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Or Kill Me / brain stop please
« on: November 16, 2015, 09:32:03 am »
Dear Brain.

Today you've really been making me want to feel loved. Cut that shit out will you? I enjoy being hateful, political, nihilistic, and an all around asshole. Granted, I swap from extreme to extreme quickly. So while I do enjoy the occasional feeding the homeless and letting them use my shower, I also enjoy filling up their change cups with foreign money. But really, stop your feely bullshit. It's a waste of time to actively search for love with goals like to find a soul mate, or to find a friend. Cause you can't force those things. I just have to keep doing what I'm doing, and eventually someone will roll along that I click with. So stop making me feel so alone. I talk to people for a few hours each day. I'm socially adjusted. I hope.

Not my fault that there are only so many people like me. Well kinda is, because I pursue things away from the bell curve, but you'll be damned before I compromise myself just for some cheap cuddles or love.

Or Kill Me / Machining at sonic.
« on: October 12, 2015, 04:53:32 am »
Just a writing practice I'm doing cause I need to write a speech, and this gets the juices flowing.

If green lights on order screens. Take order out.
When approaching car. Mandatory greeting. "Hello, you had the [read order], total will be [total]" then hand them the food. Get the money, give them change.

 If the ceiling is beeping, but no green lights. Answer speaker. Located to either the right or left of the store.
Required greeting. "Hello, thank you for making my sonic your sonic, my name is Meunster, it would be a pleasure to take your order."
If screen says "ORDER IN PROGRESS." Replace "it would be a pleasure to take your order" with "how may I help you."
Listen to their order. Type order into screen. Repeat order. If correct click TOTAL then START twice.

 If no green lights and no beeping.
Look at drink screen. If there are drinks and no one is on drinks. Make drinks.
If someone is on drinks.
Look at bagging area. If food needs bagged, and no one is bagging, set up bags.
Look at ice cream station. If there is ice cream and no one is making ice cream. Make ice cream.

4. If No green lights, no beeping, no drinks, bags, or ice cream. Tidy up or get ice.
Wait quietly for the beeping to start.

Repeat for 10 hours.  :horrormirth:

Aneristic Illusions / clocks
« on: September 24, 2015, 04:48:42 am »
So I made a few clocks recently.

My teachers didn't like them.

Apple Talk / Tinder
« on: September 24, 2015, 01:42:49 am »
How do I fit a personality into 400 characters?
Been trying for an hour. 

What would you guys say about me?

Or Kill Me / I like you gusy
« on: September 22, 2015, 05:23:41 am »
I really like you guys. We hate the same things, which turns out, is everything.

I'm the happy buzzed right now, and I'm just reading archived posts and loving you guys.

No one else is that nice mix of punk and normie. The logical middle ground. I hate punks, and I hate normal people, though, guess I shouldn't hate "normal people" that's self righteous as fuck. I'm not awakened, or above. Nihilism means we're all shit but different, but I like my shit, and I like your shit, the peanuts and blood give it class.

I love the scripture, nothing else in the world says "Look what you can do, now don't do it, or do, but really just do your own thing. That's the most important."

I love you nigel, bro love, not actual love. How you put up with my shit, and see the irony and humor in it. That doesn't go through well on the internet, but you get it. sometimes...

I love you Roger, man, you don't hate me, but you really want me to shut up, and someone to tell me to shut up is all I want in the world. It's the motive that makes me sit down, take my pills, go to the gym, study, then come back on the weekend FUCKING CRAZY AS EVER, BASEBALL BAT TO ALL THE REAR VIEW MIRRORS OF THE  FUCKS WHO PARK ON THE SIDE OF A 2 LANE STREET. LIke yeah, I love playing leep frog over your car when there's someone else trying to go by, but really, telling me to shut up, plainly, without any of societies, "shut up, or fail, shut up, or starve, shut up, or disapoint everyone." that's what I want, the real, authentic. "shut up meunster, you're annoying me" cause to me, that's inspiration to get my shit together. After I have all my shit collected, and in a big bag, I'm putting it on someones door step though, so w/e.

