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Title: from kether to malkuth
Post by: Sepia on May 14, 2021, 01:15:31 am
the heart submits to golden fallacies, once sunk once sunken cities - leave them be down in their abyss for their magics and superstitional ways have no place up here in the light, the light of reason the light of science the light of god
there are churches in the abyss that tell their pupils that the world is ending because languages dies out, popular dialects deform and transition into something else but the king of atlantis knows that this is progression, this is time, the screams of the eternal machine is heard throughout the multiverse and it trudges forward once more, time

time will come to the king of atlantis and all his kin and they will be thrown up into the light once more as science is replaced

anger dreams of destiny, rage dreams of the tower

chains dream of freedom and the tower dreams sweet dreams about not falling, never needing to be caught, never needing to be quite so melodramatic again but it would be folly to deny what we currently (do not) understand as magic

as language devolves as language becomes guttural as language transforms into new shedding old, the king walks from his winter palace and the new sounds sound like the old sounds and every conversation every discussion becomes clear and the sweat runs like tears as we discharge are discharged into this

to be bribed to be buried, here under the tower, underneath the shadow

in thine kingdom, the shadows are long and no man speaks the truth and no man speaks a lie, we hear what we want to hear having perfected the reversed glossolalia, building the anti-tower of babel into the heart of every breathing soul as nobody understands, everything is a conversation about bros talking feelings and none understanding but everyone empathic enough to nod, weep and share something like we all share something and nothing means anything but we are never lonely just wishing we were alone

the kingdom, where magic and science exist in duality and in this impossible scenario we will still be dreaming utopian dreams

Title: Re: from kether to malkuth
Post by: Cramulus on May 14, 2021, 02:11:12 pm

love the image of the anti-tower of babel

what an illegible being
what an illegible world
Title: Re: from kether to malkuth
Post by: The Wizard Joseph on May 23, 2021, 03:05:02 pm
I love this, and yeah fuck duality.