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High Weirdness / Woman hides for year undetected in closet
« on: October 26, 2011, 10:25:28 pm »

Old story, but hilarious.  The ending was my favorite part:

Police were investigating how she managed to go in and out unnoticed, as well as details of her life inside the closet, and if she had taken anything else besides food.

She had moved a mattress into the small space and apparently even took showers, the spokesman said, calling the woman "neat and clean".

Aneristic Illusions / Al-Qaeda to Ahmadinejad: STFU, ASSHOLE!
« on: September 29, 2011, 06:27:50 pm »

"Stop your bullshit conspiracy theories man, you're fucking up our chi street cred!"



On a wet Wednesday evening in Seoul, six government employees gather at the office to prepare for a late-night patrol. The mission is as simple as it is counterintuitive: to find children who are studying after 10 p.m. And stop them.

In South Korea, it has come to this. To reduce the country's addiction to private, after-hours tutoring academies (called hagwons), the authorities have begun enforcing a curfew — even paying citizens bounties to turn in violators.

Read more: in link

Aneristic Illusions / Pirate Party--started in Sweden, now big in Germany
« on: September 25, 2011, 07:04:12 pm »
(as usual, apologies if this has been talked about already)

On Fareed Zakaria's GPS this morning, he highlighted the Pirate Party that's won almost 10% of the vote in Berlin's Parliament.  Which means it's got a significant majority over Merkel's party as well.

Veddy veddy eenteresting...especially given what its main interests are:  legislative freedom on the internet, transparency in government, open access filesharing, an increased voice in government, free public transportation, nuclear-free power...etc. 

There was a Pirate Party International party formed in the '09 European Parliament elections which won them a seat on the EU-wide body--this is amazing to me, and bears watching.

some links:

Or Kill Me / Whir, click
« on: September 17, 2011, 03:30:03 am »
Not really a rant, just a clearing of the mechanism:
You push a button and a whir, click engages.  Lights from somewhere within come on, and you realize the machine is on.  It’s humming and somewhat warm.  The muscle memory has been invoked, and a certain stream of consciousness has already been moving along, serenely, somewhat wantonly, without your notice and somewhere out of eyeline and earshot.

The problem arises when the direction of the machine is no longer in line with your tunnel vision.  The road signs ahead point to a wayward path.  You don’t have a map, and your inability to gauge the distance left to ponder does not give you much hope of achieving your destination.

What little direction you may have had is lost in finding yourself gummed up in the gears and sprongs as they manufacture some sort of journey, a juggernaut of a voyage that has no real meaning, and no real end in sight.  Though you’d begun with some sort of notion of where that marker was hailing from, you can’t attest to its intention, nor as to its purpose any longer.  You’ve long since given up the ghost in the machine’s whereabouts.

But the thing that niggles, that creeps and worries you—it’s not the big things looming in the dark.  Instead, it’s little shadows, the furrowing and the burrowing little splinters of dark.  They wriggle themselves into your conscientious, feeding a small frenzy of doubt and insecurity.  And you wonder how they came to be so very important in their inconsequentiality.

If only they could present themselves in the light of day, when the machine wasn’t so very quiet and furtive.  When time didn’t stand still amongst the hedges of earthcrust.  And instead, you had a soupcon of bravado…shaping your will and giving you meaning, beyond that steaming, chugging monster you call your life.

Aneristic Illusions / Federal Judge Blocks 'Bama Immigration Law
« on: August 30, 2011, 04:09:42 pm »
Published Online: August 30, 2011
Federal Judge Blocks Alabama Immigration Law
By The Associated Press

Birmingham, Ala.
A federal judge has temporarily blocked enforcement of Alabama's new law cracking down on illegal immigration, ruling Monday that she needed more time to decide whether the law requiring schools to verify the citizenship status of students is constitutional.

The brief order by U.S. District Judge Sharon L. Blackburn means the law—which opponents and supporters alike have called the toughest in the nation—won't take effect as scheduled on Thursday.

The ruling was cheered both by Republican leaders who were pleased the judge didn't gut the law and by opponents who compare it to old Jim Crow-era statutes against racial integration. The law is opposed by the Obama administration, church leaders, and immigrant-rights groups.

Blackburn didn't address whether the law is constitutional, and she could still let all or parts of the law take effect later. Instead, she said she needed more time to consider lawsuits filed by the Justice Department, private groups, including advocacy groups for English-language learners, and individuals that claim the state is overstepping its bounds.

Among other things, the Alabama law would require schools to verify the citizenship status of students.

It orders the Alabama Department of Education to send the state legislature a report each year spelling out the numbers of students in primary and secondary schools who are believed to be undocumented. That report must also analyze and itemize the cost to the state of providing instruction, computers, textbooks, meals, extracurricular activities, and other support to undocumented students.

The requirement for schools to determine the immigration status of students has made school officials uneasy and runs counter to the advice civil rights lawyers have given schools for years in consideration of the Supreme Court ruling in Plyler v. Doe, which is to not ask because it might provide a chilling effect on their seeking an education.

The U.S. Department of Education also reminded school districts this spring that they are obligated to enroll children regardless of immigration status. A letter from the department in May said schools may ask a U.S. birth certificates to determine whether the child meets age requirements for enrollment but can't refuse to enroll a child who doesn't have one.

State education officials have stressed that the new law wouldn't prevent illegal immigrants from attending public schools, but opponents say it will make many parents afraid to send their children to school anyway for fear they would be arrested or deported.

