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Only Maybe Arts Lab / BUDDHAFART - EP. 16 "CIRCLING BACK"
« Last post by Bobby Campbell on Today at 09:32:47 pm »

BUDDHAFART – The story so far…
By Bobby Campbell & Todd Purse
Continued from BUDDHAFART – EP. 15 “TMI”

TO BE CONTINUED!  :fnord: :fnord: :fnord:
Hey thanks for answering. I don't know you much, but I think I may have some idea of your hurting. I lost two close friends to cancer this year, and yes, that fucking disease is one top notch argument against the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient, all powerful thing. More like omnivorous. Needs to fuck right off.
Cancer needs to fuck right off.  :argh!:

Yes, yes it fucking does. I have a whole thread in Or Kill Me that explains more.

Long story short, the prognosis is fucking terrible and shit keeps getting worse even though the tumors are responding to the chemo. I know chemo turns you into a nosferatu so I was expecting that, but nobody, and I mean fucking NOBODY should watch a loved one deteriorate like this. It's just the worst.
Cancer needs to fuck right off.  :argh!:
Apple Talk / They finally made a movie about Tucson.
« Last post by Doktor Howl on Yesterday at 11:40:09 pm »
Check out "Tenet".

The entire movie is basically Tucson interacting with the real world from an outside point of view.

All those people moving backwards?  That's NORMAL.
Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Curbside Pickup Only
« Last post by Suu on Yesterday at 03:09:00 pm »
Survived hurricane. My part of Tampa sustained minimal damage and we didn't lose power. My mom lost a massive chunk of her camphor tree which took out the top of her live oak tree. My sister's birdcage over her pool survived this time, because it didn't survive Irma. Brother's house did not flood this time thanks to the reverse surge.

Squid has a lake in her front yard, but her post-Irma roof and fence held up.

We are all having a hard time getting a hold of our friends in Naples, Ft. Myers, Port Charlotte, etc, which is stressful, but the lines are pretty banged up.
« Last post by Trivial on Yesterday at 02:57:46 am »
Apple Talk / Re: I'm back
« Last post by Dildo Argentino on September 29, 2022, 05:05:42 am »
I am saddened and aggrieved.

But I am sure that the torch of a man of his stature is now carried by his grateful spiritual heirs, may his wisdom grace the world in aeternis.

Them tamarinds can be a pain.
Apple Talk / Re: I'm back
« Last post by Doktor Howl on September 28, 2022, 07:42:40 pm »
Been thinking hard about that one. I guess it's mostly Roger. But my overall memory of my interactions is also that I messed it up a lot, got defensive, arrogant and also several times plain stupid. I'm not completely sure how to fix that, but I do want to. I am very much open to suggestions.

Roger's dead.  He was dragged into the jungles of Western New Mexico by wild tamarinds and eaten alive.
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