to be tossed around casually.
Perhaps that concept is too much for you to take all at once so I'll stick to a setting you will be more familiar with.

A man walks into a bar, finds the girl of his dreams and says "Can I buy you a drink?", she says "Sure thing sugar".
She takes a drag of her cigarette  looks him up and down studying him; dusty black hair, slightly on the gaunt side, she asks "what do you do?"

He gives her a vacant fleeting smile and responds "I'm a magician, I make people disappear, Its a smoke and mirrors deal"

"Oh dear that trite old scene, so are you here for business or pleasure?"

"I've always had trouble distinguishing between the two, it's all just one big game on some level, don't you agree?", she sits silently, inscrutable. He gestures and the barman pours the pair shots in small frosted glasses.

"No, I find that notion appalling, killing for pleasure makes you a crass thug. So what high act of legerdemain am I to expect, a knife in the dark?"

"I have an unfair advantage here Ms Sapphire I must confess I know a great deal about you while you may not have been aware of my existence before tonight, My name is Tiresias Winter, pleased to meet you."

"Let me think for a moment... I know you graduated with top marks from Villia Pierrefeu and from Westminster before that but not without a string controversies attached to your record. Three of your tutors were forced to resign due to undisclosed misconduct, you had quite a taste for the older gents, they should have known better then to dally with a student, or perhaps you pressured them until they relented, putting pressure seems to be something you have a knack for. A further two reported bullying and as physical threats placed upon them by your late fathers retainers in the event that they did not give you a high grade and positive character reference. Both allegations were of course dismissed as slander.
From my own investigations I discovered certain links to at least three separate art thefts that occurred during your three separate summer breaks in France.
A year ago a mutual friend we share who offered you a unique employment opportunity representing their interests. Similarly I represent the vested interests of my client. From what I've found out so far is that you seem to be a woman of incredible strength of will who always gets what she wants so I hope  my charge which for the moment is simply to pass on a message is not lost on you; "Walk away, enjoy the remainder of this trip, have some drinks and take in the nightlife, but keep out of matters that don't concern you, or it becomes me unfortunate duty to ensure you go for a cool dip off the side of the ship and don't come back."

The girl, that is to say, yours truly, for a second, just one second was taken aback, as we all know back then it was about playing the subtle game, any implication was always between the lines, I wasn't expecting such a low, vulgar threat here of all places." Sophia dispatched another martini and ran her finger around the rim of the glass. Doktor James Saturday took this repose to reflect:

"Tiresias was always like that, he never had much time for politics or diplomacy, I'd say everyone here has at least one unpleasant experience with him. So what exactly were you doing on this ship Sophia?"

Sophia placed the glass down on the floor beside the chaise longue she was stretched out across. In a most discreet motion a waiter swiftly removed and replaced the glasses contents. Sipping at it Sophia responds

"I will get to that, eventually, at my leisure, perhaps, but that is not the point James, don't forget that this story is a love story"

"You did NOT fall for Winter! The great black widow Sophia Sapphire brought low by a common thug." Rex scoffed, arms crossed, leaning up against mahogany bannister that skirted the edge of the lounge.

"While he wasn't without a certain charm, the dark and smouldering middle eastern looks that can be so perilous for naive girls certainly weren't lost on me, there was something more to him though, he seemed incredibly vulnerable and lost despite his bravado. But did I love him?...."

"It wasn't until a multitude of years later that I ever got the full story on him, one of the bastard sons of Hassan i Sabba, trained from an early age to be ruthless bloodhounds employing the most deadly training and dark arts, once speaking to one they could track your emotional scent from across a city. Tiresias was handpicked for his outstanding accomplishments to execute only the missions of highest importance by his employer"

He had irritated me with such a crass and tacky attempt at describing me, a mistake all men seem to make; Women are not to be analysed, we are to be experienced, our actions can't just be summarised in such a bland means as men seem do for each other all the time.

"That's a very big assumption to make Mr. Winter, Firstly that you have the slightest hope of overpowering me without getting a bullet between the eyes and secondly that my intentions are anything but honourable, is it impossible to see a lady enjoying herself without the company of a man, must she have some ulterior motive for being there? For your information, I never made any of my teachers do anything they didn't want to do, I might have encouraged one or two of their advances but that is perfectly normal for a girl that age, if any pressures were placed upon them it was without my influence, it was simply the machinations of my father interfering where he wasn't wanted."

He gestured towards a diamond Trifari bracelet around my arm.
"I'm glad to see the late Maria Romanov's trinkets seeing glamour and nightlife once again, a much better place for them then a museum.

Apple Talk / Post in this thread to get abused by the mods
« on: April 22, 2010, 02:40:59 am »
no text

Apple Talk / Does anyone know where to find
« on: November 13, 2009, 09:47:10 pm »
A shop (online) that I can order a tailored Nazi SS uniform.
Before anyone wonders why, its a sex thing, I don't need the red armband either if that makes it easier to find.

Or Kill Me / Nothing in particular
« on: September 29, 2009, 01:55:31 am »
Lovesongs are capricious things. Baited siren calls, full of empty promises to catch stray hearts of all those fool enough to hear them.  They whisper 'I love you' in the ears of a million different people. Intangible and aloof, conjuring up images of love that vanish upon touch.  They are the cold kisses that are never realised, ghost embraces for the lost. The antitheses of our affections, the sum total of our fears.
Haunting the cities, leaking into this world through its exposed facets, tuned in to invade through the radio and television, infecting the humming lips of its prisoners.

"Contempt for the userbase"

Come, let me show you around.
These are the inmates:
They sit around banging their heads against the wall, repeating in union "a conclusion is only where you stopped thinking" over and over until it reaches frantic, shrieking pitch, and then they recoil in horror that anyone might have heard their message. Its really quite depressing to observe.
Scared their keystone secret of Independent Thought will be snatched away from them they all rock back and forth each cradling an iron bar tenderly though it cuts their hands with its jagged edged inscription "KallistĂ­". As if it is some alchemical stone of promise or some magical key they guard it jealously. Its quite a sorry sight to observe I must say.
Lets listen in:

"...Every subtle grace is lost in the motion. Twittering uncontrollably the masses pass  judgement upon the world through their fingertips in 140 words or less.  Communication is at a peak almost  instantaneous speed, with the advent of the latest and greatest technology, is it approaching critical mass? No its the masses who are critical, today its more important to make yourself heard, herd, then it is to understand. An opinion? everyone's got one, fucked if you don't..."

Tragic really.

Literate Chaotic / Was L Ron Hubbard a Discordian?
« on: August 09, 2009, 08:11:49 pm »

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