The law also would make it a crime to knowingly assist an illegal immigrant by providing them a ride, a job, a place to live or most anything else—a section that church leaders fear would hamper public assistance ministries. And it would allow police to jail suspected illegal immigrants during traffic stops.

Finding a way to curtail public spending that benefits illegal immigrants has been a pet project of Alabama conservatives for years. Census figures released earlier this year show the state's Hispanic population more than doubled over a decade to 185,602 last year, and supporters of the law contend many of them are in the country illegally.

The law, signed in June by Republican Gov. Robert Bentley, states: "The State of Alabama finds that illegal immigration is causing economic hardship and lawlessness in this state and that illegal immigration is encouraged when public agencies within this state provide public benefits without verifying immigration status."

Isabel Rubio, executive director of the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama, which is among the groups that sued over the law, hopes Blackburn will block it entirely but was happy with the temporary reprieve.

"We are pleased that Judge Blackburn is taking more time to study the case," she said.

Bentley said he would continue to defend the law, and GOP leaders in the House and Senate praised Blackburn—a Republican appointee—for taking time to fully consider the law.

"We must remember that today's ruling is simply the first round in what promises to be a long judicial fight over Alabama's right to protect its borders," said House Majority Leader Micky Hammon of Decatur. "To put it in sports terms, it is the first half-inning of the first game of a seven-game World Series."

While the Obama administration contends the state law conflicts with federal immigration law, state Sen. Scott Beason, R-Gardendale, contends the federal government isn't doing its job enforcing immigration laws. Beason said that he spent years researching immigration law to help write the 70-plus page law, and that it's unrealistic to expect a judge to go through it all in a few days.

"You just can't do that," he said.

The judge said she will issue a longer ruling by Sept. 28, and her temporary order will remain in effect until the day after. She heard arguments from the Justice Department and others during a daylong hearing last week. Similar laws have been passed in Arizona, Utah, Indiana, and Georgia, however, federal judges have blocked all or parts of the laws in those states.

Copyright 2011 Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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High Weirdness / Japanese Scientists Take Your Poop and Make
« on: June 18, 2011, 11:17:20 pm »

Or Kill Me / America's Bleedin'
« on: June 18, 2011, 06:00:46 am »
America’s bleedin’…she’s had a great time.  She partied too hard, but what she came home with ain’t worth a dime.

America’s bleedin’, and her shit’s on the lawn.  She’s selling to the highest bidder, cuz momma gotta pay the rent, and the good times--they'se gone.

America’s bleedin’, from the nose, from the jaw.  Her pimp gave her too much blow, so she could service her Johns.  She got a lil mouthy, and that shit’s just not on.

America’s bleedin’, this time from the ass.  You know where this is going.  Dude, you don’t even hafta ask.

America's bleedin', but it ain't from her heart.  She still gots what it takes...but shitfuckdamn, it don't last.

Meh, sorry if it blows.

Fucking finally.  This has actually been, for those of us who advocate for kids' legal rights, a pain in the ass when it comes to legislation.  A lot of child/parental rights cases have come up lately, since police more or less abuse kids' rights and therefore parental rights by interrogating them AT MOTHERFUCKING SCHOOL without parental consent, notification or anyone setting down what the kid's entitled to know about their own rights.



You'll have to excuse me if this is cock-repost...couldn't find the thread here if there's one preceding.  Anyway, damn me if this isn't wackadoo and awesome at the same time.  NOT that I'd want it to take the place of an actual DOCTOR making the diagnoses, but it's kinda cool as a tool to help out.

« on: June 01, 2011, 01:22:20 pm »

Oh frabjous day!

:D   :D  :mrgreen:  :D :D  :mrgreen:  :D  :D

Today is a good day.  Already.

Apple Talk / Well, Damn...Elizabeth Taylor just died
« on: March 23, 2011, 06:10:43 pm »
WTF.  This makes me feel so damned old.  The icons are just ditching this world so fast. 

There was never a better "cat on a hot tin roof."  Ever.

Or Kill Me / NO. Mine.
« on: March 18, 2011, 02:51:54 am »
I have no words.  You want some?  Find your own.  These are mine.  I found them between the couch cushions and I'm keeping them.  They're MINE, fuck you.  Quit hogging them!

No, you can't have them.  I offered them to you earlier, you didn't want them.  You bitched about them being sour or too biting.  Fuck you for your lack of taste.

Your sense of smell is off, too, because you said they stunk.

So why the hell would I give my hard-earned words to YOU of all people?  You don't deserve them!  Fuck you and your selfish isolationism.  If I thought you'd share 'em, so would I.  I can't be arsed to give them away just because your fickle sense of justice decided you should have them.  Go fly a kite.

No, I said NO!  Write it backwards on your forehead and look in the mirror.  Daily.  A reminder of my answer.  It won't change.  

I don't give a fuck WHAT you say.  THEY'RE MINE!  Mine!  You use them without  my permission, I will hunt you down and punch you in the Jimmy!

No, I'm not being selfish.  I'm righteous.  You know why?  I offered them earlier, you resisted.  End of story.

I'm tired of arguing.   Dog tired, man.  Fuck off.

*shakes you off her sleeve*  Quit trying to change my mind.

It's not working.

Propaganda Depository / Discordian App?
« on: February 10, 2011, 07:55:57 pm »
Anyone thought of this yet?  A smartphone app that 1) you can NOT eat the menu 2) read the PD on 3) fap to WOMPage or 4) scream at Eris and/or play an Erisian version of Space Invaders?


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