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Principia Discussion / Re: Which age are we in?
February 14, 2017, 06:57:08 PM
Deffos aftermath. Destructive chaos is, frankly, at obnoxious levels.
Imbue me with the strength
to cause social change
via molotov cocktail
It's been interesting watching the alt right (de?)evolve from it's pseudointellectual "dark enlightenment" roots and slide further into kek-worship and alex jones. this is what happens when you coopt image board culture. Gamergate was a blessing and a curse for the alt-right.
Congrats, friend.
Literate Chaotic / Re: The Foxhole With The Atheist
January 18, 2017, 03:09:46 PM
Smitten mittens, but going off of what Pennyworth said, I too also have difficulty with the idea of an "idealized archetypal atheist". What would that be? An atheist whom is completely moral? But according to what morality? There is no book of guidelines explaining what a "good" atheist is, so an "ideal" atheist could be following any set of ideologies that they want whilst still being an archetypal atheist.
This is more of an idealized secular humanist.

You could create a completely selfish objectivist ancap atheist, and they too would be an "idealized archetypal atheist". just kidding, Objectivism is a monotheistic cult.

At this point I'm just being devils advocate, but I might be more receptive to my own arguments if that wasn't such a great piece of writing. Indeed, your propaganda is effective.
Only Maybe Arts Lab / Re: WEIRDOVERSE
January 18, 2017, 02:51:18 PM
Hey, Bobby, we've never talked but I'm a big fan of your work! Glad to see you doing stuff. Hope you had a good time out on Jupiter, sorry we trashed the place while you were gone.
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Happy Mungday
January 05, 2017, 05:13:03 AM
Are you taking your day off for religious purposes?
Principia Discussion / Re: Kicking the Paranoia Trip
December 20, 2016, 09:32:04 PM
I normally put on a good podcast (If I may suggest, these good old talkboys over at ) and plunge into some kind of creative project, whether that's drawing, or learning cad software, or making shitty, shitty, photoshop edits of the people I love and care about.
Or Kill Me / Re: Sleeping Pills
December 03, 2016, 08:23:51 PM
I really like it.

When I was younger I used to steal ambien from a friend of mine. They only rarely took it and had a pretty irresponsibly flexible prescription, so they never noticed.

It's not like thc or pcp,
You don't get high
like cnn or fox or nbc
You escape.
Not to another world, another frame of thought, like with LSD.
Like with ideology.
If we're in a prison, and drugs let us break and put up walls for a little bit,
hypnotics are like filling the whole cell in cement and rock.
until you're displaced from the whole thing
and you're stuck on top of the prison complex
and all you see is an infinite plane of iron and brick
and it's sunny
and the iron is hot on your feet
and the sun is blinding you
and the air is thick and you're not on the roof
you're in the sand
you're in the cement
and the heat makes you sleepy
and you nod off in the sunlight and breeze and the sediment and the rock and the hot metal

and wake back up in your room with vomit on your shirt and an awful headache.
Or Kill Me / Re: There IS a Moon
December 03, 2016, 07:58:31 PM
But I read a facebook post that said the moon was a hoax. It has a couple million shares, it must be true!
I wasn't around here during those early 2000s, so I wouldn't really know much about what we'd have to do differently is, but here are my thoughts.

Keep each other (and the people around us) informed of what is ACTUALLY happening. The media can't really be trusted anymore in a world where the president is a master of the art of spectacle. This doesn't mean just fear monger.

Keep people safe. We're all gonna be having tough times ahead. This new world will need survival guides, walking groups, etc. Be open to helping the people on this board that you hate.

Continue making the middle class uncomfortable. Show them that they don't get to be comfortable under a Trump presidency. Shame them creatively while also giving them breadcrumbs to figure out the truth. Don't unfriend people on facebook who disagree with you!! Trump supporters are stubborn, they're not going to unfriend you, so cash in on that and shove whatever you want onto their newsfeed.

Channel all the pain and suffering and anxiety that these 2-4-8 years cause into some works of fucking art.
Who the fuck are you talking about?
I can only assume that you think PD is populated by disconnected billionaires.

I live in Winston Salem. I grew up in the shadow of the brick and steel dump that RJ Reynolds left before they fucked off.
But, of course, all liberals are the gauge wearing, starbucks drinking ess jay dubble yew millennials that Sargon of Akkad or whoever the fuck tells you are ruining the world.

If you look at any "liberal run" media outlet, you'll quickly notice a group of words that are appearing often right now.
"Poor, angy, disenfranchised blue collar whites". This isn't news to anyone. Every liberal I know was ardently against the TPP. Even if you're not a blue collar worker, most artists despise what it does to copyright law. There are reasons why most Hillary supporters didn't like Hillary all that much.
Quote from: LMNO on November 10, 2016, 12:21:36 PM
Quote from: Bu☆ns on November 10, 2016, 03:06:47 AM
This youtube channel has been the best thing.  Watching him cook is like watching Bob Ross paint

Thank you so much for that.  Honestly.

Quote from: Mesozoic Mister Nigel on November 10, 2016, 06:56:46 AM
Quote from: Fernando The Poo, Hole of Ass on November 09, 2016, 04:43:20 AM
I feel like a Trump Presidency, in and of itself, could be dealt with for the next 4 years. However, even as a conservative, I feel like a Republican owned Presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives is a bit one-sided for a comfortable, fair Republic.

(at this point in time, it appears that they will win both the House and Senate)

Yep, that freaks me out more than the Trump presidency. I mean, it's one thing that America voted in a circus peanut for President without everybody also losing access to birth control.

The Supreme Court thing is really the most saddening to me.
The anti-education and anti-environment stances are what upset me most. People can survive a bad leader for four years, but the environment will be completely wrecked by 2020
This is going to be short, because I don't have much time right now, but my argument against heavily strengthening the border is that it provides a huge incentive for overstaying your visa and just wiring money home instead of coming in and leaving seasonally. Thus, strengthening the border increases the number of illegal immigrants who use our infrastructure and our safety nets year round.

You make some good points about framing things as a class issue, though I disagree that the number of racially motivated Trump  supporters is small.

I will post more when I get the chance
Or Kill Me / Re: the dream died again
November 09, 2016, 08:28:11 PM
Feel free! Everything I write is copyleft