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Discordian Recipes / Roger Soup
July 27, 2012, 04:07:57 PM
Quote from: The Dead Reverend Roger on July 27, 2012, 01:50:30 PM
Also, the monsoon mold got me, and I am turning into something awful.  When I stop moving, make soup out of me.

I didn't know there was a recipe for that, reading the rest of the post includes instructions to cook him at the heat of the 'Fire of 10,000 suns

It also suggests to add in a little bit of seasoning called 'Monsoon mould' with some new wine to improve the flavour.

It is such a memorable and binding event for the country as a whole, England is very lucky to have been picked for this momentous event, so far the Olympic torch has traveled far and brought in nothing but support for the whole GB team, the Olympics in general and the good causes that the runners demonstrate in their community and career's.

Tonight at 9:00 PM UK time the pyre will be finally be lit and history made in a epic clash of sport and our champion athletes taking part on their nation's behalf.

Alternatively if you hate the Olympics or couldn't care less go here -,32911.0.html
This is something that bugged me last night thinking about, i myself am unbaptized and i will never forget thanks to the passed down retelling of events from my family about a time in which a jehovah's witness zealously upon hearing that i was never baptized, began screaming at my family after putting his foot in the door about how i will burn in hell.

What kind of "God" would allow such a thing?

Do you have any thoughts on the matter?   :|

(I wasnt sure whether to put this thread somewhere else, but since it was more a arguement than a rant i thought it would be best here)
Literate Chaotic / hjemland
July 27, 2012, 11:12:10 AM

De bakker i mit hjemland ringer til mig blidt, sødt.

Mange rejser brugt på bølgerne til langt væk lande både nær og fjern, ikke at lande både tørre og velstående brolagt med klud og guld vi tager fat på ryggen af ​​drager udskåret af træ.

Men nu med mine byttet jeg hjem fra min blodig og hedenske arbejde, som både arbejde og dræber forlader enker, forældreløse og brændte landsbyer og kapeller hele blæser hen over som røg i vinden.

Jeg er ikke den mand, jeg engang var, men blødheden af den faste solidaritet jorden og blide græsstrå jeg betræder mellow selve strukturen af mit hjerte og sjæl og løfte mit humør at hilse venligt dem, jeg kendte engang, og dem, jeg revet skævt.

Min økse voksende tung i min hånd, og min rustning voksende stiv jeg kender tiden er kommet som jeg videregive min prime til at opgive min rolle godt og være ét med jorden og falde offer for de rejsende i havet.

Translated version - English


The hills of my homeland are calling to me softly, sweetly.

Many voyages spent upon the waves to far away lands both near and far, to lands both arid and prosperous paved with cloth and gold do we embark on the backs of dragons carved of wood.

But now with my spoils i return home from my bloody and heathen work which both labours and kills leaving widows, orphans and burnt villages and chapels all blowing over like smoke in the wind.

I am not the man i once was but the softness of the solid solidarity of the ground and  gentle blades of grass i tread upon mellow the very fabric of my heart and soul and uplift my spirits to greet kindly those i once knew and those i torn askew.

My axe growing heavy in my hand, and my armour growing stiff i know the time has come as i pass my prime to give up my role for good and be one with the land and fall victim to the travellers of the sea...

(I wrote the whole thing myself.)
You guys in the states with your recent huge spike in warm weather and this massive amount of rain and sudden sunny spot after a drought here in the uk is all extremely odd, surely these events can't be put down to global warming or any kind of similar science mumbo jumbo to make us feel bad and rob us of our money to change it cant be responsible.

For example, bird species that either are out of season or just plain not supposed to turn up here in the UK have been turning up.

What do you think?   :|
*Go easy on me guys its my first time having a go at this kind of thing.*

Basically Capitalist existentialism is the idea that the dangerous and often self destructive cycle of democracy and capitalism can over time be harnessed as freedom and liberty. In short.

When applying this to human philosophy it is nearly identical in the processes in order to use meaning and achieve a result, though a democratic way of election of inside the mind by dispelling out all other candidates, electing a single result by logic and possibility. As with all philosophical idea's this is a dangerous thing to do on any other scale and receiving self destructive criticism from outside influences who have their own philosophical idea's to counteract this one. A good example of this is the theory of evolution, which at first started off once announced as a very dangerous and disputed idea in a strict religious society but has developed to be a very broad spectrum which does indeed offer up a lot of freedom after many years of debate and testing.

Only through a coordinated decision by a majority is a philosophical idea adopted and took seriously to be believed or claimed to have some meaning other than fantastical thought akin similar to democracy.

