Remember, its all a sociological experiment.  "You are doing exactly as I planned. My god you are all so predictable."  Repeat until you believe it.

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Quote from: chaotic neutral observer on April 08, 2022, 03:27:06 AM
I was trying to find this loser's house on google streetview because why not, but I think it's on a dirt road or something, so I skipped down a highway a little ways--just being a tourist, you know, I do that with streetview sometimes--and I saw a sign that said "Escabana Felch ->"  and I says to myself, "What's a Felch?  Is it some sort of geographical term?"  So then I googled "define felch" and

I have the damndest gaps in my vocabulary.

Anyway, Felch Mountain Bible Chapel is a real place, and that fills me with glee.
oooh - you're good.  there's some good safety tips on that bicycle forum.
Wait, you mean I'm still ahead?
Yeah, well, I do get hit in the head a lot.  I just checked my email and it says there's gay hot singles in my area and they're very very horny.  And naughty.  is that you?
if memory serves, you live in wisconsin, which ain't too far from me.  if you're interested, i'd be happy to settle this over a friendly boxing match - we could sell tickets and donate the proceeds to a nice charity.
my youtube channel is blowing up with views - is that you?  did you like the balloon joke?  get it?  it's a magic balloon
i just got an email from - that isn't you, is it?

i'm kind of afraid to read it.  can you tell me what's in it?
ok, i'll be sure to let you know when i find out
wh.. why? ? ?  you didn't, didn't hack my email, did you???
How soon?  I like to save my regretting for the weekends.
There, see?  Don't you feel better now?  And you didn't have to shit up somebody else's thread to do it.
Hey you spags, if you want to shit on me, do it here and quit derailing other people's threads. 
It's not covered by my insurance
please choose the response that best conforms to your biases:

1) we all know it's impossible for people to change

2) sorry about that, if you could please provide a list of approved methods of aggression, I'll try to stick to those

3) no, you're the passive aggressive ass, i just try to make jokes but suffer from bad taste

4) this page is important. the opinions of those who post here are important.  only correct opinions will be tolerated.

5) PD doesn't care about your feelings, unless they get hurt by a passive aggressive ass, what a jerk!