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Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / i got bored
December 07, 2014, 11:55:18 PM
and decided to make a themed playlist on the theme of getting wasted and making questionable life choices.

so, my proposal to you-peedee, is to ask me for a theme or title, and I shall give you one that will look questionable shared on facebook.

after , we shall VOTE! and the next winner gets to title the suggestions.

a hidden open letter to my old mates, i love you guys, but some of you have the critical thinking capacity of a fooking potato.

I'm not entirely sure what kind of potato. But I'm inclined to go with one of those hench fuck-off baking potatoes that 2 potatoes feeds 4 (plus toppings and all that, wiff a side salad).
Your disconnect with reality is fucking staggering, with your vague terms and anti -intellectual sentiments. Trying to shoehorn me in to some "like, evolved form, man" pseudo mystical image of a person from 12 years ago that I have not been in fucking years. Since I joined PeeDee.

I think it's my depression. I think it makes me impatient with this drunk hippy fuckwit and it's been 4 minutes and I've already got bingo on my logical fallacy card,  never trust a hippy. I can't remember the guys name, but meh. Apparently depressed people have a more accurate grasp on reality. i think it might be a bit of a chicken/egg thing. and yes, i've got time and money to go into any new flat I go into and paint the whole thing as "a blank canvas, man, just take a sleeping bag, d'ya get me?". /SARCASM

Jasp (another old friend) took me aside late last night at my oldest friend's birthday party. I'd mentioned wanting to do sociology as an OU degree and Baggage was also there giving it the "you don't need formal education to prove to people you smart, Pix." My oldest friends have forgotten my defining character trait over the years, and that is: they forgot that I am an angry nerd lady with serious nerd rage. I have always been an angry nerd, a history nerd.  I have always loved learning about a multitude of possibly useless and sometimes irrelevant crap. So maybe i want to do a fucking degree level sociology course once i am more together because i love learning about stuff. It's not some kind of working class intellectual inferiority complex, for fuck sake, and self teaching myself herbalism and doing evening classes is hardly the level of in depth study I'd like to sink my teeth into. I may seem unfocused but there's a lot of things for an angry nerd lady to be angrily nerdy about and utterly absorbed in considering. i want to direct the energy of my small angry nerd girl inner child or whatever you guys and your woo would actually get, sharpen iota to a sharp blade of small angry nerd lady. FEAR ME FOR I AM PIXIE, FUCKERS

Even when i was culturally appropriating and plundering half baked barely parsed stolen ideas from other cultures when i was the person they remember, I was an angry fucking nerd. I took a fucking morning star to a games console whilst listening to Pantera in a ritual at 23 in my back garden to get some unresolved feelings and bad personal choice patterns concerning some guy i was fucking on and off again back then, basically a contrived effort to stop fucking with my own head. incidentally it worked on the "NO DON'T BONE HIM AGAIN FFS" front. I think it was the smashing to shit of his old console, personally whilst listening to metal that did that more than any mystical pagan unicorn poop. Bits of it flew quite far :D

I'm brought back to of all things, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and these people are the romantics who eschew the empirical, the wasters that feel disconnected from any sort of reality that makes them uncomfortable. idk i think a lot of hippies miss the point of that book, or is that just me?

i was actually relieved when the drunk bearded guys with gutars around a fire started tbh.


feeling a little naked over here. :S
QuoteI punched my boss in the face. He told me he was going to lower my pay. I invited him to suck my dick and walked out. He followed me into the street and got in my face demanding to know why I was leaving. I told him that he was far too much of an asshole to be tolerated for any less than I was already being paid. Short of anything else to say, he offered to fight me. So, to quote Muhammed Ali, "We got it on, because we did not get along."
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / ROGER!
October 28, 2013, 03:02:27 AM
who the fuck is on rain deity duties? is it you? Me?

I've lost track (you keep on leaving us with that Doc Howl bastard and we have force 9 outside that the Uk papers have dubbed this the "St Jude" storm.

