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Principia Discussion / Re: The Roof
« on: March 24, 2013, 10:18:38 pm »
There is no roof. Oh wait, yes there is... Now it's gone again. Oh shit! I hear the sound of one hand clapping! Pass the pliers, I need to change the channel.

Just one, with a well-aimed brick. If you're not throwing things and/or getting arrested, you're not doing it right. If you let them herd you behind the protester playpens, you're just a wuss. Commit or get off the pot.

Someone upthread asked if a riot was the same as a protest. What do you think?

So I went to a really liberal artsy kind of school, packed with far-left ideologies. They had this really moronic protest agains the iraq war in the social science building. Which is stupid, because it's not like the people in the SS building are causing the war or anything. Most of the teachers spoke out against it.

Some things never change. When I went to a scumbag corporation masquerading as a University in NJ, there was a protest against the U. holding Coca-cola stock.  No, I'm not bullshitting, Google "Coca-cola" and "Apartheid". So the protesters get kicked off Dean Wormer's lawn (ok, that's bullshit his name was Blaustein), and are told they are permitted to protest on the grounds of the Student Center. The Student Center, where all the shuttle busses come and go from the other campuses. Where you had to step over the protesters and wound up late for your next class because of the bullshit protest that wasn't inconveniencing anyone but fellow students. I told the assholes to apply for transfer, request transcripts sent to other colleges, and threaten to drop out if they wanted anyone to listen, but get the fuck out of my way. They were having too much fun doing nothing to listen. All they needed to top it off was a prayer vigil. If I knew then what I know now, I would have been selling candles and dixie cups.

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