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#1, we hardly knew ye...
Quote from: Brother Mythos on May 04, 2024, 11:16:04 PMI realized I had been negligent in my study of comparative religions when I saw The Big Lebowski listed on one of the cable movie stations. I did know this flick was the inspiration for Dudeism, but had never watched it. And, had I known this movie was a Coen Brothers' project, I would have made a greater effort to do so.

I found this film to be pretty strange, right from the beginning. But, the intensity of the character Walter Sobchak, as portrayed by John Goodman, immediately reminded me of a wounded Vietnam veteran I knew years ago. "Crazy John" had that kind of intensity, and my friends and I believed having several square inches of his skull blown away in 'Nam just might have had something to do with it. Anyway, it makes me suspect that the character Walter Sobchak was based upon a real, living person.     

It took me until the very end of the movie, but I now believe I have an understanding of, and a respect for Dudeism.

Walter was largely based on filmmaker John Milius.

Personally, I think he is making up all the Nam stuff.
Quote from: QuestionsTheSoil on September 04, 2023, 03:01:56 AMIn a trance in which I was connected to the higher plane of existence (which coincidentally only happens when I smell that lovely Gorilla Glue in the tool chest), I communed with Eris, the Goddess of Chaos, the most holy. It was then I had an Epiphany:
"Is devotion to a Goddess of Chaos in itself anti-chaos? Does devotion to a figurehead not imply an order, a hierarchy of some sort?"
Her voice filled my mind, and her words echoed in my very being:
"Ok you fucking loser"
After throwing up 2 times in the bathtub and 3 more times in front of my couch, I realized that I must spread these words of wisdom.
Surely, they must resonate with wise scholars such as yourselves. 

Disorder is a part of Chaos.

Order is also a part of Chaos.

This elementary.
I don't think I've ever typed TL;DR before.

But here we are.
Good point.
Yeah, he was making fun of QM
Quote from: Doktor Howl on January 31, 2023, 03:20:17 AM
It suddenly feels like PD is alive again.   :lulz:

Let's invite IANAR, Poptart, and the Outlandish One back for some real sidesplitting laughs
True enough.
I know a fair amount of indigenous people from the Kettle Point reservation, but never heard a single one ever mention receiving any reparation payments... maybe they just don't talk about it to me, since... you know. But some of the houses there sure don't look like they are getting much from the government.
Quote from: Doktor Howl on January 29, 2023, 05:49:34 PM
Quote from: chaotic neutral observer on January 28, 2023, 06:31:37 PM

Why, what have you been hearing?

If I didn't know these two so well, I'd assume that someone strapped them to a chair in front of a Tucker Carlson show (he has gone from screeching about this to "liberating Canada" in the last few days).

Setting that aside, Canada's medical system is heavily overloaded right now, which might be a reason not to move here, especially if you're in less than perfect health.  It's almost impossible to find a GP in many areas, and there were recently two cases of women in Nova Scotia dying while waiting for treatment in emergency rooms.

That happens here all the time.  Your wait may be dictated by your ability to pay, even in the ER.

Boy howdy. Sounds like Canada is the new Tucson.
They generally are not the sharpest spoons in the drawer.
One of Roger's many stalkers, no doubt.
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Re: I'm back
October 21, 2022, 12:49:18 AM
Quote from: Dildo Argentino on September 29, 2022, 05:05:42 AM
I am saddened and aggrieved.

But I am sure that the torch of a man of his stature is now carried by his grateful spiritual heirs, may his wisdom grace the world in aeternis.

Them tamarinds can be a pain.

His corpse has been running a cargo cult in Polynesia, Weekend at Bernie's style.
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Re: Holy hell!
October 21, 2022, 12:47:48 AM
Quote from: Doktor Howl on October 12, 2022, 01:35:07 AM
Quote from: chaotic neutral observer on October 11, 2022, 11:28:30 PM
Quote from: Penumbral on October 11, 2022, 03:47:40 PM
Also, if you guys did want a discord that's basically what I do for work now. I can help.
Your job is setting up discord servers?  There are people who pay for that?  Weird.

Anyway, P.D. already has a discord server, but it's by invitation only.  They wouldn't let me join, said I was too "pseudo-ontological".

Too Canadian.

Is there such a thing anymore?
I concur.