I don't think trees are supposed to bend that way.
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Penis beaker
October 10, 2013, 02:52:43 PM

this thread is a classic example of the weird on Mumsnet, a forum dominated by wimmins. It has gone viral and is even in the Telegraph?!!?

their 50 Shades parody was amaze.

I am a little concerned about the Zoflora (disinfectant) and douche lady though. IT'S A SELF-CLEANING ORGANISM WTF DON'T PUT THE CHEMICAL THINGS IN THERE!


Protests have popped up all over Greece and seem to be spreading amongst antifascist networks to the rest of Europe. I know some folks that are planning one near me even.  Apparently the Golden Dawn HQ was attacked and it's getting a bit rioty and it may cause more strikes. seems to be more detailed about the actual assault, and somehow, with GD's links with Greek police.

it's also been 2 months since this happened:-

Quote from: Suu on September 17, 2013, 06:00:23 PM
On my way to school I almost got mugged in broad daylight. Cops were circling the area so they came before anything happened. I am fine, just shaken up and safe on the bus to class. The dude had a red ren faire tail on. I shit you not. I can post the full story when I'm at a computer and not on my phone.

shit. thirding the "glad you are safe"
Poet laureate, and one of the reasons I love poetry.
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Nigel!
August 28, 2013, 03:14:06 AM
i read this

after a TV chef moaned about "people buying chips and cheese" on low incomes and generally coming across as being on another planet about food poverty and such

One of the things that struck me, as I was reading it was the concept of a collective kitchen. If you tied them in with food banks, enabling people with limited purchasing power to get healthy food rather than to just not feel hungry and eating the poor quality cheap convenience stuff.

It's a concept I haven't come across before and I'll be putting it forward to the community org I work with as something to explore, as well as any other people who'd be open to the idea.
Myself and the Motherfucking Messiah/scruffy Scots oik are moving because we are sick sick sick of housemate drama.


I had a tumblr meltdown with moving anxiety earlier. We're moving, deposit is safe, as the official deposit scheme from the govt is in my name after the fiasco of moving in here. Using my old landlord to get this place and paying out all the cash to secure it, then having it paid back has despite the initial grumble, worked out in this new improvedTM fucked up situation in my favour. As does the medical letter that the doc has promised me.

Friday, we thought he was moving out. Now, he wants to stay.

For this the useless sack of feed tube needs_

This is the draft list I came up with

Quote2 new housemates (in full time work)

Raise new deposit and first month's rent in full because new deposit scheme form and such will be needed, as the current one is in my name and non-transferrable.

get new internet

new mattress

fridge freezer



kitchen kit

pay back debt to Steve (minus any deposit paid)*

change supplier details for utilities and council tax on 1st October

lounge furniture (outside of anything we leave behind)

this currently stands at approx £300

This is pee my pants fucking hilarious. I don't even think he'll manage to get the landlords permission to start with, and I'd feel like an utter dick passing him off onto some other poor schmuck. The boy is a walking money pit, has history of domestic abuse and shirks all housework.

needless to say today is the day that I find out that one of my freinds of a friend (my femininja friend Joy's friend..) is looking for somewhere to live and as they (not sure which pronoun they prefer..) are looking for somewhere to live, and is in a living with an ex type situation. but with a housemate that doesn't want to budge. Similar values and gets on with your friends in a new housemate is a close second to no housemate, even if the intertubes have been the sole form of communication.

Oh and I have to look for work at the moment too. Which is great when you are too stressed to concentrate. I did manage to hash out the transferrable skills list though, which is a small victory.

and on a day like today, I'll take the small victories and "well at least the bottom line and my ass is covered money wise."

Current predictions for me and Payne are that feed tube is going to crash and burn spectacularly.

More news after the agent's meeting with us tomorrow.

Guy is literally busting my balls here.

I understand kickstarter's position on this... but I still hate PUA's
A first contact centre for rape and sexual assault victims.

a FOR PROFIT company. With no experience in the field.

