I hate both of you because your conversation is both navel-gazing and puerile

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Principia Discussion / the math poll
October 10, 2009, 12:34:48 AM
saw this

and decided it was as good an excuse to see what the PD'ers thought about this.

i used to be wholeheartedly convinced that mathematics was always laying around, waiting to be discovered.  nowadays, i'm not so sure.

i'd venture to guess some of you folks have opinions on this and i'd like to hear them.

(if this has been discussed already, i'd appreciate a link to the thread.)
so i was having this argument last night.  i'm interested to see what peedee has to say on the matter.
Or Kill Me / fuck off and/or die
August 29, 2009, 07:14:22 PM
You had to start this song over so you could have another beer.  You promised yourself you would do this,
if you could have another beer.
No peeking.
It's convulsive.  It's obscure.
You tried to be normal for awhile.  You tried to blend in.  fit in.  go along with the system.  But it's the pulsing bass in your head.
  It doesn't count to four.  It doesn't sound like toby keith.
You tried another state.  They're different there.  But worse.
You don't belong.
They're everywhere.  You cannot escape them. 
But you like them.  They help you feel normal.
That beer doesn't taste as good as you thought it would.
Do they know? Can they tell?
Should I be collecting unemployment?
They told me to write a book. . . were they serious? 
Oozing.  Pouring.  Sweat.  Delicious.  Mealy.
I miss my ergonomic keyboard.  But I can only use that at work. 

Aren't you always at work?
Don't throw up.  Have another sip.
Oh how I crave a mutiny.  Turns out she died instead.
It's obscure, but it means something anyway.
Nothing is more self indulgent than self indulgence.
The music is where you were.  You can't say it.  You can only play it.
But what it means to me is not what it means to you.
Or was it the math? You went there, too. 
I cock my head to get the blood on the other side of my brain for awhile. 
Oh alcohol, why can't you hire me full time?   
i could've gone with you to see motorhead tonight. 
Instead I was responsible. 
Bring and Brag / moar web comics
March 06, 2009, 01:35:35 AM
inspired by anthraxcat's submission of webcomics, i'm posting some of my own.  maybe there should be a homemade webcomics thread?

Bring and Brag / what i did on my summer vacation
August 29, 2008, 04:02:09 AM

This is a hole – it's 54" deep and about 14" diameter.  I dug 20 of them.  It sucked.  Yes I am aware you can rent augers.  I borrowed a tractor with an auger on the back – finishing the hole by hand still sucked.  There's 6" of concrete at the bottom.

Here are some poles.  Getting them in the hole without caving in one side was kinda tricky – especially with the really tall poles.  Getting them in just the right spot and plumb was a bitch.

Lesser known fact:  The boards connecting the poles are called girts.  This part was fun – but all the nailing screwed up my wrists and gave me carpal tunnel.  (Pro-tip: don't use hammers with steel handles – use wood.)

Here's some trusses up.  We mounted a beam in the bucket of aforementioned tractor and used it like a crane.  Worked pretty slick.  Climbing around on wobbly trusses that aren't braced up to anything yet is kinda scary.

Here's some more trusses up.  Lesser known fact:  the boards that are nailed to the truss are called purlins.  If you squint real hard, you can see some temporary purlins in this picture.  (like my T-shirt?)

Booya – gots a roof on the sucka.  Had some help with that – thank god. 

Here's another shot – see what I did there?  That's a third garage door.  That will come in handy when there's shit in the back of the barn that I want to get out and there's cars parked in front of the other two doors.

And looky here – it's the inside.   

Bring and Brag / listen plz
May 31, 2008, 01:42:02 PM
hey- i'd be interested to know what folks on here think (good or bad) about the shits i record on my compy 386.

my band

some of it's new. some of it's old.  some of it's electronic.  some of it snot.
Propaganda Depository / eJake
May 08, 2008, 03:14:19 AM
feel free to use or not use: - Password: 5ublation5ociety - Password: Frat0Mag - Password: H0iP0ll0i - Password: 25tchurch

make more if you like - it would be cool if there were different domains, but i suck at teh internets.

(edit: Church has 2 C's in it)
Propaganda Depository / Letterheads
May 08, 2008, 03:13:22 AM
Hey - I was searching for letterheads to use for amusing purposes and did not find them in abundance.  I propose this thread to dump copyleft letterheads and "clip art" for making your own.

use at your own whimsy.  add your own if you like.

i made some up but due to only having internet at work and the related Big Brother issues, i can't use any file hosting sites.

however, with a bit of luck, someone will be posting them in here for me pretty soon (i hope).

Also, Netaungrot made a pretty bitchin one in the ColbertGASM thread - (there's also some cool illuminati symbols over there, too).  maybe they could go in here, too - no?