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Apple Talk / Random stuff.
« on: March 16, 2021, 04:10:14 am »
They kicked me from the KYM discord for tricking one of the admins there into giving me the weeaboo tag there.
They said I wouldn't get away with it, but I did, by leaving and coming back.
They give the tag out freely if you ask anyways, but the way I asked was by saying they turned FoE:PH into an anime.
And they believed it for some idiotic reason!
I didn't even prove I was the one wrote FOE:PH!
Please inform the admins they are dumb, if you can.

Also, I reported two YouTube superchats I didn't agree with on Tim Pool's podcast by reporting them for false advertising.
I might have been slightly angry about how he skipped over my own superchat which was $10 rather than the measly $5 the next two were, but that doesn't forgive my actions when Tim desires combatants, I know. Even got reprimanded at the end. Not by name, of course.

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