Stavvers is balls to the wall angry feminist, but it's the best "uuuh... NO" I've found so far.

I'm all bent out of shape with the thought that a company is profiting from those who have suffered sexual assault.

I was having a convo with someone about how sometimes the gaming table or larp group can get squicky, triggery or upsetting, would any of you spags be interested in reading the blog post I'm working on?
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Yo, Navkat!
April 16, 2013, 02:44:32 AM
Don't want to jack the other thread, thought this would be informative.

Potentially TW needing.
QuoteUrgent call for action.

The coalition government plans to sneak through legislation to remove rights to equality tomorrow.

It is the repeal of part 1 s3 General Duty of the Equality Act 2006 and is worded as below:

3 General duty
The Commission shall exercise its functions under this Part with a view to encouraging and supporting the development of a society in which—
(a)people's ability to achieve their potential is not limited by prejudice or discrimination,
(b)there is respect for and protection of each individual's human rights,
(c)there is respect for the dignity and worth of each individual,
(d)each individual has an equal opportunity to participate in society, and
(e)there is mutual respect between groups based on understanding and valuing of diversity and on shared respect for equality and human rights.

If this goes through in laymans terms it will mean:

(1) people's ability to achieve their potential is limited by prejudice or discrimination.
(2) there is no respect for and protection of each individual's human rights.
(3) there is no respect for the dignity and worth of each individual.
(4) each individual does not have an equal opportunity to participate in society.
(5) there is no mutual respect between groups based on understanding and valuing of diversity and on shared respect for equality and human rights.

This is nothing more than an attempt to prevent legal challenges to their ill thought out and damaging policies.

Write to your MP now and ask them to vote against this travesty. PCS have a page which lets you email your MP, all you have to do is enter your postcode.

This popped up on my FB feed today.

Thoughts? |My thought is while the working class are busy with the "ding dong, the Witch is Dead" they are burying this!
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Nigel!
April 02, 2013, 09:44:12 PM
So i'm in a pickle. Is me pointing out cultural appropriation that isn't for example Irish, a shitty thing to do?

Asked a friend who is Native/ First Nations and she was cool with it.

Hell I'm probably going to KEEP doing it and just make sure I use sources from folks of the culture being appropriated saying "no, this isn't on" and give them a signal boost rather than claim any authority.
No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs.

I do not want to see a nation return

to sentiments like these in windows of B&B's

"they are stealing our jobs!"

"they are taking our council houses"

"illegal immigrants are benefit tourists"

I hear.


I am the daughter of an economic migrant.

A man once considered as much worth as a dog.

Although a dog would get a scratch behind the ears, and "who's a good boy, then?"

My dad, not so much.

To be illegal is to be undocumented, you can't get a flat without a passport stamp.

Saying "They let me in, see, right here, guv"

You can't get anything from this land, if you are not supposed to be here.

Except exploitation, overcrowding, and hate.

I think they mean asylum seekers, who get a small chunk of fuck all.

Due to torture, systematic assault, rape as a weapon of war.

They land here with nothing but pain and PTSD

I have had ENOUGH of

Xenophobia in my family

my "friends"

My Facebook feed.

Deny the dignity, and that these people are human beings.

I welcome these people with a hug, and a cup of tea,

I get excited about the potential for new cuisines, for when they find their feet on this land.

And I hope for an end to their nightmare that was no dream.


Complain about outsourcing, but please, the person on the phone

When your internet goes down

Was given that job by a corporation.

They are, like you and me, just trying to struggle on.

The anger aimed at "Steven", or "Lisa" in Mumbai

Is misaligned. A poor aim.

The Wrong Target.

The Polish girl, Marta, whose Gran lived downstairs and would put potted plants in the hall.

Sorted the post, and hoovered the floors of the entrance.

Used to live in my one bedroomed hole.

With a shower and a loo in a cupboard in the corner.

A 2 ring cooker and oven

that would make the large hob not work when it was switched on.

space for a washing machine

a small fridge and a sink.

