I know you said that you wouldn't tolerate excuses, but I have a real good one.

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Or Kill Me / The gays and trans can't win
May 05, 2023, 06:53:49 PM

The abolitionists didn't defeat slavery. Who did?

The suffragettes didn't win the right to vote. Who did?

The left didn't defeat fascism. Who did?

Hell the republicans didn't even manage to defeat the monarchy. Who did?

The LBTQ+ community won't beat the likes of Trump and De Santis. But they will be defeated, once folks figure out who will do it.

Too many people want to fight and keep their panties clean. The victories of the past always involved, sooner or later, having to use those pretty, white knickers as a cloth to wipe away what's left of their metaphorical hymen.

Here's a clue "The enemy of my enemy is my friend", "My enemy is my greatest weapon", "the moral high ground is a mass grave."

You want to win? Study William Wilberforce, REALLY study what he did and how he failed. Figure out what he eventually figured out. How he won, how all the others won and who/what really won it for them.
Or Kill Me / Look both ways before you cross
June 27, 2017, 03:23:33 PM
I have a confession to make, I need to come out of the closet. I am a right wing Discordian.

Yes, as the left preaches, I am a racist, islamaphobic, hate mongering, anti-feminist rapist, fundamentalist eater of babies!

Now as you sharpen your pitch forks and prepare the gallows for me, there may arise some questions. Why a right wing Discordian? HOW can you be a right wing Discordian and what do babies taste like?

I honestly can not see how a person can reconcile the left with Discordian thought. The left destroys free will, free speech and free thinking. How do the left think and act?

Let's start with "no platforming" shall we? You don't like what someone says? Don't like that fact they dare to disagree? Sure, we'll no platform you! Freedom of speech, provided you say what we agree with. So often the left have stopped opposition voices from speaking at debates, university forums and events. they think it's cool and hip to deny ANY thought or word that does not conform with their world view.
Ok, let us look at this again, it is something that really stands out to me about the left. If you disagree with them, they will actively block you from speaking out, they will deny you freedom to express your view, freedom to think and be a certain way because it goes against what they believe. Seriously, watch these buggers in action on youtube, watch how they "no platform" people. Left wing stormtroopers enforcing "correct thought".

Don't like the result of an election or referendum? We'll riot, burn and destroy till we get what we want! We'll demand more referendums till we get the result we want and if the other side don't like it, well that's "undemocratic."

Disagree with freedom of movement? You are racist, doesn't matter your reasons, you are racist, islamaphobic scum.

Are the right much better? In extremis, no better than the left, yet we are sleepwalking into a paradigm shift that is dangerous. I am British and I look at the rise of Corbyn with horror, I look at the rise of the far left, becoming the MAINSTREAM left and wonder when the hammer will fall.

People have this black and white view of the world. Right wing bad, left wing good, make all those evil black hearted fascists into good white knights and the world becomes a better place.

The world becomes a better place when the little black and white pawns become grey!

Wake up and smell the reality, this political bullshit is a circle, you go left far enough and you end up at the same dark, ugly, brutal extreme that you end up if you go too far right.

This, THIS, is the problem we have. Everyone knows what happens if you go too far right, it's hammered into us day in and day out and it's a valid, special warning. yet the consequences of this steady march to the left are just as dark and deadly. To me, to be Discordian is not to replace the grid marked "right" with the grid marked "left", it is to remove the grids entirely.

The signs are all there, if you open your eyes and look for them. Look both ways before you cross people, cross the road looking one way is going to get us all hit by a big freaking bus.

It's chicken by the way, babies taste like chicken.