"We don't make the apocalypse, we make the apocalypse better."

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Duh, right?

IT had just  never occured to me quite like that before.
The completion of never ending cosmic solitude occasioned by being the one. At least Jlong never mentioned IT, not directly of course.

anyone else tried these new laces?
how did it make you soul feel, you know, when the guest had to leave again?
Techmology and Scientism / Numpy in my Pythonic Fortran
January 01, 2015, 11:39:33 PM
I remember from my days of lurking, a thread on python's coding fury.
Now it seems that I am catching-up, though some dependencies stay blurry.
Namely, if nested in the python, fortran lays, is anyone here versed'n it's ways?

Perhaps someone from the navy, would know a little Fortran(90) maybe?
Discordian Recipes / No Bake Snickandkomissary Pie
November 07, 2014, 08:12:57 AM

1 custom 8" graham cracker crust

6 full snikrs barz

1/2 cup smooth pnut butter

1/4 cup heavy cream(ers(sum))

8oz kool whip (Ed cream)



Saucepan Melt Snikrs w/ PB & heavy cream on low
    Let cool to room temp.

Fold kool whip w/ cooled mix.
    Pour into cracker crust
        Cover & freeze for c. 5 hours

Garnish, slice, & njoy