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Literate Chaotic / Re: losing my mind boys
May 31, 2024, 01:02:18 PM
update, went back there and read the end, + did some Investigative Journalism (@'d the author on twitter). this is the conclusion of a trilogy in which the number 23 keeps turning up throughout in significant situations, which is eventually caught on to and referred to as 'the 23 conundrum'. it is also a very grounded detective thriller, no shady secret societies, drugs, or even as far as i can tell questioning of reality. no-one fucks an apple, not even once. the murderer is like, a guy, there's no real conspiracy as far as i can tell. the '23' thing is because someone got killed and there were 23 witnesses, and the big bad of the final novel sneaks the number 23 into murders he commits in revenge to symbolise that. i've looked for a while, and i still can't find anyone mentioning this online.

(please ignore the fact i type like im begging for another portion of gruel here, i was trying to be nice)

so, either:

- he's lying (which would be pretty good)
- he means that he was referencing the enigma but doesn't know about the other shit
- he was subliminally influenced after hearing about it or something
- he did this entirely independantly.

if its either of the last two, and if he ends up googling it, he's about to go down a very interesting rabbit hole.
Literate Chaotic / losing my mind boys
May 29, 2024, 10:48:09 PM

saw a copy of this on a bookswap shelf in wales. i can't find a single mention of our bullshit anywhere on the internet with relation to this (and the author is pretty popular + has an online presence-- no search results for anything from thousands of reviews), but this trilogy apparently features the number 23 turning up ~mysteriously~ in places throughout, no way its entirely independant of at least burroughs. that or the enigma got me again. i might go back tomorrow and swap it for something so i can read through properly
Or Kill Me / An Encounter
April 01, 2024, 05:43:15 PM
A few days ago, I decided to walk around outside for a change. I brought a plastic bag, and was picking up the occasional discarded bottle or wrapper in a vague attempt at actually doing something to tangibly improve the world.

At one point, I crossed a mostly-quiet road to get closer to an area with a larger buildup of litter.

At that moment, a handful of Youths (if i had to guess, about 15) cycled past, laughing, with traffic cones balanced on their heads.

I looked up, and realised I was standing right next to the lamppost numbered 235.

Somewhat distracted by this, I reached for an old bottle on the ground nearby.

It was full of piss.

I laughed out loud on the empty street, flipped off the number on the lamppost, then went home to clean my hands.

Part of me wants to assign some sort of prophetic significance to this. Something about how trying to clean up a few bottles isn't going to do shit about the real problems in the world right now, not least the ones that likely stopped some poor amazon lorry driver from taking an actual toilet break. Another part of me wants that part to shut up for once.

Either way, its damn funny.
Quote from: Brother Mythos on February 05, 2024, 12:11:20 AMWell, I believe Discordianism is fundamentally mischievous irreverence. And, by extension, I believe we should not buy into conspiracy theories. Instead, we should make fun of conspiracy theories when we recognized them, and have even more fun doing it.

yeah thats an approach i can definitely get behind, laughing at this stuff is fun, easy and free (i recommend the podcasts knowledge fight and qanon anonymous if you don't already know about em). there's just the occasional moment where the actual consequences of the shit these guys willingly do can hit you, and it can make it hard to find it funny for a while— no reason anyone else shouldn't and all that.
also i like your thoughts . your thoughts are very cool and in addition to this good in my opinion
oh i knew about that, it just seemed unusual for a discordian(?) or adjecant to either geniunely and fully believe in em, or at least try to get other people to do that with a goal thats less:

'this is an alternative grid, maybe if you realise that you could be pursuaded to adopt it you'll realise that your own original grid isn't the Correct one either'

and more:

'if i get you to fully, absolutely believe in this, you might watch my youtube videos and buy my merch'

its specifically nudging people towards paranoia rather than panagnosticism and all that (paranoia is more profitable etc). once again i dont know everything, hell i found out about the guy specifically because im interested in conspiracy theories too, ive been following the account for a while entirely for my own amusement-- it just seems vaguely unusual for a discount alex jones type to be into this stuff, and especially to then outright say that they are to their own audience (although there is clearly a link)

hope this didnt come across as too argumentative, i am a small scared man who does not want people to be mad at her
wasn't sure where to put this exactly, here seemed to fit ish. found what seems like an entirely geniune conspiracy theorist grifter type guy who talks about RAW sometimes (seems like he's a fan). as established i know nothing about anything, is there like a precedent for this happening. also his banner on facebook is really good (might have to search for RAW posts, they aren't particularly frequent)

kinda seems like way too much of a dick for this whole situation to be as funny as it could be (he's mostly just mad about immigration, queer people, 'globalists', you know the drill)

one quote was:

"Having a terrifying paranormal experience is a spontaneous shamanic-type initiation through a traumatic shakedown. This is what Robert Anton Wilson called "Chapel Perilous." It balances your faith at the edge of disaster. We don't just think we have seen a dark shadow near our bed - we know it. Chapel Perilous is defined as "an occult term referring to a psychological state in which an individual cannot be certain if they have been aided or hindered by some force outside the realm of the natural world, or if what appeared to be supernatural interference was a product of their imagination." We need to recognize the deeper forces informing our hidden history and haunting our present days. If we don't help each other, we may begin to hear the laughing in the ether -- and it is not God"
- mix cinnamon and granulated sugar like 1:5. or use a different ratio if you want, im not your dad, no gods no masters and whatnot
- put that shit. Onto toast (buttered). with like a spoon probably so you can kinda sprinkle it on there
- marvel

noone has ever thought of this before . if anyone has already done this dont tell me i will not be checking
feel like he'd read like BIP and take away all the wrong messages . if he makes a single tweet about this all of the cryptocurrency/roko's basilisk guys would overwhelm us in seconds
Propaganda Depository / Re: FREAKBAiT
January 01, 2024, 11:41:02 AM
Oh shit thank you! I don't watch the channel often either (trying to slowly claw back my attention span after instagram reels destroyed my brain, not in the fun way, phone bad etc) but needed to point this out to SOMEONE haha. I realise that this place is dying but hey, there are still SOME people here, so until that changes everything is fine forever actually I think.
Propaganda Depository / FREAKBAiT
December 31, 2023, 10:10:45 PM

This channel has a lot of memebomb-type stuff as youtube shorts. Seems very discordia-adjacent, especially considering the cover design of these:

(also this is my first post here, so uh. hi. been interested in this for a while, found out about it from the behind the bastards series on the illuminati)