With her mum

Her Dad

Her sibling

When I used to spin poi in the tarmac come car-park come fly-tip come place for drying clothes

she would talk to me.

About when 4 became 5

and Flat 5 was vacated

And they had to leave a room barely big enough for just me.


With the "piss off, we're full" screen-savers on Blackberries.

Photoshopped onto the White Cliffs of Dover.

The misinformation memes from and that form the Daily Hate Mail

Your last boss may have been a bully who was not white.

But do not forget that bullies are not all the people you see

who do not look like you

speak like you

dress like you

pray like you

they are not homogeneous.


You raised me better than that.

I expect more from you.

Creative Commons if you want to share.


fucking polar bears fucking everywhere and I can't fucking tell who is who.

Original irritating Hungarian fuck is easy to tell, but his avatar brings me out in hives.


Aneristic Illusions / Oh for feck's sake, Ireland!
November 15, 2012, 10:57:34 AM

Irish pro-choice activists are fucking fuming at the moment. I hope they get a change in the law, but in this case I would say that it has come too late. 

I have decided not to visit Ireland until there is a change in the law to the equivalent of UK law or better.


Do a roast chicken marinaded in Jerk Seasoning, serve with rice and black eyed beans,

make gravy using a vegetable stock and the chicken juices. I tend to use Vegetable OXO as the stock.

eat your roast chicken.

leftover gravy gets poured over the chicken.

Soak dried soup mix overnight, cover chicken leftovers and shove it in the fridge till tomorrow.

next day, rinse your dried soup mix with the pearl barley, lentils, split peas, normal peas and those other bits of stuff they put in that. Put that shit aside for later.

Add more pearl barley if you are a sucker for that stuff when you soak it. I didn't this time cos I like to put a fuckton in and Payne is kind of ambivalent about it.

chop carrot, onion and garlic.

pull all the easy-to grab meat off the chicken. Do this whilst singing along to the songs on your headphones, put that shit aside for later and cover.

chop some chorizo.

put olive oil and butter in the big assed pan.

fry the onion, garlic and chorizo in the butter, till the onions are nice and soft and the paprika and pr0k fat turns it all orangey lookin.

fill the pan with some water (I use boiled water from teh kettle, because I'm an impatient fuck and this shit takes long enough.)

add the carrots.

put your chicken carcass in the pan. cover with water. boil for 2 hours to make your stock. stick a lid on the fucking pan. You remember the leftover gravy you poured over the chicken? That shit is now an awesome jelly full of tasty tasty shit. pur boiling water over that shit, add it to the pan.

when your stock is stock shaped, fish out your chicken bones and strip em of their meat, add the meat you stripped to the stuff you made earlier.

get rid of the bones, you don't need that shit any more, the good shit is gone from that chicken.

add your dried soup mix stuff that you soaked, boil for an hour. If you have to go to the docs to get your head checked before you wreck yourself, just turn the heat down and go get that shit sorted out.

add your cans of black eyed beans and cannelini beans, or whatever other beans you have. Add the chicken. you can add sweetcorn if you feel like it. I didn't this time.

turn that shit down to low heat, add some yeast extract like Marmite or Vegemite or shit, this shit is your salt, and has extra B complex vitamins... It's far superior to salt health wise, and rounds out all the flavours nicely.

add some ground black pepper, a little bit of jerk BBQ sauce and some dried chilli flakes.  let it heat for about another half an hour.

sometimes I add saffron, sometimes I don't. It all depends on what seasoning I got in the kitchen and what I feel like on the day.

get some bread and butter and a couple of bowls. serve up some soup after you've washed all the dishes and crap, eat that shit.

divide up what is left over into tubs for the freezer, label that shit, freeze it once it has cooled down, for the days your head is so fucked you cannot be fucked to cook.

it's always better after the first day because the spices and flavours mingle in together and it gets spicier.

This is Sanity Soup.

I'm speechless about this housebrick of truth in hip-hop form.

