It's funny how the position for boot-licking is so close to the one used for curb-stomping.

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Not so much the article, though that will ramp up, possibly severely depending on how the trial goes and its conclusion.

What struck me here is that you can literally replace "trump" with "corrupt" or a minor variation as appropriate and it still reads perfectly well. Then it hit me you could probably do the same for johnson/tories/anyone with power right now and it's going to be pretty accurate.

I'm also now ashamed at how long it has taken to notice this. There's probably at least some personal mileage in replacing a few proper nouns with concepts.

Sent from my chunk of slave labour.
What does that put the ex lawyer count at now? Over 10 for sure, over 20 maybe?

When you hit the 15 mark, surely the legal advice you should start getting is just "stop breaking the law, you tit. "
Quote from: Doktor Howl on January 21, 2021, 03:02:45 AM
Quote from: Pergamos on January 21, 2021, 12:33:24 AM
So he's not the president any longer, time to unsticky the thread?

I'm gonna give it a week or two for Trump meltdowns, then it goes to the Peanut Farm, seeing as we don't have a hall of fame subforum.

Look, the lesson of the era is that it can and will only get funnier. Between upcoming civil and probably criminal lawsuits, random bouts of attention seeking and possible impeachment jazz, this has some legs yet.

Frankly, I don't expect this fun to stop until he is quite dead. And even then, 70/30.
Not great, overall.

Fishermen have realised they've been fucked, as have musicians, hauliers etc.

1800 dead a day is helping keep it out of the rags here. That and most would now need to do a classic change of heart and start denouncing the whole thing. Which is also unlikely as their proprietors seem to be doing OK.

Pretty much exactly what you'd expect.
So barring a heart attack or being restricted from office, in 4 years mango Mao gets to play kingmaker?

Civil war may almost be preferable.
Quote from: Doktor Howl on January 12, 2021, 04:18:30 PM
The actual uprising attempt will be next week, somewhere between the 18th and the 20th, from what I gather.

Is this planned bout of civil war on schedule?

Hard to see much but blood coming bidens way, regardless of his own choices. Go for the healing spiel, fuckwits continue. Go for punishment, big or small, fuckwits feel wronged and continue.

Add in guns and it's a lottery of which town gets "massacre" added to its name. To start.



microtransaction boxes start at unreasonable prices and contain vintage spyware for your inconvenience.









All weapons and weapon skins based on daikatana. Everything now fires 600% more and primarily targets user. In most cases, exclusively.
I'll take that bet. It will always get funnier. Can't see any way this doesn't escalate.
Quote from: Cain on November 16, 2020, 04:09:09 PM
Sounds about right. Here it's either Serco - who are neck-deep in with the Tories nowadays - or the aforementioned companies that never existed before now. I mean, I can go on Companies House and register United Vaccine Solutions Ltd in 10 minutes, but I bet I won't get any government contracts.

You would expect the press to report on things like this, but the press are too busy obsessing over the micro-dramas of Number 10 staffing to pay attention to the actual pandemic, let alone the corruption behind the contracts to "manage" the pandemic.

Slowly getting attention now. 500 odd companies without any real tender process awarded contracts and cash, more than a few pr firms in for over 500. Hancocks old pup landlord mate even got one. To supply medical gear. Sourcing said gear from a company already supplying said gear to government.

The levels of corruption are pushing guillotine levels. 12 billion on a shoddy and now forgotten app. You know what else 12 billion could have got you? About 1% of google. Now it's not majority shareholder level, granted, but I'm pretty sure if you had a word they'd sort it out for you.

Hells, you'd even get a nice divvy and ridiculous range and reach for any pr campaign you'd care to run. You might even get the fuckers to pay a bit of tax too. A threat to dump 12 billion worth of shares would have other shareholders pacify you a bit. If we're going to do the corrupt corporate capitalism thing then at least task functional companies and stop believing fucking capita and g4s can find their arse in the dark.

Near where I currently work, a new bridge was installed
Members of the travelling community ripped it down and tried to sell it for scrap.

Nice tool: hxxps://

And Cummings might just let people know how many kids Johnson has. With this ongoing level of secrecy it must be double digits.

I'm assuming there was some kind of "pick me or your hussy" row. And after most of a day, Boris realised that kicking the new partner and kid would be a hard sell to the press.

Pretty sure the "bad sacking" is more accurate than the "had a laugh and left" story that Cummings is trying to push. Out the door with a box of your shit and a face that looks like you've just had an unfortunate syphilis result isn't quite stacking up with good japes.

Guess we get to find out about the rumors of Johnson assaulting Cummings wife officially in a few days. Allegedly d notice on that.
Cummings gone, cane gone, shitshow due to escalate in 3 days or so.

50/50 Cummings kills Johnsons pmship by a week due to horrendous blackmail.
Bookies had odds of about 1000/1 of Harris being next president. I threw 2 quid on it. The chances of an 80odd year old guy dying in the next 2 months seems very much in the realms of the possible.