I love you moot, you glorious fagget, wait... wrong website.

I love you Q. G, your work speaks for it's self and putting the effort you put into spreading discordianism needs to be recognized. Actually it is recognized, but now I'm recognizing it too. Which doesn't mean much, cause I'm shit. but a thank you is a thank you. So thank you m8.

I love you LMNO you're just a nice guy, and the first one to donate to that gofundme I made, which, then got taken down by the fucks who run the site, but I love the attempt. It inspired me to go ranting and raving at local college campuses, which inspired me to then ditch the ranting and raving for some crazy one night stand. Don't worry, I left a bunch of copyleft sheets at his house. Word of discordianism will get out.

AND TO the Australian without australian, making a bad name for all gunowners, when any true Australian would be able to punch a man to death from 100 miles away. I love you chasoadvocate. No one makes me feel good about myself like you do. If we replace therapists with Chaos advocate people would feel a lot better when they compare how they think to how he thinks, it's so simple, why hasn't science realized it?
but really, I hate being the weakest link around here, you new crazy people really take the stress off me.

I'm half temped to put a if you're offended or my perception of you clashes with how you see you, then I'm sorry I'm shit, don't worry about it.
BUT NAH, cause I love you all, and an I love you from a confident source is better then one from some limp dicked loser who shuffles blame around by using nihilism.
SO fuck it, I love you. Even you, the admins who I didn't mention, keep it up. Oh, and you, people who play small roles and ignore me(good idea btw) I love you too.

Discordian Recipes / glazed doughnot vodka
« on: September 22, 2015, 05:14:54 am »
If you have never had it. I feel bad man.

It taste like a fucking glazed doughnut.

Mix it with any soda, it just makes it more sugary.

My favorite is either. Root beer, the sugar and sour tinge of the vodka, makes it taste even more vanillaey

or orange cream soda, the glazed taste plays super well into the cream. 

Or Kill Me / Emotional bullshit arrogant college rant
« on: September 17, 2015, 05:36:59 am »
I'm crying over a fucking anime again. I didn't even like it, I was only interested because it was about AI robots, which is kinda my thing right now. The first episode and it's already struck a cord with me, a deep cord. Life reflective, the kind of heart string that makes me want to fix everything.
The fucking cord I keep pretty well buried.
Behind everything I do I can somewhat see it. (that or I'm assigning meaning to some odd goal I haven't thought of yet.)
From the way I back track to dissolve blame off my self. "I was only shitpost, just pretending to be retarded, that's not actually me" I can't take that personally.
To my weird bdsm, worship, and mind break fetishes, cause mind broken people can't hate me.
To me calling all animals, not by name, but by what animal they are. I've had a bunny for a year, still only call it Rabbit. What if I get attached? Then it'll just die.
To myself hate and nihilism, I can't get attached to life, cause then I'll just die.
To the music I listen to, folk punk, self loathing, angry, and authentic. Values I like because I value honesty, and it takes some fucking balls to say just how fucked the world is.
To why I distance myself from my little sisters, they're still stuck with my mom, and they're in for being real fucked up. I can't watch what I care about get hurt.
To all my drug problems, I can't care, if I can't think.
To how I think the universe is so big that nothing in it matters, there fore I'm guilt free, but no, that's stupid. Cause the universe isn't my universe. Even if life is meaningless, my life doesn't have to be. Just need to think of the reason to give it.
To barely trying in college, cause at least I can pull the "I wasn't trying" excuse when I get a C on a test, just so my pride won't get hurt.
To, while I'm a good kid, with a future, and I'm normal as fuck, but a little goofy. I have shit relationships with my parents, because I'm afraid to get hurt, and I'm afraid to hurt them. How do people deal with knowing that the ones they are supposed to love most will die before them? You grow up knowing that the people who are the nicest to you are going to die. They'll probably do it selflessly too.

and to my fucking hobby of AI's. Me, like every fucker in this anime uses them to fill a void, nothing is better than being loved unconditionally, but humans just can't do that, all are prone to egotism, but robots they're prone to following their programming. 