Angel is fucking wicked brave.  I'm giving her Discordian Sainthood, on grounds of Telling The Uncomfortable Truth.
Ok, so Cain made a point about feminist theory and then The Squick Master tried to make a thread about it, which got ignored because he's The Squick Master.

I totally still want to discuss it, so I'm starting this thread so we can discuss it without the squicky feeling that comes from being involved in any way with BH.

Cain's point was that in feminist theory, a patriarchal society constrains men too.

I can think of one or two instances right now- Custody battles for kids seem to favour women. Even when you factor out the violent and abusive guys, a lot of the time unless the mother is seriously abusive, or seriously mentally ill, a lot of custody battles favour women.  I've heard anecdotes of single dads being given none of the considerations of single mums when it comes to flexibility and work-related situations, however I don't have any data on it (mostly because I haven't looked).

Another thing I wanted to point out is the attitudes towards tomboyish girls, and how that seems totally fine in our culture, yet when a boy shows interest in more stereotypically feminine pursuits, it's a massive taboo. For a male in the west to be told he's "like a girl" is a massive insult.  I think that homophobia comes from this fear of being feminine whilst male in our society.  This means that women have more scope to express themselves in whatever part of the gender binary spectrum than men do.

My 12 year old nephew is using Ubuntu on his laptop, and I said I'd ask about Python programming resources at a basic level, and wonder if you have or know of any resources that would be good for someone his age.

This article and the Reddit part that it links to makes me want to puke, and stabbinate someone.  Do some people really have no empathy or conciousness of what is consent? Well, obviously.

I had the idea for a rant about why we need to teach every teenager what constitutes consent and what is sexually inappropriate behaviour, and holy fuckballs, we need it like we need vaccines.

I'm just one person yelling against the tide, though, and as good as my ranting would make me feel, I'm not sure if I can do this the justice it deserves today.

If you are feeling brave and your rage gland needs oiling, go to the links to the actual Reddit discussion. Mine got so big it sprang a slow leak.

...what with trying to drown Phoenix and having a bad aim....

But the "summer" here has resembled a monsoon season.

There has not been a day in the last 2 weeks that it has not rained. the "summer" has failed to appear, and we are in the traditionally warmest months of the year.

It has impeded my lulz at the lobster-looking English and their disregard of the concept of sunscreen after 3 days of weather that is above 23C, there are no sunburned people to heartily slap on the back, no one who has burned so badly they have fluid forming under the skin ( saw that once at a service station on the motorway as a teen, guy looked in serious pain), no weirdly two-toned peeling people, whilst I snicker and shade my pale Irish skinned self whilst applying factor 60 sunscreen.

There are no Mad Dogs or Englishmen to be found.

It has been warmer in Scotland than here, and the Scots take sunburn seriously, so no fun to be had there either.  :argh!:
Florida needs it's own unlimited thread, like Arizona's

So TB only affecting the poor and the mentally ill? No problem there... Until it spreads outside of the marginalised, and whoops, Rick Scott closed down the facility.

:lulz: :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:

it accidentally got turned on in a dude's bag and totally closed down a motorway!
So, I know me, Garbo and Nigel are Discofemininjas, and I was wondering how the two idea sets intersect for us?

For me it reminds me not to become dogmatic about my feminist leanings, and to change my mind about things if I am presented with better evidence or methods, to use humour, satire and open ended questions designed to make people TFYS as a main tool ref feminist culture jamming, on which I will probably start a thread on later.

I particularly LOVE PeeDee and its denizens because it's possibly one of the MOST egalitarian places on the internet, and being openly female here doesn't preclude harassment, in fact I am confident if we were harrassed for being wimminz on teh intarwebs here that they would get shot down. 

Also, any other discofemininjas (i fucking love that phrase) I have missed out in my observations, I am sorry.

Also, to the menz, how has discordianism influenced your attitude towards feminism?

Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / ATTN LMNO
June 23, 2012, 12:02:46 PM