Already planning a hunger strike against the inhumane draconian right winger/neoliberal gun bans. Gun control is also one of the worst forms of torture. Without guns/weapons its like merely existing and not living.

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Discordian Recipes / Taquito Dogs
July 21, 2019, 12:00:22 PM
Its summer. Its hot, so its time to eat food thats even hotter like those spicy gas station taquitos that melt my frostbitten third eye and leave the watery residue in my mouth to quench thou's taquito's fires and

The spiciest taquitos available at the gas station because if I made my own taquitos I would have to learn how first and I cannot be guaranteed my taquitos will be safe or taquitos.

Line the deepest crevice of the heck bog bun with a white spread. Sour cream is the standard, mayonnaise, tzatziki.:wink:.?, leftover stroganoff sauce.:wink:, :wink:.? chicken suprême sauce.

Insert one taquito into the primed heck bog bun.

Spread the bun just a tad, and on the sides of the taquito can put a red spread. Salsa, cocktail, marinara, strawberry sauce..? harissa warning.

By now, the taquito dog is finished. Frankly, the taquito was finished before being chastised into dog form. But you could quit now or you could not quit now. There are still other colors that would taste pretty good.

Hollandaise, or just a spilled yolk if not a poacher. Gravy? Pesto? The spring onion slices leftover from making the spring onion oil sauce? Kale chips? Cellary?

I have read of indigo milky caps and their use in making blue and green sauces. Who knows? Maybe indigo milky caps make a good sauce.
I've been thinking about time and space.

A bit of background: The decision that the universe must be expanding started a couple of decades after Einstein's relativity with the observation of a shift in the light spectrum of distant galaxies to be redder. The redshift was attributed to the Doppler Effect, which is where an observer observing the wavelength emissions of an object moving away from the observer sees the object's wavelength's crests as occurring at further apart due to the object moving away from the point where the pulse was emitted in the direction that creates more distance between the object and the observer. If the objects were moving closer together, the Doppler Effect would cause the crests to appear more frequently. So, the redshift was attributed to the Doppler Effect, and the universe was determined to be expanding. As it was discovered that further objects, which were distanced by brightness, shift to be redder faster, it was decided objects in space are not only becoming further apart but are accelerating. To explain the outward momentum of the universe a force setting its expansion into motion, like the big bang, became standard, and to explain the acceleration of the universe, dark energy became standard.

I'm really not partial to that explanation at all, so I thought about what could cause a redshift measurable in every direction other than Doppler effects caused by universal expansion.

Well, here's the main thought process!

1. To estimate the gravitational force within a set, sum up the mass and divide by the distance. Should the mass be spread across a greater distance, the net gravity of that mass would be lesser. If the mass were to be condensing, the strength of its gravitational impact would be increasing.

2. Gravitational time dilation is the effect by which objects pass through time at faster rates when under the effects of less gravity; as well as the inverse, objects pass through time at slower rates when under the effect of more gravity.

3. Mass cannot be created or destroyed, so the net sum of the universe's gravity depends upon the distance between its points. Should the universe be expanding, total gravity ought to be decreasing. If the universe were to be condensing, total gravity should be increasing.

4. If the universe were expanding, total gravity would be decreasing, and the rate at which time passes throughout space would therefore increase. If we were to observe a wavelength undergo a decrease in gravity, its rate ought to increase in correspondence to the increased rate of the wavelength's passage through time.

5. If the universe were condensing, total gravity would be increasing, and the rate at which time passes throughout space would thereby decrease. Wavelengths undergoing an increase in gravity ought to decrease in frequency in correspondence to the decreased rate of the wavelength's passage through time.

If light throughout the universe is becoming redder, the cause for the redshift may be an increase in sum gravity as a result of the universe condensing. Without the expansion of the universe, an event to cause the direction of the universe is unnecessary as so long as there's both mass and distance and no explosive origin, there's an ever-increasing force of gravity bringing it all together.

Well, I'm still thinking about the lot of it as well as perhaps writing a brief book, to organize arguments and evidence for the model as well as explore its implications, but the current stage seemed substantive enough for an initial share 8)
Discordian Recipes / Cooking Combos
January 28, 2018, 06:56:43 AM
More often than cooking a meal, I grab a couple of handfuls of various things, usually dry things but sometimes wet, and place them in my mouth for safe-keeping. This thread is for successful combos. I recommend any hands involved to be washed before trying any of these recipes. If you will not or cannot wash the hands, wearing clean gloves can work as well.

1. Grab some pineapple, grab some banana peppers, grab a lot of spinach. Place them in the mouth or on something else, like a pizza or bread. Then place the something else in the mouth.

2. Grab some white onion, grab some white peaches, and grab some vegetable stock. More peach than onion, just enough stock to cook the stuff down. Cook the stuff down and then move to the mouth or put stuff in it and then to the mouth. This is my go-to soup base, but I usually just eat the base instead of making a souperstructure.

3. Grab a can of tomato soup, grab a box of crackers, and grab a cup of orange juice. I have not tried heating or diluting the soup or mixing the orange juice with the soup directly, so I cannot recommend those strategies, but if you mix the soup and the orange juice, you will need to remove the soup from the can first. But if they mix they will also become the same temperature which is not ideal. The orange juice should be at least a bit colder. Tomato soup -> orange juice -> repeat. Use crackers as needed. A watery hot sauce can be mixed into the soup for added flair.

Good luck!