*tell me if i have got the wrong end of the stick and i will delete this thread and/or move it somewhere else.*
Well whoopee doo dah, England is in the longest double dip recession and now we are hosting the Olympics that cost a shitload of money to make us look impressive tomorrow and likely be the biggest disaster in our recent history because it is a huge target for terrorists and anti government groups willing to take advantage of the decreased security and rushed attitude.

With security going nuts about it to the extent of pulling in police forces and the GODDAMN ARMY from their jobs because the company in charge of security ballsed up big time, at the moment they have people strewn all over the place applying for the job of security and training to handle this who have never been called up since. And even going to the extent to taking in people on state benefits who are likely using it as a excuse to get some job experience so that the state doesn't bug them into getting a real job by cutting off their benefits, some people may even have criminal records or intentions like a embarrassing incident that hit the English news recently that one security member stolen a mobile phone.

Shambles. Utter Shambles.

Then there's the London "slumlords" who will probably take advantage of this Olympic event to push up their rent prices and illegally rent out unsuitable accommodation of converted sheds to the poorer people at extortionate prices who have little else to go. Which is a big problem in London already without the Olympics happening.

What a bunch of hypocrites, I feel bad for the future generations because i can only forsee this getting worse. I wonder if this continues whether we will eventually become a high end third world country full of slums depending on the state unable to hold down jobs and make money for themselves in the cramped confines of our little island because we blew all our money on the Olympics and being flashy rather than where we need it.

There is no denying that somewhere, the people in charge of our finances and governmental policies and such have made a poor decision in not prioritizing the development and recovery of the country in favour of PR through the Olympics. Already at the Olympic events yesterday we made total arses of ourselves by pissing off the north Koreans by putting up rival south Korea's national flag by mistake.

Think of where all that money could have went and all the fuss avoided about the whole thing if it was called off or postponed (though I'm aware it would be difficult to do so because of the rules surrounding the Olympics) we are tangled up in enough shit as we are, we don't need this to both embarrass and empower our great nation.

If the Olympics goes off swimmingly with the great weather we seem to have at the moment and no security issues then I'm not so bothered but for some people already, its all to much to handle with the added road traffic and events circulating. We already have the looming shadow of the riots from last year that rose from public anger, and already there are tensions circulating inside the general public.

I just pray everything goes OK and this all blows over quickly otherwise there is going to be a major shitstorm on England's hands that will be difficult to forget.
Its frustrating to say the least.
I never intended to get this unruly at this site and fuck shit up so bad.

Would you forgive me and give me a clean slate to start again?
A bit far fetched i know but i just had a stroke of inspiration just now.

Jupiter, one of our gas giants has a truly immense gravitational pull, if we coult utilize this pull by setting up kinetic power generators around the planet that produce enery by making the components spin pulled by gravity and by stabilizing the position of generators surrounding it in a complex pattern that connects every one of these to a command module in which energy can be harvested and sent home using a space station to help manned shuttles/unmanned shuttles to navigate there.

This is way ahead of modern space capabilities but a thought no less.

Ive made a simple diagram to explain what im babbling about.
            ( _ ) (Jupiter/planet)
         o (Gravitational kinetic generator)
       0  (Command module with about 67000 monitoring the entire planet in a single tidy full circle all at level height give or take , roughly 3600 GKG per command module with 10 large energy storage cells per GKG)       

                               [-[]-] (space station halfway to earth likely not manned on a parralel course that may help give navigational data)
                   (_) (earth, where unmanned or manned shuttles in stasis come and go at a constant flowing rate to each individual or group of command modules.)

In short a gravity machine in space around jupiter that sends power to another machine to be put in big batteries and shipped back to earth
Discordian Recipes / Human Flesh 101
July 24, 2012, 09:41:44 PM

With all the zombie flesh eating cannibalism going around, i wonder what human flesh actually tastes like, i believe that if cooked and prepared properly it is a very tender and succulent meal although the skin is thin and may contain a lot of blood.

My estimations are that it would be best roasted until it is well done and the blood drained. And may taste slightly like pork mixed with chicken.

What would you say?

Don't let thier appearance decieve you, lovingly dripping often in oil they are succulent and tasty, the only real downside is that the oil ingested can make them quite unappetizing if too much is eaten.

So controlled bursts of eating and liquid helps keep them edible so you can enjoy thier flavour.

You can make them by drying out tomatoes and adding oil of your choice. Simple really.  8)

It turns out that now after progresses in cloning sheep and altering cells, they have actually made a significant organism that can simulate movement, will this lead to new breakthroughs in technology and bio-engineering?

I roughly approximate at the current rate of technology being developed that in the next 20 or even 30 years we will have fully bio-engineered aquatic creatures raised from petri-dishes and simple land creatures co-developed with bio-engineered organs.

(I apologize if this has already been posted somewhere else, i am relatively new to the site, so apologies in advance.)