I want to make some big plan to change myself, and be the best person possible.
But deliberate attempts at change are arrogant as fuck.

I like to pretend to hide this shit between words like eccentric, mad scientisty, and nihilistic, but fuck, I've just been employing the "don't think about it method" which is equally fucked to being put into a shitty world, but worse because I'm doing it to myself.

Well, that feels good to get off my chest. Tbh I don't care if you read it, simply knowing someone might is good enough.
Also don't give me your wise sage bullshit, give me a real reaction if you do read it.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / random thoughts.
« on: September 17, 2015, 02:20:21 am »
"this book is triggering."
~anita sarkesian

246 pages of triggers and other release mechanisms.

what's the speed limit in egypt?
30 Niles per hour.

Apple Talk / Im fucking around with an AI
« on: August 17, 2015, 04:48:57 am »

Lewd robots are the future i choose to make.

Apple Talk / Don't mind me.
« on: August 04, 2015, 11:21:08 pm »
Don't ever do this shit again. - Dok

Apple Talk / Was goth a thing?
« on: July 27, 2015, 08:17:00 pm »
Being a young 18 year old my social consciousness  didn't catch on till goth was on it's way out. I'm in an interesting position where all I can see is the reaction to goth culture. The hottopics, the odd southpark episode, the weird children it spawned like emo, scene, and ravers. It's not like I can go find a live stream of 10 years ago. So I'm asking you old farts, what was goth like in it's prime?
actually what where any subcultures like? Everything must of been completely different.

Or Kill Me / Swingers cucks and cheaters oh my.
« on: July 17, 2015, 03:20:09 am »
It seems there isn't a guy in my town who hasn't been cheated on. I'd ask people from other towns or cities but I just asked my favorite botnet. With 50% of marriages ending in divorce and 50% of people in a relationship admitting to cheating,  It'd probably get the same thing. It just seems that people are not loyal.

I'm trying to think over what'd be the best system in the changing times. Mostly for selfish reasons but fuck, maybe the norms are changing.

So are the swingers right? It's unreasonable to mix love and lust? You should love one person and then when you get lust for another it should be separate from your love?

Are the poly people right? Granted there's a lot of different poly types. Is it the harem type where you have one person whos love and lust decides who the others have to love somewhat. Or the orgy type where everyone loves and lusts for everyone. Though, adding people to that could be a logistical nightmare.

Are there other types I don't know of?

Is the regular way the best and you just have to put up with shit?

Or Kill Me / silly teenage rants
« on: July 02, 2015, 06:54:43 am »
So, I got cheated on. Broke up with her, she said she would commit suicide, bitch never did it, but that's not my problem.
The problem is that she was my reason to life. Well, not completely, more my reason for not going into complete hedonism.


The fuck do I do now? Maybe seeking new meaning excessively is me over compensating for learning the true face of love and human nature, but fuck it. I need meaning anyways. 

Nothing holding me back from doing anything I want. (except money) Hell, the first night after breaking up I realized I didn't have to be a big macho Dom anymore. I shaved my legs and went to a gay bar.  It was an alright night.
Sure the door of being a sissy guy and cross dressing could be fun for few months, but it'll get boring in a few months. Then what? Furry? Bestiality? sex trafficking? The list will run out eventually, I've already done like 80% of most porn sites category lists.
Even if I don't use sex to justify life. Do I pride myself over mastery of a subject? That seems as tangible as sex. I could learn all about physics or computers, but someone will always beat me. Even if I viewed them as my comrade I would still feel jealous of them. Even then, sciences move so fast that as soon as I discover something it just opens the door for people to top me. I'd get a month of gratification at best.
Everything else I don't care to do.

All pleasure if fleeting, but that makes it pleasure because with out the shit times the good times wouldn't be good. What do I do when I run out of pleasures that I can do legally? Or when I have no motivation to pursue pleasure?
Is pleasure even a good enough meaning to life?

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / word for....
« on: May 15, 2015, 06:24:20 am »
Is there a word for the fear of not knowing the words to express a concept so you will never know the concept even exist?

Like in 1884, they can't rebel cause there is no word for rebellion.

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